29 April, 2009

nic | 29 April, 2009 00:58

bo pian.. we're all busy couldnt all attend.. sam was doing our band's admin stuff.. wei qi exams.. if could.. we would never do it alone :)

whew.. break time's soon over.. album works coming up..woohooo


Mui Ling @ 05:22

26 April, 2009

thanks capri for sharing pics of the guys in their concert on 24th Apr 08. (=



pegg @ 15:23

25 April, 2009

and Sam blogged too. (=



pegg @ 15:52


milubing 25 April, 2009 02:16


Despite whatever little difficulties or obstacles we may have encountered along the way, think it was all worthwhile for that short 1 hour of fun, an unforgettable experience we will store in our memory folder. It wasn't perfect, but sort of complete - with your singing along and cheers that truly touched us. We felt it. Thank you again!

We'll meet again soon!


Anonymous weiqi 25 April, 2009 03:32

THANKS SO MUCH FOR COMING DOWN!!! Really glad that you all enjoyed it! I know it seemed like we were rushing, cos we had to follow the timing that was planned. No worries, this is our first time doing something like that, so we're a bit inexperienced, so pls pardon us. Next round we'll make the performance more shiok oki? Actually got dancing one la, but nic dun wanna dance sia.. me and sam already plan hao to sabo him on stage, but he shy la hahahahaha...

I'm so tired!!! FINALLY! i can slp le, really slp and not set alarm clock for tmr! WOOHOO!!!

THANKS for the flowers k? u know who u gals are! We still kept the laminated card from the flowers! :) THere are also some other stuff, but we haven't sorted it out, very luan, some things with nic, some with sam, some with me... confused le. We gotta meet up and get it sorted out :p

The thing about concerts, u prepare like siao..so many months of sweat and blood, then 1 hour POOF! gone le haha.. only memories left..but it was a superb memory for us.. hearing u all sing with us together! so cooL! like we were all singing together! we were rite?!? haha... i seh le..

Ok ok.. i tag more later/.. go kun first. NITE!!!

p.s. Angie, regarding the webinar project, i think many people already found their internship thingy le, cos the deadline should be over soon. So i not so sure leh :(

Anonymous nic 25 April, 2009 03:43

Suddenly.. poof..

drop in adreneline.. no more liao.. 2 mth preparation POOF.

an hr and its a memory.

BUT a great memory it will be.. and hope MANY MORE to come!!!

Just now like dont wanna leave the stage encore somemore.. but no choice.. got rules and regulations of the location regarding time and structure we must obey..

The place was great.. you ppl were..

if only got more..

Thanks for the jumping, the screaming, the time taken to come..

thank you all!!!

Anonymous weiqi 25 April, 2009 03:44

oki uncle phil and qianhui, sleep le! :) my eyes can't open le, but i'm still excited, dunno why haha.. nic couldn't stop his excitement since 6am yesterday haha.. he only slept 2 hours b4 concert, can't slp la that guy, too excited.. i weird, after concert then still excited haha.. Sam leh, i think he excited but dun really show one HAHAHA.. but now we all 3 also need to kun le.. RECHARGE battery!!! NITE!!!

Anonymous nic 25 April, 2009 03:47

yean bro.

At last sore throat come.. managed to last through.. ulcer come liao.. HURRAY!!!!

You need rest go orgh orgh ba.. charge until batt spoil.

Blogger Sam Wong 25 April, 2009 11:40

I'm here too. =)
Good day to all!

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pegg @ 15:44

22 April, 2009

musiclover_rock2008 | 21 April, 2009 09:38

From different magazines and newspapers articles:

20 Apr 09 Straits Times (RasorTv):


No.966 8 days (concert):


No.599 I weekly (cds recommendations):


No.599 I weekly (concert):


thanks musiclover_rock2008 for providing =)

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Mui Ling @ 03:00

milubing | 21 April, 2009 14:50

Milubing's history

Milubing's 3rd Album

The first Milubing concert

Milubing's opinions on the music industry

Milubing's acoustic performance

A simple interview with Bryan from Razor TV.
Only pity is WQ couldn't make it cos of school commitments.

See Ya Friday!


Mui Ling @ 01:46

20 April, 2009

Sam blogged again on 19th apr @ after 2.55pm. (=



pegg @ 17:48

this wk's I-weekly featured MLB recommending songs/albums that they like, plus there's publicity on their concert.

and thanks anonymous for informing.

"Anonymous 20 April, 2009 17:37

Remember stay tune @ www.razortv.com.sg tonight 7pm online. MLB will be on air. Don't miss it, catch em' there =) "


pegg @ 17:45

19 April, 2009

weiqi 19 April, 2009 01:49

hey everyone, dear mlbians, just dropped by to say hello! I'm not dead! haha.. battling exams till i missed some interviews with the guys, but i promise to be there on the 24th heh heh.. thanks on behalf of the guys for all the jiayos! Take care peeps...
some updates: we've been really super uber busy preparing for the gig, some loose ends that we gotta iron out.. but we're having a positive mindset, moving ahead towards the 24th. Can't wait to finish up my work so that i can practice more! nitey!


pegg @ 15:31

17 April, 2009

sorry for the lagging updates...

thanks to those that provide the articles...
The Newpaper 13th april:
From yesterday's "New Paper" (13 Apr 09):




MY paper 15th april

TODAY online 16th april 2009:


Mui Ling @ 16:45

16 April, 2009

nic | 14 April, 2009 09:29


Since the first album WE HAVE ALL THE WHILE BEEN PART OF THE PRODUCTION. We track some instrument tracks ourselves.. arrangement and all.

No new working style that we hope will work as said.

Its all a misunderstanding i guess.

Stating facts based on facts.


Mui Ling @ 03:05

14 April, 2009

M...lb United
milubing | 13 April, 2009 22:30

"Remember, always give your best. Never get discouraged. Never be petty. Always remember, others may hate you. But those who hate you don't win unless you hate them. And then you destroy yourself."

sam :
Perhaps you saw, maybe you didn't. I was surprised, that it turned out like that.
Why? Nevermind now.

For me, today was a good start to the week. I think its the same for the 3 of us, had each other for company in the afternoon, jammin..

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Mui Ling @ 00:50

12 April, 2009

weiqi | 12 April, 2009 10:48

"Zombification - Part 1. Three days of Hell"

A short non-fiction story by
Chan Wei Qi

Coming soon...


Mui Ling @ 14:02

Sam Wong | 12 April, 2009 01:03

May Sunday be a lovely day for all.
May you have sufficient rest for a new week to come.
Listen to music, its good for health. In my opinion.

nic | 12 April, 2009 01:58


web to share.. digest for all those bold at heart!

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Mui Ling @ 03:29

thanks to the following person for sharing =D...

musiclover_rock2008 | 10 April, 2009 19:39

From today's Straits Times, Lifestyle. Sorry that I have divided the article into 3 segments, some space constraints of scanning.





Mui Ling @ 03:27

Sam updated his blog on 11th april, 11.33pm;
titled: SS show


Mui Ling @ 03:21

07 April, 2009

The Kindness Movement
milubing | 05 April, 2009 23:52

It has been quite happening these few days, with interviews, the esplanade and the IMM show.. now the focus and energy would all be spent aligning the stars for the 24th (metaphorically speaking).

It's not always about how with a kind manner we speak , but how kind the true intentions behind the words are. Yet sometimes we accidentally string words into unpleasant phrases that hurt. We may know the words of our own, but other's words may be misinterpreted.
It seems like a life skill to master the art of putting what we mean into words that are interpreted clearly. We're all learning.

As a Band, we believe in being nice, accommodating to whatever we can, whenever we can, doing our best for people within our means. We are true to ourselves and believe in not hurting others.

Let's clarify. We don't mean that we only want to hear the good stuff, but we want to hear everything, critical comments that are constructive, good comments that are encouraging.

We know the hardship you guys go through waiting for us, supporting us and cheering us through the days; and good begets good.. kindness begets kindness.. and hence we are motivated to give you guys more.

We are normal people we have always said, and therefore acclaim the right to feel emotions everyone feels, being, sorrow, anger, happiness and even tears.

In conclusion.. we're giving our best, to not be regretful of not being the best we can be, and to return the kindness and love shown to the Band as a whole.

Thank you for being there for us. Hope you guys can see the bands' heart.

We're Human.

(Esplanade.. Here we come)

Thank You Guys for coming down, we haven't heard such loud lovely cheers in such a long time! Felt great despite hiccups in the sound.. kept me from sulking, left me smiling! Thank you! You guys made our day :)

Seeing you all sing along, and reading all the encouraging letters, we're powered up to give u our best at Esplanade, just as always, only this time for an hour long ;) Thank you for growing up with us :)

Its truly amazing that we have a chance to do this. 谢谢support! Now lets all work hard in whatever we have to and look forward to tomorrow where you leave home and see your neighbour and you greet him/her with a smile, showing your teeth.


Mui Ling @ 01:31

04 April, 2009

milubing 03 April, 2009 23:46


As you know, this 3 guys are currently working on the coming little concert.

We'll do our best, present to you something nice.

Let's jia you together!

For now, a warm up at IMM tomorrow.

NOTE : Updates from the ICs in the previous post's tag


pegg @ 14:19

02 April, 2009

weiqi | 02 April, 2009 04:24

rise and shine peeps... sigh.. stuck in school again.. oh dear.. the rituals begin once again! in your head, in you heeeaaaad.. zombie zombie zom bie bie bie bie... bio clock upside down.. gotta 'ren' all the way till after 24th...


Mui Ling @ 23:04