30 April, 2006

迷路兵(weiqi) : To my 2 bros.

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26 April, 2006

迷路兵 : Attention! 迷路兵's B9 this time!!!

For QF3, 迷路兵 is B9 1900-112-3009 SMS B9 到 71199


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25 April, 2006

迷路兵 : How to get tix...

Hmph, guess this post is a lil too late but here goes!

Prepare a self-addressed envelope(with stamp!), stating the date of recording that you wish to attend and mail it to:

MediaCorp TV Singapore Pte Ltd
Caldecott Broadcast Centre
Andrew Road

Attention - Producer-in-charge, Channel U SuperBand

So it's an envelope inside another envelope. Sounds weird but...heh...

Hope u guys n gals get the tix u want! Cheers!


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迷路兵 (nic) : GLAMOURS

Hate to see them leave..everyweek one group will leave..even if itz not us..a part of us leaves too..now i think back the times they cum disturb us..sing with us..we disturbing them..we'll miss them..girls if u are reading this..we..all of us left..we all miss u...

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Want u back!!


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迷路兵 : the adreneline rush

Thank you everyone!!

Knees were "knocking"..but we were smiling..the feeling was so intense..excitement + slight fear + happiness...

phew!! The band was relatively at peace..even if we got kicked out..we would remain smiley...coz we put up a gd show for you all...tats all that mattered..n nic was doing so throughout!!

We knew and were happy that we did wadever we could at that point of time of the performance...our frenship became stronger tru the hectic schedules and trials we faced in the duration of the competition...

winning is just a single issue..but contentment is another..but if we did not get tru to the nxt rd just now..we know many will be quite dissappointed...hope dat moment wun be anywhere near now!!

there will cum a day when it'll be our turn..but till then..we'll do our very best!! Push ourselves to our individual limits...For our family..frenz...supporters..and our frenship + music..

Thank you everybody...everyone who had that seed of faith...



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23 April, 2006

迷路兵(weiqi) : New profile VT comin!

Hey there... u know that pic of Nic, deep in thought, with the background in black n white? Well it was taken while 迷路兵 was on the way to a location for a new profile filming; the video will be used during the programme soon so be sure to look out for it! Hope the video let's everyone understand us more as a group n as individuals. I think we were a bit too playful during filming :p haha, but that's just us, we just wanna have fun! Work hard, play hard!


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迷路兵 : Outfit suggestions...

Calling all friends of 迷路兵!

Any suggestions for looks? (can post links of pics on this thread)

Any suggestions for special places we can get clothes from?

...this would really help us... :p



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迷路兵 : QF2 ... it is finished!!

QF2 : 迷 路 兵 is B3, 1900-112-3003, SMS B3 到 71199.







We did the best we could at that pt in time...doing our PATTERN..haha..well..despite the smokey air that got our throats totally dry n almost sore...slight hiccups in the sound n mix...

we brought to all of you guys..

An all new flavoured "海浪"!!

The judges comments were moderate..we will improve on wad they said we should coz they noe their stuff for sure!!

Thank you all!!

family..frenz...frenz's frenz...frenz's frenz's fren..and new found frenz for supporting us!! Realli touched when supporters were everywhere ard the studio cheering for us...encouraging us!!

Grateful!! realli appreciate all the efforts taken..*sniff sniff*..even saw new banners!!

though nic's guit experienced a minor problem...making a minor mistake..due to the low monitoring levels...we managed to pull it tru..

Thank you ppl!!

Thank you production crew!!

Thank you sound crew!! for helping us get the best sound we could within circumstances!!

Thank you ALL!!!


That's not for tonite..tonite's programme is SLEEP!!!


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21 April, 2006

迷路兵 : QF 2

Tml's QF 2...hmm...all geared up and ready to go...hope nothing cocks up ya..hope for the best and just JAM!!!


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迷路兵(weiqi): Another day of profile filming...

Did another profile shoot this afternoon at Esplanade area... think we were a bit too gao xiao in the video... but then again, we just wanna have fun :p

Uploaded 3 new photos in the group pics from today. Enjoy! :)


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20 April, 2006

迷路兵(sam): HELL0!

Hey! This is the 1st time i'm blogging.. Feels a little weird.. Have been so busy these days with everything, not enough time to SLEEP.. It's ten in the morning now... Wish i could go back to bed!! But no, we've got some profile filming to do later today and its gonna take some time.

Eh.. Actually, i wanna say a BIG thank u ( though it was said before ) to everyone who has been supporting us, and to those who drinks milo peng. XIE XIE!


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18 April, 2006

迷路兵(weiqi): Do rmbr to come by to find new pics ya?

Hey there everyone, rmbr to drop by our albums to find the latest 'behind the scenes' photos and daily findings on the mysterious MIL0 theives hmph... We'll be doing our best to keep the pictures coming! Happy viewing!

p.s. new QF1 photos just uploaded! :p whoa...damn tired now...gtg clock some sleeping time...


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Pls TAKE NOTE! Hotline for QF2!

TAKE NOTE! For QF2, 迷 路 兵 is B3, 1900-112-3003, SMS B3 到 71199.



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迷路兵 : says a BIG "tHaNkEUooo"

For supporting and encouraging us all the way!!

We're in to the nxt round!

one more cup of milo peng coming up!!


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16 April, 2006

迷 路 兵(nic) : 要出多一点

Major challenge manz...to cum out something fresh,or in other words..cum out with "pattern" in each QF (if we get tru that iz)...well...sense of accomplishment definitely there...but it'll indeed be tough with the arrangement plus patternz!!..

But guyz!! we'll try not to let u down!!

As requested by the judge..


出多一点 "Pattern"!!


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迷 路 兵: Results in a few hours

Catch us on Channel U, 7.30pm tonite!!!

Itz tough to say if we'll get tru..coz so many teams are just so strong...nvr complacent we'll be..

Itz kinda a tough fight..haiz..


there's always hope!

We'll just drink a few cups of ice MILO to power up!!


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14 April, 2006

迷 路 兵: Wanna know more bout us? Catch this mini profile on us on TV!

迷 路 兵 will be featured on 18th April together with JingBao乐团, Tue, in the TV programme "On the Beat"/都市大发现 , Channel U, 8pm.


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迷路兵 : QF1

Quarter Final 1
Telecast of our performance will be on 17th Monday at 7.30-9pm. The Voting Lines will be opened at 7.30 on 17th Monday, and closed at 11pm.70% will be based on votes! support us! vote for us! :)

Ppl actualli waited for the bands since morn..manz..we were actualli shocked! and very touched by all their efforts! And those frenz of ours realli took effort in making the banners and all..wow. Performance wise...we felt we sounded relatively well and were contented. Still room for improvement though...*smilez* happy! Well the most important thing we've yet to know is if the general audience loved it.

Coz musicians get a great sense of satisfaction when ppl appreciate the music they play u see.

A big THANK YOU to our family...our frenz...new found frenz...and encouragement and frenship many of our fellow contestants gave!!

p.s. we uploaded some photos of pics taken in the holding room, really sorry bout the red eye guys n gals, n we're jus jokin with glamours in that pic! :p

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迷路兵: The Man who put Nic, Sam n WeiQi into a band - Benny(Shi Fu)



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13 April, 2006

迷路兵(nic): Hot in my Sweater

Manz...the weather almost BBQed mi in my sweater!! But the production team was realli poor thing..stand under the hot sun with 3 of us while carrying their bulky stuff ard!! Thank you if you are reading this!!!

Sam, Wei Qi...

You guyz almost had BBQed nic for dinner....


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12 April, 2006

迷路兵: What a HECTIC day!

A whole day spent on filming, we're really tired now... but we still managed to upload some 'behind the scenes' photos(under grp photos) to keep u ppl updated. We'll be doing our best for QF1 tmr! :)

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11 April, 2006

Mi Lu Bing's Yahoo Group



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迷路兵(weiqi): Phew... Finally

Wow, real tired now that i've sorta uploaded some stuff and get this blog rolling... gonna sleep now zzz... Gotta do some filming tmr with my other 2 bros... (filming? wat filming?) coming soon... :p

btw, hope u guys like the "wanted" pic i uploaded. cheers...

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迷路兵(nic): If Onli...

if onli all 18 could have gone together to the next round (though i know it's impossible) Somehow we have all bonded...sad to see some frens leave...but HOORAY for ALL 18 finalists!


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NEW! IMPORTANT! Pls take note! Another change of hotline numbers!

Milu Bing is now B8, 1900 112 3008 or SMS B8 to 71199.

We have uploaded the updated list of hotlines for all 14 bands in our pic album under "misc pics".


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迷路兵: a great big THANK YOU!

The 3 of us would really wanna say a million thanks for the tremendous support that we've received from family, friends and new friends! We wouldn't have made it to top14 without you so thank you so much for being there for us. We are giving it our very best and we'll not let u guys n gals down! THANK YOU! 谢谢大家!

May the Mil0 be with u.
Thanks... for :
the prayers,
the time,
the money,
the energy,
the love. We Love You too...


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