28 February, 2009

nic 28 February, 2009 04:32

anyone game programmer?

Make MLB 三缺一 Game!!!

haha.. thanks for the nice nice stuff!


pegg @ 15:12

27 February, 2009

Thank You to The Egg Yolks!

milubing 27 February, 2009 02:15


Anonymous sam wong 27 February, 2009 03:12

And thank you YuJing for the request.. I love eggs.
I saw the rainbow pics. Nicely taken, wished i saw it too, then i'll also be posting my version! =)
Its Friday, i think you all are looking to this day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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pegg @ 10:15

25 February, 2009

nic | 25 February, 2009 03:02

all get well! all get huat in this yr of economic downtown.. fight to make it to the top! (easier when all everyone else seeing things negtive but we see it negative.. they remain low we ll climb!!!!)






Mui Ling @ 07:58

24 February, 2009


如燕 (小娘惹) Olivia Ong
屋檐 (一房半厅一水缸) 亦迅
幻听 (叮当神探) 陈世维
我知道我变漂亮了 (一切完美) 石欣卉
路 (黄金路) 迷路兵
心花朵朵开 (心花朵朵开I) 苏智诚



Mui Ling @ 12:56

23 February, 2009

What A Day
milubing | 21 February, 2009 21:02

MLB guys wave~!

: Today was like a gathering but not a gathering. Short meeting under square shelter from the rain. Perhaps a good thing, keeps us cool. Thank you for your attendance. Was nice to see you all again. Was encouraged to see smiles and hear laughers, away from our busy schedules. Hiya.. Not forgetting to thank our ICs again for their help!

We'll be working on good music ya! Goodnight!

: Sorry about the rain.. i apologise on the rain's behalf.. and wearing slippers.. i understand how some felt (the sticky wicky feeling between the sole and the feet, maybe between the toes.. eEeEeeee). But Thanks all for coming down.. not raining liaoz.. life resumes normality.. yay!!

*The gifts are so got put heart.. means equal got put time.. dun do until never study hor.. thankies thankies.. these few days tiring.. but we'll all survive..

: Now then post ah weiqi..haha.. yesterday got flu, and had lots of stuff to settle..was on medication too..so drwosy. Today I feel much much better, so here I am posting! Really bueh tahan yesterday, kept sneezing..hate it when that happens :(
But at least we all had a great time, and as many have mentioned, thanks to the ICs for making the event smooth ;)

QianHui, school's making me busy as usual, same story lor haha..
Valerie and strat thanks for adding to the photo album
Lizhen thanks for the pressie nad card!
YuJing, thanks for the cap, though like I said, dun need to spend $ on us! Save up for events instead! Also thanks for the card too :) I think everyone should cheer each other up if any mlbian is feeling down too!
Aizutto, so coincidental ya?
Thanks Mightymouse, i feel better le.
To Anonymous regarding the tee question, my answer: "Sleep Deprived" .

okay.. a little news here for everyone..sort of an appetizer for the things to come.
After being in my uni for like 3 years, now I get to perform there for the 1st time with my 2 bros... 14 March NTU open house morning(not sure of timing), we will be performing there :)
oh dear, just rmbred, kinda far for some ppl ya? boonlay? tsk tsk.. take train to boonlay, then take bus 179A or 179 from the interchange(last berth).
More details to come ;)
p.s. we can all wear our new tees by then!

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Mui Ling @ 02:36

22 February, 2009

Sam updated his blog on 21st Feb 9.30pm;
titled: Saturday Night


Mui Ling @ 04:00

17 February, 2009

Sam updated his blog on 17th February, 12.52am
Titled: That Was Long


Mui Ling @ 01:47

weiqi | 16 February, 2009 21:50

wa..u all reply so fast sia.. sorry leh, these days we 3 super duper busy..till the point we dropping some of our other commitments here and there.. not directly cos of the band or anything. just very busy! for once all 3 also busy! but we also busy together too.. we got a lots to work! for 2 main things coming up! wanna shout it out here but can't sia.. gotta wait for green light. somewhere in apriL!!! hahha..okok, i'll read the comments again k? now i gotta run, been really jialat becos i got a project where by i must know a bit of scripting but i'm lost!this is not my field! feels so weird..and helpless..dunno how sia, just gotta bia. ok gtg!!! take care mlbians! someone mentioned facebook.. hmmm.. wat u think? alternatives?
p.s. DON'T FORGET THIS SAT ORH!!! we'll bring down guys and gals S,M,L size, but there's xs-xxxl for guys and xs-xl for gals.

nic | 16 February, 2009 22:43

Oh Man everyone is sick..

Having a cough too...

Rough times for everyone.. busy busy..

Working hard to makes thing pooooooooOOttt out of the sky (make things happen i mean)

Haha.. all take care..


Sam Wong | 17 February, 2009 01:10

Yea, drink plenty of water and rest well. Plain water.



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Mui Ling @ 01:14

14 February, 2009

paiseh leh...
milubing | 08 February, 2009 01:14


(btw i only post now cos was rushing back to west side last weekend, left all the pressies and cards @ home...now then get the chance to read carefully!)

Thoughtful cards and photos...uber nice of all of u.. here's my reply to those in the photo album:
Binz, i mus confess that ur sentiments are right, so mus help me too, like when i see u then u remind me la haha.. cos sometimes a bit hard for us la.. haha.. i think we need a mlbian yearbook! good idea rite? like class photo like that heh heh..
Thanks Boon Lin for sharing the poem with me. :)
Walau LK...say i old...ya la kinda...haha
arolf..that photo was really so long ago...
Ellen, why never pass me a photo with u in it? (0_o)?
Biru....wa lau.. act cute leh... haha kiddin
IRENE! wat did u do to the photo!!!
Ivan..also never show ur face leh... (0_o)?
Hey Jane, the photo kinda weird, like it's the vivo gig, but how come the background so dark eh?
LiWhey thanks for the jiayos :)
Quizzy, hope ur also happy too k?
Capri...(0_o)? how come the pic only got me? haha..
Nicole, muz have used same printer as arolf..also a really old photo!
PeiShan..i also dun wan to become zombie.. not i purposely one leh :( i will jiayo!
PekChoo,thanks for the nice photo :)
QianHui, i realized u like to pose like that for all the photos u take haha... observant rite?
QingQing,thanks for the wishes!
Hey ShiHui, dun think i'll be starting anytime soon, cos i'm too busy with school la haha..if i started i'd die le..yup take more nice pics!
pinkie..another old photo too! but only my face leh,see until sian (0_o)?
Thanks to the seiw sisters too haha.. (0_o)?(0_o)? 2 missing faces though ;)
wa lau..miss singyin..when did i agree to take this ridiculous picture with u leh sigh.. regret leh..
eh... the one year older one year wiser person pls stand up..
Syl, thanks for the encouragement... will bbox more ok? haha.. send my regards to lorita ;)
UnclePhil..thanks for the nice photo :) I'm sure I took one with u b4 at least? haha (0_o)?
weijin..wa that time my hair so ghim ah.. tsk tsk..thx for reminding me heh heh
yumin can really hear u shout leh.. haha..
(all those gena the (0_o)? means that next time muz have ur face inside the photo k?)

As for the gifts, a million thanks, but really, nxt time dun need waste $ le. Nic, Sam and I all share the same view that for all mlbians to show their support for our music is more than enough le..dun need gifts, cos this support is meaningful and helps us a lot. Maybe a gift that u all can give us is a more united family. I know maybe this mlb family compared to many other 'fanclubs' is considered very united le(in fact no point comparing cos ours is not a fanclub hor, it's a family!) but no harm improving! like when there are new faces, help to make em more comfortable by intro urself etc, or like this the photo album, work together instead of competing(no point ya? we rather have peace!), and like cooperate with the ICs(which has been gd so far)...things like this la...jialat..i long winded again sigh.
Promise u all that ur support is not in vain *hint hint* big things(@ least 3) coming soon...

Thanks to:
Flora, Irene, Nicole for the pillow, wet tissue, and tees(wa surprised me!)
Yumin,Syl, and PekChoo for the nice nice photo frame :D
MK & ShiHui for the movie credits!!! yay...
ellen & sofui for the movie credits!!! double yay...
suddenly i can watch so many movies leh... haha.. if only got the time though.. next time u all give me time credits la? like 12hours to pause time haha something like that (-_-!!!)
Pegg for coordinating the photo album :)

I think we should really make a year book!!! how ah.. hmm.. anyone got any idea? maybe we can do a online kind of class photo?? like everyone got a IC sized photo so we can log in to see all mlbians that have joined the family... suggest some webbies leh haha...

Hey mlbians, thanks for coming down today, and v. paiseh, wasted everyone's time. :(
But then again hope u had fun despite a simple event like that :)
We'll post the details of the next fitting session again here, so do keep a look out.

p.s. thanks Xiu jie jie for uploading the new blog music... thanks Nic for mixing the new blog music... thanks to mlbians whose voices are in the music haha..


weiqi | 13 February, 2009 22:20

Miko..hope u recovered le, sucks to be sick as an admer
aizutto look behind u!
Yujing.. welcome to the family. I'm sure everyone will be ok with the linking of blog ya? :)
haha mightymouse...damn funny la comment bout the music..
-WHEY` jiayo ba..

IC: For all those who cant make it for the ordering session on 21st feb, we'll be accepting reservations. please email us with your name, hp no. n quantity u are purchasing. thanks!

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Mui Ling @ 07:11

04 February, 2009

Sam updated his personal blog at 3rd February 2009, 10.57pm,
titled: Darlie Ad Model


Mui Ling @ 03:13

(1,111th post!!)

one pic
milubing | 03 February, 2009 17:03


Details of the ordering session on 7 feb emailed to all those on our mailing list and those who ordered the first batch of mlb tee. Please note that we will be taking reservations till the midnight of 6 feb, so as to facilitate the estimation of the number of tshirts. Any enquiries can be directed here or email us at milubing.fc@gmail.com .

Hi all,

to clarify some doubts about the ordering for MLB tee;

If you'll be coming down on the 7th Feb for ordering, all you have to do is come down on that day and place your order directly, u don't have to place a reservation with us. You'll need to place a reservation (by midnight on 6th Feb) with us only if you're unable to make it on 7th Feb, so that we can count the orders in and confirm the pricing on that day itself.

Do contact us if you've got any other enquiries.

Apologies for any misunderstandings caused.


Thanks for the cake and for dropping down guys.
Thanks for taking this photo dad.

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Mui Ling @ 03:11

01 February, 2009

Sam updated his personal blog on 01 February 2009, 12:26 AM
titled Nutting


Mui Ling @ 11:41

weiqi | 01 February, 2009 01:47

THANKS TO ALL FOR THE BDAY wishes!!! :) Very nice of u all to wish me.. thanks thanks!
Very weird, but wanna share with all of u. This bday is kinda different. It made me think about the people around me (My family & loved ones, brothers, friends(plus mlbians!) & classmates... It was a nice pause................to think about all these people around me, and what I am doing rushing through life...24 years already man.. what am doing with my life in response to the people around me? Sometimes, being in sg, with the crazy pace(tapping of ezlink cards,ppl asking u bout ur results etc), u tend to get lost in the crowd, lost in the speed of things. Like, rushing to the grave, all this at the expense of the people around u. Sigh. I must wake up from this long dream/illusion and start living my life with more purpose. (hope this doesn't mean that i've gotta give up LAN-gaming! no!!! haha kiddin..) well, life is short, but while still living, do it to the fullest! In my case, I gotta start by
P A U S I N G .
goodnite everyone. goodbye 24th bday, nice knowing u.


Mui Ling @ 11:40