29 October, 2009

sam updated his personal blog on

24th oct
Movie Stars


26th oct
Drum Tracks Final-ly


pegg @ 01:02

nic 27 October, 2009 00:51

last lap...

these few days will be behind the mixing desk with fellow soundfreaks to squeeze out thebest sound within time limit..

macham "time crisis"

freaky game to play.. REAL LIFE!!!


nic 28 October, 2009 12:46

yes workin hard!

hearing through mixes these few days.. very ver y exciting and stressful hahaha..

ironing out details with the hardworking team...

you guys know how picky i am with the sounds and all.. seriously.. its gonna a very very special sounding album Guaranteed. Progressive melodies, interesting sounds, interesting mixes by passionates.

Oh my.. cant wait. Time for studio again!


pegg @ 00:59

23 October, 2009

sam updated his personal blog again on 21st oct 09.

Tree Top Walk


pegg @ 01:43

thanks anonymous for sharing..

extract from SHA' facebook:

$98 和 $48 门票所剩无几,赶快抢票!现在拨打热线6348 5555或上网www.singaporehitawards.sg看我们两位官方博客永森和芷慧的及时报道!

歌手:S.H.E/五月天/蔡健雅/萧敬腾/梁文音/徐佳莹/黄靖伦/张芸京/迷路兵/Olivia Ong/蔡艾珈/黄智阳/陈彼得/邱意琳/叶敦鸿



- 延伸舞台让你更近距离看到你喜欢的艺人

- 这次颁奖典礼将让每位上台的艺人有更长的表演时间

- 新加坡首唱!萧敬腾演绎孙燕姿 "我怀念的"

- 全球首唱! 迷路兵新专辑的歌曲

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pegg @ 01:39

weiqi 20 October, 2009 04:40

yup no worries, i'm back to doing my homework and making music le..so juggling act is back :) also, i've taken steps to get back my social life too haha.. been forcing myself to take breaks.

weiqi 21 October, 2009 02:39

thanks for the support that u all are giving mlb... really helps to drive us on.

actually the food is a starting point to talk about life. It is a mere analogy used to characterize the different songs in the album. Like how taste is so varied across different cultures in different countries.. same for music.. different genre, different emotions.. all linked to life experiences too. And food is familiar to all of us, and connects us in so many ways.. like the music we hear on the radio.. same thing... some stuff we will like, and share in common, but some we will differ in opinions. But the whole complex web of songs create a whole buffet! So MLB's 3rd album is a hand picked selection of the finest dishes in our opinion.. and presented to all of ya in a set meal :)
good night... sweet dreams to u all! and take care!

weiqi 21 October, 2009 20:44

yup.. mlb going to SHA to support 933 event as always :D

nic 22 October, 2009 02:24



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pegg @ 01:37

Been a while since I've posted...

milubing 20 October, 2009 00:42

: hello.. long time no post le. Been so busy with this album production till i burnt out bout 2 weeks ago. This is the first time that i'm so involved in the 'non-music' aspect of the production and the 1st time in my 3 plus years in uni that i didn't manage to juggle my school work while being part of the band. Since august, i have been going about my life as though i was a full time music artiste cum album concept artist... didn't attend my fyp class at school for a really long time till the profs started mailing me about my absence from class. I really wanted to make this album the BEST it could be thus my neglect for my school work. On the second week of October, the whistle was blown by the referee and I was substituted. So now I'm recuperating and have actually started doing my school work le :)
I have done what I could, my very best, to bring the album to a certain level.. now it is up to the other players in the game. Jiayo to my team mates, and may they score eventually! Now I am back to status quo, student and music guy in MLB just like nic and sam. Eagerly waiting for the album's arrival...

-wei qi

want something to 'lighten' up your day? have a cute bean tell u some facts about life.

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pegg @ 01:34

15 October, 2009

haha mlb will be attending SHA09 wor...
SHA = Singapore Hits Awards...
so if u guys wish to be there to give them your support,
here's the details,

日期: 2009 年11 月 6 日 (星期五)
时间: 晚上 7 点30分
地点: 新加坡室内体育馆
票价: *$98, *$48, $28 (Prices exclude $3 booking fee)

在职学生或全职新加坡武装部队人员可出示证件,以获取10% 折扣.
要买票的朋友可以到SISTIC 柜台,SISTIC 网站

but they say $98 ticket has sold out...

milubing jia you!


Mui Ling @ 00:41

milubing | 14 October, 2009 13:23

Most heartwarming.

Old buddy.

We try.

We tried.

Still heartwarming.

nic | 14 October, 2009 19:04

i duno who posted this one.. but see liao oh my.. very emo emo..

times change.. ppl grow.. ppl change.. i never wanna grow up! haha.. miss my school days..

miss everything of the sweet passt yet embracing the exciting future that awaits.

fyi : still have that red singlet keke

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Mui Ling @ 00:23

08 October, 2009

迷路兵Nic 称MV亲吻比在现实中难:


Mi Lu Bing’s Nic finds reel-life kissing “difficult”


thanks for informing...

nic | 08 October, 2009 02:03

Just got back.. Whew.. this year my birthday would be spent sleeping aand recouperation from my bad cough!! Haha..

A fruitful birthday... with good fruits from the studios :)

Will always remember today!!

Wah the GIF power lah! Thankooo!!!!

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Mui Ling @ 02:12

weiqi | 05 October, 2009 20:32

oei.. those muggin pls jiayo! i'm gonna join u all soon too! after this production though haha...

happy birthday nic!

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Mui Ling @ 00:30

04 October, 2009

sorry for the lack of updates..

here's the scan copy of the guys regarding their MV news in i-weekly.
thanks anonymous for sharing.


and tags from the guys..

Sam Wong 29 September, 2009 00:34

OH NO. Caught on cam..

nic 29 September, 2009 03:00

that one hand cover sam's face not real de la.. haha.. but i wish it were...keke...

nonono... we aint gay!


weiqi 29 September, 2009 03:53

wa ha ha.. super funny sia.. haha..

weiqi 30 September, 2009 01:36

the director very cool the hor hahaha..

nic 01 October, 2009 07:35

alamak... hush hush.. ppl hear liao lata sad sad haha.. she's 24...

weiqi 03 October, 2009 02:34

ok la, the truth is the director did the same thing to me on another shoot date.. wa lau.. he hor damn gao xiao la.. anyways... i can't wait to see the MV! :D

nic 03 October, 2009 23:18

i cant wait to cry over the story manz.. haha

nic 04 October, 2009 02:10

No candles, lanterns this year..

No birthday celebrations.. recording!!! HAHAHAA

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pegg @ 23:20

02 October, 2009

sam updated his blog~
Random Pics


Mui Ling @ 02:19