31 October, 2007

Sam blogged....

Moving On
milubing | 31 October, 2007 12:41

Some of you are saying that i'm very thin? I'll take that as a compliment. =)

Last day of October.. We had a terribly busy month, definitely also an amazingly fruitful one. There were mixed feelings; really happy times where we can’t stop smiling, and upsetting times where the clock seems like moving so slowly. Every human being on this earth goes through this. This is reality. I may appear alright in the mirror, but i don’t know if i’m really coping well. Perhaps, people around see certain events about us clearer than ourselves. So we got to listen to advice at times.

Exam period now. During my school days, I didn’t work hard. I didn’t do well in my studies. However, I still hope to encourage all of you to work hard. When you get your results, whether or not up to your expectations, you have done your part. 加油!

Xiao Hong, I’ve received the card and gift from ya. Thank u.


To Sam (and this applies to nic and weiqi and those who are undergoing difficult period too): Whatever it is, please stay strong alright? We believe that you will be able to pull through this difficult period. Jia you!

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MLB Publicity Blog @ 16:23

Thanks jodie for informing! You can now watch the interview on "how Milubing will share their trophy" on http://video.mediacorptv.sg/ =)...

However, just in case you have the same problem as me - that is can't view the video, xiu jiejie had already uploaded the videos at the "Power lah" Mp3 and videos blog

Thanks capri jie for informing too - check out for 歪歪娱乐站 on yes933 (not sure about the timing)- there is a short interview with the guys after SHA. In case you missed it, xiu jiejie already uploaded to "Power lah" Mp3 and videos blog too =)...

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MLB Publicity Blog @ 09:42

Found three pictures of nic and sam at Hey Gorgeous website =)...

Source: http://u.mediacorptv.com/hey/


MLB Publicity Blog @ 00:49

30 October, 2007

Another excerpt and pictures regarding SHA2007 from Channel U website...

hmm...nothing that we don't know...and not much was mentioned about milubing except for some pictures =)...

新加坡金曲奖 精彩镜头+语录!


新加坡金曲奖,出席歌手不多,歌迷依然热情如火。尤其是超人气的飞轮海、孙燕姿,每次被主持人提到名字歌迷就欢声雷动;就连人没到却连夺6奖的SHE, 靠预录的致谢片段,也让歌迷HIGH翻天!颁奖嘉宾、领奖艺人也各尽所能,炒热气氛,精彩镜头与语录全部献上!




庭竹 《雨声》
迷路兵 《迷路兵首张同名专辑》
石欣卉 《从台北到北京》
蔡旻佑 《首张创作专辑19》

Source: http://u.mediacorptv.com/storydetail.aspx?Editorial_ID=656&SubCategoryID=20

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MLB Publicity Blog @ 20:14

heys. the recordings for MLB are up. =)

MiLuBing walking the red carpet.

MiLuBing singing Lei.

MiLuBing winning the Best Newcomer Award.

go to those links and download the recordings accordingly to what you wish to have.
if there's still difficulties downloading it, do let us knw. =)

thanks binz for sharing the interview.


MLB Publicity Blog @ 16:36

Thanks Jodie for finding out this at SHA website,


It's about Milubing and their labelmates such as Weilian behind the scenes before the event.

Thanks bibi for finding out this too,


This is Milubing performing "lei"...but you should be able to catch better output this Saturday on TV...

You may need quicktime player to view the vidcast... download from here...

Source: http://www.singaporehitawards.sg/postevents.asp


MLB Publicity Blog @ 15:03

29 October, 2007

how can I forget this o_o...

"29 Oct 07, 12:46
weiqi: think some of u got it wrong heh..i didn't design the outfit la...it's Annie from MDC,a very PRO costume designer! :) Take care peeps!"

To weiqi: u take care too =D!


MLB Publicity Blog @ 14:43

28 October, 2007

add-on to the latest entry in the main blog...
[Had to add on: This award has also been a reality check for us, to evaluate ourselves and the distance ahead. The encouragement you all have given us is touching, seeing the group of u all there yesterday really made us feel so happy..felt like we were performing our very best, to make every MLBian proud of being part of this family. The trophy is indeed a shared one, not by 3 guys, but a whole bunch of friendly and loving people, who call themselves MLBians... We salute u all..thanks taking this journey with us...]

then Weiqi tagged =)...

weiqi | 28 October, 2007 21:24

hey peeps, thanks for all the congrats.. congrats to u all too! cos we share the trophy ma... :)
Hope u all like the pics we took,although only 2 ya? scared ppl say we zhi lian ma...anyways..really touching to see u all..AND hear u all! U guys n gals ROCK!
eh, i'm afraid this semester my results will dip by quite a bit, no choice, cos it's really tough this time. I've accepted the fact that i can only do so much, so just do my best. This goes out to all who have written to me regarding your studies. If ur taking your papers/handling your assignments, and even those in the working class handling your projects, Just wanna say JIAYO back to u all!Do ur best, and don't let yourself down, but if things don't turn out well, it's not your fault cos u tried your best.So study hard,but if u fail,it's ok,try again next time! :)
p.s.The ans for prev post: 5.30am

And he shared two pictures =)...click on the thumbnail for bigger images =)

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MLB Publicity Blog @ 21:41

To those that can't get enough of Milubing (WE'RE ONE OF THEM =P!), tuned in to Yes933's “LIVE 音乐会” at 8.30pm tomorrow, to catch the encore broadcast of SHA2007.


at the same time, don't forget to catch Milubing on Channel U's "Hey Gorgeous" tomorrow too, at 8pm ot 12am =). Everyone must watch...if you're free ok? =P!

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MLB Publicity Blog @ 15:22

Another excerpt from xin.sg regarding SHA2007 last night =)...

News image 240x200

蔡旻佑露自信 迷路兵将继续创作
28 October 2007






Source: http://www.xin.sg/article.php?article=10671

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MLB Publicity Blog @ 14:37

From the main blog =)...

milubing | 28 October, 2007 10:51


It's been quite awhile since i blogged though i've been reading..

hmm...last night what we had and experienced was something given to us by you all. Never once we thought we would win superband...never once we thought we would cut an album...never once we thought we would be at the awards getting one...the award belongs to you all - not only 3 of us...that's the truth..

the physical award ain't mean much..it's the memory that will linger..a sweet one..it's the milestone of milubing's friendship between us 3 bros and u all that we have come to know throughout this entire duration...without your support...we 3 would be living our passion of music...with your support..we have been given this chance to live this dream.

thank you all again to those who were there...many whom saved real hard to get the tickets just to see us and cheer us on..

thank you to those too who quietly supported us from far away behind at their home...hearing out for us on the radio..

thank you famly and friends for seeing us through...

we have reached new ground...we have come so far...

its always been a journey...never a destination...

and the award was a marker...a milestone in this colourful journey..

thank you all.

on behalf of MLB...



MLB Publicity Blog @ 14:13

Summary of what happened today;

And of course the best part is.....


Then after delivering the thank-you speech, they sang "lei"...

from Mui Ling and miko on behalf of the whole MLB family, we wanna say...

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MLB Publicity Blog @ 01:37

Here's an excerpt from xin.sg...

27 October 2007



庭竹 《雨声》
迷路兵 《迷路兵首张同名专辑》专辑
石欣卉 《从台北到北京》专辑
蔡旻佑 《首张创作专辑19》专辑


Source: http://www.xin.sg/article.php?article=10654

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MLB Publicity Blog @ 01:30

27 October, 2007

Message from the FC!

to all the people who're interested to order MLB TEE.

we've got on hand about 20 orders for the tee, but will be hard for us to get a cheaper price n so on if there're only 20 orders. we know that there're some of you out there who already hv the shirt but wish to order another one, so we hope that you guys can gv us ur orders, so tt we can order together.

We'll only be ordering the shirts if we hit 50 orders and above.

Therefore, please do email us at milubing.fc@gmail.com if you wish to order the shirt, we'll get back to u guys if the order's confirmed.

Thank you for ur cooperation peeps... anymore queries, jus drop us an email...



MLB Publicity Blog @ 01:40

Summary of what happened at Vivo city
Thats all I (ML) can remember for the moment; do let us know if we missed out anything alright? Thanks.

To those MLBians who will be attending SHA2007 later, please be informed that the dress code will be white top or MLB tee =)...

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MLB Publicity Blog @ 00:42

Weiqi tagged again!

weiqi | 27 October, 2007 00:23

'Life's not straight' and due to some things that cropped up, I had no choice but to give tonight's event a miss. Let's have a little quiz, someone guess wat time i slept after i tagged my prev tag about my school's motto. mmm, hope u all had fun playing hai dai with sam! :)
The answer for the quiz will come tomorrow...take care...thx for the jiayos..


MLB Publicity Blog @ 00:38

26 October, 2007

realised that i have been leaving alot of messages for MLBians lately. LOLS~~ sorry~~ im becoming more and more naggy, aren't I?? hees.

okays, this time round is about the taiwan jiazu that I have set up in May07.

I'm still looking for the jiazu's vice-president. =P
criteria would be:
1. you must be a supporter of MiLuBing.
2. you must have the interest to log in to the jiazu every now and then.
3. you must have the interest to attend their events.
4. you must have done something for the guys.

interested candidates can send in your particulars (name, contact no, email add) and the reason why you think you should be chosen to lostsoldiersmlb@gmail.com. =)

hees.. though what i typed out may seems serious, but no worries ya?? it is not as serious and yan shu and it seems. hees.. =P hopefully i can find someone to share the burden in updating over there. hahas..



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MLB Publicity Blog @ 13:13

He tagged!

weiqi said...

"who stays, wins" that's my school's moto.. cos if u can stay in school,do ur work,don slp,next morning continue to attend class,and do this 7 days per week..u win... i lose man... anyways... somehow or rather...i'm in school doing my work..xian..muz call cab later..anyways,see ya tmr! BTW,VERY IMPT thing to take note!!!Tmr Sam n I not reporting at MDC!!!Dun wan some of u to wait for us there then waste ur trip ya? :) Take care... while the world sleeps...I 'get alive'...


MLB Publicity Blog @ 00:41

25 October, 2007

these are some photos shared by JacQQ in friendster during MLB autograph session.
(sorry for the late uploads) but i forgot where's the venue le. sorry~~ pardon me if there's any repetition of photos posted.


MLB Publicity Blog @ 20:20

have created an account in imeem. this's the link..
videos will be uploaded now and then when we have new videos. and of cux we will update here too when there're new videos uploaded. =)

currently there's the gai ban autograph session are up. and them in AMK Hub Opening Ceremony is up too..

and sorry to mui ling tt i took the 600th post.. LOLS. sorry~~~ i did not realised that. o.O =X paiseh~~


MLB Publicity Blog @ 19:26

(Thanks Caixia for informing...)

It's Christmas again!

October 25, 2007

Soon every shopping mall in Singapore and every Santa-fancying country will be blasting Christmas songs through their PA system indiscriminately, but if that's not enough to get your jolly ho-ho-ho spirits up, MediaCorp is releasing a brand-new Christmas album featuring the voices of Joanne Peh, Felicia Chin, Daren Tan, Tan Diya, contestants from Campus SuperStar 1 & 2, MiLu Bing and more!

Text by Kwok Kar Peng
Photos courtesy of MediaCorp Studios Pte Ltd

Eight songs from the album December Stars 2007 is newly recorded while the last two tracks were from last year. Besides this, the album also comes with an eight-track instrumental CD for you to yodel along to, 12-month calendar cards and a pull-out greeting card.

No music videos this year but do watch out for the four one-minute music video trailers featuring MiLu Bing, Daren and Diya, and the youngsters from Campus SuperStar 1 & 2!

December Stars 2007 Track List

1. Merry Christmas Everyone by Felicia Chin, Fiona Xie, Jade Seah & Joanne Peh

2. Rockin Around The Christmas Tree - MiLu Bing (Nic, Sam & Weiqi)

3. Grown Up Christmas List - Daren Tan & Tan Diya

4. Last Christmas - Adam Chen, Ben Yeo, Bryan Wang & Nat Ho

5. Medley: Frosty The Snowman + Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer - Shawn Tok, Keely Wee, Benjamin Hum & Koh Zheng Ning

6. Medley: Deck The Hall + Feliz Navidad - Teresa Tseng, Rendred Ng, Geraldine See & Alejandro

7. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - JuzB

8. The Christmas Song - Adrian Pang & Gurmit Singh

9. Do You Hear What I Hear? - J3

10. White Christmas - Tay Ping Hui

Bonus Instrumental CD

- Grown Up Christmas List

- The Christmas Song

- Deck the Hall + Feliz Navidad

- Frosty the Snowman + Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

- Rockin Around the Christmas Tree

- Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

- Sleigh Ride

- Little Drummer Boy

Source: http://ch8.mediacorptv.com/around8/announcements/view/992/1/.html

(edited by pegg: Nic looks super shuai with contact lenses on~~~ hees..)

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MLB Publicity Blog @ 16:54

sorry folks~~~ im currently really tied down by my deadlines too.. hahas.. i havent had time to upload the interview ytd due to my wireless connection. will try it again today when i reach home. so yep~~ pardon us for the late and slow updates ya?? those who had missed the interview and wishes to listen to it, can find the link that mui ling posted in the main blog. we will be posting up 2 links - one for online listening and the other one for safe-keeping as in you can download it and keep it. =)


{edited by Mui Ling at 2.58pm}
Here you go, http://h1.ripway.com/MuiLing/MLB_Yes933_oct24.wav,
unedited one...

and the edited one which is for safekeeping.
PS: just click the "Download File" at the bottom of the page. =) thanks.


MLB Publicity Blog @ 12:19

24 October, 2007

Thanks shihui for informing - this is what she heard from yes933 regarding SHA2007 - on that day, there will be a segment for all the local singers to perform . which means, we should be able to see MLB performing that night...

So for those who have yet to grab your tickets, HURRY! Visit sistic for ticketing details now =)!


MLB Publicity Blog @ 20:22

thanks Uncle Phil for informing:

MLB will be attending the street concert organized by Yes 933FM on 26th Oct at Vivo City. However, they WILL NOT be in full force. Only WeiQi and Sam will be attending on friday.
Yep, but no matter what, let's turn up to show our support. =)


MLB Publicity Blog @ 19:19

Weiqi tagged at the main blog...

"weiqi | 24 October, 2007 00:20

hi mlbians,wanna say a quick thank you to all who made it for the qian chang hui,we really appreciate it.I'll be MIAing for a while cos my deadlines are suddenly all here too soon!!!it's been crazy and is getting even crazier for me @ skool.Hard to explain la,just overloaded and lack of slp.Take care peeps,wish i cld tag longer and more often but unfortunately not able to.. :( bb!"



MLB Publicity Blog @ 00:28

23 October, 2007

i forgot i gotta do this also.. LOLS~~ sorry~~ this period can be considered the busiest for poly students, thus the lag of updates.. hahas.. translation up to (with help from mui ling too...hahas.) =)

okays, this week's I Weekly Issue No. 521 (Jay, S.H.E, Sun Yan Zi, Fahrenheit and Jun Jie on cover) and U Weekly Issue 98 (Kelly Pan Jia Li on cover) have got reports of SHA, e.g. the speculations of awards that the artistes will get. and they mentioned about MLB too.. yep. so here goes:

I Weekly Issue No. 521:其他奖项得主...
-都说是预测了,准确度当然不会高达百分百。更何况世事难料,随时都会杀出一个程咬金改变整个局势。i 累积以往的经验,从以下方程作出猜测...

方程式C = 谁来谁拿奖 + 不给他会有争议
预测奖项 - 最佳新人:蔡旻佑、迷路兵 & 石欣卉

陈世维、陈迪雅没发专辑也能入围?洪俊扬人气out了。飞轮海是偶像派。樱桃帮,嗯... 懂她们的人有几个?李宇春有实力,可惜没来。


*i 估计“最佳新人”会有3个名额。

U Weekly Issue 98: 赛前预测得奖名单!

入围;何耀珊 / 林俊杰 / 迷路兵 / 黄义达 / 洪俊扬
预测得奖: 迷路兵
应该得奖: 林俊杰

五连冠孙燕姿退出竞争后,大家就预测这个大奖会落入林俊杰的手中。无奈JJ这两年在海外的气势飙升,在各个地区频频接商演,应该不可能回来拿最佳本地歌手奖。所以最后赢家,应该是“SUPERBAND” 迷路兵。

入围: F.I.R / 苏打绿 / 樱桃帮 / 五月天 / 迷路兵
预测得奖: 迷路兵
应该得奖: 苏打绿 / F.I.R


终极大赢家 - 孙燕姿、飞轮海、方大同、迷路兵


I Weekly Issue No.521: Other Awards Winners
-since it's speculated, obviously it won't be 100% true. and the whole situation might just have a turnover. i based on past years experience, speculate the results using these formula.

Formula C = Who come who get the award + if you don't give him/her, there'll be arguments.
Predicted Award - Best Newcomer: Evan Yo, MiLuBing & Shi Sin Huey

Daren Tan, Chen Di Ya got in without any releasing of album. Hong Jun Yang popularity is decreasing. Fahrenheit is an idol group. Ying Tao Bang, who actually knows them? Li Yu Chun has the potential but he is not turning up.

MiLuBing, Evan Yo and Sin Huey's potential and popularity are about the same. Rumours has it that Ting Zhu who will be attending is also one of the hot favourites. Most people do not even know how she looks like and what songs she had sang. Past years Best Newcomer, Wang Fei, Li Ke Qin, Chen Hui Lin, Jay Chou, Elva Xiao, Sun Yan Zi, Jolin Tsai have already become heavenly kings and queens. This year, there shouldn't be too big a drop ya?

*i predict that this year Best Newcomer will have 3

U Weekly Issue 98: Predictions before the ceremony

Best Local Singer
Nominated: Sun Ho, Lin Jun Jie, MiLuBing, Huang Yi Da, Hong Jun Yang
Predicted: MiLuBing
Deserved: Lin Jun Jie

After winning for consecutive 5 years, Sun Yan Zi withdraw from this competition, everyone predicted that this award will falls into Lin Jun Jie's hands. However Jun Jie's popularity went up and had arrangements to perform in several other countries and thus, might not be able to come back to receive the Best Local Singer Award. Thus, the final winner should be MiLuBing from SUPERBAND.

Best Band
Nominated: F.I.R, Sodagreen, Cherry Boom, MayDay, MiLuBing
Predicted: MiLuBing
Deserved: Sodagreen / F.I.R

Sodagreen finally broke through to this industry from an underground band this year, according to rules, we should give them our recognition. However, due to the fact that they have to prepare themselves for the concert in Taiwan in Nov. Thus, local band, MiLuBing "won" themselves another award.

Another Audacious Prediction
Big Winner - Sun Yan Zi, Fahrenheit, Khalil Fong, MiLuBing

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MLB Publicity Blog @ 22:13

heys.. sorry for the late updates of pics of them in suntec city during the gai ban autograph session ya?? currently mui ling having tests and more tests, i supposed. and i've got alot of stuffs to do so.. hahas.. so yep~~ sorry guys for waiting..

and of cux thanks shan for sharing these pics.. =) some past events' videos would be posted up when we've time ya?? thanks for waiting~~ =) enjoy~~


MLB Publicity Blog @ 21:11