31 January, 2010

to WEIQI!!!

it's your birthday again.. stay young at heart yeah?? hees =p
enjoy urself with ur loved ones and wishing u a smooth year ahead.. =)
jiayou for ur last lap in ur education. *grinz*


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27 January, 2010

and sam updated his personal blog on 24th Jan 2010.

Life Check.


MLB Publicity Blog @ 14:00

nic 27 January, 2010 02:33



nic 24 January, 2010 00:42

Burn.. put into water.. stir...

maybe add some chco fudge and drink la! haha..

I cant read scores for nuts XD

nic 22 January, 2010 14:51

shag.. time to meditate then go meeting :(

nic 22 January, 2010 06:44

I still need to eat and work de leh.........


nic 22 January, 2010 05:30

haha.. yea.. he got lotsa om toms and crash crash he nvr use "bai sui"???!!!


drums another day - or other life... haha

just spend 10 hrs today studying things I should have studied years ago..

21 yr old friend in berkley.. musicians' dream school...

makes me feel darn bad as a musician :(

I'm 26!!! argh!!!!!


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26 January, 2010


enjoy urself at hk. =D


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21 January, 2010

nic 20 January, 2010 14:11


Check out the tummy! haha

nic 20 January, 2010 14:13


Drumkit from hell...

nic 21 January, 2010 00:41

Drum on Keyboard maybe.. haha.. my legs cant coordinate!


But his drumkit is kinda crazy....... soo many "Oo Ar Boh"

nic 21 January, 2010 00:46

Check this out!!


Maybe in my heart I'm turning a drummer... keke.. kidding la...

Guitars and arrangement are already keeping me busy.. no time to try master one more instrument...

Jack of all trades.. ace of none.. I rather strive towards acing something? Coz I feel me guits soo much room for improvement :)

Nitie to all!


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20 January, 2010

nic | 19 January, 2010 14:34




Mui Ling @ 00:55

19 January, 2010

thanks elise for informing and musiclover_rock2008 for sharing the article.

MLB in Teens (Feb issue):



nic 18 January, 2010 01:48

Relax.. chill.

Life is too short to get angry..

Too long to not savour every peaceful moment.

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pegg @ 00:16

18 January, 2010

this's week's lhb ranking no.8 is chi xia yu zhou.


nic 18 January, 2010 00:02


Anyone wanna buy dehumidifier?

Bought to dry my guitars..


I take in and out my guits so much that its kinda pointless to keep it dehumidified during the day..

At night I sleep i dun on coz dun like sleeping in too dried air..


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pegg @ 01:20


have a fabulous year ahead and enjoy urself!!


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17 January, 2010

to MUI LING!!!
enjoy your day ahead and have a fabulous year ahead yeah?? =D
have fun and god bless!!!


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16 January, 2010

nic 14 January, 2010 01:33

bumpz :)

nic 15 January, 2010 00:48

our style of music, i would say is a bit towards more experimental. Not towards experimental music like "glitch & noise".. but experimental in a sense not leaning towards the the norm of "C Am F G".. trying to mesh Bits and pieces of Diff genres together.

Eg... Chi Xia Yu Zhou's verse feel was from " The Killers". Chorus guitars were influenced by Senses fail.

Yin Shi Nan Nu verse was an empty indie kinda feeling, prechorus changed key, chorus change key again, Chorus sounding abit Radio head BUT WITH STRINGS, and an empty pocket for the snare before the second half of the chorus (which is outa the norm in pop).

Leng wan can you have wei qi's classical interlude solo.. the old school last chorus. Intro soundscaping like movie soundtrack?

These are just examples.. the whole album in a sense were inspired musically by the greats and unnoticed of diff genre.

What genre are we?

Honestly.. i duno..

If wanna classify.. i guess...

a mixture of poppish tunes.. rock.. ballad.. synth..

i duno manz.. haha..

just music i guess


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15 January, 2010

to SYLVIA! =)

enjoy yourself to the max ya?? =))

have a great year ahead and wishing all things go smooth for you. =D


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14 January, 2010


have a great day ahead and god bless!!
take care.. =D


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11 January, 2010

Hi all, just a reminder to those who have not been receiving updates from lostsoldiersmlb email, do email in so that we can add you in with stuffs related to the guys. thanks! =D


pegg @ 23:12


milubing 11 January, 2010 15:56


Hi mlbians! thank you for helping us with all the voting and for the strong support always! :)
The good news is that since "吃下宇宙" was 2nd on the 全球华语歌曲排行旁 last friday night, our albums will be sent to overseas radio stations to be played on air.
Congratulations to the whole MLB family because we did it together! It was a super joint effort once again between MLBians and MLB and all supporters and friends! Not forgetting all production/behind the scenes peeps who helped us thus far. Everyone pls take care and strive on always, never give up! 'Fighting!'

p.s. someone asked how mlb got 2nd rite? haha.. it's cos of all of the ppl mentioned above. Thank you!

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pegg @ 22:57

thanks uncle phil for informing, MLB's 吃下宇宙 was #2 on the 全球华语歌曲排行榜, for the 1st week is it?


Mui Ling @ 10:51

nic | 11 January, 2010 00:18

Everything also join la..

Join in the fun!

nic | 11 January, 2010 01:03

happy, tired, anticipating, scared,

never walking backwards though :)

Time to chill..



Mui Ling @ 10:50

吃下宇宙 is STILL on no.3 for yes933 POTP (LongHuBang) for the 7th week...
lets continue to vote~
voting options on the left of this page,
jia you milubing~


Mui Ling @ 10:47

10 January, 2010

to BINZ!! =)

May you spend ur special day with ur loved ones and enjoy yourself on this special day of yours. =D


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09 January, 2010

Sam Wong | 07 January, 2010 12:52

Hey MLBians and friends, it is a joy to have all of you with us. Indeed we do not know what comes next. Thank you..

weiqi | 09 January, 2010 02:09

wow.. been buried so deep in my FYP that I hardly have the time to come here.. or get outta school(6 days a week in school) that is.. anyways. came here and read nic's post. must say that when i read a post like this, I get emotional. some things u really wanna shout out to the world, and tell everyone. that day i was just thinking, maybe i should write a book, about a local band and what they go thru in order to make music, and removing the myths in people's minds about the industry. Today my best friend from sec school called me up to ask if i was joining a class gathering(of course can't go...FYP...). But then he said something, that caught me off guard, and the thing hit me real hard. "You must be earning man! Been seeing you on TV and your band's got tat 3rd album etc..." wow... i wanted to just roll over and die at that moment.. wanna see my bank account figures? not many figures to begin with... sorry ya.. today emo emo.. cos nic's post la.. oei bro, ur post infectious man... :p

Take care all of u mlbians! I guess we gotta meet up for mlb gathering some how.. i dunno.. but gotta. nitey.

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Mui Ling @ 04:20

06 January, 2010

吃下宇宙 is on no.3 for yes933 POTP (LongHuBang) for the 6th week...
lets continue to vote~
voting options on the left of this page,
jia you milubing~


Mui Ling @ 23:47

sam updated his blog~


Mui Ling @ 23:45

What is to come...
milubing | 06 January, 2010 05:07


Thanks all for buying our album.. anyway to clear up..

more album sales not really equals more income for the band.. it gives the band a better portfolio for future ventures..
the bulk of money goes back to investors who threw in loads of cash for
the production.. they have to take back somewhere..

It took lots of faith.. and lots of money thrown in.. we're appreciative of that ever so much..

We're hoping for good sales to assure people that music is a possible investment in singapore..

sum up.. artistes are always struggling if we're SG based. WE ARE. It's
due to the the typical mindset that foreign products are better. Which
may be true. WHY???

are not full time PAID artistes. To set the record straight.. we're
Learning through experience and elder's (of the trade's) guidance..
Honing our skills as we go along.. throwing in our every cent into

Sidetrack.. example : my Mac white was a "donation" by my dad. I couldn't afford the purchase personally.

learnt much through this journey. How long more can passion last me?
Checking ATMs for my next Giro pay? Hoping my cheques goes through to
last me the next mth?

an irony, my smile on the stage and how it simmers away when off
stage.. Only when the music is on, the smile unknowingly appears again.

I feel guilty for being me.

I feel grateful that so many people are behind us.

The greatest joy that SS show night was the screams so loudly heard on TV...

greatest joy for me is to bring joy on stage. I hope to be able to
continue to do so.. to sing if i may.. to make music if i may.. to
inspire if I may..

And God help me survive and keep myself afloat and sane while doing so..

Not letting myself down, being who I am, but a better me to come.

If I have to be an ARTISTE to be an ARTIST. I will have to give it a go.

This lil boy just wants to make music and shake his bon bon on stage *sigh*.

Can't get myself to "ai mu xu rong".

Oh well. The TRUTH is not necessarily beautiful at first glance.. But it's the imperfection that makes it real..

Cheers and have a gd night :)

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Mui Ling @ 23:44

SS show...
milubing | 03 January, 2010 01:12

wow, today felt like a gathering instead.. cos so many mlbians turned up. thanks to all who came! and also not forgetting yuan ping for helping despite her fyp. it really touched the 3 of us, and we're really thankful for having supporters like you all. thank you all for the presents(we know that most of u are students so dun need presents), but the greatest present is your support, so we're more than happy le. Take care u all, and thank you all for helping with the voting(long hu bang) too!

quite a number of u asked about the mac, and what we are going to do about the issue. We understand your concern and good intentions, but we will not want any of you or our friends and family to go to the expense of aiding us in this area, because it is not dealing with the root of the problem. It is the responsibility of our band and band management to handle such technical issues. For the past 3 years, the equipment of the band has been built upon our shows/savings and our self-studying(going online to read up etc.) and in order for the band to continue striving to greater heights, the issue has to be solved, and not covered up.


Mui Ling @ 23:41

02 January, 2010

videos for countdown are uploaded =)

khatib. [thanks shihui for filming]
Xiang Wo Ni De Shou
Interview + Pin Chang + Ai Xiang Shui

Xiang Wo Ni De Shou



pegg @ 10:26

01 January, 2010

my turn to wish milubing and mlbians happy new year~

thanks musiclover_rock2008 for informing
吃下宇宙 is ranked 97th among the countdown for yes933 Top 100 songs of 2009.


Mui Ling @ 14:24

HAPPY 2010!!!
It's a beginning of a new year..
Have a great 365 days ahead and stay happy everyday.. =)

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