26 May, 2010

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Happy birthday Min Hui!!
Wish you success in everything you do =)


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23 May, 2010

sam blogged =D
B F H !


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19 May, 2010

sam blogged =D
Hot Stuff


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16 May, 2010

weiqi | 13 May, 2010 23:41

thx for all the encouragement! pls back up all your important documents in case com dies ya..
anyways, we're currently discussing amongst the 3 of us and planning for another reunion some time soon. will contact the ICs soon :)


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Sam blogged =D
Jason Mraz


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12 May, 2010

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happy birthday ah von!!!
may you be blessed with lots of love and happiness always, be it in life or school =)


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11 May, 2010

Sam blogged...
Rain. Hurts


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09 May, 2010

sam updated =D


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07 May, 2010

from sam's blog =D
Ideal Life


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milubing | 06 May, 2010 13:24

: Hey MLBians... wow been so long since I came here le.. really had a tough time with my FYP but now it's sorta over :) just left with some smaller details and preparation for grad show in June. Hope everyone's doing fine here.
I guess nowadays, facebook is the way to go (in fact i joined kinda late) but well, just in case mlbians didn't know, the 3 of us have accounts there :)
Mlbians can add me via http://www.facebook.com/chanweiqi

So.. now tat school's over, "wat's next"? Expand this post to find out :)

i guess that's the big question. Well, for now, I'm gonna back Nic up at Echo Music China Town as his side-kick! Gonna be teaching keyboard classes there from now on :D just a little inside info, i am working on the beatboxing syllabus too so that I can start a vocal percussion course at echo too. :p

So to summarize...
Nic and Wei Qi teaching at Echo music chinatown.
Sam teaching drums at pomo and creative kids lessons too.
MLB is down due to hardware issues (white pony is constantly acting up, and now my laptop can't enter windows due to hardware failure, called the repair center up but they say need to change whole motherboard for a ridiculous price...)

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04 May, 2010

from sam's blog...
握你的 手


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02 May, 2010

Birthday Myspace Graphics

happy birthday pegg!!
all the best in your career and everything u do =D...


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