31 December, 2008

On the 1st january 2009, do stay tune to Yes933 from 9.33am onwards, as they will be having their annual countdown to the top100 songs of 2008. These are tabulated (is that the right word?) based on the results from lhb, the frequency of playing it on air plus the frequency of people dedicating the songs?
lets see which position will milubing's songs be... good luck in advance yo guys =).

haha pegg will do the update as I will be working on that day...if not you guys update us then we share with everyone else here? haha thanks in advance and quizzy wish ya a happy new year in advance!


Mui Ling @ 01:28

IC | 31 December, 2008 00:59

MLB will be performing one song at Vivo City, after which they'll rush down to Boon Lay for the actual Countdown.

For those who're unsure about the actual venue for Boon Lay Countdown, the actual venue will be at Boon Lay Place, the main stage should be the courtyard in between block 215 and 210. I'm not exactly sure, but the entire countdown event will be along that stretch of road, so you guys check it out yourselves tomorrow ya?

Also, heard that a crowd of 30000 people will be expected for the countdown @ Boon Lay, so do drop by earlier to get a better place to watch MLB in action!



Mui Ling @ 01:24

haha happy new year eve!
thanks mm jie for informing.
new compilation called K歌我最爱 - shi ying is in track 12.
check it out yo~


Mui Ling @ 00:53

27 December, 2008

[message from the IC...]

Hi all,

We've got some tickets available for OKTO Live Recording coming up on Tuesday!

Date: 30th Dec 2008, Tuesday
Time: 830pm
Venue: Mediacorp Studios

*Recording supposedly starts at 830pm, but do note that you have to arrive earlier to enter the studio. I've yet to receive the tickets, so I'm not exactly sure of the timing. Will update you guys again in your confirmation email/SMS.

Kindly note the following:
-Tickets will be given on a first come first served basis.
-Successful requests will be notified via email & SMS.
-We regret that only successful requests will be informed.

*Confirmation SMS & email will be sent by Monday midnight, so be sure to check your email then and revert ASAP. (As time is tight this time, will be sending an SMS as well, do revert by either way when you guys receive the info.)

To request for the tickets, please send an email to milubing.fc@gmail.com with the following details, by 8pm on 29th Dec (Monday).

Subject: OKTO Live Tickets
Full Name:
Contact No.:
No. of tickets:

Any queries can be posted here or directed to milubing.fc@gmail.com.

We'll try to reply ASAP.



Mui Ling @ 04:11

26 December, 2008

sam updated his personal blog @ 12.34am on 26th Dec =)

titled Long Time Ago in Bethlehem...


pegg @ 09:34

25 December, 2008

Myspace Comments

may love, peace and joy be with MLB and MLBians always...

have an enjoyable day.. (=


pegg @ 00:00

24 December, 2008

sam updated his personal blog at 12.04am earlier.
Titled "Moon"...


Mui Ling @ 01:25

Get a copy of the MediaCorp CNY09 music album!

Stars like Zoe Tay, Kym Ng, Quan Yifeng, Yuan Shuai, Andie Chen and the cast from The Little Nyonya and Love Blossoms are yodeling along to familiar Lunar New Year classics. Find out who else is singing in the album!

December 23, 2008
Kwok Kar Peng
MediaCorp’s music CD for the Year of the Ox features eight newly-recorded songs and another eight previously released in former compilations. The latest additions has gathered the voices of not only the cast of The Little Nyonya and Love Blossoms, but also variety show hosts, radio DJs, newscasters and musicians and actors from MediaCorp’s talent competitions.
The album also comes with 10 music videos and a pack of red packets. Grab a copy from music stores now and start the Lunar New Year festive season early!

Music Track List

1. Xin Nian Dao * by Jeanette Aw, Pierre Png, Joanne Peh, Qi Yuwu, Felicia Chin, Nat Ho
2. Xi Qi Yang Yang * by Zoe Tay
3. Wan Nian Hong * by MiLu Bing, Daren Tan
4. Bai Da Nian * by Huang Xiuling, Wang Zheng, Huang Shuangxi, Tung Soo Hua
5. Chun Lian Hong by Guo Liang, Quan Yifeng, Bryan Wong, Kym Ng
6. He Xin Nian * by Andie Chen, Jerry Yeo, Yuan Shuai, Zhang Zhenghuan
7. Ying Chun Hua * by Dennis Chew, Xiao Jiahui and Xie Jiafa
8. Bai Nian * by Ivy Lee, Zheng Geping, Constance Song, Chen Tianwen, Yvonne Lim, Terence Cao
9. Fu Lu Shou by Fann Wong, Christopher Lee
10. Xiao Bai Nian by Felicia Chin, Adam Chen, Ng Chee Yang, Renfred Ng, Teresa Tseng
11. Shao Nian De Wo by Tan Weilian, Kelly Poon, Hong Junyang, Chew Sin Huey, Candyce Toh, Jason Tan, Ruth Chua, Silver Ang, Derrick Hoh, Chia Wei Choong
12. Hao Yu Zhao by Jacelyn Tay, Fiona Xie, Ann Kok
13. Cai Shen Dao Wo Jia by Lin Meijiao, Chen Huihui, Pan Lingling, Liu Qiulian, Huang Shinan, Mai Haowei, Liu Qianyi, Chen Shucheng
14. Cai Shen Dao by Chen Shucheng, Huang Wenyong, Liu Qianyi
15. Ru Yi Ji Xiang Hao Guo Nian by Tay Ping Hui, Chew Chor Meng, Terence Cao, Nick Shen
16. Xiao Kou Chang Kai Le Nian Nian by Gurmit Singh

Music Videos
The seven songs indicated with * above, plus:
8. Chun Tian Lai Le by Fann Wong
9. Xin Nian Song by Qi Yuwu, Mindee Ong, Liu Lingling
10. Xi Xi Ha Ha Guo Xin Nian by Daren Tan, Tan Diya, Shawn Tok, Keely Wee, Benjamin Hum, Koh Zhengning

Source: http://www.mediacorptv.sg/en/buzzdetail/EDC081223-0000007\
[thanks mk for informing =)]


Mui Ling @ 01:18

23 December, 2008

nic | 23 December, 2008 06:19

STEADY. Freakin gd post.

nic | 23 December, 2008 06:24

A Summary that's idiot proof - We're all idiots in our own way, finding a meaning for existence; unless you have one, which in fact tate reason may in reality may not be a true or tangible, just a reason made up by our puny human minds, churned out for the satisfaction of having A/THE reason.

nic | 23 December, 2008 06:25

grammar eroor zueh zueh.. tired go slp liao


Mui Ling @ 08:55

Food for thought
milubing | 23 December, 2008 01:00

felt tat this was interesting, so wanted to share with everyone here ;)

taken from Little Bites of Point

Why the Venus Project must destroy humanity to create a perfect world for humans

Dollars are money, but money is not dollars. Gold is money, but money is not gold. How do I explain these apparent contradictions? Simple, there is a one-to-many relationship between money and things we use for money. Referring to dollars as a form of money is technically accurate, but referring to money as dollars is not sufficient to describe all the properties of money — it limits the definition to dollars. Money is anything we use to trade for what we want. It's a store of purchasing power. It's something people either want, or will accept, in exchange for their property or labor. Sometimes money is a physical object, sometimes not. Not all forms of money are equal.

People will always assign different values to different things. People will always be willing trade things they want less for things they want more. Unless people have nothing, they will always be willing to trade something they possess for something they don't. The price is not a numeric figure glued to a box, it's the difference in the perception of utility between that item and what you are prepared to sacrifice. The price is not measured in dollars, it's measured in desires, and it's different for everyone. Therefore, as long as people desire things they don't have, they will be willing to trade to acquire them. It doesn't matter what they are trading, all that matters is they are willing to sacrifice some object, or offer some service, to gain something they perceived was lacking. It doesn't even matter if their assessment is accurate or logical. It doesn't matter whether the item will yield any benefit or advantage whatsoever.

Human desire is limitless. Econometrics is a failing science because human desire can not be modeled, it is not rational. Producing an abundance of anything will create demand for anything else. Our desires are governed by our biology and our perceptions of utility, both of which are variable, non-quantifiable and often wildly out of touch with reality. If you deny this fact, then you deny humanity because you reject what differentiates us from our creations. We are flawed creatures, not machines. You can not quantify how much you like things in any consistent way. If you asked me to choose between an apple and an orange, I may choose the apple. If you then asked me to choose between an orange and a banana, I may choose the orange. If you then asked me to choose between an apple and a banana, would you call me a liar if I chose the banana? No, you would call me human. Repeat the same experiment tomorrow and it may turn out completely different.

If somebody were to ask whether you are completely satisfied with life, either you are, or you are not. If you are, you're not human. If you're not and somebody then asks you to list everything you want in life in order to be completely satisfied, either you will prepare a list or you won't. If you have no list there is no way any person or system can satisfy your desires because they would have no idea what to do. If you have a list, find out how many of those items are material and how many are not. If they are all material, you're either an idiot (because you didn't understand the question) or a liar. There is no person with a perfectly balanced existence (health, love, family, emotions, interests, friends, challenges, victories, safety, comfort, hope, skepticism, curiosity, memories, optimism, excitement, etc) because there is no definition of a perfect balance. Your own perceptions of balance are variable and non-quantifiable. What is perfect in the current moment will be imperfect in the next, what is perfect today will be imperfect tomorrow. The interminable and unpredictable fluctuations of our imbalances and imperfections continually create and destroy desires until the day we die.

Experience with these imbalances and fluctuations throughout life and events are what define personality, goals, dreams and desires. There is no way any person or system can satisfy you completely without taking away these flaws that make you human. Thus, you will always be lacking something. It is immaterial whether it's real or just perceived, whether it's persistent or transient, whether it's acknowledged or subconscious. You will be willing to trade, you will offer money, for a price.

We are not machines.

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Mui Ling @ 02:26

22 December, 2008

Sam updated his personal blog at 1.25am on 21st Dec 08.


pegg @ 10:23

haha I'll CONTROL C CONROL V meikian's message...

photos from yesterday~

group photo-




Mui Ling @ 02:10

21 December, 2008

The S S Show Feeling
milubing 21 December, 2008 00:47

sam :

Wa.. $81000 lei. Can i be her friend?
Today brought back memories. Walking into the theatre's holding room on a Saturday evening. Seated in there, waiting for the show to begin. Watching Das and Kym host. Enjoying YiQing and RongMing's company. Little chats with formal-fellow-judge Mary. Meeting the backstage technicians and production crew whom you may not see but are all crucial in the show's success. A fulfilling supper, is dinner for me after the show. A routine those days. Memories. I remember.

We 3 had a good time today. I think you all who came did too. Which makes us happier. =)

See ya all soon! Sweet dreams and a Beautiful Sunday when the sun rises.

No Monday blues, Christmas is here!

weiqi :

Hey all, thanks to those who came down today k? made the place so re nao... and thanks for all the greeting cards and pressies, really appreciate it. To those who couldn't come, dun worry, we can still meet ya? okto and countdown coming soon! Thanks for the positive comments regarding the design ya? FYI, the black tees are only for contestants and the white ones can be won thru competitions. Take care peeps! hope u all have a great christmas ahead!!!


I have no smiley coz i aint noe the html coding shaitz..er..

but anyway... 81K? we need that cash manz... ccan open mlb clubhouse.. got cafe... pool table and POOL with jacuzzi already.. within that facilities got jamming studio... recording studio... 48"... erm.. make it 84" LCD TV with PS3.. Wii.. and x box 3... LAN shop with 34" LCDs to chill out... KTv rooms inside with only MLB mvs (sad till now onli 2, so gotta wait la).. MLB cafe only selling milo? sure cannot make it dao bi.. maybe sell some kopi peng to boost sales. jokes. Can do alot with that amt of money... PLEASE spend it wisely if YOU THE WINNER ARE READING THIS. That money is like a lifetime saving man... even my dad aint got that kinda cash.. i rather participate shoot some darts then waving my hand on air.. darts mad of gold in that show aye?.. haha... kidding.. anyway.. we had a great time.. and a great shock. hope u all had too!


Mui Ling @ 01:37

weiqi | 20 December, 2008 23:52

Hey all, thanks to those who came down today k? made the place so re nao... and thanks for all the greeting cards and pressies, really appreciate it. To those who couldn't come, dun worry, we can still meet ya? okto and countdown coming soon!
Thanks for the positive comments regarding the design ya? FYI, the black tees are only for contestants and the white ones can be won thru competitions. Take care peeps! hope u all have a great christmas ahead!!!


Mui Ling @ 00:28

19 December, 2008

Sam Wong | 19 December, 2008 18:31

How's life?
I've been busy.. Good thing i have enough sleep these days.. Saw some of you on Tuesday. =)
Thank you ah!
Very hungry now, time for dinner. See ya tomorrow. Or if we don't see ya, then you see us tomorrow. Ok?


Mui Ling @ 23:47

thanks for informing (=

download for MLB's 艺人私密手札 is available in Podcast.sg



pegg @ 09:40

18 December, 2008

oh yea,
the CSS pre-show concert featuring milubing...
I saw the telecast time already!

it will aired on 9pm at channel U on 4th January 2009....
haha marked this down on your calendar ok...
it's marked in the "calendar of events" at the left of the blog for your reference too =)...


Mui Ling @ 03:04

MLB on Yes 933 艺人私密手札

Wed - 17th Dec, 3.35pm (broadcast)
Sat - 20th Dec, 3.35pm (repeat)

haha thanks jane for uploading...
click the play button to listen...

RADIO-0002.mp3 - MLB on yes 933 on 17/12/08.

hmm otherwise stay tune to Yes933 on Saturday for the repeat telecast then =)...


Mui Ling @ 02:57

report on CSS3 pre-show concert...
not exactly mentioned, but slide 12 of 34 includes a picture of mlb...
thanks anonymous for informing =)


Mui Ling @ 02:56

17 December, 2008


milubing 17 December, 2008 02:54

hey hey! thanks to those who came down today! we had a SUPER crazy day today, morning we dropped by warner's to collect gifts that MLBians had sent (was kinda weird cos we received lots of clothes with the price tag still attached but none of the pressies had indication as to whose it was meant for either), then we reached MDC, and performed and then we rushed to Cathay to attend the premier for Ip Man....

I'm guessing if there's anything u wanna pass to us better to pass us directly, so we know who u are, and not so luan ba, but i emphasise again, dun waste $ on us, most of u students, even if not student, we also feel that if u support us we are more than happy enough le.. just like today, seeing the bunch of u there, made us feel at home!
WoW! finally get to see my design printed on a tee!!! here's a pic of my 2 tees!

:D as well as an image of the design.

spent quite some nites(and days) on this thingy, but I guess after today's response, it's worth it. Been a while since I touched my vis comm stuff, so I'm glad I did it, was quite satisfying :) Whassup with me man...today i stone half way, damn it sia.. back stage still talk ok ok, but then once mic pass to me then i suddenly...old sickness.. and those hor, who say i blur hor, this recording january then bo la.. haha... OEI... quick say sorry ya? Hmph...
haha.. kiddin la..
Ip Man... wow... tsk tsk... did u watch huo yan jia? hmmm.. this one might just beat it man... Especially Ip man's son... so cute man... watch out for the part where he rides a little bicycle... serious, it's a good movie. I'd only like to make a suggestion for an addition to the ending, i wish they showed a young boy with thick hair wearing shades, kneel down in front of Ip Man, and say," pls take me as your disciple, WA DA!!!" wow that would make my day... goodnite...goodnite to the crappy me... :p tmr long long day ahead!!!

the back :)

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Mui Ling @ 03:25

CSS opening concert...
milubing is one of the performing guest...
they had their recording earlier...
congrats on the accomplishing another performance....
even though I wasn't there to support =X...

now the TV telecast is scheduled to air on Channel U on 4th January 2009
we'll update you again the time =)...
milubing jia you~'

HOW COULD I FORGET THIS?!?!?!?! hahaha...
from the IC~~

Hi all,

We've got some tickets available for The Sheng Siong Show coming up on Saturday!
Date: 20th Dec 2008, Saturday
Time: 8pm
Venue: Mediacorp Studios

Kindly note the following:
-Tickets will be given on a first come first served basis.
-Successful requests will be notified via email.
-We regret that only successful requests will be informed.

*Confirmation email will be sent by Thursday midnight, so be sure to check your email then and revert ASAP.

To request for the tickets, please send an email to milubing.fc@gmail.com with the following details, by 10pm on 18th Dec (Thursday).

Subject: The Sheng Siong Show Tickets
Full Name:
Contact No.:
No. of tickets:

Any queries can be posted here or directed to milubing.fc@gmail.com.

We'll try to reply ASAP.



Mui Ling @ 01:35

16 December, 2008

weiqi | 16 December, 2008 01:59

yep nic typed de... wow, finally...tmr i can see the tee shirt design! been MIA cos busy with campus tee, so now can relax le WOO!!! but now, actually still gotta practice for dec gigs la haha.. but not so stress like the tee!!!


Mui Ling @ 02:02

15 December, 2008

thanks shihui for informing.. (=

MLB on Yes 933 艺人私密手札

Wed - 17th Dec, 3.35pm (broadcast)
Sat - 20th Dec, 3.35pm (repeat)


pegg @ 16:21

Don't wait up, don't wait there.

milubing 15 December, 2008 06:42


Please do not wait for us today or tml afternoon, evening or night at mediacorp...

Our soundcheck might be today or the day itself.

The time scheduled for us to report and reherse is within a one hour time frame, chop chop get it done and leave.. your waiting might turn out to be in vain as the reporting time could be any random hour...

My Point - don't leh cheh yourselves, we mean you no harm, appreciate the thoughts but its for your best benefits :)

Time is precious.. take that time spent on hopeful waiting instead on your loved ones.. for yoursleves to relax and enjoy whatever you love doing... for your studies... for anything else that ensures perpetuity and returns.

We'll put up a good show :)

"Music - sonic projections, a pleasing form of energy released, converted into electrical signals which tickles the brain, and hence pleasing to the receiver"

We're gonna continue tickling your brains :)

Rock onz!


pegg @ 09:07

12 December, 2008

weiqi | 12 December, 2008 03:13

FINALLY!! I CAN SLEEP!!! just had 2 days with a total of 8 hrs of slp.. crazy man... campus crazy... now i'm gonna slp.. finally... well deserved.. but waking early..8am!!! :( Jamming tmr afternoon!! yay...


Mui Ling @ 10:01

11 December, 2008

here you go. as promised. (=

Event Date: 7th Dec 2008
Event Venue: Tamp North CC Open House

thanks binz

and syL

and mk


for sharing the pics (=


pegg @ 12:50

latests update from the IC. with regards to 16th Dec CSS Concert Tickets.

"IC 11 December, 2008 12:04

Hi all,

We've got some tickets up for grabs for the Campus Superstar 2009 Pre-Show Concert coming up next week!

Date: 16th Dec 2008, Tuesday
Time: 1:30pm
Venue: Mediacorp Studios

Kindly note the following:
-Tickets will be given on a first come first served basis.
-Priority will be given to supporters with the MLB tee. [indicate in ur email, and you MUST wear it on that day]
-Second priority will be given to supporters who have sent in their particulars to milubing.fc@gmail.com before today (11 Dec 2008)
-Each person can request for ONE ticket.
-Successful requests will be notified via email.
-We regret that only successful requests will be informed.

*Confirmation email will be sent by Sunday midnight, so be sure to check your email then and revert ASAP.

To request for the tickets, please send an email to milubing.fc@gmail.com with the following details, by 12pm on 14th Dec (Sunday).

Subject: CSS Recording Tickets

Full Name:
Contact No.:
MLB tee: Yes/No

Any queries can be posted here (at the main blog) or directed to milubing.fc@gmail.com. We'll try to reply ASAP.

Cheers! "
Good luck all. (=


pegg @ 12:32

nic | 11 December, 2008 04:32

would like to say a big hi to all!!!

not much to say but HI.



Mui Ling @ 11:13

I CONTROL C CONTROL V yuan ping's message ok? hahaha

jus a note to everyone, we are currently voting shi jie ma fan jie guo yi xia for longhubang..u can still cast ur votes via sms, by 12pm TODAY..format as follow:
[POTP933]space[SJMFJGYX} to 72346
(song title can be in chinese or hanyupinyin)


Mui Ling @ 11:12

10 December, 2008


publicity blog been set up.


it's been 2nd year since publicity blog is been set up.

for the past 2 years, we're thankful for all the supporters who had visited this blog and shared their photos of the guys and articles of the guys and for sharing information of events with us. (=

and of course not forgetting to thank the guys too. for constantly having updates so that we can maintain this publicity blog. (=

and thanks the 3 guys for dropping by and tagging as well.

we apologize for the lack of updates at times, as quizzy and pegg are both tied down by work and studies; but still, you guys didn't forsake us, you guys are understanding instead, and we thank you for that too.

hopefully there'll be more years of anniversary to come. (=


pegg @ 13:33

thanks binz for informing.

Ch U is giving away 10pairs of Campus Superstar 3 Concert Recording Tickets.

Date: 16th Dec 2008
Time: 1.30pm.

Performing artistes includes Yoga, Olivia and MiLuBing.

Just simply answer the questions asked found in the link provided and stand to win a pair of tickets. (=
good luck all.



pegg @ 12:43

sam updated his blog on
10th dec @ 1.36am.

*cherish those who are always there for you before it's too late.


pegg @ 10:08

Milubing's "三角行" , 4th WEEK in Radio1003 优势流行榜~~~
NUMBER 15!! =(

Voting methods are as follows...

Voting options...
1) Coupons can be found in U-Mag. Cut out the coupon, fill in the song title "三角行" and the artiste's name "迷路兵", and then fill in your particulars then mailed it to

Radio1003 优势流行榜
1000 Toa Payoh North
News Centre
Singapore 318994

2) Key in UCHART[space]Song Title[space]Name[space]NRIC No. and send it to 97171003.

votings starts from every friday 10pm to wednesday 11.59pm per week.
which means, if you wish for the song to appear on the chart this coming friday, you have to make sure you cast ur votes before wed.


pegg @ 09:39

MLB's episode of "On the beat" (dou shi da fa xian) is scheduled to telecast next Tuesday, 8pm on Channel U =). The repeat telecast will be at 12am.. haha stay tune~


Mui Ling @ 01:40

09 December, 2008

weiqi 09 December, 2008 02:23

hey peeps, dun worry, my flu is gone after a long afternoon nap(not intended though). Gonna stay up tonite to finish my werk. Quizzy, in a way, you're right. cos friendship is a "2 hands to clap" thingy. so has to work from both sides in order to click. well..jus wanna add to nic's entry. The $$$ spent, some of it, sadly, are still loans...yep, so still owing some super nice ppl $, cos they believe in us, and help us now cos we need the $ urgently to fix up the rig. Gotta work doubly hard to earn back the $ and pay em back! then at the same time, does that mean u gotta forgo all the coffee and such? dunno man, guess gotta balance, cos either way, we'll go crazy. one thing i've learnt, relaxation is a must, though sometimes i forget to do it. :(


pegg @ 09:34

08 December, 2008

Glad to see you!

milubing 08 December, 2008 00:45

: Halo mlbians... thank you all who came down to give your support today... wonder if u can tell if we were kinda tired.. yup a busy and tiring week for us 3... today a weird thing happened.. usually my side of the equipment will screw up, but we 3 spent 2 whole weeks fixing it! and today, nic's equipment suddenly refused to speak!?!? 1 in a million chance! ok..maybe 1 in a 100, cos he used it maybe a hundred times at least? during practices?? so why today!? and was it just me or did we sound too soft and like cave men? so it seemed as if sam was playing too loud, but in actual fact, it was the music that was too soft. well we learn so many lessons each time there's some kind of screw up during performances.. and yup, MLB kinda like prone to such stuff.. cos band ma haha.. but well, on the bright side, wonder if u all noticed,but we set up and pack up much faster! yay! we're training to be super efficient in our build/tear down speed, required for certain events etc. and also thus allowing more interaction time with you all!!! after the gig, today we finally unwinded... as a band.... wow, so long since we just relaxed together... had to destress la, running here and there the whole week... so we had some ya kun coffee, then played an hour of "left4dead" haha..then we ate lunch, then donuts... then yup... split up for home..quite a san ren tong xing day. Miss such days le, seems like ever since we've been so busy with the band being sorta an official 'job' we have less of such time together, sometimes it is really sad, cos we are friends to begin with, that was our roots,but in a busy and cruel world, sometimes things can get at you, especially friends, it can be super painful, sleepless nites... but i guess though i missed today's sermon in church bout forgiveness and reconciliation, I do know that forgiveness and openess heals every wound, it can turn a scar into a beatiful birthmark. No matter how bad the damage, true friends can reunite and spur on a whole new and amazing journey. It won't be easy as the photo below..zoom zoom haha..more like traffic lights at every turn, but that's the whole point of the journey, dealing with the hiccups, determining how matured one is, how matured your team is. goodnite ppl, down with a flu, so no choice, have to turn in. cheers to a better tmr..

Helooo!!! After sounding like a caveman and us struggling on stage to hear ourselves... we're here to type some stuff yea..Been a long day.. our pick up time was like before the sunrise... anyways.. shall just speak for myself here since this is slot's been aloted for me *winkz*

Been away from stages for bout a mth now.. feels alil foreign.. its like lost my faith... kinda miss mdc.. the days whereby i get to practice ever so often.. like it anot.. sing and perform.. smile on stage no matter what happens.. the show must go on.. all this making mdcians ever so stage ready. Shan't elaborate our issues on stage today.. haha.. wei qi above elaborated le la hor... haha.. if not read 2 times oso sian rite?? keke...

I miss the stage.. realli so much.. today i just sang (a lil zhao sia forgive me la hor.. reverb was gao gao.. cant hear myself on stage somemore).. BUT.. i felt i let myself and the band down.. i did not "perform". Oh well.. good days and bad.. today was heng heng ok only haha...

BUT GREAT!!! after spending much money... (3 of us added together almost 2k).. so much sleepless nights researching.. 2 days NON-STOP fixing up the rig.. you see us with an improved rig! setup time 5 min.. tear down 5 min.. BUT SUEH SUEH TODAY guitar duno why no sound la.. sobs...BUT we seasoned le.. calm on stage le ba.. paiseh gota wait for us to start.. but the waiting will soon be over once we finalised everything.

SHOCKER FOR You guys :) what ya saw on stage.

soundcard - 1.2K
mixer - 165
macbook (zhenged) - 3k odd
guitar - 3k
guiatr pedal (guitar rig) - 800
big a** cool big screen WQ's com - 3k
cables and 2 boxes misc etc - 400
keyboard - 2k
stands 250

$13,815 was what you guys saw on stage. (mental sums, forgive the *probable errors my math suck haha)
we shant count my guitars, wei qi's big a** keyboard on stage, programs in our coms, sam's snare at hme.. TIME.

That's how much is put into the music, for us, for our loved ones, supporters (you guys), ....for passion.

It's all sweat blood stained money... thats why we're always broke. no joke. we're real people, not some star shining brightly, teeth glittering hollywoody stars... WE"RE BAND!!!! Curse of the musicians (pui... guitarist seems more cursed) But soon weiqi would be too as he goes digital fully.. (shaitz bro.. financial sunami befalling soon, hope the inflow's enought to sustain us! share share la hor...) One day maybe we'll be successful.. fully supported financially by sponsors and all who have faith in the band.. as all of you do :) have enough.. aint need to worry..

GAMBATE!!! we'll make it TOGETHER.

Thanks for coming guys... sorry to those we didnt have chance to take photos with.. were stuck at the front.. didnt mean to neglect anyone..

We'll meet soon.

(PS, read the letters, drank the drinks, loved the gift, super appreciative for the tissue. NEXT GIG YOU SEE ME BRING TOWEL)

sam :
Wa.. Nic revealed the accounts.. Yea its true, our pockets are kinda empty now but its ok. Don't worry people. We're happy guys and that's most important. With supporters like YOU moving along wth us. Steady le la.. The past week, we've been brisk-walking around the IT part of town. Run here, walk there. Raining also walk. Rain water get into my precious shoes also walk. Soak their slippers also walk. In search high and low for stuff we need to buy.. Damn tired, but its worth it. We gotta improve. As usual as usual though i don't wish say as usual, our performance part can't be perfect. Nevermind, we enjoyed the little interaction and photo-taking part. And i think i looked rather silly in most pictures. I was trying to smile (closed mouth smile becos you know la) at the same time controlling myself from laughing out when our steadymama was holding the fork.
Selamat Hari Raya

weiqi 08 December, 2008 01:03

hey mlbians.. the 3 of us have been super busy, change of rig.. to make our performance set up and tear down time shorter as well as doing research to replace our faulty hardware(time to return it to it's rightful owner le). So we had to spend some hard-earned $, some to-be-earned $, run around s'pore to scout for the ingredients, drill some holes, sand some surfaces, spray some paint, glue some sponge, tighten some cable tie, stick some labels, screw some screws,install some software... busy busy... tsk tsk.. and I also got campus superstar stuff to settle! oh dear... but glad that our rig is more or less settled, tmr, or rather later, will be our first try with this improved rig.. hopefully no more "milubing ni men zhun bei hao le ma???" yup... let's do it peeps.. heh heh.. CX, the singtel book gone le, cos too long never claim so in a way overdue le ba, i also felt,it's been so long le,so mei yo yi shi le... too late now rite? :p
take care peeps, see ya all tmr!
those who can't go, no worries, mlb is busy in December!!!

weiqi 08 December, 2008 01:10

hey uncle phil, don't worry, appreciate the fact that you bought me something back from the trip... haha.. nic liked my one more heh heh.. anyways, in future dun need to spend on us la, same for everyone, we'd rather u turn up than anything else. SO pls!!! no one to sacrifice study time or $$$ for mlb k? just by supporting(physically or in your heart) is enough le... :)
MK,i dunno if your decision is rite, but i'd do the same as u. guess it's not about the decision, but the next decision. like, wat's the next step. find your passion, do the research of the industry you're going into, then dive in(with a yearning learning spirit but with careful planning!). $ is hard to come by and time is lagi expensive.
Sheena, dunno if u can see this, but jiayo ya? you're more brave than me sia, lead singer leh heh heh...
Thanks to all who came, hope u had a great time. It's just the beginning of a fun filled month!!! but then again,my schedule is as bad as my school time sigh... haha.. wellwell... DUN CARE!!! I"M GONNA WATCH BOLT NEXT WEEK BY HOOK OR BY CROOK!!! 3D glasses?!?! WOOHOO>>>

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Mui Ling @ 03:05

05 December, 2008

tag from Sam.

"Sam Wong 05 December, 2008 01:13

Halo everyone on the blog.
Anyone around??
Take a deep breath................
We 3 have been busy man! Or is it men?
Yea, but i think its a good thing.. We're back in the business.. Now that we can find a little time to come together and JAM.. Not to mention relax together, haven't found time for that. As you all may know, we got quite a bit of stuff up and on, in this month. SO.. Do watch out? We'll make some noise, i hope its pleasant noise. Smile! "

"Sam Wong 05 December, 2008 01:26

You're welcome MK. Thank you for the updates.
1am le.. Aiyo.. Time to wash up and go to bed.. Not forgetting to do my laundry. =)
Goodnight! "


pegg @ 11:10

03 December, 2008

IC | 03 December, 2008 01:50

Hello all,

it's finally december! to prepare ya guys for the up and coming... just gotten some info from Jasmin, MLB's manager about the upcoming events in december... :)


.7th Dec (Sun), 9am to 1pm - Tampines North CC Opening

.16th Dec (Tues), afternoon [2 hours btw 2-6pm] - Campus Superstar Opening Concert Recording

.20th Dec (Sat), 8pm - The Sheng Siong Show

.23rd Dec (Tues), 830pm - OKTO Live Recording

.31st Dec (Wed), 1030pm - Countdown at Vivo City

.31st Dec (Wed), 1030pm - Countdown at Boon Lay

*Date unconfirmed - On the Beat airs on tv

here's what we have so far... all mentioned events require ticket entry except OKTO recording, which it's still unconfirmed if there will be live audience, and also the Boon Lay Countdown (i suppose so... can anyone confirm?)

will let you guys know about the ticketing stuffs when the dates draw nearer.

also, some info about the OKTO recording, there'll be a live call-in segment where we can call in to ask the boys questions. anyone can call in, so do prepare questions to ask, if you guys have any... and the good news is that you guys can ask anything you want ya? [seriously, anything.] whatever you wanna know about MLB, raise ur questions during the show! :)

another thing, if you haven't already, please START VOTING for 世界麻烦借过一下! do note that you can cast one vote for each song, so do vote for both Cheng Shu and SJMFJGYX. help to vote SJMFJGYX up and sustain Cheng Shu on the chart! and ALSO, do send in dedications to support 三角行 and 黑 during xgjy yupp!

by the way, can i have a show of hands [via here OR email @ milubing.fc@gmail.com OR sms @ 82507407] the people who are planning to go for both countdown events on 31st dec? thanks!

will update again as soon as we get anymore info...

enjoy the holidays and have fun during the festive season! :D

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Mui Ling @ 02:00

02 December, 2008

on 2nd Dec 8.55am
sam updated his personal blog =)


pegg @ 13:40

01 December, 2008

HI everyone.
we're currently looking for photos of the guys in the following events.

1) 2oo8.01.01 NTUC Fairprice Show
2) 2oo8.o2.o2 Beatbox Asia Championship
3) 2oo8.o5.25 Sichuan Earthquake Charity Show
4) 2oo8.10.23 933 Live Interview

and Sam in Sheng Siong Show.

Do send to us through email @ lostsoldiersmlb@gmail.com if you have them.


pegg @ 10:19

MLB's Forest Adventure @ Bedok Reservior is featured in this week's I-Weekly.

We appreciate if you guys were to purchase the magazine instead of uploading the article straightaway. thanks (=


pegg @ 09:37

on 28th Nov @ 12.51PM
Sam updated his personal blog (=


pegg @ 09:27

Milubing's "成熟" , 10th WEEK IN long hu bang~~~

though it had dropped rank, but well, let's try to vote harder (=

you can now vote for songs using duplicate numbers BUT DO TAKE NOTE THAT YOU CANNOT VOTE FOR THE SAME SONG TWICE ON THAT SPECIFIC WEEK.

Yeah, so the voting methods are as follows...

Voting options...
1) Coupons can be found on the 'radio section' of I-weekly. Cut out the coupon, fill in the song title "成熟" and the artiste's name "迷路兵", and then fill in your particulars then mailed it to

Yes933 《醉心龙虎榜》负责人收
Farrer Road PO Box 933
Singapore 912899

2) Key in POTP933[space]成熟(song title can be keyed in using hanyu pinyin or chinese) then send to 72346. Each sms costs 30 cents.

if we don't have enough coupons, we can always sms.

just another additional piece of news, the coupons sent will contribute 70% and sms will contribute 30% to the final results.

votings will end on every thurs noon.
which means, if you wish for the song to appear on the chart this coming sunday, you have to make sure you cast ur votes before thurs.

Jia you!
Milubing jia you!!

Points accumulated: 103 points =)


pegg @ 09:25