31 March, 2009


thanks jane for sharing =D


Mui Ling @ 04:08

nic | 30 March, 2009 04:13


Sam Wong | 31 March, 2009 03:34

Uncle Phil. Its a Kindness Movement Event. No secrets.. May the world be a better place for mankind?

Angie, you all can 牵手 at Recital if ya want. Man to man, lady to lady. Feel free. Ha.

Night. =0

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Mui Ling @ 04:07

lol sorry for the late update.

Sam updated his blog on 28th march, 9.54pm
titled: Tan Abit


Mui Ling @ 04:00

27 March, 2009

nic | 27 March, 2009 02:41


the blog ish full of life..

love the concert tips.


fun reading all the comments.

each comment is an encouragement that we still got supporters out there who appreciate our music and what we do for the love of music, love of life.

take care and gd nite to all!!!

nic | 27 March, 2009 03:56

slpless and late nites are just part and parcel of the job haha


Mui Ling @ 13:51

26 March, 2009

LOL thanks concertgoer for the tips...hahha...

concert goer | 25 March, 2009 23:06

Before my honeymoon closed by end of Q1, here's something I snake out...hees

Checklist—Concert Goers Survival Guide

1) Wear a pair of comfy flat-heel shoes—Cos you will DEFINITELY not be glued to your seat the whole night. You will STAND on your feet--at some point in time; the POIGNANT moment/s, when your heart takes control of your mind.

2) Bring party light sticks. Don’t just bring one, bring a few--In case the one you are holding is spoilt, or you can generously give the extras to your neighbors who have forgotten to bring. For those who are bringing battery-run touched lights, it’s likely that your battery will go flat in the midst of the concert, so bring extras batteries will help.

3) If you are bringing your partner along—think twice. If he/she is not going to be as HIGH as you, hmm…then it may be better to leave him/her at home. Else, your mood will be dampened by his/her unforgiving sulking stares.

4) Before you go to the concert, be mentally /psychologically programme--YOU GONNA HAVE FUN IN THE CONCERT! NO MATTER WHAT!!! U’R GONNA HAVE LOTS OF FUN!! So, in the case of any unforeseen unpleasant matters arise—such as your neighbor got BO, you’ve been blocked by people in front , you have a bad hair day…you gonna be GRACIOUS and FORGIVING…and ENJOY THE NIGHT!!

5) Be physically fit and mentally well—So, EAT WELL AND SLEEP WELL. You don’t wish to faint there and be carried out like a corpse.

6) Respect the concert and the artistes—Dress your best for them! Doll up as though you are going to your FIRST DATE! BUT wear something nice but COMFORTABLE! It’s uncool to wear a long tailing gown and expect everyone to stand a meter away from you.

7) Smell good cos you’ll perspired as the concert goes on. Wear on a nice sense of perfume/cologne.. .
8) Be at least 15 mins early for the concert—To get yourself prepared and ready.

9) Take good care of the friends you go with to the concert. Love your neighbors.

10) THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT---Please REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR ENTRY TICKET ON THE CONCERT NIGHT—Else all the above will not be applicable to you.

...and the list can go on



Mui Ling @ 04:24

Sam Wong | 26 March, 2009 01:21

Amazing.. Concert goer, thank you for the tips. Haha.
Stand or sit, jump or run around, up to you as long as ya try not to block anyone? Just have fun! Any age, from anywhere, any smell.. Join us if you will.
Canto song, i'll love to, but can't la.. Those who can speak that langauge are also unable to understand what i'm singing, not to mention myself. Thank you anyway.

And waves to Qingqing, you saw a tired and hungry man just now, dragging feet reluctantly in the crowded mall.

Nights people.


Mui Ling @ 04:23

weiqi | 26 March, 2009 03:28

Hi all..lots of useful tips from u guys and gals! I've got a correction to make: the 933fm interview is on the 3rd of April instead.. evening after 1900hrs :)

weiqi | 26 March, 2009 03:43

to mighty mouse and many others.. announcement of '4D' results will be open on 24th of April...
those who wanna stand like sofui should stand...and uncle phil also standing too!
But if u scared leg pain, like Jane, can also sit...
Shout 'jiayo' like qianhui or 'jiayou' like pek choo also can...
9year old kid "should" be able to go for concert ba..(this one i will get back to u asap de,i call esplanade tmr!!!)
turn esplanade into indoor stadium like quizzy..if can then steady...
sing canto.. i think can ba.. but maybe for next time! haha..

This special performance should be a 'can' kind of concert.. so make yourself comfortable k? Just enjoy yourself ba :) nitey!!!

weiqi | 26 March, 2009 03:50

Random note:
damn funny la.. tonite, when my classmates told my tutor that i'm from milubing.. he exclaimed in response, "u from milubing meh? i tot milubing is [GeeeNa] one?"

fyi: GeeeNa = noun, plural = GeeeNas
1: a person between birth and full growth; a boy or girl
2: a son or daughter: eg. All my GeeeNas are married.

sigh...but i like my teacher la. He zai3 zai3 one haha..
True Singaporean but very broad thinking :)
Worked on LOTR, KingKong, The Day the Earth stood still...

sorry i tonite a bit seh.. my mind is under going major paradigm shifting... *teet teet teet teet*


Mui Ling @ 04:21

Sam updated his blog at 2.23am on 25th march,
titled: Y0


Mui Ling @ 04:19

25 March, 2009

weiqi | 24 March, 2009 16:11

hey hey
Uncle Phil dun worry, we won't over stress ourselves. I just worried for the team's health. Cos i watched the previous gig video on youtube(i think jane uploaded de) and i could really "see" the tiredness in us and in our vocals. So i think if we bia so hard but never rest it will defeat the purpose.

Thanks for all the jiayos!!!

QianHui, IMM is in the nite 2000hrs @ garden plaza. Event is "kindness movement".

Sofui! tsk tsk.. better not let the rest see your post HAHAHA...some stand leg pain ma hAHAHA...

ok all of u take care! forgot to mention: 4April we'll be on 933 too, but not sure of timing yet ;)


Mui Ling @ 02:17

23 March, 2009

nic | 23 March, 2009 04:03

HEaring about excitement..

makes me excited..

Hearing about problems..

Keep me grounded. Everyone fight hard to stay do well in this mean meritocratic society!..

Hope the best for all...

Hope for the best for us to bring you our best too..

Another late night.. gd nite!!


Mui Ling @ 04:38

22 March, 2009

Useful Links!
milubing | 21 March, 2009 16:49

There's a little mistake on the sistic website. It's not supposed to be free standing, but free seating ya? :)
Early bird = $25
Booking Fee = $3

Purchase tickets online via sistic:


Purchase tickets @ any sistic oulets:


More info about the show:


How the recital room looks like:


Hope this helps! :)


Mui Ling @ 05:10

nic | 20 March, 2009 23:24

promise that it be a musical treat!

MLB | 21 March, 2009 03:34

HEY HEY! thanks for the encouragement people! we're working real hard for this event.. really want it to be a memorable nite for everyone! :D

weiqi | 21 March, 2009 17:53

aiyo.. u all so mmm wat's the word? kawaii? cute? start thinking of song list ah? dian ge isit? hahaha... i think u know us by now, that we've long decided and planned for this event like months ago? so everything's planned up le. Now is the preparation and practice period.. It's really crazy. Like months of practice just for 60mins!!! And there's no 'ctrl-z'! Quite scary too, cos it'll be our first time doing a lot of things! So many 'first times'! Surprise surprise...I know that the show can't be recorded down and photos can't be taken inside the recital. But sometimes, the most memorable events are those that remain in our hearts, somewhere in our memory, left untouched, and treasured by us. This is the kind of experience we hope to create together with u on the 24th of April. A joint effort by mlb and mlbians. ;)

weiqi | 22 March, 2009 01:47

thanks for all the jiayos! will relay the jiayos to the guys when i see them tmr..it's gonna be a lil crazy for me too, exam period is april.. sigh.. but opportunities won't wait for u, u gotta grab 'em. so we'll bia for this recital, make it a memorable nite for all! :)

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Mui Ling @ 05:08

sam updated his blog on 20th march, 11.32am.
titled: Morning Study


Mui Ling @ 05:06

20 March, 2009

milubing | 19 March, 2009 22:11

Well, i guess it's not much of a surprise any more rite? haha.. not exactly.. cos there's a surprise inside this surprise, and another surprise within the next surprise! Confused? Good.. So must come and find out the surprise ma.. haha.. Guaranteed surprises when u join us on our little concert about the MLB journey, which is the journey that we share with many - Family, friends, mlbians, colleagues... So, it really is a milestone, to stop and ponder, to be a little nostalgic of the past, and to reveal some of the gaps perhaps. This is celebrating a process, that is still in motion; this interaction between us and all who share the joy in our music. This show is for you all.


p.s. Now u know why we're all so busy ya? but we were also doing more besides this concert, but all will be revealed then... btw, tickets are sold at all sistic outlets!


Mui Ling @ 07:32

19 March, 2009

lol and sam didi updated his personal blog at 1.50am
titled: Its time!


Mui Ling @ 04:32

OH YA! the details for purchasing the tickets! thanks uncle phil and sheena for informing;

Tickets will be on sales from 19th Mar 2009 at 9am for Internet Booking, Other Sales Channel will start from 19th Mar 2009 at 10am.

You may refer to sistic link:

@_@ URL very long...haha

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Mui Ling @ 04:16

message from IC =D

"anyway, 2nd collection date to be confirmed n posted soon..pls note tt 21st is NOT confirmed yet ya..cos i still duno if i can make it down..do check back here regularly ya? :)"


Mui Ling @ 04:14

weiqi | 18 March, 2009 15:54

wow! the news is leaked ya? haha... anyways.. there's a surprise within the surprise! haha.. hint hint*


Sam Wong | 19 March, 2009 01:49


Oh its Yuanping, thank you.

Hmm.. Happy to hear that all are happy. We're happy too.. With the sound and all.. Happy-ded.

I - refreshing? Make up does wonders. =)

BOO.. Leaked.. Boo..
I think you can MM, but we may not be able to fulfil them..haha

Steady la Capri..

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Mui Ling @ 04:14

lol thanks to whoever it may concern for informing....


Their mix of youthful, melodic power Mando-pop-rock, easy-listening folk-pop, snazzy songwriting and boyish charm got them the overall champion in MediaCorp Channel U’s 2006 SuperBand contest, and has since won them fame and a huge following.

They are Mi Lu Bing (Lost Soldiers) – lead singer/ guitarist Nic, keyboardist Weiqi and drummer Sam – and they have sung the theme and sub-theme songs of hit MediaCorp Channel 8 Prime Time TV serials A Million Treasures and The Golden Path respectively, and released their catchy, slickly-produced, self-titled debut in 2007 to rave reviews, gold-status sales and a 2007 Singapore Hits Award’s “Best Newcomer Award” win. They have since released their 2nd album titled TRIANGLE in 2008 and is now in preparation for their 3rd album, slated for year end release!

Get a taste of great music made in Singapore as the rising pop-rock stars deliver Mandarin and English songs in this first-ever Mi Lu Bing concert!


Mui Ling @ 04:11

lol super paiseh for the lack of updates...

firstly thanks capri jie for sharing the pics taken during their gig at NTU open house. here's posting it in slide show.

Thanks jane for sharing the following videos too.
"MLB sang shi jie ma fan jie guo yi xia at NTU."

"MLB sang hei at NTU"

"MLB sang 诚熟 at NTU."

did i miss out anything? =D

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Mui Ling @ 04:01

15 March, 2009

milubing | 15 March, 2009 03:24

weiqi :
hey hey, on behalf of Sam and Nic, thanks to all who came today! Thanks for the love and the presents and most of all, thanks for coming all the way to my ulu school...and bracing the early hours as well as the heat! dunno if u could tell from all 3 faces that we were kinda tired.. lots of factors.. like weather and health.. but generally it's a busy period. For those who couldn't make it today, dun worry k? we can meet again on the 4th of April @ IMM...most likely la haha.. not confirmed, but quite positive. Tmr we're(mlb) seeing each other again.. but not to jam! hmm? "then for wat?" u ask? haha..some of u might think u know wat's coming up in april.. but i doubt anyone really knows the full deal heh heh.. anyways, a surprise is only fun when it's a surprise! haha.. look forward to 19March09 midnite on our blog and u'll find out why.. meanwhile everyone chill...take care!
p.s. when we met @ the side of the stage today, it was cos we wanted to thank all mlbians who came down.. but somehow the space constraints and the heat made everyone(including us) a bit milu.. hope u guys got the msg! NITE!!!

sam :
Like WeiQi said.. Thank you for being with us once again, your presence and voices meant a lot, as always. (contented smile) Hmm.. Today, i was kinda blur and un-alert, like in a daze. I forgot batteries, my little equipment, the last word of our album's name(terrible me), fortunately had help from you all. And i also forgot who gave me this cute HK Disneyland box, SORRY! Please tell me who are you so that i can thank you(u may leave me a tag if u're shy). Mini eggs and a card, mini guitar, drinks.. 谢谢! I had a good time on the drums today, if you noticed.. Whack only. =)
You know?! I boarded a random cab in the afternoon. Mr Young Driver and i started chatting (friendly ma). Through the conversation, i learnt that 2 weeks ago, this same driver picked up a random passenger who was my next of kin, from the same location. So qia0 (coincident) YOU KNOW?! There are more than 24000 cabs in Singapore, this particular driver whom i've never met don't live at that area, he was just passing by. The probability of this incident is so super low. So amazing! Haha.
You don't know March 19? March 20? I'm looking out on these dates.. Wanna surprise myself too! Nighttt...........................

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Mui Ling @ 15:54

weiqi | 15 March, 2009 00:49

hey hey, on behalf of Sam and Nic, thanks to all who came today! Thanks for the love and the presents and most of all, thanks for coming all the way to my ulu school...and bracing the early hours as well as the heat! dunno if u could tell from all 3 faces that we were kinda tired.. lots of factors.. like weather and health.. but generally it's a busy period. For those who couldn't make it today, dun worry k? we can meet again on the 4th of April @ IMM...most likely la haha.. not confirmed, but quite positive. Tmr we're(mlb) seeing each other again.. but not to jam! hmm? "then for wat?" u ask? haha..some of u might think u know wat's coming up in april.. but i doubt anyone really knows the full deal heh heh.. anyways, a surprise is only fun when it's a surprise! haha.. look forward to 19March09 midnite on our blog and u'll find out why.. meanwhile everyone chill...take care!
p.s. when we met @ the side of the stage today, it was cos we wanted to thank all mlbians who came down.. but somehow the space constraints and the heat made everyone(including us) a bit milu.. hope u guys got the msg! NITE!!!


Mui Ling @ 03:30

13 March, 2009

WeiQi come to spoil mood again haha.. no la.. i care for u all so i post these useful pics hor...

Take 179 or 179a, relax till u see NIE signboard on your right and overhead bridge up ahead:

Drop at this bus stop, get to the bridge and walk in this direction :

Then find your way to the 7-11(some where around the corner of the canteen with macs):

Your view should look like that:

Then walk all the way till u see this gantry on your right, turn right to look for flight of stairs:

As u turn right to the stairs you will see this view:

The quad is downstairs but i think we should be performing in the tentage..makes sense to me, just my guess:

How to go home? back track all the way, and take the same bus 179/179A, it will loop back to the interchange, but try to drop at pioneer mrt station instead to get a seat hahaha(sound so kiasu tsk tsk..)

See ya on sat!!! :D "We'll see ya this Saturday, 14 March '09 bout 11-12pm at the NTU Open House."

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Mui Ling @ 03:31

12 March, 2009

Knew Myself a LiL Better

milubing 12 March, 2009 03:59

This post is dedicated to my parents, my mum who loves me dearly, and my dad who believes that I can still make it after countless falls.

Was watching a movie.. when a statement from a conversation hit me hard.

"Life's an Occasion. Rise to it."

It's not that I've not been doing that. Ironically, the issue here is that I've been guilty of standing in applause for it for too long a moment, many a times. People generally worry about money, about bread and butter, but people like me would go hungry for passion and merry making music. Who would be standing upright 10 yrs from now? The grounded people building their careers on generic jobs like accountants, lawyers, engineers.. Or people that Rised up to life and paradigms, living a life of passion and joy which may end overnight?

Maybe it'll not me standing. Maybe I woud end up basking at orchard MRT or do some small run-down pub shows for 50 bucks a night, living off maggi mee to save up to pay the rent and a pack of cigarettes... Bittersweet Smiles on my face. Hidden tears on my pillow that would have dried up by the next morning, leaving nothing but faint marks on that pillow case that would have been unwashed off it's countless tears for god knows since when.

On the bright side... maybe it would be me standing, me leaving a legacy for my kids... that I had made it no matter how hard it took me to get the high ground where I would be standing, that I can have the previledge to say to my son, "Look here, Daddy made it through hardwork and belief son, I know you can live your life to the fullest too, live the dreams you dream, that you can get there. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise."

I'm not questioning my beliefs, my passion, my love for life.

I just question My Own End Point after. Which of the 2 above it would be.

Not backing out, no no. NOT. I'll Rise to the Occasion of Life as I've been doing so. May it treat me well, as I'll applaud it the best I can, Smiles and Sweat on my face, Thorns and Tears in my eyes. Yes. I will Continue moving forward.

Are you rising up today? It's not wrong to sit through your entire life. It can be a joy. Such great joy of simplicity and assurance I had when i was a kid, no worries no troubles. But now as this kid within me grows a lil bigger, his visions have grown too. I'ld risk losing that simplistic joy, to gain a joy unspoken of..

Except only by people like who dream my dream.


Blogger Sam Wong 12 March 12:12

Not backing out, passionate and really hardworking. This is the Nic i know.

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pegg @ 15:17


Event: Milubing @ NTU open house
Venue: NTU de.....de.....School of Biological Sciences• The Quad • Nanyang Auditorium
(as stated on the official website @_@)
time: 11pm to 12pm...
(think we better get there earlier...)
how to get there: take 179 or 179a from boon lay interchange...
detailed bus guide....waaaaaaaa.....
I guess I'll just post the link for our reference also...
click here!
or Free shuttle service to NTU at the following locations:
• Boon Lay MRT station (every 15 minutes from 9am)
• Jurong East MRT station (every 20 minutes from 9am)

view the campus map here!!


haha for more details, lets wait for the guys to update us =D!

thanks for reading =D

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Mui Ling @ 04:56

Sam didi updated his blog on 2 occasions;
one is untitled here on 10th march 2.51pm
another is titled Free? Day on 12th march 12.27am


Mui Ling @ 04:49

milubing | 10 March, 2009 12:50

MLBians IC:
The new MLB tees are ready for collection. There'll be two collection dates, but you only have to attend one of them to collect your tee.
(1) 14th March 2009 Saturday, NTU event
(2) Pending 21st March 2009, Saturday, probably at Istana Park (still TBC, will confirm again)
- If you would like to collect your MLB tee on the 14th at the NTU event, please drop us an email at milubing.fc@gmail.com with the subject 'tee collection on 14th' to inform us; include your Name
Serial No.
Size(s) ordered (as indicated in the yellow coupon given; those who paid via funds transfer, just indicate your name and size(s) ordered).
We will only bring the tees down on that day for those who have informed us via email in advance.
An email confirmation will be sent after we have received your email. Otherwise, all other collections will be done on the second date.
pls kindly rmb to bring your yellow coupon tt was issued during the ordering session, we'll need it back upon collection. thanks!

- If you are unable to make it for both dates, drop us an email too and we'll try to make alternative arrangements for you.

Any enquiries can be directed here or via email. We are also contactable at 82507407.


The invoice for the tees (gao xiao la..uncle put mlb fan club!!haha...sounds weird ya?):


我们是 MLB.

We'll see ya this Saturday, 14 March '09 bout 11-12pm at the NTU Open House.

(if you're free ya..)

.............. .............

nic : Have a nice day!
sam : Have a nice day!
wq : Have a nice day! & btw, i'll try to post more visual instructions as how to get to the quad on sat. Take 179 or 179a and drop at this bus stop:

Then find your way to the 7-11(some where around the corner of the canteen with macs)

Then walk all the way till u see this gantry

This is the quad, the event would be held here, but exactly where i not so sure though...

pics coming soon..i will look like a terrorist taking photos of possible sites.. sigh.. ntu getting dangerous hor.. tsk


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Mui Ling @ 04:37

09 March, 2009

weiqi | 08 March, 2009 21:54

Hi all, been super busy, meeting up with nic and sam, in fact, as i'm typing now, nic is working, and sam just left(took the bus back)... so tired these days.. all this planning and working for Amazing April!!! It's coming!!! Get ready hor.. *hint hint*
but first up, meet ya all on coming sat! :) long time no see mlbians!!!

Quizzy, my exams in April..and the NTU open house thingy should be in the morning around 10am. I double confirm with ya and post.
Slumdog millionaire is a MUST WATCH...10/10... but the real side of the production is kinda ironical..like how the child actors were paid peanuts etc. go figure..
If one day a supporter does that, i will ask the person go bathe first, then we bring the person out for a private outing hahaha.. tour the streets of s'pore...
Mightymouse,i'm fine la, just that it's sad.. 2 deaths in a week.. at least the prof is recovering.

Evidence of me at the party heh heh->
2nd video:



Mui Ling @ 00:07

07 March, 2009

sam updated his blog
titled What Are You Living For?


Mui Ling @ 03:59

06 March, 2009

nic | 06 March, 2009 01:46

haha.. thanks for all the updates!!

interesting... very..

see how we churn up our creative juices ya?

MLB comin ur way

Workin' our a**es off



Mui Ling @ 03:11

04 March, 2009

sam updated his blog again on 3rd march, 12.23pm
titled Random pics


Mui Ling @ 03:15

03 March, 2009

Sam updated his blog on today 11.43am~
titled: Never Coming Back


Mui Ling @ 13:11

01 March, 2009

milubing attended the addidas 60th anniversary party together with some other artistes earlier on...
here's the link




*nothing much about them in the article though....*


Mui Ling @ 03:01

weiqi | 01 March, 2009 01:19

nice vector art at theeggyolks ;)
thanks to yujing for the request and have a good trip ;)
UnclePhil, dun give up,jiayo for the hunting!
It was Adidas's 60 years anniversary! We had to go! Party of the year!! haha.. but we seriously didn't know that edison was comin haha.. most of the media interviews were actually edison-centered.. so.. well. Anyways, we had a great time, really think that the people at adidas did a great job with the party. Weird thing is that sam and i are not really party goers.. but it was still fun :)
Damn funny nite, so many random things kept happening(eg.i saw my classmate on the runway etc.), but it was fun ;)


Mui Ling @ 02:58