31 January, 2008

zwani.com myspace graphic comments

Today is your special day, that day is your birthday.
So it's the perfect time to say, you're always thought of in a very special way.
Your birthday is a special day, a time to have new hopes and dreams.

And now we'd like to take the time to say,
You are very special in every way.
So we wish you a very Special Happy Birthday..

Take good care of yourself and hope you'll enjoy yourself on this special day..
Happy Birthday!!

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30 January, 2008

sam blogged..

sam : FYI
milubing 30 January, 2008 10:38


I've put on braces! Don't ask me to show you.. =)
Surprisingly the process was much simpler than i thought. Not much of pain, feels a little bit weird, some discomfort. Well, that's the price to pay if ya want to have a nice straight set of teeth to look at and chew your food with. I WANT. Gonna be with me for bout 2 years, will learn to get used to it..

Happy working,

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27 January, 2008

O_O wooh~~~~ thanks nimiz for informing. Here's what Mediacorp artiste Felicia Chin got to say about the song "lu"...

"never sick of milubing's song from the start of the show....always making a point to read the words to the song n matching the meanings to the storyline of the show..i find it v well written n apt for the show( of course i feel MLB sang well too=))"

Here's the link to her blog - http://feliciasrainbow.blogspot.com/
Its in the Tuesday January 22 entry...

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MLB on POTP: "LU" IS IN CHART NOW!!! 1st week, number 18!

Thanks for all who voted. Please continue to vote spontaneously. If you can, get your friends to help you vote too? LOL!

However, take note of the following...

1) You can vote for lu by sending 1x coupon, 1x SMSing or 1x Calling per song.

2) Don't indicate in the coupon the phone number you use to vote using sms and calling.

3) Cannot use same telephone or handphone to call in and vote (meaning: 1 phone number only allow 1 vote per song). Therefore, don't use the same number to call and sms...

4) Cannot use same hand writing to cast vote by coupons even they are of different names.

5) It's actually restricted to one person one song one vote but the sms and calling part we might be able to cheat a little though...

Yeah, so the voting methods are as follows...

Voting options...
1) Coupons can be found on the 'radio section' of I-weekly. Cut out the coupon, fill in the song title "路" and the artiste's name "迷路兵", and then fill in your particulars then mailed it to

Yes933 《醉心龙虎榜》负责人收
Farrer Road PO Box 933
Singapore 912899

2) Key in POTP933[space]lu(song title can be keyed in using hanyu pinyin or chinese) then send to 72346. Each sms costs 30 cents.

3) Call 1900 912 0933
Each call costs 20 cents


if we don't have enough coupons, we can always sms and call~

Try to ask your friends, classmates, schoolmates, colleagues & relatives to help you call in & sms. Lets try out, but do not force yourselves if you are unable to do so. As long you have try you very Best to help in casting votes for "lu".

Thank you very much to all who has helped in casting votes for "LU".

Current points for "lu" will be - 3 points?


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24 January, 2008

=D sam blogged...

milubing | 24 January, 2008 11:59


I sounded too serious? No worries, we're all fine. REALLY. No explainations needed. Was just a discussion, good that some of ya voice your opinions.. Steady one! And i know there's a bunch of concerned people here. =)
Hmm.. Quite a number of my friends are unwell too, while i'm on the road to recovery, i think.. SO, all of you take care ah.


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20 January, 2008

Sam blogged =)...

"MLB de
milubing | 19 January, 2008 23:36

My computer may be faulty, but I have lots of steady friends.

IN MY OPINION. I’m not an angel, but I’m quite a nice guy. I like people around me to be happy. Though not under my control, but I guess I would make an effort to cheer you up if you’re down, unless it means having to do something against my will or having to do something I don’t see the need to. I’m really blessed to have nice people around me, like all of you. Yea, all of us are nice people. BUT, nice people not necessarily have similar opinions. When people have differences, it may not be a case of right and wrong, but just different mentality, different flow of thoughts. When situations like this occur, I just hope that nobody feels upset, instead try to accept one another’s point of view.

I’m down with a flu now, but I’ll be fine soon. Will drink lots of water and rest more.

Thank u once again for the cards and gifts, and seeing me off at the end of show.

Goodnight. =)"

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18 January, 2008

Okok. Thanks anne for informing. Dasmond Koh posted a picture of Sam (reading something) in his blog. click here to access the page ;D...its the third last picture...


MLB Publicity Blog @ 20:25

Oh yes, forget to mention this;

people who ordered the MLB tee, please check your email again. There will be a change in venue and meeting time for the payment. You should already received the updated email from the FC. Please leave a tag if you didn't receive anything =)...


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17 January, 2008


Check out http://www.spotdj.com/playlists/8dd4032e0737d7fb

she bu de - meikian directly ripped from yesterday's episode of huang jing lu...so there would be a little bit voice here and there...otherwise should be alright la. LOL!


MLB Publicity Blog @ 13:54

Message from the FC again ;D...

"Hi all,
those who have submitted your order for the mlb tee, you guys should have received an email from us regarding payment issue. pls revert asap so that we can make further arrangement should you not be available on the collection day ya? thanks!"


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12 January, 2008

Message from the FC...

"hi people,
ordering deadline for mlb tees is changed to next fri, 18 jan. money collection should be next weekend, we'll inform ya guys again via email. meanwhile, do send in ur orders if u've not. thanks! :)"

their email is milubing.fc@gmail.com


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11 January, 2008

weiqi | 11 January, 2008 02:15

hey hey,i'm doin fine la,school's err.. ok ba. Actually,1st week already got quite a lot of hmwk and had already started some research on some stuff..so kinda scary leh.. but well.. the coupons rite, i think no harm saving it. It will come in handy when the time comes.. :) Thanks for the jiayos and encouragement to slp early, i going to slp le.. btw yup,new sem=new classes... and i'm doing stop motion this sem too! fun but tedious..almost like everything i do in my course though.. lappie crash? ouch..btw i just reformatted my laptop for this sem during the hols.. :) now it's faster! feels like when i jus bought it! :) anyways, everyone jiayo hor... :p Take care and gdnite.. p.s. who eng? help me do some hmwk can?(kiddin)

weiqi | 11 January, 2008 02:19

OH YEs,b4 i forget.. i had this little joke i made up last year when that umbrella song came out on the radio.. seriously,this is wat i thought of and today a friend told me the exact same joke..i was like wow..same freq? anyways, it goes like this..but u gotta sing it out. Chorus: "Under my umbrella, Ella, Hebe, Selena.. 'A','A'... etc.." Hope no one gets injured reading this.. yup i tot it's funny.. well.. i think i better go. Nite! :D


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10 January, 2008

weiqi blogged~ (:

Anyone feeling sad?
milubing 09 January, 2008 23:50

U feeling like this guy?

Now don't be ya? Cos here's something that will warm u up and make u feel all relaxed cos i know u all love these things.. it's inside..

cheers peeps...happy anniversary...(-_-!!!)

p.s.the 3D image was rendered and posed by me but the figure was created by someone else ya? it's jus an exercise on posing... :)U can't see from the pic but the prices differ! The 70th anniversary one is more expensive than the cheese one, while the cheese is more expensive that the garlic! Weird ya? What a rare find..wonder if it will cause another e-bay scandal like the luncheon meat! Anyways, the weather forecast for this blog is still snowy as ever..u don't see the dec flakes, but i'm sure u feel it. Merry new year peeps... :)

and his tag..

"weiqi 10 January, 2008 00:28
ok ba.. goodnite peeps!i gotta slp le.. too tired.. nitey! take care! "

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weiqi | 09 January, 2008 23:49

heh heh... actually the truth is that i've got a superb sleeping bag.. super comfy with motor air pump.. it also helped durin SB days when we stayed up late and over each others' place to come up with those crazy ideas and arrangements.. heh heh.. miss those days.. mmm..think i'm gonna make a new entry.. :D


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09 January, 2008


"weiqi said...

nope.. not staying in hall this sem..guess i've given up on halls..my school is the free hall..wanna stay jus bring your own bed..or use the chairs! :) not joking.. :p nitey..

09 January, 2008 01:34"


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08 January, 2008


"weiqi | 08 January, 2008 13:32

ok, here's JIayo back to u all! :) Take care peeps... meeting my bros on fri and maybe sat too :p
p.s. yesterday was 1st day of 2nd sem year2, and guess wat, i found my class ya? haha..not lost. but that's cos i purposely went earlier by half an hour to find the venue... heh heh.."

then after syl asking him to have enough sleep...

"weiqi | 08 January, 2008 13:52

don worry syl, will try my best to get some rest in btwn ya? usually start of school i still can manage one la... :p"


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07 January, 2008

Sam blogged. Hmm....

"sam's Not at home
milubing 07 January, 2008 15:28

Good afternoon.

Believe most of you know that my com is down again. I don't know why, but i'll get it alive again soon. At moment, i just gotta shi ying working without one. Well well.. 3 of us have been hanging out quite a bit in the past weeks. Like many of you, WeiQi is now back in school. Nic, still serving, i'm busy with my own stuff. Yea, we'll feel lei at times. Nevertheless, let us adopt a positive attitude towards everything, and JIA YOU!


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Alright. Jane found some videos on youtube (thanks!). you might have seen it before but you may want to watch it again! =D!

Milubing singing lu at NTUC show...

Milubing singing lei at NTUC show...

and this, quite long ago liao...the guys singing lei at Sheng Shiong show...

but quality not so good...pardon the guy who upload this ya? =D


MLB Publicity Blog @ 01:05

05 January, 2008

(edited with the mlb tee design)

Ahem! Here's an important announcement regarding the MLB tee - thanks meikian for informing ;)...

"Hi all,

regarding the ordering of the MLB tee, we've checked out the pricing already. according to the shop, the pricing for each shirt will be about $20. it's $18 for more than 20 orders and $19 for less than 20 orders. [i suppose its not inclusive of gst, so the ending price should be about $20]

therefore, for now, we need all of you to confirm your orders with us. please send us an email at milubing.fc@gmail.com with the subject: 'MLB tee order' and include in the content your name, hp no., the quantity of shirts you want to purchase, as well as the sizes.

*remember to state the exact size - girls/guys cutting as well as the size.

for now, we need to know the number of orders first, after which we'll call for a meet-up for the collection of the money. collection of the shirt will come some time after that... we'll inform ya guys again via email/sms.

deadline for your order submissions will be on 11th January 2008, Friday. after which we'll contact ya guys with the amount to be paid and the payment date.

the pricing this time is rather expensive as compared to the pricing for our first batch of shirts, due to the quantity which is alot lesser for this time. so ya, hope ya guys do understand... and like what weiqi said for the ordering in the previous batch... this is non-profitable, we're helping you guys to collate the orders and stuffs so that more people can get the MLB tee. we'll post up a copy of the receipt as well after ordering, so that ya guys can view it too.

do spread the message to the other mlbians, esp those who want to order the shirt. after this batch of ordering, there'll probably not be another batch coming up soon. so please do take this chance and order your tees.

do contact us at milubing.fc@gmail.com if you've got any queries.

here's the reference for the sizes of the shirts:

Girls cutting chest line:

S - 17 inches

M - 17.5 inches

L - 18 inches

in other words...

S = 34"
M = 35"
L = 36"

Guys(class tee) cutting chest line:

S - shoulder 18" chest 38"

M - 19" 40"

L - 20" 42"

XL - 20.5" 44"

Thanks alot!"

they will start taking orders from today =)

the design of the tee.

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04 January, 2008

repeat after me - HELLO~~~~ WEIQI~~~~=X


weiqi | 04 January, 2008 00:40

it's quite scary how time flies so fast...2 more days and i'll be back in school. The thought of some stuff makes u feel a lil sad, but let's all do the best we can and make each day as happy as possible :)
Wanna say that this blog is alive due to u peeps.. thank you peeps...


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03 January, 2008

(It's late now...hope you guys had a good rest ya? HAPPY NEW YEAR!)

mlb in da house
milubing | 03 January, 2008 02:40

We like to wish all..


MLB is really thankful for this family and every little thing that each of you has done for us.

May everyone be joyful. And have a fruitful year!



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02 January, 2008

meikian uploaded the clips she recorded when milubing is performing at the NTUC show just now. thanks gal~

Here's the link - http://www.spotdj.com/playlists/a780e251cd67a084


MLB Publicity Blog @ 02:27

01 January, 2008

Alright. Those who missed the NTUC show just now, Milubing sand "lu" at the beginning of the show and "lei" at the end of the show. Thanks ik for checking, you can catch the repeat telecast at 12pm this Thursday.

or you may check out "power lah" music and videos blog, which we linked below. Xiu jiejie already uploaded. thank her too.

Thumbs up to Milubing for the wonderful performance =)...


MLB Publicity Blog @ 21:29

HAPPY NEW YEAR~~~~~~~~~~~

*ahem* First post of 2008. Yes933 is counting down the top100 songs of 2007 now. This is a countdown of the top 100 songs that
a) did well in long hu bang
b) dedicated by most people in xian ge ji yi plus
c) being played very often in the past year?

shi ying is at number 67, while lei is at number 58...


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