23 February, 2010

nic | 23 February, 2010 05:28

Thanks people for the voting.. really got heart :)

BUT the result ain't that important k k?.. enjoy the process..

The music..

The performances..

At last - The memories!

Lotsa Lurve...

sam | 23 February, 2010 10:53

Yea. Agreed. Cheers!!

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Mui Ling @ 23:03

lets vote~




thanks uncle phil and ik for informing...


Mui Ling @ 22:57

sorry for the lagging updates, me busy~~~

sam updated his blog...
Two Suppers A Night


Mui Ling @ 22:56

14 February, 2010

Sam Wong | 14 February, 2010 10:43

Wishing MLB and the MLB family 新年快乐! May we be reminded of the positive things in life and fight like a tiger. Cheers!


Mui Ling @ 22:37

sam updated his blog~


Mui Ling @ 22:36

thank u musiclover_rock2008 for providing the article...



Mui Ling @ 22:30

11 February, 2010

happy birthday xiaohong!!
have a wonderful day with your loved ones and God blessed.. =)


pegg @ 00:00

10 February, 2010

nic | 08 February, 2010 17:08

V for Vendetta! Great show for thinkers out there..

entire show was carried forth via speech not action.

10/10 movie :)

V picks rock!

nic | 08 February, 2010 17:10

"The material I use is sounding very close to tortoise , but it is lasting much longer."

quote from the Wegen site..

for those that love the tortoise sound.. go for it!

muffled and thick.. minimal squeek and click..

Vpicks lose at that.. there will always be a compromise :(


Mui Ling @ 23:50

09 February, 2010

happy birthday to ivan.. =)
have a blessed day ahead and may you have many returns.. =D


pegg @ 00:00

08 February, 2010

《新加坡e乐大赏》is here again. Go nomitate for the best online fan club.

thanks anonymous for informing


Mui Ling @ 03:58

06 February, 2010

updated sam's personal blog.

6th Feb: Bye Purple.


pegg @ 20:09

05 February, 2010

HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY to dearest liwhey!!! =DD
hope you've enjoyed yourself and all the best!!!


pegg @ 12:42

"nic 01 February, 2010 07:35

how they are made. crazy


"sam 01 February, 2010 11:39

Until now, i'm still not good with picks. Smoother using fingers. Gotta need more practice.

Good day to all, no Monday blues ya.."

"nic 01 February, 2010 18:00



Each pick has a diff sound.. due to the material density and hardness or thickness..

then what?

different girls for diff days? cannot laa!!!! wuahaha...

This pick is interesting because of the workmanship and hence sound produced.. my typical tortex black and hard ones are still used.. in gigs when i'm afraid to lose my 15 dolla pick keke.. or in the studio when i want a thinner sound..

and for acoustic strumming use thin ones coz u want the acoustic guitar sound thin and crisp.. all about usage ba..

tone is 30% of everything else.. it makes up the speaking voice of the medium.. the guitar tone in this case..

hence each has its use.. fingers. picks.. coins.. tongue (like crazy jimmi hendrix).. finger nails..

Its just how you wanna speak using the guitar.

I'm no pro.. but understanding an instrument how it works and what works best in a situation makes u an understanding player..

know the battle ground before you go into war! haha..

Plexu glass like material - its crazy.. but i have experienced th difference.. i know it exists :)

Some of my student came back with entire packs of picks.. all diff hardness and material just for their strumming lesson?!!! crazy... i respect..

experimenting and learning along the way is always fun!! so grab a pack of picks now! jokes..

kidding la. try strumming ur piano keke"

"nic 01 February, 2010 18:03

and yes.. sg has so lil things.. but..

went to thailand shop for 3 days (a holiday back then in 2008).. bought back the black telecaster.. almost a wasted trip!!!!!!

Thailand too even got less guit shops than SG!! so must appreciate liaoz keke..

Tried Malaysia.. crazy prices and lil shops too.. hard to find..

How I wish its the US culture here for music!"

"nic 01 February, 2010 19:03

Yep.. they produce one series with a buffed surface.. another matt.

The matt surface ones are for a "rougher" sound.. grinds the strings for abit more "Bite"..

I've tried all.. couldn't bear to buy them all.. expensive la to collect!! haha.. hence bought 2 which suited my usage.. as friend of mine imports guits and VPicks.. so I had lovely opportunities to try ALL of them! Need more money to rob him of one of his guits! ARgh!!!!

Below are the picks I have for recording and playing (not the look gd collection aye.. workhorses to do my art).. Hope this is helpful to those that play or wanna understand more about guits and tone in relation to the pick or fingers! And pls dont forsake the fingers and chop them off saying you dont need them.. coz fingers are the priceless picks!!!!!!!


"nic 01 February, 2010 19:08


I got so many picks which you refer to as girls how..........


"nic 02 February, 2010 04:58

I know a friend who carries them.. if want.. email me :)


Anonymous (I think Angie?)
In my pick keychain always 3 picks minimum.

1 V pick Diamond
1 Acoustic pick
1 tortex small hard pick

So i got 3 women in my pocket? jokes la! haha

suprisingly these picks improve technique..

Thick picks phycologically affect us.. we no need grab so tight.. hence loosen the right hand grip..

when practice i ALWAYS use the V Pick Diamond.. when i change back to a normal one or the thinner Vpick.. more relaxed :)

About the grip thing they say on the web? eh.. not really la.. haha.. dunno..

Oh my goodness. shouldnt be promoting a product here. But gosh. ITZ GREAT. been 8 mth since the change from a traditional pick to a Vpick.. if i lose a v pick i sure will get it replaced.. but the traditional (good) pick cant be eradicated. Most neutral and has proven it's versatility over the years..

try strumming on a Vpick.. to me erhem.. its bad....

try a Vpick on individual notes of heavy palm muting..



"nic 03 February, 2010 09:13

nice nice... do things with hand gd..

i also doing thing with hand..

oh my goodness i cant fall aslp and got a meeting at 3pm.. got class at 6..

been at the guit since hme.. try slp in the end also get up and practice..

going bonkers with the guitar..

like this guy..


i'm practicing with the pick he's using.. the insanity vpick.. freakishly HUMONGOUS and hard to play.. but supposed to improve after a week as claimed by the creator of it.. just cant stop.. too nice a challenge too great a challenge... going insane!! argh!!!!

see how it goes.. no other picks but this one for the week... or the month..

forgive my crapping. zzzz..


"nic 04 February, 2010 00:26

We humans are like that..

Got simple.. want complicated..

got complications want it simple..

Law of marginal Utility - The more we have of one thing, the less we want of it :)

Nothing beats a jazz bossa band with tea and red velvet couches!"


pegg @ 12:38

Gd Moring Baltimore!!

milubing 01 February, 2010 07:07

Yea.. this kid needs midnight entertainment haha..

7 am time to sleep.. tml its workin' on music again..

Anyways.. got the Chocs.. the new yr goodies.. Thankoo millions!!! Lurvely people.. lurvely.

The amazing collector's editing Jimmi Hendrix picks wth!! That I wont use.. NEVER!


Thanks for all the heartfelt kind little gifts.. Personally... I dont deserve (or expect) anything more than the satisfaction of having the best job in the world.. in not the best part of the world though in terms of $$ haha.. thats the sad part aye..

kidding.. anyways...

Thank you all..

in total...

(Names kept secret...)

2 packs of choco finito..

1 more 80% cocoa.. must eat little by little.. concentrated *haI*tz!!

New yr goodies done!

Xiao Ding Dang plush kept and cuddled..

Jimmi hendrix Pix Kept for admiration purposes ONLY!!!!

Fender thin pick will be used.. hoping to get some nice guit tracks on album (first time see such pick definitely must experiment... triangle big big one)

Thank you all!! Intro some thing too..

V picks..


Little people know that a pick can alter your entire sound.. from 20% - 60%

This kinda a love hate relationship for me.. each pick cost ard 5 - 15 sgd .. got 2 diff ones in my artillery.. The fender's added to my armoury now operationally ready!! ORD! haha.. Love the thickness of sound on this thing (due thickness 3 50cent coins for one of the models).. hate because of the "clicking" sound caused by thick picks' meterial fiberglassish kinda resin.

Oh well.. guess I'm talking too much music..

In pop industry must talk more on how interesting my life is.. Being in the media light etc etc.. OOPS.


To me.. Music is my life :)

Friends that stay by me are my life.

Family that love me gave me life :)

I enjoy hiding in my cave.. preparing music to give to the world..

Doing more music to keep the flame of passion and of fellow passionists alive..

KUDOS to all awake! Gd night!

Oh My Goodness. The pick box better not scratch. The Sender should know what I mean :)

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pegg @ 12:37

sorry for the lack of updates guys. hahas =X

sam updated his personal blog on

1st Feb: Yesterday.

and tags from the guys in the main blog.

"weiqi 01 February, 2010 02:15

thank you all mlbians :) super sweet of u all. Am in school now haha, as some of u have guessed.. FYP.. yup, birthdays no excuse to relack :p
good night to all of u, take care and jiayo!"

"nic 01 February, 2010 04:20

Welcome to 25 bro!"

"nic 01 February, 2010 04:21

intro some good read ups for those interesting in singing.. a personal blog done by one of our teachers :) a nice friend of mine..


"nic 01 February, 2010 04:25

ya bet!!!

just finish resoldering my pickups on one of my guits.. got burned... argh! sigh..

time for game... evil though.."

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pegg @ 12:32