22 August, 2008


got some important announcement to make:

-The album is now likely to be released in september
-Here is an updated list of dates of events that MLB is most likely performing at:

Aug 25th, CANCELLED!!!

Sept 6th, around 7pm, yellow ribbon concert

1 Oct - ??

5 Oct - SB GF, FYI, I have made a request for tics for MLBians.


weiqi | 21 August, 2008 17:26

hey lorita, how's everything there? doing lots of shopping perhaps..
looks like alot of u can't make it for the event,so now it's cancelled also good ba haha.. ;)
Thanks for all the jiayos!
take care... :p

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Mui Ling @ 00:02

21 August, 2008

sam : A Joyful Night
milubing | 20 August, 2008 11:21

I'll get ya biscuit. Now hold my hand.

Smile together?

Now give me a pose with your food.

He's terribly cute. He's not my son. =)

Album release & Event dates
milubing | 20 August, 2008 19:54


got some important announcement to make:

-The album is now likely to be released in september
-Here is an updated list of dates of events that MLB is most likely performing at:

Aug 25th, around 3 plus pm, Raffles City (info just in today,so still a bit hazy,will update details when they come in)

Sept 6th, around 7pm, yellow ribbon concert

1 Oct - ??

5 Oct - SB GF, FYI, I have made a request for tics for MLBians.

That's all for now.. I'm super duper busy as usual(once skool starts,hell breaks loose),but had to update u guys/gals cos of the nearing dates. Let's hope we get to meet u all next monday cos it's been too long ya? haha.. thanks for your patience mlbians, and here's THANKS to your jiayos in advance ;)
Nic as usual, after NDP, camp shows in tekong etc.. but he's been out there doing some maintenance for the band (make wires-sam collect em, cleaning tracks, new compos etc.)
btw we recently went for 12 lotus gala, was a good show! Sam didn't go cos operation on the eye recently for lasik.
That's all folks, take care, and i'll chat with u all later on on the blog(as much as i can k? :p )

p.s. we will very likely sing some new numbers from our upcoming baby..!

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Mui Ling @ 15:12

13 August, 2008

sam : "Sunset Pic"
milubing | 12 August, 2008 15:02

I took this picture at Lower Pierce..

I've been around here, just didn't move my fingers to type. Haha.

But today, i wanna share good music with all of you.


WOW!! Hear that?

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Mui Ling @ 02:30

11 August, 2008

For the yellow ribbon concert, Fc will be requesting for tix on behalf of all mlbians so that we all could sit together. Please kindly email to milubing.fc@gmail.com and they will reserve the tickets for you. Oh yes, do include your name, contact number and number of tickets required =). thank you =)


Mui Ling @ 00:14

10 August, 2008

source: http://www.yellowribbon.org.sg/pages/concert_2008.html
thanks jean for informing =)


Mui Ling @ 09:13

07 August, 2008

weiqi said...

hey Uncle Phil,yup,mite be delayed till end of this month or later...btw regarding the banner,maybe shld save the $ first.We have a banner used during SB1 that's super long and big,i think can pass to u all ba ;) so save up the $ ya?
Hey Jenny, when u leave a comment, u can select the bullet below the text box which says 'Name/URL' and type in your name there ;)
Pandaeye, O lvls more important ya? If possible use the events to spur u on to prepare and study hard so that u can attend.But in case u need more time for ur studies then i'd rather u miss the events ba. jiayo! and help me tell givon and berries to jiayo too!!!
yuanping,i got my modules,but now i wanna swap one module..long story.dun stay in hall any more le, can't get in.
Binz, just wat we need ya?Encouragement is impt! thanks!
Hey Jane, will update with the timings once i know ;)
Hey Rah, i missed the J3 performance :( was in school @ school area around their performance time..
quizzy, i got no time to watch movie le sobs.. no more le.. until school hols ba haha..
Peishan, no worries..i try to reply when i can la..sometimes i super busy so kinda hard.
Take care u all!

07 August, 2008 12:11


Mui Ling @ 14:47

Oh ya hor.

If you are going to watch Money No enough 2, don't forget to stay till the credits is over. You might discovered SAM WONG'S name on the screen. Why? Because him together with diya and carrie and many other singers are involved in the opening song "We're Singapore" =X...


Mui Ling @ 03:52

weiqi | 06 August, 2008 23:17

whoa..sudden wave from the start of a new semester knocked me off my feet! better reply u guys/gals now!
Thanks to all who congratulated me for that nasty paper heh heh..
Rah dun b depressed le ba..the ans to ur question(as well as Capri) too obvious leh regarding whether we're coming back hahaha..
wow.. qing qing..ur reputation is something..u've got quizzy and peishan backing u up leh..
Uncle Phil regarding tix i can mention to jasmin, hope we get some tix ;)
hey yuanping,hope u settledur password problem by now ba..now's add drop period..another irritating thing to deal with :(
ik is rite...that bassist is butter from amber. there's a *hinthint* here that i can't mention,so haha..nvr mind me.Also, lucify has reunited!Shinya went about gathering back the band and it was a good comeback for them.We chatted quite a bit regarding this and i'm really happy that they're back again ;)
PekChoo,no worries, i'll put up the dates of the upcoming events in a new post.
Wa..uncle phil tan le.. haha
syl..album got delays as usual lor :( but sometimes this kinda stuff no choice one la.SUPER loads of factors that add to these delays..
Hey Qingyu,on behalf of the other 2, no probs!actually when i saw the photo, i felt that it was a bit blur leh, that's why if i'm not wrong we asked u whehter wanna retake..sigh,digi cams sometimes act up.Anyways, u can ask the other mlbians, wanna take a photo together again is not much of a problem leh..haha..
Jenny ur sons look alike! jus that one style hair the other didn't haha ;)
binz,min,givon...we guys also miss u all ya..no shows for quite some time le..
EVERYONE!Now we know why album delayed! Official reason: Shihui's wish la..tsk tsk.. haha.kiddin. Shihui u jiayo k? :)
btw,1st day of school i wasn't lost..only latefor half an hour..couldn't believe that i didn't set alarm. darn..
quizzy dun burn out hor..
btw i taking 4 year course, now i'm 3rd yr le...
wa..shafaye sounds damn enthu leh heh heh.. thanks for ur outburst of faith in us!!!
Lorita, dun worry, typhoon will stop soon!
Yup,miko,i know davier..everyone's gotta know davier..one of the animation gurus..haha
Thanks to all who gave us Jiayos here! hope this place continues to be a warm hearted area for us to chat! ;)

ok time to do a new post.. finally ya..

Events? Finally ya..haha
milubing | 06 August, 2008 23:19

Hey mlbians... been a long while since we performed..

hope these dates will materialise k? these are some dates that are KIVed..

Initially august 8 we had a show but due to album delay :(
the remaining dates are
6 sept yellow ribbon concert
1 Oct
5 Oct

pls see previous post comments section for long reply :p
take care peeps..

a lil update:

(weiqi)I've been super busy ever since school started.. so as usual, going crazy!!! this sem a bit crazier though...Nic has to finish the NDP hurdle! sam will update u guys himself ;)

album targeted (currently) to release month end..but subject to changes.. so let's do our best ba..

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Mui Ling @ 03:40