30 January, 2007

Sam tagged that the 3 of them met up last Saturday, Nic's doing fine. WeiQi is a little tired, but doing fine too!

Some answers to your tags:
After Sec. school, Sam worked (sales) for a while before going into army.For the upcoming performance, they'll probably do songs they've done before ( due to lack of time again).
However, they're also trying to add on stuff they haven't done before

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29 January, 2007

New post from Sam here...

Halo to everyone.I just looked thru the comments.. Some of it really encourages me. Recently, besides music, i've been hanging out a little bit more. Also spending time to catch up with friends. Yes, i'm a free and relaxed person now. Soon, i'll re-cultivate the good habit of exercising to keep myself fit. When i was younger and before i had a motor-bike, i used to ride my bicycle day and night, all around Singapore with my group of buddies. Now that we have different schedules, it's difficult to find common time for that. Was really fun, miss those days..

Hmm.. [ My 2 cents worth ]I hope that all of us will make good choices in life today. May we not look back one day in future and regret not doing the best we could at a certain point of time. This very much applies to myself! Also, like i always say - Be happy !Take care,i'll be around..

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Good day to you! There's a new compilation in stores called "best of #1 hits 2007" and Milubing's yong qi is one of the '#1 hits' (^v^). So do check it out; its selling $18.90 at all stores.



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24 January, 2007

NIC is currently down with fever and he had also strained his muscles somewhere between his ribs when running. however, it is nothing serious. yep. so dun worry ya.. and he misses his guitar(s) hahas.. yepp..

just some updates of nic from weiqi..

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21 January, 2007

Hello! Weiqi just posted the 3rd gathering picture on the blog.

download the pic here
Here's his tag...

weiqi 21 January, 2007 22:56
mmm.. 2nd Sem start only kick rite into the system leh..so xian hmwk suddenly all come!!! :P
Back to the busy student again... then on and off gotta do recordin and preparation for the ngee ann city gig. how many songs we singing ah? ha ha ha.. *hint hint*take care peeps!

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19 January, 2007

(Here is our dear Sam's tag in the blog...)

MLB [sam] 19 January, 2007 03:07
Hey Everyone.Thank u for the support and encouragements.Nowadays when asked about the date our EP will be released,i won't mention a specific date,cos we don't wanna disappointed anyone.However, the 3 of us are working towards it (release) and we hope to give our best.Thank u again for the patience even though it has already been quite some time.All jia you in whatever u are doing,be happy.


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16 January, 2007

Here's another event of MLB.

This event is to advertise the CNY album.

Venue: Bishan Junction 8 Level 3 Open Space

Time: 3pm

Date: 11th Feb 2007, Sunday

There will be other mediacorp artistes and campus superstars performing as well.

for more info, please go to the link below. (but it's in chinese, the english version is not yet out)



MLB Publicity Blog @ 21:50

15 January, 2007

sorry for this late update of the 3rd gathering which was held on 7th Jan 07, Sunday..

the event started with MLB giving a so call speech and a Q&A session.
next, we celebrated WEIQI's birthday in advance.

we first present an ang ku kueh..

and he was really shocked or should i say amazed??..

after which, we presented him the real cake we got for him and the card shihui made..

and NIC really loves the cake. but i cant say the same thing for SAM.. =X

after the celebration, we started playing the games..

1st up was the bingo game.

..NIC's group..

..SAM's group..

..WEIQI's group..

2nd was the trivial game.

answers to the trivial game were..
1. NIC has 7 guitars to date now.
2. NIC composition of "One Day" won the Talent Quest.
3. SAM is a Hokkien.
4. WEIQI learnt the piano at the age of 3.
5. SAM likes white carrot cake but actually he eats both.
6. The song sung in QF9 was "Dan Xiao Gui".
7. ALL 3 of them wore spectables on their 2nd audition and sang "Ben Xiao Hai".

think it's abt all ba.. =)

3rd was the lucky draw..

and to end this event, we took pics..

and of course, not forgetting to thank the 3rd Gathering COmmittee Members for organising the gathering..

---THE END---

..credits for the pics..
-ellekay- -capri- -marssh- -mui ling- -lijuan- -xzellyn- -samuela- -ning zhi- -flora-
*sorry if i've left out any cux i simply asked for the pics from those i knw and too many liaos. hahas. SUPER SORRY!!*


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13 January, 2007

Nic called weiqi from camp the other day and it seems like he's doin real fine.


MLB Publicity Blog @ 22:20

hey all. i know all of u must be wondering when will be the next time we can see MLB performing. i believe some of u have seen this poster before. i din post up this info cux i wasn't confirmed if they attending this event for sure. HOWEVER!! im still not confirmed now. but well, i was just wondering for those who like to play basketball, u can take part in it as well.

below is the link to the poster that mention that MLB will be attending.


The draw & dish 3on3 street basketball gala 2007 Event ..

Venue: Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza
Date : 10th Feb 2007
Time : 7am - 8pm
Host : Mediacorp artiste - Ben Yeo
Star Performance By : SUPERBAND MI LU BING & Campus Superstar Geraldine


MLB Publicity Blog @ 20:41

That is message from nic...

A journey's started where d old one hasn't end a journey well walked a journey of friends itz not gd bye I'm not gona die i'll juz b away for a lil while see you all soon in a week or two before i know music wil b within grasps again still concrete air replaced by stale sea breeze nothing much to complain...but smile with a sulk a new life to begin when a new one's juz started lets juz look forward..see mi through!

Duh! Hope he's enjoying himself...sounds wrong...hmm...LOL!

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10 January, 2007

The following was posted by Weiqi in the new blog...

Thank u all for...Sunday was a really great day for the 3 of us, adn i hope it was a fun for u all too! My face was kinda gao wei during the gathering...cos...i didn't eat my lunch, got gastric la :p and my face not so smiley ma HAHA.. but my heart was smiley! so happy! yet everything happened so quickly and b4 I knew it, i was back at hostel cleaning up the 1 month's worth of dust collected on the floor...but the BIG card and lovely letters from so many of u made my day... a BIG THANK U for all the cards k?

I also wanna thank...(in random order):
The COMM who organised the gathering!!! GREAT JOB, cldn't do it without u all k? And all the background work like scouting for places, going down to location, providing me the info then i jus upload...hahaha..really thanks ya? Thanks for being a great aid to us while we were busy with the EP...

M.E.S.S. for the Tee(which fits! and yes Sam wear's bigger tee size than me) and the scrap book! Oh..now i see the glue...whoops...

ShiHui for the angry faceJ.W. for the nice photo frame! cute :)

ShiWei for the pencil box..mm..useful!

Samuela, Kaysee, Wei Jin for the fish tank(too small to swim la) and the beatboxing tee(which i dun dare to wear cos paiseh)..but thanks, and hope it wasn't too troublesome to get that tee printed (:

Liling for the cap which i will design when i'm free! wa, make my hands itchy le..this time maybe i'll sew..

Kang Qii_# for the deathnote heh heh... it's really cool, only 2007 organiser in this world that sunday comes after tuesday hAHHAHaha kiddin u only ya? it's ok, i understand, RI gang ma..

Sofui n Ellen for the SUPER USEFUL INSPIRATIONAL book of ideas...and the quiz too haha!

THANKS!Last but not least, Jia Hui for the lame red thingy which really proves that ur from RI gang...but kawaii laAll of u have made my (super early) birthday a happy one indeed.. THANK U!

p.s. Hope u all like ur new tees, and rmbr, turn it inside out b4 washing and dun iron the print k? and also, i wanna thank all of u who 'JIA YO'ed me during my exams..cos my average result is 4.3 / 5...thanks for the support..love u all.


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09 January, 2007

Goodbye superblog... Pls go to


on TUESDAY, 9th Jan 07, 1311HRS onwards
see ya there MLBians...

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06 January, 2007

FAQ for the gathering:

Q: Will we have to bring another set of clothing for the gathering tml?

A: Basically i feel if you're going to be wild tomorrow, you should bring an extra set of clothings jux in case. but all might get wet to an extent tml, however it wun be total wetness. if u like, the girls can wear dark coloured clothes.

Q: What if I'm feeling unwell and cannot play the game?

A: Let the committee members know when they're verifying your attendance.

Q: What if I'm unable to turn up for the gathering, then how am i supposed to collect the MLB Tee??

A: You can either ask your friend to collect it on your behalf and please rmb to pass him/her the coupon given upon payment on pre-gathering day. If you really do not know anyone in the MLB Family, please send your name, last 4 digits of your IC No and the size of the tee u've ordered to dolphin_gal88@hotmail.com or veronise@hotmail.com by tonight (6th Jan 2007).
We will keep the tee for those who contact us only.


MLB Publicity Blog @ 14:59

05 January, 2007

How to go to the gathering venue?

Take Bus 401 from Bedok Interchange and alight at Tennis Center bus stop at East Coast Park. If you miss the stop. alight at the next stop which is nearer to the Macdonald and walk back. Pit C29 is just located behind the tennis centre (now converted into parking lot).

Please take note that Bus 401 only operates on Sat, Sun & Public holiday. Take note at the bus time schedule as the last bus at Tennis Centre is 1959 on Sunday.

There will be a pick up of MLBians at Macdonald @ 1.30pm, please look out for the gathering committee outside the Macdonald, near the small fountain. Those who are late have to go to the pit themselves. The pit is just mins away from Mac.

Dresscode: As simple as possible, Tee-shirt and bermuda or shorts with slippers are the best. As the game we playing require some running and may get WET too. Don't bring too many things with you as it is an open area and nobody will be around to watch your things while you are having fun.

Bring brolly in case it does rain, but pray hard it doesn't. :p

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03 January, 2007


Some FAQ about the gathering and other misc issues...

Q: Are we collecting our tees during the 3rd gathering?

A: Yes

Q: What if I'm unable to make it for the 3rd gathering to collect the MLB tee?

A: Please do ask your friend to collect it on your behalf and pass her the coupon that was given to you upon payment on the pre-gathering day, 16th Dec 2006.

Q: Do i need to be some vip fan to join the 3rd gathering?

A: Nope, all of MLB's friends are treated as family, all are equally loved. So all are welcome! :)

Q: I didn't manage to register for the gathering...can i still go?

A: "Yup, we had thought of that too. We can't prevent ppl who don't sign up but still go there, after all ECP is a public area. Well the $ is mainly for e drinks, prizes and cake. An identification item will be given on e spot for ppl who sign up. Only those with these identification tags will be allowed to play games with MLB, have the drinks and cake. We are opened abt the location as we hope all can go and have a good time with the boys before Nic enlists for NS. The fee is not big, we try to make sure most of the fans can afford, esp the students. So really hope all fans can register themselves and have fun, interact with the boys there.

Flora 29/12/2006, 12:07 "

Q:What do i do if i wanna join the talent thingy during the gathering?

A: " just wondering if any of the MLBians wish to perform during the gathering. If you want, please email to dolphin_gal88@hotmail.com or veronise@hotmail.com . deadline would be on 3rd Jan 2007,Wednesday.


peg 30/12/2006, 18:37 "

Pls bring an umbrella along in case!

Here's the receipt of the tees:

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MLB Publicity Blog @ 09:24

02 January, 2007

here are some pics from the countdown. =D
*thanks marssh for the pics*


MLB Publicity Blog @ 18:37

01 January, 2007

Thank u all who came down to witness the new year with us and for all the warm wishes! It was really fun cos of the MLBians who were with us. But not forgeting the rest who were supporting from home, we hope u enjoyed our performance and the whole show itself! Here's wishing everyone a HAPPY 2007!!!

-Mi Lu Bing


MLB Publicity Blog @ 21:38

here's the mp3 for the song, original prankster by mlb during the countdown at vivocity. =DD


for those who have missed the performance, eric had posted it up into youtube.
*thanks eric*



MLB Publicity Blog @ 20:01

Dear all, thanks for making the effort to register urself for the gathering during those 3 days that we've set up.

We will be opening up another registration for the gathering for those who couldn't make it for those 3 days.

Details for the new registration will be:

Date: 2nd Jan 2007
Time: 2.30pm - 4pm
Venue: Raffles City Burger King (alight at City Hall station, take escalator down to Basement 1. It is located beside Mos Burger).

Look out for table with Superband Album.

Please disseminate this info to the rest of the MLBians and hopefully they'll be able to make it.
Thank you!


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