14 September, 2007

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Hey all,

this is kinda urgent so please read ya?

Ok, basically quizzy has found out that the rule for the SHA voting is five votes in total (for all categories added together), and not five votes for each category.

Assuming that this info is reliable, some/many of us would have wasted many votes voting for MLB, by assuming that it is 5 votes per category.

[eg. by voting 5 votes for each category (10 votes in total), there'll only be one vote counted; probably be one vote counted for only one of the 2 categories]

Therefore, for now, this goes out to all who have not voted, or are going to borrow computers to vote again.

For now, we'll like to appeal to all to allocate your 5 votes in terms of this- 3 votes for Most Popular Newcomer and 2 votes for Most Popular Group.

Higher percentage in Most Popular Newcomer is mainly due to the fact that an artiste can only be nominated for a Newcomer award ONCE, so it would be more meaningful and memorable if MLB were to win this award.

Of course, this is all assuming that the rule for 5 votes in total is true. Some of us are currently trying to find out from the relevant people, we'll keep everyone updated again soon.

Thank you for voting!"

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