31 January, 2009

weiqi | 31 January, 2009 01:43

Thanks mlbians... sam and nic jus popped by my place just now.. got a shock man.. haha.. really nice of em. Everyone have a great day ahead!

nic | 31 January, 2009 02:36

was damn gay..

how sweet of us..eeee..


great yr ahead..

great friendship and more to come.

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Mui Ling @ 03:33

zwani.com myspace graphic comments
to WEIQI~~
it's your special day again.
enjoy yourself and try to take a breather. (=

pegg @ 00:00

29 January, 2009

nic | 28 January, 2009 23:23

first time in chinatown during CNY.. oh man.. its was Ka-RAE-ZEE!!

Thanks for coming...

hope all had a fun new year!!

Ang baos are secondary.. family ties are FIRST!


Mui Ling @ 00:18

28 January, 2009

Sam updated his personal blog at 27th january, 8.28pm
Titled Red days


Mui Ling @ 01:48

27 January, 2009

milubing | 26 January, 2009 12:54

Nic, Weiqi, Sam

Wish everyone on the blog

Happy New Year!



Mui Ling @ 03:35

Sam Wong | 26 January, 2009 13:17

Chinatown last night was happening sia, my 1st time there on a new year eve. We 3 had a good time on stage, with Darren too. Nice to have uncle Phil and the rest of you there, can imagine how squeezed you felt. Hope you enjoyed the atmosphere, and your dinners too.


Mui Ling @ 03:14

24 January, 2009

Sam wished us happy chinese new year in the latest entry in his personal blog,
titled CNY..


Mui Ling @ 10:13

Final timing?
milubing | 21 January, 2009 14:20

SESSION (A): Please keep the 7th February, SATURDAY, free at 1400 SHARP location at this -> http://milubingmlb.blogspot.com/2006/12/weiqi-summary.html
so that we can meet up all who want to purchase the 2008 MLB tee, do a head count, and ask for a final price. I must stress that everyone be on time, cos we got to get the final head count before we can confirm the price!
Please bring a $10 note, and a $1 coin(per tee).
Everyone should be punctual in order to give a proper quantity order.
Sizing will be done there too, gotta aga aga.

For those who can't make it for session (A), don wait for ICs to email u, just please email milubing.fc@gmail.com ASAP to make a reservation. Include details such as:
Name, HP, Quantity you are purchasing.
After which, check back here, this blog, for details of SESSION (B) where you can go down to make payment and do sizing once again.

SESSION (B): Pending 15th Feb Sunday @ 1400 @ same location???

The price i mentioned earlier is wrong, because it was excluding gst(we had the same problem the last round), so it'll be either $10 or $11 depending on the quantity we order.

Once again, I ask for all to give your full cooperation to the ICs, in order for the event to go smoothly.
weiqi | 24 January, 2009 02:17

hey Jenny, it would definitely be cool if any mlbian had such contacts and wanted to share with me(email MLB ICs, and they will inform me) so that the tees can be cheaper nxt time. (but the quality muz be good la, not those 'chui' tee shirt printing which i've seen b4). As for the current mlb tee 2008, we shall go ahead as planned first ba. See how it goes ya? :)
Mighty mouse,i will definitely try to come down HAHAHA...let's pray and hope that my work doesn't pile up for that weekend ya? :)
MIKO,sem 2 already leh, u should know by now that ADMers got no life hahaa... we chiong every nite one(chiong as in do hmwk, not club)... take care peeps. Today just finished camera rehearsal with nic and sam @ chinatown, after that i tried to rush down for reunion dinner...but no cabs @ newton...sigh..in the end took mrt home cos too late.. nic sam and darren went out for a while... now i'm back home doing my werk again. Not easy having to prioritize your life sometimes... it's agonizing ya? I'm dirt broke man... sigh.

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Mui Ling @ 10:12

23 January, 2009

(1100th post! =P)

weiqi | 23 January, 2009 01:35

thanks for the wishes :)
ok, i guess i'll change the timing to 2pm. but that's the last change le. sorry IC, i change again hor haha.. What i propose, is that we have the 1st session, but, on top of that, I will get the ICs to help me email all who were in the previous tee list, to request mlbians to leave a reservation if u are not coming down on the 1st session, so that we can count your quantity in. Then we will have another session(2nd session) where these ppl on reserve will come down to pass the money to the ICs , and do do sizing. This way, by the 1st session, we will know the quantity and therefore, know the final price. The only drawback is that the contact list is outdated, there are new mlbians that have joined the family whose emails are not inside. So my advice, is that if u do not receive the ICs email by say, next weekend, then email them yourself to reserve a tee for yourself as well as to get added into the contact list.

A side issue, regarding uncle phil's question of tee colour, i totally agree with ur idea, but i chose to retain the white tee so that those who have the old tee and the new tee can still stand together and look like they come from the same team.
Hope this helps. I will post what i have commented here as an official post if all goes well.
Take care!
p.s. my apologies for mia-ing here and there, due to school reopening, and having to cope with new challenges each day(literally). Got to get a hang of première pro now.. tsk tsk..

oh ya, congrats to Quizzy! JIAYO!


Mui Ling @ 12:04

21 January, 2009

Final timing?

milubing 21 January, 2009 14:20

my ippt that is... i know it might seem trivial but to ppl like us who study and work at the same time, we don exactly get the time to go running. anyways, i'm glad i passed! only regret was that i was 1 pull up away from a silver (which is $100 more!!!). Count your blessings!
I've changed the timing cos I agree that 4pm is a not-here-not-there timing, so lunch break noon would be neutral ba, just da bao your lunch and eat there, and if everyone reaches on time, we can do a head count and proceed to finalise the price. As for the namelist that the ICs ask for, i'll look for it asap in my external harddrive.. have been busy preparing for IPPT :p

Please keep the 7th February, SATURDAY, free at 1200 NOON SHARP location at this -> http://milubingmlb.blogspot.com/2006/12/weiqi-summary.html
so that we can meet up all who want to purchase the 2008 MLB tee, do a head count, and ask for a final price. I must stress that everyone be on time, cos we got to get the final head count before we can confirm the price!
Please bring a $10 note, and a $1 coin(per tee).
Everyone should be punctual in order to give a proper quantity order.
Sizing will be done there too, gotta aga aga.

The price i mentioned earlier is wrong, because it was excluding gst(we had the same problem the last round), so it'll be either $10 or $11 depending on the quantity we order.

Once again, I ask for all to give your full cooperation to the ICs, in order for the event to go smoothly.

Take care...and rmbr...

SAM: http://samwangruixiang.blogspot.com/

NIC: http://www.myouseek.blogspot.com/

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pegg @ 15:13

nic 21 January, 2009 02:28


too soon aye?..

to ensure me the FIRST!! haha

tired.. gd nightie!


pegg @ 09:42

20 January, 2009

Sam updated his personal blog on 20th Jan 12.58am (=
2nd ONE Open-ed


pegg @ 17:01

19 January, 2009

Please keep the 7th February, SATURDAY, free at 1600 SHARP location at this -> http://milubingmlb.blogspot.com/2006/12/weiqi-summary.html
so that we can meet up all who want to purchase the 2008 MLB tee, do a head count, and ask for a final price. I must stress that everyone be on time, cos we got to get the final head count before we can confirm the price!
Please bring a $10 note, and a $1 coin(per tee).
Everyone should be punctual in order to give a proper quantity order.
Sizing will be done there too, gotta aga aga.

weiqi | 19 January, 2009 00:12

hmmm...no one giving opinions bout timing.. so i guess i'm gonna just set a timing ba.. take care everyone!

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Mui Ling @ 07:49

18 January, 2009

nic 18 January, 2009 08:16


slow n steady win the race...

gd year to come!

stay chill!


pegg @ 16:07

16 January, 2009

weiqi | 15 January, 2009 22:22

Shihui..i not evil la..i jus join the fun :)
Jane, dun think i'll be teaching kb commercially anytime soon haha... i enjoy teaching(but so far i haven't taught music heh heh).

to all who have left your comments on the previous post, thank u all for believing in us.
Actually, I can't believe that it's only been 2 weeks of school and i feel a lil busy already sigh.. BUT JIAYO!!! to all!!! let's do this. Just fyi, the unconfirmed date should be the 1st sat of feb, and the time should be at 4pm. Can we have some opinions regarding the timing? However i mus stress that the timing can't satisfy everyone. so we'll try our best to get some timing which is more suitable. If u can't make it, u can get someone to represent u :)
take care peeps!

Sam Wong | 16 January, 2009 01:04

Halo all.

Uncle Phil, 3 of us should be celebrating Chinese New Year at the Chinatown side, think there isn't studio show. My 1st time there on a eve. Gonna be an interesting sight, with a super lively atmosphere i guess. Nights.

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Mui Ling @ 14:45

*hijacked* TAKE NOTE!
milubing | 13 January, 2009 17:15

HAHAHAHAHA... i've hijacked mr Nic's post hehe hehe.. Important Announcements to make!!!

1) If you haven't noticed, Sam and Nic are both teaching their skills. If you've ever wanted to learn either the drums or guitar, you can contact them via the following links:

SAM: http://samwangruixiang.blogspot.com/

NIC: www.myouseek.blogspot.com

2) Please keep the *th February free(date not confirmed) at **** SHARP (time not confirmed) at this location -> http://milubingmlb.blogspot.com/2006/12/weiqi-summary.html
so that we can meet up all who want to purchase the 2008 MLB tee, do a head count, and ask for a final price.
Please bring a $10 note, and a $1 coin(per tee).
Everyone should be punctual in order to give a proper quantity order.
Sizing will be done there too, I don't think there was a toilet, so gotta aga aga.

Some changes have been made to the tee because the original design after printing, was unsuitable. The design will be as such:

The price i mentioned earlier is wrong, because it was excluding gst(we had the same problem the last round), so it'll be either $10 or $11 depending on the quantity we order.

Once again, I ask for all to give your full cooperation to the ICs, in order for the event to go smoothly.

3) From what I know, we won't be attending the Carlsberg event because I have school that day.

4)25th Jan, CNY show, yesh, we will attend :)

I know that some stuff has not been updated, i will update asap and put the changes in red ;)

btw Nic said earlier:
"Some of ya guys caught my drift that I was up to something....
yeah this was what I was up to.. (Logo courtesy of Mr WQ.)

Something I realli have passion for...


Take a look... spread the word.. thank you!

Yes! Done!"


Mui Ling @ 14:45

sam updated his blog at 半梦半醒 at 11.44pm on 15th january...


Mui Ling @ 14:44

15 January, 2009

milubing | 13 January, 2009 17:15


Some of ya guys caught my drift that I was up to something....
yeah this was what I was up to.. (Logo courtesy of Mr WQ.)

Something I realli have passion for...


Take a look... spread the word.. thank you!

Yes! Done!

nic | 15 January, 2009 05:17

Yes Acoustic Guitar & Band stuff.. do check out...

spread the word if you will...

Just got back from some work..

You guys take care its zzzz time!

nic | 15 January, 2009 14:00

NONO... the place I'm stationing myself is at a Piano shop, using its jamming studio insideeeee.....

yes can rent jamming studio have fun..

The owner opens till any time you like if you're jamming there (renting studio).

He started off with selling pianos.. he loves bands, converting his place to a full band studio thing as he clears his pianos.

Currently one jamming room.. 2 more going up in a month or so.

Check that place out.

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Mui Ling @ 14:59

14 January, 2009

IC | 14 January, 2009 21:08

CNY shows!

check out paul chan's blog here

according to mr paul chan, MLB will be involved in the Carlsberg Golden Ox Year Special (pre-rec), 8pm on the first day of new year, and also the LNY eve's Special 2009, 1030pm LIVE on LNY eve. there're details there on how to request for tickets, BUT.

i've heard from nat ho's forum (he's attending the same shows) that the Carlsberg show will be recorded on 21st Jan, from 8pm at Mediacorp TV Theatre. (as usual, those who're going have to reach earlier to enter the studio)

HOWEVER, only those who are above 18 can attend (both) shows. (i think i can hear sighs somewhere... =p)

we'll try to confirm and check out more information though, so do keep tuned in to MLB or mr paul chan's blog.


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Mui Ling @ 21:32

thanks 可可 for informing...

there is an S'pore Entertainment Awards 2009, whereby you can vote for MLB!


You can vote for MLB in this category : “人气”奖项的投选中,则有:“e乐人气本地歌手”

除了可以通过omy的《新加坡e乐大赏》网站 http://sgeawards.omy.sg/categories/上投选你心目中的‘人气之星’以外,你也可播热线1900 912 0009,或者sms做出投选!

Start voting now!


浏览“e乐大赏”的官方网站,http://sgeawards.omy.sg/categories,为支持的艺人投 选,*各奖项每日只限投选一次 (Limited to 1 vote per day, you have to register on omy.sg in order to vote)


拨打投选热线1900-912 0009,就能无限制(unlimited votes)的投选,让你支持的艺人人气“高高在上”。


只要发送简讯,就能轻松为支持的艺人增加一票!(no indication whether this one is unlimited as well...)

请以下列格式发简讯到77877:SGEAWARDS C7 NRIC Name


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Mui Ling @ 21:29

Sam Wong | 14 January, 2009 10:37

WOW. I'm so encouraged by you all.
你们 believe in us, i support you.
You support us, i believe you!


hE also updated his blog on 14th january 11.17am
titled Nutting

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Mui Ling @ 21:16

sam updated his personal blog on 11Jan [12.14am].


pegg @ 09:47

13 January, 2009

nic | 12 January, 2009 14:53

If you guys wait with us...

You'll see things get better...

We're working towards it...

Jasmine is working towards it...

I see light at the end of this tunnel which all of us had been travelling since 2006.

Thank you all for staying with us..

those that left.. they might be back..

might not..

All part and parcel of life..

What we hold belief to.

I believe in this band.

Do you?


Mui Ling @ 02:47

12 January, 2009

milubing 10 January, 2009 22:59

Was great to have you mlbians with us this evening. Thanks for saving the show.

Idiot proof setups are brought down by brainless people. Coz even idiots have a brain.


pegg @ 09:56

10 January, 2009

MLB tee for 2008
milubing | 08 January, 2009 14:21

Updated (9/1/09) 2am

Hey all, looking forward to see u all this saturday ya? Meanwhile, we saw 2008 pass by without a MLB tee to commemorate the year. So we have been working on it(was fixing it @ Vivo backstage some more leh), and this time, the design arrived rather differently. For the last tee, WQ worked quite independently on it. This round, he wanted the whole team to be involved, so the final design is something that all 3 guys are happy with. Hope that all MLBians will like it, cos it was done for u all. Have contacted the MLB Ics, and they will soon be helping the whole MLB family make their orders for the tees, sizes etc. fyi, the mlb logo is made out of small words that say "i <3 MLB" PLSPLSPLS cooperate with the ICs, they are here to help everyone, so let's help make their job easier ya? MLBians must unite!!!

The design is meant to be more subtle than the previous one, so that MLBians might feel comfortable to wear it for any occasion besides gigs. The base colour is gonna be white again, so that those without this tee can still wear the older design and still blend in with the rest. This is just a graphic preview and is subject to much changes as the design might need to be tweaked due to printing constraints :)

Now now, as for the price of the tee, it is around $9-10, but can only b confirmed after confirming the quantity, and once again, please rest assured that this tee is TOTALLY non-profitable for MLB, we are doing it at cost price, MLB ics will be working closely with us during the project, so we hope this helps everyone, especially with the economy starting on a slightly flatter note.

On a side note, weiqi had some initial ideas for the tee, but since it was too personal from him and it wasn't something Nic and Sam was very comfortable with(it was too lame la the design hahaha, i think u all understand ya?), he shall do it as an individual project for the future, probably launch it in mid year or sumthin ;)

Meanwhile Nic is busy with his personal project(exciting!), Sam is busy with teaching drums (pls support ya?), and WeiQi is back to the graveyard of zombies (but this sem he wants to make a positive change!). And as a band, they are meeting every week, to compose their music, for all MLBians in this family, walking in a positive hopeful spirit towards a third album(let's all have faith) :)

weiqi 08 January, 2009 14:53

MLB ics, please check email ya? thanks thanks...

GO WATCH PONYO!!!! NIceeee... In a world full of trash and nonsense, watch that show and begin to reunite with your inner child, as u rmbr how innocent u once were, where the world was without a care, and your imagination ran like wild fire!

mighty mouse, di siao ah u tsk tsk..want me to comment on nicole? well, she's the evergreen type la, always got that x factor charm,same for hugh, he's 40 plus already but whoa, still suave man... tsk tsk..

quizzy dun fret ya? hope ur appeal gets in...cheer up!

pegg.. i wasn't lost on my 1st day this time hahah..and hang in there la, almost finishing le

2more days to binz bday haha...

take care all!

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pegg @ 12:03

weiqi | 09 January, 2009 23:04

Hey hey...

Jolyn! , the back's empty, due to cost la, cos if print the back = much much more $$$ involved.. yup, so for everyone's sake, i think best to only print one sided. :)

erm, i agree that a tank top would be a fresh change, but then again, i also agree that not everyone is comfortable to wear a tank top eg. sam nic and me heh heh...

sofui ah sofui... u ah..tsk tsk.. artsy rite? haha... dunno leh, i did try putting it somewhere else on the tee but then, in order to be more receptive and acceptable to all, best to put middle area ba..

MK ah...that tee hor haha.. the stories behind each element hor haha.. aiya.. u all can use your own interpretation la, just be creative :) actually got specific meaning one...but, i shall only say after the competition is over :) cannot "break hole" <- hokkien

angie... ding dong. there u go. ring bell le.

aiyo arolf.. dun jus collect la, must wear ma...

Thank you on behalf of Nic and Sam for the positive vibes towards the tee, can't wait to print it! :D
Take care!


Mui Ling @ 05:36

[CTRL C CTRL V mk's message...thanks her~]

the various ways to win CSS tee designed by mrchan..


interesting sia, i wonder how they came up with such ideas. anyway. MRCHAN! any hints? =p

Let's Blog

Caught on Camera!
Upload your CSS photos and win. Match the required themes and you stand to win the limited edition Campus Tee!

CSS Roadshows

if you're free, visit the two roadshows at NP (12pm) or NYP (2pm) on Sat 10jan, and u may stand a chance to win the limited edition campus tee and other CSS collectibles.

here're the various ways i've sourced for so far.. and not forgetting tonight will be the last night 933 will be giving out the tees, do tune in from 11pm onwards!

i suppose I-weekly will be giving out the tees as well though.. so do read I-weekly regularly too.

good luck all! cheers..


Mui Ling @ 05:35

09 January, 2009

weiqi | 09 January, 2009 02:00

hey hey.. dun thank me alone hor.. it's a 3 men effort that made this design surface :) Take care peeps.

(check out more at here...I'm only ctrl C ctrl V-ing one...)

sam updated his blog at 10.40pm on 8th january
titled: Giddy Boy

take care~

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Mui Ling @ 02:56

08 January, 2009

新加坡艺人 畅谈09年愿望
1 January 2009














article source from xin.sg


pegg @ 15:42

Sam updated his personal blog.

Walkwhat on 7th Jan, 1.19am


pegg @ 11:04

07 January, 2009

thanks anonymous and IC for informing.

"Anonymous 07 January, 2009 01:44

win Campus Superstar Tshirt!

more details here"

"IC 07 January, 2009 02:31

CAN! introduction & interview with MLB."

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pegg @ 13:15

06 January, 2009

haha...thanks mk for informing...
Channel 8's latest 9pm show - 團圓飯 - its theme song 新生活 is sang by our MILUBING!

詞: 林家宇
曲: Hideaki Koh
演唱: 迷路兵

do support =)


Mui Ling @ 23:55

05 January, 2009

alright. just a quick updates on a few issues.

1) MLB is singing the theme song for Channel 8's new drama, 团圆饭 which will start telecast on 6th Jan 2009 at 9pm on Channel 8. The title of the song is 新生活.

2) Yes 933FM Top 100 songs countdown.
MLB's 成熟 is ranked No. 58
and they're in No.8 in the Top 10 Bands Countdown.
[correct me if it's incorrect.]

3) MLB's 改版专辑: Had tried contacting Warners regarding it but till now, no news about it. Let's wait and see ba. Will provide the latest updates once everything's finalized. We definitely dun wish to release news that are still to be confirmed.

and WEIQI~~
first day of sch today ya?? jiayou lo.!! (=
fight all the way. (=

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pegg @ 12:18

weiqi | 05 January, 2009 01:01

hey hey... a quick lil update..
there's a gig on 10 Jan 09, 8pm-8.30pm @ SMU Campus Green (opposite Singapore Arts Museum and National Museum, along Bras Basah Road), for youth Olympic games ;)
Also, pls don watch ongbak2... i give it a -1/10 :p Australia was quite ok/gd if u wanna see hugh jackman hahaha...melodrama but ok ;)


Mui Ling @ 01:30

04 January, 2009

sam updated his personal blog on the 3rd january at 8.29pm...
titled "At Home"...=)


Mui Ling @ 21:51

02 January, 2009

Sam Wong | 01 January, 2009 12:47

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!!
So many feelings in the last few days, yesterday.. Like daisy High low, but fortunately in the end steady la. I'm amazed by all of you. Really support us all the way, a place to another, a year to another.. Thank you.

I also like to thank "Anonymous | 01 January, 2009 03:16" of the last post for his/her powerful words of encouragement. A pity this person didn't leave a name or nick.

We hope that we won't disappoint any of you. Do our best!

I wish all of you a healthy 2009!

weiqi | 02 January, 2009 01:11

wow.. nic summed up the day real well! thanks to all who came down! :))) happy new year!!!

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Mui Ling @ 10:05

01 January, 2009

Ahpuchichi !!! (dun know what that means.. try shouting it..you'll feel it instead)
milubing | 01 January, 2009 03:24

Speaking on behalf of MLB so dun mind the crudeness of it all.

Thanks for coming down (some who even "Gan Chang")
You guys added on to the fun by much which was already fun.
We saw the banners.
Heard the shouts.
Felt the hearts.

Thanks to all the people following us helping us along the way, doing our makeup and air... OUR SOUND!!! very important soundmen YES!!!

MR JY! (our new techy (but old time) friend to help up setup and tear down stage fast)

ANd 2.... JASMINE & VERON!! follow us run ard like mad dawgs! Shag de leh..
(applause intended. pls clap lei.. dun "leng chang hor") pui!

Now the interesting part. a rundown of MLB's day, today.
After a long day previously (not posted, if not this post gonna take me till daylight to complete)

12pm meet at church
1230pm pickup to boonlay
1pm reach boonlay for soundcheck.

Now the more interesting part.

1pm is HARD noon. Sun the hottest and brightest. Tentage is like a greenhouse (go research that.. interesting how the design traps heat).

Soundcheck starts.

Perspiring like dogs or hotdogs if u may.

Setup all sui sui. or we think. no prob for first 30 min while waiting for drums to finish mic testing by sound ppl.

They ssay test our lines. At last. Hotdogs become boiled dogs. sweat (water) plus heat.

Keyboard dead. Eg. The "browser" on the keyboard menu appeared differently ....as "Bro"

We know we're bro la but no need like that pls. No need emphasize details at wrong important, crucial events like a freakin sondcheck!

Keyboard now cant connect to mac. no sound. (Mac keep prompting us... "HUI device not found")

HUI aint really know what it means... maybe "Highly Useful Instrument"

Highly Useles instrument? Nah.. It's "Da bomb" Rated online as one of the best... got great awards. Should be ok de.

We "Gioh tolang" to the keyboard.

No kneeling incense involved though.

It still called us "bro"

Brother dun like that now lei...

230pm gave up on the keyboard's "speech impediment. "Bro."

Check guitars then.

Guitar behaved like a snake... lotsa weird noises.

some of which include hissing and "chak chak chak chak chak" at a constant tempo. "ssssssss" like snake... rattle snake to be exact. Youtube a rattle snake. That was our soundcheck for it. Yay.

I know we got constant drummer but aint need competition pls. friendly de. wth.

soundman say may be 2 issues.

1)power source dirty. Highly possible. Generators not constant.
he say happen lotsa times to him before.. but gotta replace generators one day before hand.
We cant countdown 1st to the 2nd of Jan. Don't think organisers would like that yes?

2)might be the heat (which we 20 min before this aga aga think it might be heatstroke for the keyboard)
Bo pian. Keyboard UK brand... temperate climate... like asking eskimo come India to suntan.

WQ brought keyboards down. We packed up. He tested it under the shade and ran whole setup on battery power.

Wala! It called us "browser" at last.

Love the name.

Details cut short, we didnt have a soundcheck. The other performers had to soundcheck too... they were on a tight schedule.

We can't say OI!!!! MLB here... we want to ******** soundcheck!

We all good boy ma... so bo pian just bo heng sueh agaration check got line then run off.

suppose to reach church at 330pm to relak and practice.

Time check. 4pm.

So go church wait for the pickup at 5pm to vivo. make-up at 6pm.

ok then we run!!!!

Load up bus Chao.

Uncle drives.

after 15 min plus.. We see West coast high way.

Then Haw Par Villa. Wah.

Jurong go to the EAST side turn 1 BIG round go towards harbourfront.

Ask uncle why...

Reply "PIE may traffic jam".

HELLLOOOOOOO!!!!!! New year eve is not public Holiday lei!!!! No jam de lor!! people mostly still in office till 6 odd then rush hr!!!!

in the end sua... no nice cosy place to wash face and all...

Vivo sua.

So we make our way (which is along the way) to vivo.

Uncle can turn to vivo dun wan. Say cannot... road block le (actually is just they change the structure of lanes)

go big round to u-turn.

The rest of the day was quite ok.

Except that...

1035pm "cheng shu" perform at vivo...

1038pm end...

Pack up... (hey hey... we packed up in 4 min with a help of our techy friend! MR JY)

Load up bus...

1130 suppose perform at boonlay.

Heng no traffic Jam... (uncle ar... at night no jam afternoon have meh?)

EH!! no... different bus driver.. our favourite Mr AH TECK!!! this one steady one... fast driver (traffic rules apply still.. but optimum efficiency zhai!)

*side note.. afternoon the driver.. (dont know his name.. at that point didnt want to yes..) expressway drive 50km per hour. Equally zhai.. motto of life. SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE (but maybe we 3 lose our jobs la.. dunno what race... but anyway...)


Alighted fast.. setup fast.. wait for cue to go stage setup.

Host all amazing.

CROWD ahpuchichi AMAZING. 3 times the size of Vivo...

Screams (of coz u guyz credited) shiok sendiri.

Cant hear our voice AT ALL ON STAGE.

Ask soundman level up but think we too far away cant see our hand signals.

BO PIAN. Asian boy body small hand short. signals hard to see... Unless got binoculars then maybe la hor...

Say on mic.. think cant hear also... coz they maybe cant hear the mics also.

Aiya.. what to do... all of us and the people there trying their best to make the performance a good one... but stars dun align.

Heng the moons did though!

Got pyro on stage lei...

Almost got Sun tan...

ZHAI. no need go tanning salon for "nic the white chicken" already.

2 songs done.

Lotsa sweat in nic's eyes.

pain pain.

shiok shiok.

WQ moved on stage as if he on caffeine pills.. hyper sia.. happening.


Wah.. hdb upstairs lotsa ppl looking down too!!!

Shiok sendiri (x2)

Go backstage.. leftover pack up by our amazing MR JY!!!!

rush to bus.

RAN our legs out!!!! Got hordes of people running behind us!

Felt like macham backside erhem! backstreet boys (no offence.. my childhood heros meant as a joke dont sue me thanks) got supporters chasing sia..

Macham Andy Lau at airport..wohoooo!! fun! we run faster... they run faster-er... we tired le la.. pan chance thanks thanks.

Bus drop nic at jurong first.

shouted lke mad man "HAPPY NEW YEAR! WOHHHOOO!!"

Ten minutes later called WQ.


Sian by half (translate hokkien thanks)

Drive back...

All sit in bus.. parked at bus stop.. Veron and Jasmine calling the whole world.

Call previos bus uncles check.

Uncle traffic Jam cant go out the bus to check back seat.

Vivo people all nvr ans ph... just after countdown all busy evacuating.

Nic leaves sad.

Bus Leaves faster than the sadness can tear through his pig skin heart (what that means i duno. pigs just came to my mind at this moment)

WQ passses 50 buck to nic "for just in case"

20 min later Nic gets phone call.

All in the bus on speaker phobne shouting "HAPPY NEW YEAR!"

You guys know the ending i guess...

But nic till now no wallet yet.

Guess ba.

(Veron Heroine)

Abstract ending.. but it'll all make sense.

FORGIVE me for Garamaticurl errors. tired le..

Just wanted to type for you guys...

to thank all that made this day happen.

Type for bout 1hr plus non stop le le.. shag...


EVEN IF YOU're behind the screen supporting this humble band who loves music and life.


INTERSTING RITE? HOPE SO.. brighten your new year!!!

Crazy day that went great.. with even more detours and cockups in between... (as usual for any big production and Gan Changs)

A new Year i'll never forget.

Hope ya guys had fun as we did.. and not as tired as we are yes?


THINK QUITE LAME... ps ... tired.

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Mui Ling @ 23:56

haha first post of 2008. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO MILUBING AND MLBians! May this year be full of milubing and milubing! haha no la. here's wishing milubing all the best in making great music that wows more and more people out there...jia you!!

Ok thanks uncle phil for informing. Here's the top 8 results for Channel 8's countdown show voting.
1) 迷路兵 MiLu Bing: 成熟 Cheng Shu
2) 杨宗纬 Aska Yang: 洋葱 Yang Cong
3) 萧敬腾 Jam Hsiao: 收藏 Shou Cang
4) S.H.E.: 宇宙小姐 Yu Zhou Xiao Jie
5) 林宥嘉 Yoga Lin: 伯乐 Bo Le
6) 林俊杰 JJ Lin: 期待爱 Qi Dai Ai
7) 卢广仲 Crowd Lu: 早安晨之美 Zao An Chen Zhi Mei
8)周杰伦 Jay Chou: 周大侠 Zhou Da Xia

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Mui Ling @ 02:38