31 March, 2008

Thanks meikian for informing =D...

Here's an article on the POTP anniversary celebration just now..

Well MLB was mentioned too...click here for the video


MLB Publicity Blog @ 23:09

Weiqi tagged in the previous entry;

weiqi | 31 March, 2008 20:39

I'm back at my com now..jus to continue where i left off: actually i haven't went back to my sec school since..eh..haha..dun rmbr le.So i'm quite a bad student ya?no la,i busy with mlb and school ma rmbr?haha..anyways,i promise my form teacher that I'll go see her in may. Singyin,concentrate on ur Os ba, it's ok if u miss our events,we understand..including all others who have other important things to attend to ya?MLB is not so xiao qi ma.. haha..
Quizzy,when dealing with difficult people,u need lots of patience.If possible,choose ur team mates wisely,but if no choice,then gotta be firm about your principles,and make the best situation out of the project.Everyone here muz have experienced bad team mates b4,so maybe the rest can share how u deal with em?
Si min,my projects are WIP,gotta bia this month throughout lor, and the puppet is lying in some lonely corner cos dun need to use it le haha..
[Sam is the same,hair purple black now.. :( ]
[Nic has been VERY busy learning new music software,and refreshing his knowledge of music arrangement and trying to FULLY utilise his new macbook.. :D ]
Capri, full force will come during xuan chuan period and there after.. :p
Shihui..i dun like april too..
Kit ah,WenRou,Lu, all sang by nic alone ya? dun confuse heh heh..
Ok i go do my werk le.. talk to ya later..


then sam blogged

sam of MLB
milubing | 31 March, 2008 22:01

Woke up at 628am today. Don't wanna get up yet. Tried very hard to put myself back to sleep. Cannot. Continued trying. Still cannot. Started rolling around my small bed, changing postures, different patterns. I got up soon with a backache. Yea, i'm getting old. So boring?

I found out from a friend that some of you were at Bugis since 12noon*. Hot right? Umbrella? Thank you for being there to support MLB. Sang very loud, Nic and i could hear from where we were seated. WeiQi could probably feel it too. =p So encouraging, thank u! Nice one with the mic just now, Quizzy! Hope that you all enjoyed the 933 show just now.

Hmm.. 1st April tomorrow. No April fools here. I'm tired liao, goodnight.

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MLB Publicity Blog @ 23:03

weiqi | 31 March, 2008 01:01

mlbians..goodnite..i gotta sleep slightly earlier, waking early tmr.. i'll read the tags the next time i come around! sorry... nitey :)


MLB Publicity Blog @ 01:41

29 March, 2008

(edited on 30th march 0059)

weiqi | 29 March, 2008 23:15

Givon,hmwk kills a lot of us..hey but has anyone thought of this when watching death note? i was thinking that time when watching it like last year or something,i should buy the book(they sell at those anime/figurines shop) to write down my homework(then the hmwk will die heh heh). But my friend said i should write down all the lecturer's names instead(evil boy). I do have lots of assignments, but jus tag here a while la.eh..mighty mouse, it's the same arm la, i just rotated the cam to show the other side..it's a left arm.
ok, i think i better not tag too often right?u guys/gals scolding me le.. :p
Jiayo everyone! and thanksfor the jiayos.. :)

weiqi | 30 March, 2008 00:39

eh..quizzy_me..i say it's my friend's suggestion! i onlywished to write hmwk in that book,not my lecturer's name la..haha..
oh miko, the WIP=work in progress ya?Vis-com ya?haha..my first love was vis-com..still wish i can do it well some day..
MK,now u know wat to do with the book le(write to do list of hmwk in there)
once again thanks for the jiayos qianhui and all.. :)


MLB Publicity Blog @ 23:56

what's new??

What is it?: "Golden Dramas" or "黄金主题曲" (its a compilation of the theme songs from the various Channel 8 dramas)...

so what?: 百万宝bai wan bao, 路lu and 舍不得she bu de are included in the album. 路lu and 舍不得she bu de are in disc 1's track 1 and 2 respectively; while 百万宝bai wan bao is in disc 2 ("classic") track 7

how much?: $18.95 in CD rama

Where to buy?: well so far I only saw in CD rama =X...


MLB Publicity Blog @ 18:00

weiqi | 29 March, 2008 03:34

Yup Mk, under animation u cld be doing modelling, character animating, rigging, texturing, lighting and rendering, particle effects+cloth etc. simulation.. and also could do combis of the above..
Jane, CCHS is chung cheng yesh, and i'm goin back to see my teachers.
aiyo,yuanping, dun pon la..
Xiaohong.. u mentioned sleep? ok now i go slp.. :)

weiqi | 29 March, 2008 13:15

MK, other than animation,ADM also offers film, vis-com, photography, product design, interactive media.
I only got really into animation after i changed course from initially wanting to join vis-com to ani. b4 i did animation, i only liked it from an audience point of view. now i know the painful life of being behind the screen..but it is kinda fun and rewarding..still painful though. But no pain no gain...heh heh..actually, music still the best la HAHAHA..
Hey binz, sometimes it takes more guts to stand up for wat's right,like telling ur friends tat u wanna stay for lect. If they are real friends, they should not treat u differently.
Ah nic is busy with camp stuff ba..xian how nic and I are always so busy. but soon the hols will come for me, and he'll have to clear some leave. That's when the real music will start flowing again :D got lots of stuff to work out! can't wait for hols.. ok back to my work.


MLB Publicity Blog @ 17:58

weiqi | 29 March, 2008 01:59

haha.. paiseh, spell wrongly. Yup Samuela, I can't make it for the bazaar..feel quite bad cos my whole class going but i got project work la.. sigh..i'll go there in may though, but I've yet to confirm the date..
thanks for the encouragement pegg, and sorry bout the bad news..
Si Min u jiayo too..
haha..i like the way MK say look out for chances hahaha..damn funny la, like spy..
yup sofui,like u guessed, anatomy study..very important for me cos I wanna be a modeller(my fav speciality in animation).
Btw, does anyone know that Cheng Xi has a twin brother..they were famous pai kia in my school..haha,i dun mean very bad pai kia la..but at that age,and in CCHS(@that time) haha..can't blame ya? i also kinda bad boy too heh heh..climb school fence,run away from prefects..hahaha..but i was still the monitor in class hehe..
Hey uncle phil,dun worry, sam surely turn up ya?
Everyone listen to Binz ya? Bia all the way..
Dun be saddened by the negative news.. weiqi shouts:"TAKE CARE MLBIANS!"


MLB Publicity Blog @ 02:36

28 March, 2008

milubing | 28 March, 2008 16:43

Hey there MLBians..

Many have been asking about the dragonfly gig, and this is what I've dug out so far:

"The event is open to students only and not open to public unless their school participated in the dancework competition or they can log on to CNB website to try and see if they are distributing to the public though i'm not so positive about this."

Sorry MLBians, i guess i should have checked this out much earlier, it slipped my mind, and i've been super busy with the exams(submissions) round the corner.. :p hope u guys/gals can still watch the show some how.. though it sounds like a closed door event..sigh..

Another bad news, Nic might not be able to make it for the 933 event too, cos of camp stuff.. I got tutorial till late(7pm) that day too.. :(

Hope to hear some good news despite the bad ones above.. but not to worry ya, there'll definitely be more opportunity to see us soon :)

Meanwhile, just share some muscles of the arm that I've been working on.. kinda random but well.. i've yet to add in the veins.. maybe during hols ba..no time to perfect our assignments..

weiqi | 28 March, 2008 17:14

yup, i know chen xi, he's in ntu but guess wat,he's my CCHS(main) senior too.. i think he was sec 4 when i was sec 1 ba..and by right i was supposed to attend their building fund carnival but got project work that day, so he's going, but i gotta pass..dun worry quizzy_me, i know ur just joking ya? and when my friends ask i just say:"never mind ba, i think I'll just attend the lecture la" then can le lor.. hahaha..

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MLB Publicity Blog @ 17:32

Weiqi tagged =D...

"weiqi | 28 March, 2008 14:17

wa... ttww u should be the ambassador of green peace leh haha..this world needs more people like u! Happy belated E-wen... :D
Thanks for the jiayos peeps, will be jiayo-ing now..got loads of work to do..btw, now it seems that Nic might be held back in camp on monday...Feel really paiseh cos 933 has supported MLB super much, but the timing always clash la..Nic got camp duty,I got tutorial..monday i end around 7pm @ school.Feel really bad..i missed the last 933 event too :p
Hope they understand ba..if got 933 events that we can attend we SURELY attend ya.. Mr David Tao also gonna be there..wasted, cos nic & i admire his music super much. too bad la. but well, at least MLBians will be our ambassadors ya? haha..ok la, i go do my work le, take care all of u.."

"weiqi | 28 March, 2008 15:19

apply leave? haha.. cannot la.. worst part is that my submissions are all due in april so..very hard la..anyways, regarding dragonfly, what's the question? isit bout age limit?i can check for u with my manager..any other questions besides age limit? actually should be ok ba,it's a government event to promote anti drugs..and the competition is for youths..so should not be a prob, anyways, will still email my manager to ask. but wanna consolidate any other questions regarding the event.. :)"

"weiqi | 28 March, 2008 16:42

okie, i'll find out and post ya.. no worries.. pon class? cannot la.. in JC i used to pon lectures, until it became a habit..everytime when there was econs lecture, the whole bunch of us would go canteen to 'nua' or eat breakfast.. seemed fun then, but now looking back, i deserved the 'C,D,C' grades for my 'A'levels. Recently a friend told me to calculate how much each hour @ school costs to your parents and think how much $ of theirs ur wasting. That could work as a motivation, but I'd rather ask myself what do i want when i graduate and if it allows me to repay my parents with the love they showed me. dun mean to preach here, but tot i'd share something i've learnt in life(the hard way)."


Ok I forget to post this yesterday. Thanks meikian for informing;
Not sure if you saw this before (I don't think I did haha =D)- an interview of mlb on NP's theurbanwire from back august last year when they released their album.

Written by Yeo Qian Hua
Thursday, 16 August 2007
mlb1 Theirs is a story almost fit for the silver screen: 3 childhood friends, whose friendship blossomed into young adulthood, strike it big at a nation-wide competition.

Chan Weiqi, 22, Samuel Wong (Sam), 21, and Nicodemus Lee (Nic), 23, have known each other as kids in Sunday school. Now, they’re celebrating the release of their first album, and a dream come true.

Cliché? Maybe for the movies, but this is the true story of MiLu Bing, the winner of 2005’s SuperBand competition, and if things go as planned, the band’s career set to be anything but ordinary.

What the band has accomplished so far can be deemed as impressive. To validate this point, you’ll have to be brought back to the starting point that gave the band its name, MiLu Bing, which literally translates as Lost Soldiers in Mandarin.

Apparently, the boys were contemplating names for their band on the eve the SuperBand competition over glasses of iced milo and that instigated them to name themselves after the beverage. However, they were also caught at a crossroads in their lives, unsure of where their next step would bring them. Weiqi had just completed his National Service (NS) and didn’t know which university to go to, or what to study. Sam, armed with merely a secondary school education, had no idea what he could do after NS, and as for Nic, having just come out of a boys’ home, was pretty much as clueless as the other 2.

Today, though, the boys have fared better than they could ever imagine. They’ve just began their music career while most of their peers sadly remain as bathroom singers.

Perhaps their humble beginning has helped them remain grounded and down-to-earth despite the sudden fame and success. While I was still groggy and waiting impatiently for the morning caffeine to kick in on an early Saturday morning, MiLu Bing rained me with shouts of “Good Morning!” and “Hello!” that sent energy reverberating through the phone cord during our phone interview. Well, almost anyway.

Not surprisingly, Weiqi shared that his favourite track on their new self-titled album is "Get A Life", a song that he “holds on to” when things get “tiring and stressful” – especially now, when he’s back in the Nanyang Technological University’s (NTU) School of Art, Design and Media and has to juggle between schoolwork his music career.

mlb2Apparently one who sympathises with his bandmate, Nic pipes in that the main message that he’d like to get through to listeners with their new album can be found in “Get A Life”, which, he says, is really about “perseverance despite challenges, through life’s journey and making friends and all that”. For that mere couple of seconds, the usually laughter-infused conversation died down and one wonders if the boys were lost in reminiscence of the past 2 years and the trials that they had overcome to get to where they are today.

But really, you wouldn’t think that a friendship woe is one of the things that would bother the members of MiLu Bing. When assessing himself as the group leader of the band, Weiqi reflects that he doesn’t exactly behave as the outright and obvious leader among the 3 of them. He adds that instead, “It’s the way we function, we just complement each other”.

As if to illustrate the point, Sam supports the latter’s claim with an example: “Like last night, Weiqi reminded us on what we have to bring, I’ll say ‘Everybody, don’t be late’, and Nic will get breakfast.”

Apparently, the boys complement each other even in their music-making. Sam adds, “Even in terms of composing, we make sure that everyone is happy,” which includes thrashing an idea so long as even 1 member of the group disagrees.

Even though the boys do display signs of maturity, you know what they say, that boys will always be boys. This should undoubtedly be one of the signatures of MiLu Bing. Through the half-hour interview, the mindless and silly jokes were innumerable, but even I’ve got to admit (though reluctantly) that they are indeed rather funny in a roll-your-eyes and chuckle manner.
For instance, when quizzed on who’s the most responsible of the 3, they all replied unanimously with murmurs of “Weiqi”. After a mere second, Nic went on to say, “Actually Sam’s also very responsible… for eating.”

Err, and how so?

“He’ll always ask, ‘Where to eat?’”

Right, if only responsibility can be an excuse for gluttony. Not to imply that Sam is a glutton, of course.

And the boyish humour goes on. Usually, when you ask a celebrity typical questions like, “What is the downside of fame?” you tend to receive a typical answer like, “There’s no more privacy.”
When I pose this question to them anyway, count on Nic to say something like, “Cannot wear boxer shorts to Orchard Road,” which means the same thing as “no more privacy because I am now a public figure”, but is so much more quotable.

Whether or not MiLu Bing may have realised it yet, their amiable and friendly nature might just be their signature trait. Yes, they’ve definitely got a good thing right here. So, do the boys think of this as a permanent career path, or just a fun thing that they’ll dabble in for just a bit?
To this, Weiqi says, “We wish that this thing will last. Wouldn’t you like to have your best friend as your colleague?”

On any other day, I’d hate getting questions as answers to my own questions, but to this I say, “Damn right.”

Their debut album is out in all major record stores now.

(source: http://www.theurbanwire.com/stories/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1398&Itemid=57)

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26 March, 2008

a quick tag from weiqi ;D...

"weiqi | 26 March, 2008 10:34

morning everyone.. in class now, tot i'd quickly do a little tag. Been busier than ever, i know i'm dead meat cos my work's all due in the last week of april and my group hasn't started yet. rite now i gotta bia. it will be over soon. see u @ dragonfly ba. Take care mlbians."


MLB Publicity Blog @ 13:20

25 March, 2008


Event: POTP anniversary celebration
Time and date: 5pm to 7Pm. 31st March 2008
venue: Bugis Square (level 1 of Bugis junction...nearby Shaw Cinema ticketing counter)
Remarks: Tentatively only Sam and nic will be there???

Meanwhile, our friends are still awaiting reply from the relavant organization regarding whether we can be INSIDE Dragonfly to support Milubing on 5th April, stay tune here or the main blog for more info ;D...

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MLB Publicity Blog @ 14:16

22 March, 2008

Sam blogged again yo~~~~~~~~~~

sam here..
milubing | 21 March, 2008 23:31

Think i missed that question, thank u quizzy_me. Hmm.. Personally i prefer everyone to leave his or her name or even a nick when tagging, rather than Anonymous. This way , we'll know who we're listening to and who's feeling what. But eventually, its our own choice. So please don't be mistaken, i'm not saying it's wrong, just my preference.
--Back to that question on how we chose songs for the audition. If uncle sam didn't remember wrongly, we asked Nic at that time what song he was familiar with; we then tried playing that song as a band with him singing the lead. Sounds fine, all agreeable, lets go! Perhaps that was the simpliest way. If it doesn't work for you, maybe you can try.. Band discuss and narrow down to a genre that all is comfortable with, then choose from there. Most importantly, all of you must enjoy what you're gonna perform, only then you'll be able to give your best. --Just my opinion, not sure-win ya. Jia you! =)
How was everyone's day? Mine was simple. Nic, WeiQi and i met up for lunch.. Then in the afternoon, i walked around a bit with my sis at Clarke Quay. Evening, went to church for service. I guess most of you know that today's a significant day for us Christians..
YAWNS.. I'm tired now.. My bed's calling.. sam.. sam.. Its getting louder.. Goodnight, God bless all of you. Have a nice relaxing weekend..

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19 March, 2008

[EDITED on 20th march 12.51pm]

sam finally blogged~ (=
sam says halo
milubing | 19 March, 2008 17:14

Has been a while since i run my fingers on the keyboard.. Thank u for ya concern, i'm doing fine. Certainly hope that you all are too. =)

In the 22nd year of my life, i breathe underwater for the 1st time. I'm wasn't very comfortable initially, will improve slowly ba. Diving is an activity i always felt was interesting. Plus, some of the people around me (WeiQi and the others) can dive too. Imagine a group of us hovering underwater, of course not to disturb the lovely creatures living their lives there, maybe befriend them? How nice! The only not so nice part is that i feel giddy easily, sea-sick.. Not weak, motion sickness? Won't kill anyway, i'm ok de.

The hair on my head was growing longer and longer by day. Finally went for a hair cut today, shiok. Some of you were speculating bout inside my mouth, was sky blue, it's deep purple in colour now.

Just a thought.. What if i do music teaching as a job? Alright, i definitely still have lots lots lots to learn myself, but i should be able to share and teach simple drumming ya? What if i set up a small drumming with sam class, any learners?

Add on..

Thank u man, so encouraging. Was just a thought, got to work much harder before making any decision bout teaching. And yes, i went with Das and some other friends.. Above is one of the few pictures i took at Tioman, quite 'ben' right?
Thank u Meikian, Xiu and others for the updates. So efficient as usual.


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MLB Publicity Blog @ 21:22

alrights.. just some updates we have here..

1. Danceworks'08 Finals event at Dragonfly on 5th APRIL 08, SATURDAY

have received reply from the organisers saying that it's a closed door event only opened to invited guests and supporters of the competing groups, due to space constraints. Therefore, we'll not be able to enter if we go down on that day.

However, we're still in the process of enquiring if they're able to open up some spaces for supporters of MLB, currently waiting for reply. We'll keep you guys posted, so check back here or the main blog regularly.

2. Yes933 POTP Anniversary Celebration on 31st MARCH 08, MONDAY

Sam and Nic will be making an appearance. Take note of the time too ya?? (: It's from 5pm-7pm at Bugis Junction.

3. Promos for SuperBand Season 2

They arent involved much due to NS and sch commitments, and concentrating on album :)

4. MiLuBing 2nd album

It's slated for release in mid-year. Release date was delayed due to sch and stuffs, but should be release in about june. && they're writing most of the songs in there.. so do look out for the album! :)

*thanks meikian for the updates (:

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pegg @ 16:14

17 March, 2008

weiqi said...

Jialat.. tmr's hmwk,not done.. :p

Today i actually played basketball in the SUN!!!with mr Sam. Despite my hmwk, i had to go exercise a little or i'll become damn unfit so bo chup for an afternoon for the sake of health and fitness. Now gonna slp le, but first, THANK YOU miss XIU for helping as always..
Flora, Nic bought the mac during IT fair period so he got major discount ($199 for4gig upgrade).. spent less than 3K,and it was a good deal. *drumroll* *CRASH* Uncle phill & jane are right! it's blue colour! Binz ah, a load of advice ya?but i got my curls from my mum, and i'm actually ok with em la,was created this way so be myself as much as possible. In fact, i'm hoping to wear my cap for the 2nd album,cos more like me leh..and hope they allow me to heh heh..speaking of which, the album will only come out after june? july? not so early ba.. as always, this type of thing is TBC as u know..so best just know that it is coming but don't go and think ba. :p Thanks for the jiayos(Jane,Meiyi,Qianhui,xiaohong and the all) but i can't reveal the msg for the cover la mighty mouse..i don't think there's much of a msg though..still in planning stage.btw, Aizutto, Sam didn't lose the cam ya? his friend lost it himself.LK,gotta jiayo for 'A's,sometimes hang in there and look towards the bright future ahead :) As for MESS, i guess what i meant was that it'll be great if u 4 meet up once in a while to chill,best if during some gig,but more importantly to treasure your friendship :) it's a priceless thing. k ba, think i talk too much le..go slp le..tmr is a long day..super long day.. take care MLBIANS...

17 March, 2008 03:12

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MLB Publicity Blog @ 18:43

16 March, 2008

Heh Thanks meikian for finding out this...I'll just copy-paste...

Hey peeps,
some updates to th dragonfly gig...

as from th danceworks! 08 blog...

Grand Finals, Cat II and III
5 April (Sat)
2pm - 4pm
Dragonfly, St James Power Station
Guest Performances by:
Anugerah 2007 Champion ALIFF AZIZ and

take note cuz th time's different from th info provided previously.

not sure if its open to th public.. trying to find out some way of contacting th organiser or smth... ya guys do peep around th blog site and try to find out too..

cheerios :))


MLB Publicity Blog @ 00:12

Nic,Sam & WQ
milubing | 10 March, 2008 00:12

Sat VT shoot for SB2


so i guess everyone saw the VT le ya? fyi it's a playground @ AMK..near a macs.
Now an update on the guys...

Dear Sam's back..but with no photos..sigh..but b4 u complain, it's cos the camera was lost in the ocean..dropped it there and tried finding till tank no air..so bo bian.. btw not his camera ya, his friend's camera.
I'll let him update the rest himself,though he did mention that he likes diving! but unfortunately, he has been getting dizzy spells..even until today..which is abnormal, so he saw a doctor le.. hope he gets better.. :( His hair getting longer ya? but nice la.. just a random thing i rmbered.. he once tried to style my hair for me(cos he is very good at styling his hair) but he gave up haha..said that my curls were too stubborn! haha.. now u know why i always wear my mesh cap ya? :P and if u didn't know..sam's braces are **** in colour!!! haha.. go guess..

Dear Nic's excited with his new toy... went to somerset to buy it with him that day.. macbook! 2.4ghz, upgraded to 4 gig ram! no choice, had to part with the $$$ for the sake of BETTER music! Nic's got the heart la..investments u gotta make for the band if u believe it's worth it. Now he doesn't regret taking my advice to buy the mac heh heh.. told him that the OS is great.. poor me, have to use PC, cos mac is unorthodox for animators..though some still use mac..slowly ba, soon mac will take over, even bill gates is retiring(he should after releasing vista though..:p) Mr nic hor..tsk tsk, a bit crazy la, he bought those fancy stickers for protecting the mac, and literally covered every surface, bought the rubber keyboard protector,and a psychedelic blue acrylic hard case... mad man on shopping therapy? but well, he doesn't really shop la. so let him happy for once ya?

WeiQi leh..hasn't seen the sun in how many days? if u look at the pic carefully, and compare to older pics..i have changed..without using SKII, i managed to get a lighter skin tone..sigh..for girls good la, for guys..xian. I rather have my NDU tan!!! miss being fit..and my studies..is KILLING me.. :( Submissions are around the corner, so no choice, gotta gear up..this might be my last post until end of april :( but i'll still try to tag and answer any questions tat i can help with. just a little inside info, once again i'll be working on the album cover, hope i can get the design approved!! :p Take care people!!!

p.s. dance workz gig = dragonfly gig

weiqi | 15 March, 2008 23:01

Happy Bday Marssh! :)
Sorry for being away for quite some time. Just jammed today. Yup, the april gig is the dance work gig,same thing. To Miko, if u really wanna do animation, u might wanna consider a private school like '3dsense','eggstort',or 'protege' (i hope i spelt them correctly), instead of a UNI course..becos the hard fact of this industry is that they don't look @ ur results/GPA but your demoreel/portfolio. My course is like any other uni course, have to fulfil the general electives and prescribed electives, while private ANIMATION schools concentrate on creating a superb demo reel for the job instead of generalizing(u don need to take any bio/business/humanities/history module). The only difference is the paper,mine's a BFA, the F is for 'fine', thus it's plus points is the studio foundation works such as foundation drawing which the private schools might not build up from. Sorry if i typed a lot just regarding this matter, i just feel that you gotta do ur research carefully before choosing the path.if u got any other questions do ask and i'll try to reply asap. As for the s-pop gala..i doubt we'll be going. if we do i'll post here ya? and quizzy_me, pls go ahead and use the pic, though i think it's not a nice one,cos taken with my phone camera.

weiqi | 15 March, 2008 23:04

btw,some updates, i've been super busy @ school, the exam & submission fever has ALREADY set in..will burn till end april.. :( every sem same thing ya? sobs.. you know the Jay Chou movie? ours is "zhuo bu wan de gong ke". sigh...but hey,GET ALIVE!gotta fight this battle!!! crazy but gotta. so plz forgive me for being inactive here... ok. time to update this blog... :p

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MLB Publicity Blog @ 00:11

14 March, 2008

Thanks shan for informing...
You can check out the trailer that Milubing shoot for Superband in http://superband.mediacorptv.sg/ too...

Once you access, look under the heading "video", then click 'SuperBand Milubing Recruitment'...


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MLB Publicity Blog @ 23:50

12 March, 2008

Wooh~ remember the VT that weiqi mentioned in the previous entry? I guess its telecast in Channel U already. You gals (and guys) can keep a lookout of it on Channel U? =D...

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MLB Publicity Blog @ 22:37

07 March, 2008

weiqi | 07 March, 2008 02:44

hey mlbians..gotta make a quick tag and go slp le, damn tired. meeting the other 2 this sat..as well as jamming on sunday in preparation for april 5th gig @ dragonfly, danceworks(maybe spelt wrongly) but well, as usual TBC yup? Take care peeps..nite

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MLB Publicity Blog @ 15:07

miko chanced upon this in youtube - this little boy playing "lei" on drums...not too bad! haha...

click here

or just watch from here;


MLB Publicity Blog @ 14:36

05 March, 2008

Weiqi updated the post =)

Puppet making? *updated*
milubing | 28 February, 2008 01:29

Yup..puppet making..i had to do it for one of the modules(stop motion)this semester. So i thought i'd post a few pics of my puppet. Actually i've got a 23 sec clip of it kicking butt..but well..it's weird how i can only play it on a mac and not on a pc..so dun see how i can upload it here either. Anyways, just fyi, the photos were taken when i was 75% done with it..if u notice it has only one ear, and i haven't painted the hands either..the shoes were not done up too.Kinda regretted using felt for the cap..made it so hairy..and the strands got stuck in the sculpey and i cldn't get it out. well well.. it was fun though. I actually got a lil pixellation movie..but still thinking whether to post. Cos i look really, and i mean really silly in it.. heh...

Updated..the finished puppet, but it's been used for animation already so..kinda beaten up. If u notice the arms have crack marks. Face has also lost it's sharpness..shld have baked the face.. anyway.. here it is..btw it's the size of a small coke bottle.

weiqi | 28 February, 2008 02:05

ooh..the tummy..i didn't trim the sponge inside properly..so got baby fat! haha.. the fierce thing is cos i was trying to make it look life like.. btw,if u have time do a search for madame tutli putli, hope i didn't spell wrongly..the stop motion is.. *mouth open* Some background info, it's a 2 man projecet,15mins long,which took 5 years to produce..ahh..now u know what standard to expect yeah..heh.. anwyays, what am i doing at this hour? BLOgging la! haha... :p

weiqi | 28 February, 2008 02:06

p.s. pixellation? think it's easier to explain in a video.. go youtube search ba, then u'll understand wat i mean :) yup. I'll try to post the vid ba...nitez!

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04 March, 2008

weiqi said...

hey hey..mm..crazy monday indeed.Haven't finished my work.. no no..tsk tsk,gotta go do after tagging. Mk..ur right..i didn't ask sam b4 he left. well, i think he's back today.. so we can sure look forward to the answer ya? Givon, u have a diving licence? Miko, it was a big headache for me when i submitted my portfolio. In fact i don't know if i mentioned b4, but i applied 2wice for ADM,was rejected 1st,then got in upon 2nd attempt. If ur coming from poly background,then u shldn't have much problems pursuing animation here,but if JC,like me,then u gotta work doubly hard without the bg knowledge. All the best to u though! Lorita,sorry ya,i dun quite understand ur question. Anyways,let's look out for the diving pics soon! Regarding SB2, i guess my only comment to those joining is to rmbr never to kill the joy of jamming(music). Have fun jamming with ur buddies and treasure the friendship. People have fun when they see u having fun on stage as friends.(needless to say that u gotta @ least pract).

03 March, 2008 21:19


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03 March, 2008

hoho thanks meikian for informing; someone ask Mr Paul Chan in that particular entry whether there will be promo mini concerts for Superband Season 2; then Mr Chan replied - 'As for mini-concerts...expect to see Milubing...at least.'

Oh yes...we got something to look forward to now...haha =X

Alright FYI, the second season will debut on 16June, 8pm on Channel U =)

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This is from the "Ba Gua TV" blog by Mr Paul Chan...
In an entry titled "非常SuperBand 2008 七绝秘笈大公开 SuperBand 2008 Sure-Win Blows", he did mentioned about our nic =D...

I shall just refer you to HERE =D!

*readers discretion advised


MLB Publicity Blog @ 15:26

Weiqi tagged again =D...


weiqi | 03 March, 2008 12:24

eh,regarding sunset,not that i'm against it la,if 1 pic of sunset np,jus tat i hope to see more variety la..cos he always post scenery but i wanna see the fishes, the ocean, the boat, the people too..not just the sky :p
Lorita, i learnt diving during NS ma.. so dived for around 2years le..but only in training areas that are not meant for 'viewing'.
Arolf is flora...
And how come anonymous knows of nic and his clothes!?since u mention, 1 part of nic's daily ordeals is to wash his camp clothes..always hear him say,'gotta wash my clothes b4 i slp' and yup therefore slp kinda late...have a crazy monday ppl..


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02 March, 2008

Weiqi's here again!

weiqi | 02 March, 2008 00:33

YIKES!it's Sunday already!? sigh..so fast..and my hmwk's still not finished!!! anyways...miko was asking, yup i'm pursuing a bfa in digital animation..and what do u mean see me?..r u also from adm? and i didn't quite get sofui's riddle.. hard as usual.SOmeone suggested i made puppets of 3 of us..sheesh.. i think quite scary leh.. unless i stylize em..then maybe can ba. but rite now no time..even if for mv also no crew. Mighty mouse, as for ur question, why i didn't make an asian puppet..well that's cos i found some sculpey of that colour in in class so i jus used it lor..heh..

weiqi | 02 March, 2008 00:40

btw, jus an update on the guys.. dear nic as usual busy with his crazy NS.. dance till u get cramps.. ah sam leh, this weekend muz be super happy, and i'm kinda jealous cos he's diving at some nice dive spot!!!darn...it's been how long since i've dived..and i have not dived at a nice commercial dive spot b4.. always training area meant for war..no nice fishes and corals.. but he leh,1st dive already so 'xin yun'.. aiya, hope next time when we're all free then we go dive trip together.oh ya, and hope he is going to be trigger happy with his camera and post loads of photos(of the fishes,sea,but not sunsets pls *faint*) here when he comes back.i'm sure u all are interested to know how learning diving is... :) alritey.. take care mlbians..nite

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