31 August, 2009

and thanks syl for informing..

click for more pics of MLB.


pegg @ 23:53

tags from nic...

nic 31 August, 2009 01:05

hello ALL!!!!

nice reading all these comments.. macham magazine :)

slp well peeps!!

(the shot was taken at carpark, those that didnt come its alrite! Many more to go dun be sad!
12th we do a big jump jump ard one u guys jump jump with us hee)

nic 31 August, 2009 01:23

Lets go MENTAL for the MENTAL health event?

Haha.. good ma.. share some excitement and fun.. promote mental health!

nic 31 August, 2009 04:58

uncle phil is not uncle..

we're as old as the heart is. we can stay 30 till the day we erhem...

yea :)

if we go international one day jump in kl for us!!! keke

and thanks jane for sharing the videos..


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pegg @ 23:40

MLB 30 August, 2009 01:17

Thank you Li Whey for the cookies! 真不错! Try to scare us with the metal ball bearings right..

WeiQi 30 August, 2009 20:01

Hey all, thanks so much for coming down! I know it was a super short performance.. but it was fun! Tell ya the truth, i was yawning at back stage b4 the event, super tired and groggy cos of not enough slp... but when we started playing until SJMFJGYX then i started to really wake up haha..then finish liao we(MLB) were thinking, next song nikuaile..haha..but then no more le :p

Ate too many of those biscuits too :p

To those who couldn't come, it's ok, we'll see ya at PlazaSing..

I've come to realize that MLB has some kind of internal Seasonal thingy.. like a bear, hibernate in winter to do album, then summer come out to the pastures to run.. haha.. bear? yup..i like salmon ma... paiseh lame again..

Sam Wong 30 August, 2009 21:08

That's a nice picture, i like it man. Thank you. 不好意思 if we left anyone out. See ya soon, we'll do more songs next time, promise!

and sam updated his personal blog too. (=


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pegg @ 00:44

30 August, 2009

thanks binz (and qianhui) for sharing the pics taken during ytd's event. (=


and full resolution of the group photos that were taken ytd..

group pic 1
group pic 2


pegg @ 10:26

29 August, 2009


milubing 28 August, 2009 22:55

mlb :

Thank you all for coming... its really kool that we got nominated this year!! Really thankful :)

It felt great being on stage again, felt like home in a metaphorical sense... We hope to be able to play for you all on stage till the time comes when our fingers and hands cant stay nimble anymore.


mlb :



pegg @ 00:28

28 August, 2009

nic 28 August, 2009 00:01

hiya all... how have ya all been doing?



pegg @ 01:38

27 August, 2009

sam updated his personal blog on 26th Aug!

Get Alive!


pegg @ 01:21

25 August, 2009

milubing 25 August, 2009 00:06

29 August, Sat, 3pm, IMM Garden Plaza (Level 3) – Singapore Hits Awards Launch

12 Sept, Saturday, 9pm, Plaza Singapura – World Mental Health Day

sam :

Hey dear all, we're happily working on new music. Every other enquiry on what the band's doing currently, answer's always album coming up. Don't mind, just a while more..
Gonna come out of the room, move our instruments and equipments to the 'above mentioned' stages jammin. Do come by if you're free ya?!

See ya..

: Pls spread the word bout this too :) thx!

Dragon One Entertainment Group is in search of a female Music Video lead to be in Mi Lu Bing's latest Music Video. The entry requirements are as follows:

1) Female

2) Age: 16-22

3) A full length picture and close-up face shot picture (Both file size not exceeding 1MB)

Dragon One Entertainment Group is searching for the female lead of the upcoming music video for 迷路兵's (MLB's) latest album. One lucky lady will eventually be made the female lead of MLB’s latest music video. (Application closing date: 5 September 2009)

Please send in the pictures with your contact details (email and hp number) to audition@dragonone.com.sg.

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Mui Ling @ 16:51

24 August, 2009

and sam updated his personal blog too..
on 22nd aug..



pegg @ 00:03

23 August, 2009

thanks binz for informing. (=







主唱将献 荧幕初吻 第3张专辑安排主唱Nick献荧幕初吻,新专辑与“饮食”主题挂钩




为了寻找新鲜面孔,陈明初决定公开征求MV女主角。详情可以上龙旺官网http://www.dragonone.com.sg 查询。

source from omy.sg

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pegg @ 23:54

22 August, 2009

Event: SHA opening concert
Date: 29th August (Sat)
Time: 3pm
Venue: IMM 3rd level, Garden Plaza

Guest artistes includes MiLuBing, Chen Wei Lian etc.

Stay tuned to YES 933FM during 24aug to 28 aug to stand a chance to win priority pass.

SHA '09 will be held on 6th Nov, Friday at 7pm at Singapore Indoors Stadium.

and the shortlisted artistes for various categories will be announced on 29th aug during the SHA opening concert.

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pegg @ 01:43

MLB coming to town?

milubing 21 August, 2009 21:01

WQ: Hey all, we'll be transiting on the 29th of Aug at the SHA opening concert(IMM) and we'll finally touch down on the 12th of Sept at the Health Promotion Board carnival (PS)...
SAM: After we touch down leh?
WQ: Err...
NIC: We take another flight up lor...back to album production at full throttle!
SAM: Ok, all mlbians pls return to your seats as we prepare for landing..
WQ: *mutters* How do u use this thing arh?
MLBians: *SCREAM* [cos plane dives down]

"paiseh, i stress la, so blog like this :p"
MLB 21 August, 2009 21:25
more details coming soon...

weiqi 21 August, 2009 21:26
Question: why did weiqi fail the pilot course?

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19 August, 2009

sam updated his personal blog on 19aug.



pegg @ 12:33

15 August, 2009

sam updated his personal blog again on 14aug.. (=

A Breather


pegg @ 09:45

14 August, 2009

sam updated his personal blog on 13th aug.

Cut Cut Cut

and tag from sam...

Sam Wong 13 August, 2009 10:53

Nice song Angie, one of those we never fail to sing in ktV, its simple and uplifting.

Well said Nic, pretty much the same way i feel. The big and small situations we had been through together is just different. Can't find elsewhere.


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pegg @ 00:49

12 August, 2009

nic 12 August, 2009 02:54

No one will commit into something they got the least faith in.

So yes, faith.

Fame.. Nah... We still wear our berms and slippers or sloppy skinnies whenever possible (trying to change that habit since I started out Echo, but well.. its part of the MLB entity) Luckily Echo is a non shoe place.. hehe.. see slippers there more or less mine ba hahaha...

Very important too... For the music, which at times brings us into major disagreements...

In the end all becomes well even after near fights, near breakups.. because..

Beneath all the under lying layers.. Trust in the friendship. Looking back to how it all started nothing has changed except our hairdos clothes on stage. We grow a lil here and there (but not taller sobs)

Good night folks. I feel blessed myself looking at how far we've come. Let's see where the future brings all of us.

Cheers to tml!!


nic 12 August, 2009 02:56

Oh ya.. performing.. full of kicks and adreneline :x

(thats personally la haha)


pegg @ 11:24

11 August, 2009

sam updated his personal blog too (=

This Is My Country


pegg @ 09:36

What Do You Think?

milubing 11 August, 2009 00:56

sam :

"Question for everyone here: What is the main motive/driving force, that makes MLB stay as a band, to keep producing music as a band? Friendship? Money? Fame? What do u think?"

-a tag from Anonymous


pegg @ 09:35

07 August, 2009

nic 07 August, 2009 00:12

oh yea.. i entirely removed my friendster.. facebooks.. everything!!

Coz the games... cam whoring and updating ate too much into my life.. bo pian manz.. opportunity cost.. time is limited so spend wisely!


pegg @ 19:35

06 August, 2009

sam updated his personal blog on 5aug

Shelter Fight


pegg @ 01:12

nic 05 August, 2009 23:39

I used to be in Pet Society..

Oh my thinking back.. haha!!!!!


pegg @ 01:01

04 August, 2009

weiqi 04 August, 2009 13:55

Hey there "old MLB page admin", i think u shouldn't shut down the old page leh... cos it was really cool to have your page up, very nice of u...and it is sorta like from the perspective of a supporter.. it'll be very different from the 'official' page which is handled by our production team. Don't worry la, the more the merrier... and this blog will still be MLB's cosy home.. personal stuff here 1st haha.. announcements we'll still update here de.. here is where Nic,Sam and WQ will be tagging.. the other sites are by various ppl who are aiding us..so don't worry.. just more avenues! cheers..


pegg @ 23:41

03 August, 2009

sam updated his personal blog on 3rd august..



pegg @ 23:31

Sam Wong 03 August, 2009 23:00

Not to worry Uncle Phil, think its another form of contact and info counter, here's still a home.

Thank you too to our old admin!

Everyone take care and don't fall sick!!

Like H1N1 boy. =)


pegg @ 23:27


milubing 03 August, 2009 19:49


Our dear production friends created a facebook page for us... Pls join cos it will slowly be developed and soon it'll be a great place for updates and news too!


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pegg @ 23:26