26 September, 2009

sam blogged =D
Out Of The Blue


Mui Ling @ 03:03

nic 24 September, 2009 10:21

hope we managed to bring out the painful and joyful side of life!


pegg @ 00:28

24 September, 2009

milubing | 23 September, 2009 11:07

mlb :

Past 3 days of filming was exciting, HIGH, awkward, tiring. Overall it was interesting. Getting into character, becoming somebody we are not, acting a story with the music we wrote.. Got SO HIGH when we jam! Had fun together..

A BIG THANK YOU to the production team and all of you friends who stayed around to help us during the shoot..

Wan Bao Article

OMY.SG Writeup

Thank you for the links!


Mui Ling @ 08:10

18 September, 2009

GOOD Morning
milubing 18 September, 2009 09:19

mlb :

Today's Friday! The week passed so quickly....

8hrs ago, MLB and friends, a group of panda eyes, were having prata at Jalan Kayu, after recording.. Getting closer each day, we're excited too!

MV filming very soon, OH NO, gonna act.. Don't laugh man, its a good serious story. We'll be the best actor we can..

See ya!


pegg @ 23:26

14 September, 2009

nic | 14 September, 2009 00:52

gd that everyone is so happy!


We hope the happiness will last.. and that we can continue giving our all for you guys, family, friends, SG, the Mando world!!


sam updated his blog also
titled 朋友

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Mui Ling @ 01:20

13 September, 2009

and finally uploaded all the videos onto publicity blog youtube's acc.. hahas =0

enjoy lo~

my part of photos will be uploaded hopefully by tonight..

Crash and Burn
Peng You
Cheng Shu and Shi Jie Ma Fan Jie Guo Yi Xia
Ni Kuai Le Suo Yi Wo Kuai Le

and thanks GNIJUY for sharing the photos..

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pegg @ 09:20

milubing 13 September, 2009 00:45

Bet you guys cant guess who this is. Will type with GENERIC language characterization.

You guys made it happening! Cant imagine a gig without you guys jumping and cheering us on!

Been busy, little time to fork out for practices but we sure he** gave all our energy wacking our instruments to their thresholds!

Things may never be the best, but I believe most importantly it must be from the heart, thats what make them irreplaceable.

Towels given we appreciatively use :)

Notes and letter given we read and ponder and reminiscent :)

Gift like today's keychain thingy we'll keep close to heart :)

Moral support given --- PRICELESS.

We had a great time. Hope you all did too. Quite worn out, gave an all out performance for you guys and SG. We'll take a rest now :) You all should too, waiting in such a humid weather.

PS : apologies the MC dragged you guys on stage dunno what to do! Its a great dunno what to do moment in all our lives we all will never forget yea? Haha.. Oops.

To those who came, thank you and hope you had a good time. To those who couldn't join us, no problem, join us in our next gig to share the memories!


MLB 13 September, 2009 01:17


Sam Wong 13 September, 2009 02:42

I guess its Nic.. Hmm.. Maybe 3 of them together?

Pegg, its Crash And Burn by Savage Garden.

Aiyo, we aren't familiar with the last 2 songs, so ben..

New Pic On The Blog?!


Sam Wong 13 September, 2009 02:43

Sorry, blur.. Halo anyway!

Sam Wong 13 September, 2009 02:48

'keychain thingy'
Yea thank you.
Its late, sleep!


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pegg @ 09:17

09 September, 2009

thanks jane for informing...

voting for SHA is up..
vote for MLB in the most popular group.

IC 09 September, 2009 17:07

thank you jane for the heads up.

pls vote for MLB in the Most Popular Group category (最受欢迎团体).

do note that it's 5 votes per ip address.

voting ends 25 Sep 11.59pm. do spread the word and get your family/friends to help to vote! :)

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pegg @ 23:41

MLB 09 September, 2009 01:30

Thank you for your votes, don't spend ah..

weiqi 09 September, 2009 23:22

u MLBians are all super sweet leh..
a little update.. nic is kinda down now..fever and cough i think.. i'm still having sore throat :(
Let's hope sam still stays strong!
And it's cos u al have been super sweet, giving us ur super support, that's why we will give our utmost best more than 100% for this coming album as always.. difference is that this time we are allowed to have SO much more participation in crafting this album and we have a SUPER dedicated team supporting us! It will not be a normal album, but something from the heart, made with sleepless nights and gruelling pain and discipline..the process is FUN, but also all these. But all for the end result = Happy MLBians = Happy MLB = Everybody Happy! JIAYO TO ALL!


pegg @ 23:38

07 September, 2009

Sam Wong 06 September, 2009 00:38

Welcome home Shihui. =)

Jia you! 大家加油!


and thanks binz for sharing the article..


and sam updated his blog...

6th sept 09

7th sept 09


and this wk's i weekly page 60 features a report on SHA 09 opening concert with a small article on MLB mentioning that they were nominated for 3 nominations. (=

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pegg @ 12:57

05 September, 2009

weiqi 05 September, 2009 12:24

all will know soon once the food is served... :)


pegg @ 23:16

And then Sam updated his blog on 5th September 1.15am
titled Sleepwalking


Mui Ling @ 02:14

milubing | 05 September, 2009 00:35

mlb :

Hi people, family and friends. How's everyone doing? Studying hard for exams? Working overtime? We're still on the album, add flour and water, stir and stir. Will be ready soon, delicious stuff coming up! We did an interview with U-Weekly earlier tonight, with our boss too. It was more like an casual chat, with a friend from the media..


Mui Ling @ 02:09

03 September, 2009

weiqi 03 September, 2009 17:56

Thanks to all who posted the vids and pics :)

Interesting perspective from Angie ya...

Those who have got papers during our next gig pls skip it, studies more important k? anyways, once album launch u all can see us super often..
Right now we all3 are super stretched!
I just saw the doctor yesterday cos having a bad cough and sore throat.. gotta recover asap or else my voice...

Everyone Jiayo!


pegg @ 18:12

02 September, 2009

nic 01 September, 2009 03:00

Thanks for the vid!

I very shiok and very Zhao Sia.. Sam Enjoyin wacking.. Wei Qi Shiok sendiri (malay term).

We enjoyed greatly.. hope u guys did too.

haha.. on the 12 I'll bring TOWEL.

nic 01 September, 2009 03:04

in qian hui's vid look at sam at the back there smiling and wacking chen shou..wuahaha

nic 01 September, 2009 21:16

aiya got heart can liao..

thick skin or not better than NO SKIN!! wuahaha..see ya all soon!

nic 01 September, 2009 20:57

Thanks to both of ya.. ppl get to hear all that happened on Saturday.. thanks thanks!

The pics tooo!! furni.....


pegg @ 00:04

01 September, 2009


Thanks qianhui for providing the video too =D...



Mui Ling @ 00:19