23 October, 2008

weiqi 22 October, 2008 11:25

Chocolady welcome to the mlb family, from now on u are a mlbian k? so dun feel like a stranger here ;)
Chen shu @ no.10 @ LHB!? mlbians rock!
Biru, bua3 do4 = fall down la haha..
Jane, me whispering to nic???don't remember wat i asked him le, and the change for the 933 interview only informed yesterday of change of date k? so now i update le ;)
Rah...didn't know it was so ma fun.. thanks ya?
Shuang Ying,yup, we're attending SHA. thanks for visiting here! :)
Quizzy, zoning out is like stoning la haha..
Welcome Germaine00!
lonely gal, hope one day u will change your nickname to 'not so lonelygal'!
Liangteh, no regrets la.. $100 only leh..sigh
SL, dunno if i've got a chance to beatbox in a song again..but it's interesting how u mention it now, sorta pre amp the coming SHA performance *hint hint*
Jenny, after chen shou the next song to vote is SJMFJGYX cos it si the 2nd zhuda. :)
haha..soon it'll be on 933 ;)
Yuan Ping, hope u didn't get hurt! the on the beat episode will be aired in December.
The shoot yesterday was kinda fun and tiring at the same time. didn't bua do, and weather was good. Was a new experience for us all ;)

nic 22 October, 2008 15:18

OI!! haha.. hope u guys enjoy Sat.. will be waiting for Sat's SHA.. that one gan chiong.. hope it goes well.. doing lotsa personal preparations for that day.. u guys take care

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