27 May, 2009

nic | 26 May, 2009 22:08

The cab's not from a company, its a normal rented comfort cab that makes it cool-er!!!!!

Aiya.. haha.. we grow up at some point in time and start working.. and guess this is kinda the only way to eat slp and dream music? To make it a real job :)

And yea i guess. realised oso... hmm. Guess its a good transition.. but some things never change.. still fun loving but for now.. have to keep my eyes open as its quite a crucial point in my life.

Been a stressful 2 weeks since renovation and major plans have kicked into action.. even sleep has been short. But hope it'll all be smooth and I can put my mind to ease. Without hardwork, fruits wont be sweet, fruits wont be enjoyed as much.

Remembering where i was 3yrs plus ago.. from that place without even a toilet bowl and freedom to LIVE.. pushes me on :) It was there I found my path.

And now.. I just gotta live it :)

take care guys!


Mui Ling @ 01:53

Sam updated his blog...
titled: Big Stomach Part 2

Mui Ling @ 01:20

24 May, 2009

nic | 24 May, 2009 03:19

Not we release album.. record company release de..

cool color though! red red heng heng :)


Mui Ling @ 11:24

thanks musiclover_rock2008 for informing...

a new album was released....MLB Greatest Hits...



Includes 15 songs from the two albums and 5 MVs (3 from the 1st album and 2 from the 2nd album)


Mui Ling @ 11:21

23 May, 2009

weiqi | 23 May, 2009 00:10

yup yup! here we go again! :D


Mui Ling @ 05:15

Sam updated his blog...
titled: Up Day!

Mui Ling @ 05:14

21 May, 2009

Good Night
milubing | 21 May, 2009 00:47


We had a good night together earlier. Writing some music.. It feels really shiok each time we meet up and manage to accomplish what we wanted to, a sense of achievement. Some of these songs you will hear some day.. May that day come soon..

Sam : Is hungry now, but its late le.. HUH?



Mui Ling @ 03:44

20 May, 2009

nic | 20 May, 2009 01:53

hmm.. bug...

interesting.. but we dont upload to blogspot stuff.. maybe is random bots created by site? duno man.. this IT world.. even Mac which is supposedly virus free now got virus.. who knows! tsk tsk.. antivirus ppl! please please!


Mui Ling @ 15:53

19 May, 2009

sam updated his blog...
titled: Featuring Giant


Mui Ling @ 02:05

weiqi | 18 May, 2009 22:24

Things look really exciting for him. Jiayo bro...
The 3 of us met up today again to compose together.. and today's productivity was great :)
We'll be taking small victories bit by bit, cos now's a really stressful time for us (production!), so one step at a time, and soon our 3rd baby will be born :D
Everyone take care ya?
p.s. Sam and I are recovering well :)

Sam Wong | 18 May, 2009 23:40

I don't seem to understand some of the comments..?
Lets give it a try for recruitment.
Those coming along, be serious ya! =)

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Mui Ling @ 02:02

18 May, 2009

Some updates on my side...
milubing | 17 May, 2009 16:15


Managed to finally find time to get a weblog out. Check it out if ya guys feel bored or just feel like web browsing!

nic's blog

Secondly... RECRUITING!

Looking for someone manage Echo Music Chinatown's front desk and course administrative matters.

Female between age 18-25
Bilingual (Chinese and English)
Proficient in MS Office
Friendly and approachable
Have knowledge in music in general
Sales and telemarketing experience preferred

Interested parties please email CV with recent photo attached to info@echomusic.com.sg or call Echo Music at 62267479 to arrange for an interview.

Thank you!

Echo Music's current website

Echo Music


Mui Ling @ 08:20

17 May, 2009

weiqi | 15 May, 2009 00:41

haha..yup i know that song :p
wat do i do as an intern? On the 3rd day i built a anti-aircraft tank..in 3D that is haha.. tmr's my 5th day.. long way to go neh...gotta texture/colour the tank for the next few days, then see wat's next..everyone pls take care, the cough is irritating me.. nitez

nic | 16 May, 2009 23:56

da gong zai my childhood song! listened on cassette back then.. memories :)

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Mui Ling @ 14:27

14 May, 2009

sam blogged again
titled: Man I Feel Like a


Mui Ling @ 21:19

nic | 13 May, 2009 07:37

we dun have the rights to the unreleased audio.. esplanade has it.

Hoping to be played on Radio for everyone's reminiscence soon!!!

weiqi | 14 May, 2009 01:10

yup there's a bug in the air... my sore throat is subsiding! but my cough is getting worse.. dry and itchy! sigh.. btw, i dunno if u mentioned here, now i'm serving my internship... feels weird,office job.. everyday same cycle, morning wake up then chase bus, reach work place then do work, then lunch time everyone go hunt for new place to eat, then back to work, then hope dun over run hahhaa.. 'bung gung' then feel so tired, but still got things to do, people to meet, other work to do... I WANNA SIT DOWN AND COMPOSE MUSIC!!! sigh.. @ least 3 times a week :p let's do it bros..the 2 of them also tired with work.. but we can do it! just like the esplanade show, in the end, despite all the obstacles, we did the show! :) not the most perfect show, many many things to improve, but it was great to do :) See u all in June ba.. hope by then all of us not coughing le... nite! gotta catch some slp...take care all..

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Mui Ling @ 21:14

13 May, 2009

Sam updated his blog on 11th may...
titled OK Now


Mui Ling @ 23:51

nic | 11 May, 2009 18:13

gathering.. soon...

for now we're kinda rushing up works.. hush hush..

but wanna say.. was listening to the unreleased audio of esplanade..

haha.. can cry man.. shiok.. especially when we played then kept quiet (singing wise) u guys sang...


esplanade blew over.. the memories and emotions live on.

weiqi | 13 May, 2009 00:37

hi mlbians... things are good and bad for us... we're working hard on 3rd album, but health is kinda bad. sam is down with persistent cough, and i just recovered from fever and now left with sorethroat and cough. Everyone pls take care of your health ya? ICs, i know i haven't email u gals, pls forgive, time is of essence here regarding the album, we are rushing for time, so meanwhile we'll try for either 2nd last or last week of june. Venue we've got idea le, but need to confirm 1st.
Take care all!

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Mui Ling @ 08:29

10 May, 2009

sry for the late update....

weiqi | 07 May, 2009 01:08

Hi all! Paiseh la, i know that the pix not very happening hor? haha in fact quite lame la,i brought my camera but in the end only took 3 photos. Really got engrossed in making sure the nite went smoothly.Anyways, no worries, there was a pro photographer there, so u'll definitely see much better photos soon :)
Gathering in June ah.. so everyone pls keep healthy, or else cannot come k? must quarantine yourself at home, be a responsible citizen :p


Mui Ling @ 21:38

06 May, 2009

Sam updated his blog
titled: Random Pics


Mui Ling @ 23:13

笨小孩 @ 綜藝Go Live! 4th May 2009


thanks for uploading =D


Mui Ling @ 23:09

milubing | 04 May, 2009 22:09

Hey.. :( felt sad just now as we were leaving MDC! Paiseh leh, we were on company bus(MDC bus) so can't ask the driver to stop..and he was a grumpy driver too! So xin tong that we couldn't come down to chat... mm.. thanks for coming down and waiting k? sigh.. ok let's not talk about sad things, let's talk about happy things. How was the show? I think was quite ok rite? haha.. And here's better news! Let's have a gathering during the june holidays shall we?? Did that cheer u up!? Well it sure did get us excited. Kinda random, but we haven't met up since quite a while...so how bout we all meet???? yay...
Ok, we'll contact the MLBians committee soon! let's organise a fun outing! :)
p.s. June ok with all of u? :p

Yours sincerely,
-Nic, Sam and WeiQi

setting up equipment!

nic tuning guit!

sam adjusting drums!

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Mui Ling @ 19:50

05 May, 2009

Sam updated his blog =D.
Titled: The Procrastinator


Mui Ling @ 19:51

03 May, 2009

And Sam updated his blog =D
Titled: Rain And Burns


Mui Ling @ 12:41

Messy thoughts. Long Winded. Nothing Spectacular. ME.
milubing | 02 May, 2009 04:30


2 yr old band.. within these 2 yrs.. we fought, we sweat (you guys also sweat at outdoor shows not forgetting keke)..

How many more yrs of fighting before we get to make our mark in the scene.. being known for "different" chinese music in a Pop industry and be widely accepted as a norm?

Never dreamt of a MLB concert since Audition 1... never dreamt of doing a concert since i was in my mum's inflated womb. But 2 mths ago we were informed and asked if we would want to take up that challenge (and in wei qi's exam period). Crazy... the concert came to pass though. Wei Qi pulled through. We survived. Did satisfactory for a first try. My speech was kinda.. erhrm.. nervous.. but at least OUR music spoke. No pyrotechnics like Andy Lau.. Just plain O' Music :)

2 yrs ago i could only dream of the band flying overseas to show the chinese world our music.. NOW the dream is getting more visual as the days pass. Inch by inch.. maybe in 2 ys/ 4 yrs? I duno.. Anyways.. Not for fame, Not for fortune, BUT for the love of life.. music.. performing.. Hope This dream materialises.

Time really flies..

My Parents have grown old.. my sis has crossed puberty.. i'm now half man half boy.. 3 of us have been aware of each others' existence, say for 18 yrs? wow. looking back.. so much time has swept by. Its saddening thinking of this.. Not too long later i will too have grey hair ...

4 mths ago.. i dreamt in 10 yrs time i'll save up enough experience and $ to open a music related biz.. with studios and all.. to be near my passion.. and now.. this 10yr later opportunity presents itself 2 mths ago.. in 2 mths time it be up.. doing up a music school with a sincere friend of mine who has been in the biz for yrs. A dream fast forwarded by 10 yrs.

What next?

By the time you guys read these messy thoughts..

We would be jamming out for Monday's Show..

And working out our 3rd album stuffs..

After that what's next for the band?

MAybe its time I start looking pass my wooden box that would be pushed into those flames with my kids collecting my ashes.. Giving Music and love the way I would do.. to their kids..

In the end.. we just turn to dust..

But it aint gonna be dusty I hope before that.. Let me shine :)

Good nite to all.


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Mui Ling @ 12:29

milubing | 02 May, 2009 00:08

mlb :

Good evening people.

We'll be at a variety show 'Go Live' on the coming Monday, 4th May.
3 of us. Should be singing a simple song then..

Hmm.. Kinda last min? Cos we also just confirmed it.. =)

Its weekend again. Have fun!!

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Mui Ling @ 04:52