25 June, 2009

nic | 23 June, 2009 02:46

welcome!.. no mlb fc..

just ppl that support us from the heart!

Pls do join us!

weiqi | 23 June, 2009 23:59

wow.. gathering coming real soon :)

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Mui Ling @ 00:55

23 June, 2009

nic | 22 June, 2009 03:47

need a holiday :(


Mui Ling @ 01:49

18 June, 2009

nic | 18 June, 2009 02:29

Aiyoyo!! messy messy.. we'll sort out timings soon.. hope all be able to attend yea..

(happy bday qian hui! better late than never? oops...)


Mui Ling @ 04:23

17 June, 2009

Gathering, Updated!
milubing | 14 June, 2009 01:03

mlb :

Hey dear people. Just wanna check with you all..
What if we change the gathering date to either 22/6 Monday afternoon? Or 26/6 Friday evening? Exploring these dates cos we're hoping to have a nice place with good stuff and interesting line-up for ya..
Anyone, everyone, please tag if ya can make it!

Thank you for the prompt replies. Hmm.. Seems like weekday afternoons are not good for some of you. OK, will confirm asap. Next is what would ya like to do?

Me again. We've decided to postpone the date to a month later so that there is more time for our family to make time. I apologize for the changes here and there, we try our best to set a date comfortable for all/most, hoping more of us can make it for the drinks and chat and music and fun. Do tune in for the confirmed date!


Mui Ling @ 01:31

14 June, 2009

Sam updated his blog...
titled: Sunday Evening


Mui Ling @ 23:30

milubing | 14 June, 2009 01:03

mlb :

Hey dear people. Just wanna check with you all..

What if we change the gathering date to either 22/6 Monday afternoon? Or 26/6 Friday evening? Exploring these dates cos we're hoping to have a nice place with good stuff and interesting line-up for ya..

Anyone, everyone, please tag if ya can make it!


Mui Ling @ 03:34

13 June, 2009

left 3 dead...
milubing | 12 June, 2009 00:18

: My bros busy.. so i put a quick post here.. gathering 99% on the 27 June according to Nic's booking.. Sam will update u all with more details as well as lias with the comm :)

Today SUPER OT!!! i ended @ 8:45ish pm??? but also cos i kinda messed up at office..so felt bad to leave..then tmr i gotta treat everyone durian during lunch.. damn fummy la my this work group (and boss)... everyone always eat durian during and after lunch.. xiao eh.. sore throat gao gao.. i haven't gena yet but i think i better b careful..

Tonite we met up to settle some arrangements.. i think everyone damn tired.. got good ideas but very short of time.. MLB needs a machine that stops time... do u have one?

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Mui Ling @ 03:11

11 June, 2009

Sam updated his blog...
titled: Late Night Ride


Mui Ling @ 01:31

milubing | 09 June, 2009 23:36

sam :

Just reached home from a meeting with ma brothers and Jasmin and 2 other important guys that you won't know if i tell you now but will know in time to come, discussions regarding our 3rd album which we're in the process of preparing, looking forward to launch it and hoping more people will listen to our music. Wa.. Long sentence sia. Bound to have hiccups along the way, but things are looking good. So good lor.

加油? Yea.
加钱 even better.

The weather's really hot cos the sun's on fire, but do you know it will stop burning one day?


Good morning.

A little reminder bout our 'yue ding'...
u still remember rite?
Here are the possible dates....

21, 27, 28 of June... Place? initially we wanted to have it at Fusion 18chefs.. but not opened on weekends so we're checking out other places :)

Any ideas for the programme line out? No sabo-ing ah? haha... can comment what is your idea of a great MLB family reunion.. a long awaited one ya? Everyone's super busy.. yup.. but it's time to do some catching up with u all :D

Lil update:
As Sam said, things are looking good... the 3 of us are uber busy as usual..
All 3 are cracking brains cos now 3rd album is in production le
Nic got an exciting school coming up, so lots of planning and running around
Wq got internship(4 times a week 9hr/day, monday's jamming day) and FYP preproduction
Sam got lessons to teach and organise, as well as some other matters to see to
MLBians gotta also go through each of their daily obstacles in life, but hopefully with a smile :D

Everyone jiayo k? We CAN do it! And Ahem... see u all really really soon... smile :)

ok la goodnite :p (stick out tongue now)

weiqi | 10 June, 2009 03:09

Thanks so much for the enthusiasm... Really heart warming :)
Sigh.. my work place can't use net for leisure..everyday OT, and everyday come back so late.. hardly check my emails these days..
anyways.. GOOD NITE U all! Sleep tight!
take care...

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Mui Ling @ 01:22

09 June, 2009

Sam updated his blog...
titled: Hot


Mui Ling @ 02:28

06 June, 2009

My 2nd Home's finally up!
milubing | 06 June, 2009 00:42

At last.. after a tiring dunno how many weeks.. it's now finally up and running!! Yay!!

But for now it's sleep, just got back.. got jamming in the morning. Click here to visit my blog for the pix and update, too tired upload, copy and paste... zzzzzz drop dead liaoz.. need juice for tml's jamming. Signing off now to charge my overly low batt.

But I'll sleep happy and relieved :)

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Mui Ling @ 02:52

05 June, 2009

It's Coming
milubing | 04 June, 2009 01:07


At last, pre production has started. We're meeting people, getting up demos, working OT, getting up sounds with the Engineer, realigning album directions with the producer, jasmin's grabbing on to vital details and coming up with great A&P plans. This time it would be a blast (I believe so). Make or break..

This one's gonna give the Big Boys up there "a run for their money".

Overall, we're all workin' our best to bring u guys even better music.

With all the people having hopes on us, Won't wanna let anyone down do we?

Hope. That makes us human.



Mui Ling @ 03:51

nic | 04 June, 2009 01:11

I need a holiday too man.. enjoy for me. Thanks haha...


Mui Ling @ 03:46

03 June, 2009

1200th post!

hopeful | 01 June, 2009 12:36

hi quote fm a source.. The Golden Path showing in China Channel, in late May09..

"The Golden Path since it was first shown in China's 江西卫视 TV Channel..... , has since achieved excellent TV Ratings and even topped the TV ratings of the Channel !


Mui Ling @ 02:09

Anonymous | 01 June, 2009 00:33

Found this post fm nic's entry 'Messy thoughts. Long Winded. Nothing Spectacular. ME.'


Hardluck | 22 May, 2009 23:48

hey, I am the fan across the bridge. Malaysia's Astro is putting up the show of Golden Path about 1 month ago.

I bet you, your group is being noticed now. The song is nice .... the theme song of the series is like a slow rock song. Voice similar to the Taiwan's Dick.... not sure of the group full name.

Going to find your album now in Malaysia. Not sure still can get here or not.

Come to Malaysia do your road show, you will have your fans here.

Cheers and keep working hard.



Mui Ling @ 02:08