09 October, 2007

Nic blogged...O_O

milubing | 09 October, 2007 22:51

heya guyz...i know all my posts seem to be bout me being busy..well te truth is..i'm kinda having a hard time coping with everything..plus itz a low time emotionally for me. My birthday was indeed a memorable one..many sad instances yet many happy ones too..just like to thank all for the wonderful cards and gifts showered upon me...no thought is ever to small to be appreciated...all i gota do is to pick myself up..encouragements from all around is one thing..but doing it is another. Be strong..be true to ourselves...and we'll pull through anything and everything.

"Everything will turn out fine in the end, if it doesn't, it's not yet the end"

peace guyz..peace...

make music, love and not war.

gotta control my emotions and stop stirring shaitz man..haha..

take care..anything happens..just suck thumb and pray all be fine.


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