29 October, 2006

迷路兵(nic) : worse day of my life

have the worse flu ever..

cant see clearly..head goddy...nose running a marathon..

few hrs of slp this week due to preparation 4 the gigs..

worse day ever now my nose's determined to finish the marathon..hope it finishes it soon...


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23 October, 2006

迷路兵(weiqi) : EXAMS....

Argghhh... doing my exam preparations now...

Here are some pics...

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and have to do some recordings at the same time.. and events too! but it's good to have so many things on ba.. just gotta balance it all i guess.. how bout all of u? let's dedicate this post as a place for all MLBians to comment out their frustrations.. and we'll all feel better...heh heh.. i feel better already..

(p.s. event coming soon: KDF charity rock concert 4th Nov)



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18 October, 2006

迷路兵 : Itz Crazy

been awhile since i typed..

been away from my com for some time..been darn busy..

trying to re-arrange one of my/our (my song is OUR song..our song is OUR song..band ma!) originals for the KDF show..lotsa brain cracking...recording work at hme for the guitars and soon on Wei Qi's keyboards...kinda brain empty right now..spent 6 hrs straight on tat just b4 tis..oh well...just dropped in to say hi!!

feels weird typing here again..maybe i'm just tired..hmm...but i do miss the performances and ya guyz!!

Coming soon is the KDF concert...quite a big event..few of the bands are involved..and each is to prepare 4 songs..yep! it'll be fun..tight for time..SHIOK!! but the tix are quite pricey i heard..well itz all for a good cause!!

take care guyz...exams ard the corner so be sure to study hard!!


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14 October, 2006

迷路兵(weiqi) : I wish...

All i'm thinking of is...


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Wanna say thanks for all the support u all have been giving us! really encouraging, especially for me cos school's killing me... but i guess not the schol's fault la, cos i also got to work at the same time (MLB). Been sleeping around 3-4am these days, feel so wasted. Finally managed to upload the yellow ribbon pics. Sorry for the SUPER lagginess these few days regarding pics. :( Take care everyone!

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12 October, 2006

迷路兵 : sam

Eh halo..


Beautiful cards, t-shirts, belt, sun-glasses, sweets, drinks, cookies, pen, eye-drop, keychains, picture album of memories, glass bottles of nice handmade stuff, drum pedal, a cymbal, stick-bag, handshakes and dedications to come.. 好有心orh.

I've received so much, thank u for all the gifts, the love and the wishes. Don't like to have MLBians spending too much, but i really appreciate the kind gestures and feel so blessed. Also during our performances, it was a joy to see most of you move with us and sing along. So encouraging! 谢谢.

This year has been a happening and special one for me, with countless new experiences. I will probably be listening to the radio peacefully in camp or at home on my birthday. That's good enough for me. Happy Birthday to the October kids, may we be glad to grow older.

Once again, all rest well and early.
Work hard, study hard, play hard.
Jia you for exams!
S M I L E '_'


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05 October, 2006

迷路兵 (nic) : the old days...past few days

been fun n tiring...

these few days...been preparing for gigs...tml's the first.....some mediacorp closed door event...then for sat's fir thingy...wah...the fir's song we are gonna do has some "killer" arrangement...tough to play multi genre shaitz..getting tighter by the day...but not enuf and not yet perfect! 3 days more to go...

hmm...tml well...we'll do our best to live up to the name (in the coporate world..tat is coz the audience are mediacorp's customers)...

for sat...

we'll wanna do u all proud...cannot lose too much face to the great fir! my ou xiang man...splendid band...amazing sound...kings of arrangement they are!!

we're working hard...we're working ot...esp wei qi who's been getting regularly 4 hrs of slp tis 2 wk..hmm! and sam booking out at nites to practice onli to return to camp tired!! it'll be worth it...

cya there!!


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