30 November, 2009

吃下宇宙 is on no.19 for yes933 POTP (LongHuBang) for the 1st week...
lets continue to vote~
voting options on the left of this page,
jia you milubing~


Mui Ling @ 14:30

milubing | 30 November, 2009 00:37

mlb :

So you enjoyed..

Nic's HIGHness?

WeiQi's groovy beatbox?

Sam's uncontrollable red ears?

We've got the letters and little gifts.. Thank you for making our day!
Sam Wong | 30 November, 2009 01:43

Hey people.. Didn't know that my ears gave me away today. OH.. We'll do better next time. Really tired now, gonna hit the bed. Will read each one of your letters when i'm up tomorrow. Just wanna say that even though i may or may not reply you directly, i appreciate everyone of them ya. Cheers!

nic | 30 November, 2009 03:07

Really had fun.. well fun is tiring... haha..

jump jump more la.. keke.. i dont mind being more tired if you giuys tire with me! keke..

eating medicine and going sleep now..

lovely gifts.. lovely thoughts..

hope u guys had fun.. duno when's the next..

but we hope soon :)

lotsa lurve!

(think i need wireless headset mic if wanna jump even more haha)

nic | 30 November, 2009 04:54

duno when's the next.. next up is rest and facial.. but gotta wait for pay come in haha.. getting bad leh the face.. cia lat..

anyway uploaded the vids to my FaceBook...

Chi Xia Yu Zhou

Yin Shi Nan Nu

Courtesy of Wei Qi's Dad :)

Nite all..

nic | 30 November, 2009 05:16

starting to miss the view from the stage already.. miss the shouts.. miss the happy faces..

not for the fame.. but for being able to be in the service of all your ears :)

reading through the tags on the blog.. its quite overwhelming how ppl unrelated can relate to us via music..

share some love ppl.. FB each other.. get connected.. come to the next performance as an entire Family :)

That would be sooo cool!

The band doesnt like politics.. and we hope everyone would be smiley to everyone as there's already too much animosity in the world :(

Share some care and concern.. So nice to see ppl being happy..

Oh my.. i'm soo random.. forgive moi..


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Mui Ling @ 14:16

27 November, 2009

weiqi | 26 November, 2009 10:33

even though it seemed like a bad thing that happened(the laptop drop), it was the mlbians who shined brightly during the adverse situation, offering all kinds of help and support... u guys rock, and that's why we always work hard to bring u better music each time. Jiayo people! and thanks for the jiayos. I'm going for my war at 5pm later haha.. :)

weiqi 伟奇 | 26 November, 2009 15:12

打战啊!还剩下两个钟头给我烦脑一下… 我有透露到今天的考试是两百个MCQ吗?haha!希望不会太难吧,况且已经收到了你们的“加油”,应该是ok的 :)

weiqi | 26 November, 2009 19:12

woohoo! it's done :)
I double checked, and no point staring at questions that u REALLY don know how to answer.. set it to random, and then I strolled out out of the exam hall at 6.40pm.. a tit bit early.. and now i'm back in ADM, at my laptop.. and u know wat? i left my student card on the desk just now.. :p
Called my friend WeiHao to help me get it back le haha... damn.. why sia.. why so blur... sigh...
last time not like that one.. now adays hor... sigh..

weiqi | 26 November, 2009 19:30

haha binz.. i laugh at u so u can laugh at me too :p
I not pro leh, i think u never read this sentence: "no point staring at questions that u REALLY don know how to answer"


weiqi | 27 November, 2009 02:28

super loads of helpful ppl here :)
Night guys...


Mui Ling @ 04:06

26 November, 2009

What You pay for is what you get

milubing 26 November, 2009 02:46

nic Thank you all for the lovely car and concern.. we really appreciate the heartfelt thoughts of all...
At last.. done.. this
is what you get from Sim Lim for cheap cheap repair
. 200 bucks for the Apple's 858? Dream on manz.. if you're Thinking about quality.

BUT!!! can use can already.. no complains.. this white lil pony has served us 2 entire years.. So put a lil heart into it.. DIY...

Super glue and all the entire frame... quite a joke but yes :)

The band has survived this major ordeal for now.. adapter giving up.. screen breaking.. 2 yrs of hardcore usage for a laptop is a long time!! Guess they're omens that change is a necessity.. but it'll be another story
for another time. 3 cheers to Apple!
The final cut.....

Hope the super glue lasts (hahaha)



pegg @ 05:38

weiqi 26 November, 2009 01:22

EVERYONE RELAX!!! We just fixed it this afternoon! Found a shop at simlim charging $200 for the fix! Settled le.. nic posting photo soon :D BUT I HAVEN"T FINISHED STUDYING!!! just came back from jamming.. SHAG!!!

nic 26 November, 2009 01:42

fixed! my screen the plastic frame kinda abit cant put back.. but its done~~~ apple care warranty for 2 more yrs voided.. but heckz.. we need it for SUNDAY!

Doesnt look the same... (not original mac screen)
Doesnt feel the same.. plastic frame cant put back totally..
But its has a new soul now :)


Anonymous 26 November, 2009 03:00

warranty dont cover "human error" haha.. YAY!!!! OVER! WEI QI GD LUCK FOR MUGGING!!!

yes.. will hydrate.. one ordeal down :)

nic 26 November, 2009 03:01

that was me. apologies.

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pegg @ 05:36

25 November, 2009

thanks NIColette for sharing the links.

ourvoicebox.sg interview:

迷路兵《3人套餐》专访 Mi Lu Bing Exclusive Interview - OurVoiceBox.sg

迷路兵《3人套餐》记者招待会 Mi Lu Bing Press Conference - OurVoiceBox.sg -

and there's a contest whereby you can 赢取迷路兵亲笔签名的OurVoiceBox.sg精美书签(:

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pegg @ 23:23

weiqi 25 November, 2009 00:58

wa bro.. When u told me that it's bad, i didn't expect this bad... Biangz... I think i'm gonna be stressed this sun le... Shaitz...

nic 25 November, 2009 00:58

858.. not inclusive of service charge (50-150).. thats why sad.

Sim Lim not trust worthy for mac as mac parts are really like custom build.. and only apple supply apple parts.. so duno what parts getting..

even apple after changing apple screens there are instances mac cant sleep (a friend is doing mac dealership it happened b4)

For mac screens i heard they change the entire top of the mac not just screen..

nic 25 November, 2009 01:51

Nah.. we'll just live with what we have.. no obstacles cant overcome.. once in awhile take a break from chores of life.. breath.. and carry on again.

Quite a blow to me.. coz whatever the screen is left cant see much.. cant do work.. dual screen is CPU and graphic card intensive.. darn lag.. cant do audio at all.. tried. cant.. will just hang and say "system overload".

On stage wei qi gotta control the programs with this view of whatever's left i duno how..

The com fair tml if i'm right starting or thur.. coz my friend going to set up tml his mac booth.

Lowest prices my friend quoted me (cost price for his side) is beyond purchase.. 3k plus for the mac pro.. coz the new whites wont go to 2.4 GHz which mine is now.. they stopped the production of this speed for the whites..

not enough juice and power.. so gotta go pro.. will save up or hope for sponsorship ba..

Basically its a headache which one day sure will have.. com break down or whatever..

Its a headache i dont mind at all if i have the cash. But wrong timing! Just bought a wireless for my guit so soundcheck i can be off stage to hear and rectify issues.. already spent a bomb..

sigh sigh.

Investments for our passion. Stay strong!

Hoping for sponsors.. PC laptops aint strong enough and stable enough to do the live stage thing..

Hope for a better tml!

nic 25 November, 2009 01:55

yes.. i dun trust sim lim.. only go there to buy what u know the prices are! repairs.. so far... all ppl go there sure complain de... haha..

i will clone my mac soon.. once i know my next step... dont worry..


nic 25 November, 2009 02:00

yea.. miracle.. thats what we need... we keep creating them... now we need one! haha nities!

weiqi 25 November, 2009 02:17


nic 25 November, 2009 04:17


We need moral support from you guys.. noT money or presents! save up for your rainy days! I'm trying to save for mine :)

guai guai :)

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pegg @ 23:20


milubing 25 November, 2009 00:38

Good bye my dear friend of 2 years... You've served us well.

No burial though.. and no "CPR" coz no $$$


pegg @ 23:18

weiqi 24 November, 2009 11:26

[BREAKING NEWS]: This just in.. Nic's laptop fell to the ground yesterday during an accident @ the interview. To his horror when he turned it on this morning, he found a super big crack(s) on the screen and now the monitor only displays the upper half of the screen! Shaitz... Pictures of the laptop coming soon, must post man...cos the 'little white pony' that has served us so well for the past 2 years is now really in a very bad shape. Our heart aches as we see our dear comrade cry in pain...the pony has been taking the weight of our music..and screaming each time we're on stage(now u know why i always look at it while performing, making sure it doesn't trip and fall). sobs..poor white pony.. the 2 years have been hard on u...pls try to tahan for this weekend's gig cos repair is out of the question costing $1.3+k... sobs...

weiqi 24 November, 2009 12:12

whoops, repair should be $880 b4 gst & service charge..

weiqi 24 November, 2009 22:06

it's 5pm :)


pegg @ 23:17

22 November, 2009

and enjoy their yin shi nan nv's MV. (=

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pegg @ 09:27

Heeren.. nice air-conditioning.. minimal sweat :)

milubing 21 November, 2009 21:44

Honesty Don't know what the toot we were singing on stage as HMV's location is indeed a cylinder.. sound bounces up and down through the "column" above us... on stage was kinda a mess in terms of audibility.. (nature of types of locations)


Your smiles made it all fun :)

Apologies for not jumping as the stage was very small this time around.. ain't wanna fall over.. Walk 2 steps.. at the edge liaoz.. haha..

Thanks to those who came.. next time dare to clap hor! No need pai seh de!.. Thank you for supporting us all this while and the years to come!

Recent update from Long Wang.. They requested us to get all the MV rough cuts down from Youtube and facebook.. it was accidentally leaked out by mistake.. thankies thankies!

and tags from the guys...

nic 21 November, 2009 22:18

A quote to share..

A celebrity is a person who works hard all his life to become well known, then wears dark glassed to avoid being recognised.


nic 21 November, 2009 22:47

"we just launched our album" & "we gonna break up"

Doesnt make much sense dont it? haha.. dun worry. Tabloid.

nic 21 November, 2009 23:34

Question.. If the album doesnt do well..

How will we survive?


Just a question to ponder.

We don't have basic pay you know :)

You cant imagine the returns compared to sacrifices we've made for music.

Not complaining.. but remembering this fact to spur myself on that we will make it someway somehow.. that one day, i capable be able to walk into a music shop to purchase whatever guits i need to record with without fear of the next meal.. do not need to worry when I can save enough to do my lasik.. when i can save enough to buy whatever clothes i'ld like to wear.. when i can save enough to buy new audio equipment.. when i can save enough to get my car liscense.. when i can save enough to buy a car.. when i can start saving for my rainy days of the future when i'm old.

The world doesnt see the sad facts unless they are brought into light or blown out of proportions.

Living a life of music doesnt pay well at all. Just hope one day it may pay sufficient.

Apologies. Sad facts.


nic 21 November, 2009 23:38

Shant add to the list of when i can(s).

Sam Wong 22 November, 2009 01:28

HEY! Was great seeing all of you again.. Uncle Phil, you said very nice words today and we're proud of you.

We all know that Nic is one who never fails to put in his best in the music; he'll go without sleep to ensure a good sound..
WQ has been working so so hard despite being the student and artist as we all know too.

Regarding the Papers' interview, there are facts in it about the reality of life. We'll love to live the dream, we need to survive to live the dream - my personal thoughts. But for now, we're all out to make this album a good one! In whatever way we could..

Promise a good show this Sunday!
Thank you everyone, goodnight..

nic 22 November, 2009 02:56

Dont worry uncle phil.. it was great.. the nicest things are words said from the heart :)

Thanks all for participating is the sing sing game hehe..

Anyways.. Its really unfortunate and sad that Wei Qi was put in a bad light..

He aint a person that will throw in the white towel halfway. I know. Coz I KNOW him.

Only when we reach a DEAD dead end.. then we'll find other means of survival.. yet still keeping music close to heart. You never know.. one day far far long long time later Sam's doing his drums thingy.. I'm doing my recording thingy.. Wei Qi doing MVs for ppl.
All still music related.. yet the closest we can get to the original passion.

Thanks again for all the support given.. hope our music will linger for as long as the erosion of time can put off :)

Don't worry about the article.. most important.. live the present.. Anticipate the tml that awaits us :)

Will find time to update my blog soon.. been a very tiring week with all the technical preparation for the digital side of the band.


nic 22 November, 2009 03:37

Jess.. if I'm right you're the one with long hair and FB regularly haha..

Insomnia :

May sound "off".. but wanna say.. like the blacks say


Haha.. Yes.. its always poverty.. as previously mentioned.. it's a fact.. and I'm not ashamed.. we're just OK TO DO PPL almost poor that are DRESSED extravagantly on stage to sell our art.

But for the sake of passion.. we have to "pop-pify" the arts. NOT COMPROMISE. It's still ART.. at a different depth and not the prefered era. Let me explain.

POP music means POPULAR music. In some societies METAL is POP. In some.. bag pipes are pop?!

Its just a matter of classifications due to trend and times.

The sound of the Backstreet boys were pop in the 90's.

The sound of Black Eyed PEas in the early part of this decade.

The sound of Jonas Bros is pop now.

Just examples.

Hope our music be the pop of the near future with us starting the trend.

U2's the Edge made and discovered the foundation Delayed guitars (most prob most ppl here aint know what I'm talking haha)... THE GIST : he made a sound that is common 20 years which would be a major part of Bands like Paramore's sound.

Hope we're the pop of the future.

Yan Shi Zheng may just be the pop of the future which even we ourselves don't know yet.

Let's say we're artists trying to be artistEs trying to sell our ART.

GReat tags.. forgive my long windedness here.. have always been a fan of ingenuity :)

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pegg @ 09:20

and thanks musicclover_rock2008 for sharing the links to their interviews and articles.

1) razortv.

Taste our music (Milubing's new album Pt 1)

They couldn't stop crying (Milubing's new album Pt 2)

Too ugly to be a boyband? (Milubing's new album Pt 3)

Single or attached? (Milubing's new album Pt 4)

2) Yahoo News.

Mi Lu Bing's Nic was "sad for three weeks" from his tragic role in their MV

and thanks xinmin for informing that the guys are featured in 21st Nov's the New Paper.

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pegg @ 09:13

all the previous missing tags..

nic 20 November, 2009 06:16

Oh my.. we look like crap! haha..

weiqi 20 November, 2009 12:54

well.. bro.. nic.. everyone looks like crap without make up and hair styling.. it's reality. i'm sure that mlbians all know this too, and they support us for things deeper than skin deep.. like our music? our hardwork? our characters? The truth is that I hate, yup HATE, this plastic world that is so dependent on looks. sigh. but well, no one looks young forever.. so everyone will understand when they get old.

Sam Wong 20 November, 2009 15:02

Doesn't have to be bought from HMV Flora, as long as it is original.

Well said WQ, and he really did put in a lot of effort and had some very good ideas that we 3 liked..

I don't remember watching the video other than hearing and reading bout it. Really Encouraging. Thank you.

nic 21 November, 2009 02:31

shout tml.. we are gonna shout too :)

The stage is a place where we have fun.. and you guys have fun.

DOn't miss it...

See ya all laters!

nic 21 November, 2009 08:08

dont forget the claps for the song! haha

nic 21 November, 2009 21:54

thats tabloid.. it kinda spices things up a lil don't ya think? Haha.. It's their way of catching attention so we just try to understand abit la hor.. ppl's jobs..

But indeed 3/4 (the back part) of the article is very well written.. I would actually commend it.

Captured ppl to read about the band! :)

So don't worry.. part and parcel of life.. but no Edison ya? :)


Thanks for the link!

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pegg @ 09:09

20 November, 2009

weiqi 19 November, 2009 23:25

慢慢来吧。。。 relack relack... :)
btw, if Nic jump off stage, i'll jump on my keyboard... and err.. sam will cartwheel perhaps? haha.. dunno.. :p

weiqi 19 November, 2009 23:54

orh Flora... so bad leh u.. despite my tight schedule i still bother to do this thing for mlbians and u say i eng... thanks ya... grr.. Ok peeps.. thus #2 will take a lil longer (-_-*)..

kiddin la... but seriously, doing it for u peeps oki? not eng at all sorry.. super duper busy..

weiqi 20 November, 2009 00:25

ok, i added some captions to the photo.. should have mentioned those info earlier.. no wonder u guys confused haha..


pegg @ 00:40

Developer's Diary #1

milubing 19 November, 2009 22:00

: Hi all, and welcome to part one of our special report... the developer's diary.. sorta.. haha..

As mentioned in the interviews, this time round, our songs all follow a central theme, which is food. But food is used as an analogy, because: it ties in so tightly with us Singaporeans, it helps describe different flavours of music, it helps describe a setting or mood, it is something that everyone understands because everybody has to eat, it reflects on the relationship between the people sharing the meal together ETC.
In our opinion, it was the strongest theme amongst the many themes we had, so we came out with many stories, and then we decided to write songs as a medium to tell these stories.
So food was the theme that led to many issues and scenarios (literal food was not the subject, we were not talking about particular dishes) and hence the birth of the songs.
Next, we were asked to help to think of more album concepts, and at first I came up with an ice-cream cum lacoste pastel colours concept, but after reviewing the compos we made, I felt that MLB's 3rd album consists of more emotional songs than fast, energetic ones. So the ice-cream concept was withdrawn (keep for next time hehe) and a new idea was being formulated. Later on, we got introduced to Xiao Ye lao shi(a respected player in the industry who wrote the lyrics for 冷晚餐 as well as the MV director for 吃下宇宙, super multi-talented man), and after reading his lyrics, I was inspired and it led on to a whole new concept = The Big Banquet/Feast.

What is 'The Big Banquet'? Basically, the album represented a banquet of songs, of different variety of tastes, carefully prepared by the chefs and waiters of an imaginary mansion of music, and the 3 hosts, invited everyone to come taste and feast on the (initially) 10 course meal. Thus the theme of food or a banquet was brought to life. Meanwhile, there was a decision made by the production team, that the look of MLB should go up another level, and we should be more matured than our 2nd album. At this point of time, this is how we looked :)

*Forgot to mention that this picture is when we were testing our fitting, thus the mugshot pose, in fact nic was the only one not wearing his shoes, only socks, that's why i removed the lower part. It is not from an official shoot, but just for archiving, considered as behind the scene.*

*this picture on the other hand, was from an article in the newpaper, taken during our initial
吃下宇宙 MV shoot*

Coming back to the album, I had a goal in mind, which was that this time round, I wanted the album to be 'INTERACTIVE' whereby people would really hold the album in their palms and flip it open and close, fold it around.. basically look at it like it were a beautiful crafted origami rather than your usual traditional album. So I came out with the following idea:

What does this mean? oh yes, it means so much... the above will be explained in Developer's Diary #2... coming soon :D


pegg @ 00:35

19 November, 2009

nic 19 November, 2009 06:53

Nic was here.

Nic was reading.

Nic read finish.

Nic go sleep.

Nic waiting for Saturday.

Nic hope everyone learn how to clap le.. wuahaha..


I mean.. gd morning :)


pegg @ 09:12

18 November, 2009

迷路兵Nic 入戏太深下流男儿泪
18 November 2009
黄慧君 报道/摄影 郑怡萱 录影/剪辑




Nic在MV中饰演一位罹患绝症的男主角,因病要与女友分离。他坦言拍MV时哭成泪人,拍完后会在家里电脑前坐着发呆,后来致电找伟齐说:“Hey bro, 我不要演戏了!”伟齐只好安慰他。


新动网记者问会否想念与戏中女主角接吻的那一幕? 在MV中唯一与女主角有吻戏的Nic立刻回答说:“想念!没有啦! Sam说:“想念...可能一、两天吧!” 已有女友的Nic赶紧说:“别害我呢!” Sam所指的是想念故事的情节,并澄清说:“我在讲我。拍戏时我们要尽量投入,之后需要有点时间(抽离)出来。”





三人的个性不同,他们会以什么食物来形容自己?谁喜欢Gummy Bear?看视频让迷路兵告诉你。



source: http://www.xin.sg/article.php?article=33248&st=dtl
thanks musiclover_rock2008 for informing


Mui Ling @ 23:49

next is this from mypaper
but if u viewed it from this given website u might not be able to read the words as its pretty small
so u might want to just view it through pdf from here

thanks musiclover_rock2008 for informing though


Mui Ling @ 23:36

迷路兵Nic献出荧幕初吻 两成员感激不尽

● 黄靖晶












  坐在一旁边的经纪人摇摇头说,当初找他们拍MV,没有一个敢接。Sam玩“拖延法”,一直不肯答应,伟奇更是听到电话后就挂电话,结果,Nic最后不得不答应。Sam解释说:“我不会演戏,怕会破坏那首歌的 MV。”伟奇接过话说:“是啊,演得不好的话,画面就不美了。”


Part 1: http://www.zaobao.com/fk/fk091118_014.shtml

Part 2: http://www.zaobao.com/fk/fk091118_014_1.shtml
(thanks musiclover_rock2008 for informing)


Mui Ling @ 23:34

weiqi | 18 November, 2009 12:10

oops.. actually sam was caressing the 'head's face... not slapping la..u look carefully at his fingers? actually caressing is scarier in my opinion..so... haha.. yup, set of bo liao pics de la...


Mui Ling @ 23:08

milubing | 18 November, 2009 02:52

Hey peeps, thanks for coming today, and for waiting so long... really appreciate it! :D

Now a little bo liao photo collection from behind the scene...

Here we go!

Gena make up..

Gena slapped..

Sam loves eggs!

Tat's all folks..


Mui Ling @ 10:58

sam updated 2 blog entries of his.. =)

16th Nov.
Getting There.

18th Nov.
Spirit of Enterprise.


pegg @ 02:38

and enjoy.

the guys singing chorus of 吃下宇宙 for razortv.


pegg @ 02:34

weiqi 17 November, 2009 12:53

wa flora.. Good one ah u... Yup ju chang hui = qian chang hui ba, should be the same i think haha...anyways, i'm @ shunji's with sam n nic doing hair now..later it's talkin time! Thanks for all the jiayos! We will do our best!!! Good, ah, now got wifi, can blog from saloon :p

nic 17 November, 2009 23:31

Shag.. just got back..

I agree... I guess its character based?

I'll never be a JC student as I ain't like purely study study.. i need hands on man.. project based stuff to keep me goin.. oh well... Take A's better do well.. not everyone as lucky/fotunate/talented Mr Chan!!


Today was very tiring.. brain juice all squeezed.. 3 hrs of interviews and all..

and yay!! many many pictures!

And those who came thankoo!!

I waved whenever I was too stressed... to take me away from the interview awhile.. must smile smile.. pretend not stress keke..

But overall.. our first official MLB only press con was FUN!


nic 17 November, 2009 23:33

Guys.. hint hint.. for sat

LEARN HOW TO CLAP. You know which song.

Make the song "happen" for us. It was written for MLBians to clap and take part in MAKING THE MUSIC HAPPEN.

Tolong tolong. Thankoo.. keke

nic 17 November, 2009 23:48

Thanks for coming!

Eh eh.. i never say what song.. oops. nvm la hor.. (lata kana scold for revealing whatever which I didnt reveal)

PEgg replied your FB question.. darn log reply haha

MLB 18 November, 2009 01:16

Yea we'll jam hard adn look forward to Sunday where everyone have fun together clapping!

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pegg @ 02:30

17 November, 2009

weiqi 17 November, 2009 00:41

me also wan bird's nest...

nic 17 November, 2009 02:34

i want the bird.. so make make many nest to make much more drinks keke..

when young.. dad asked me "do you want me to teach you how to fish or give you a fish?"

I replied "teach me how to fish"

I regret. I should say "teach me how to fish, give me a pole and a fish".

kidding la.. u get my drift..

I want bird.. so can have many nests.

Think I'm kinda crapping here.. oh well.

A blog's to type in anyways :)

3 cheers to birds spitting saliva!

nic 17 November, 2009 02:34


No manz.. no money buy car..


weiqi 17 November, 2009 10:53

yup it was SHE... They super fun ppl! And adorable... I particularly like ella! Super onz kinda person.. Quizzy, i'm glad u talked to ur friend,maybe try to understand that the person is also unwell,so at times like this,ur support is very important. Mlb will always have another performance so dun worry bout it la... Eh all u ppl want birds rite? got a lot of national bird flying around wat.. "Ark! Ark!"

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pegg @ 11:33

iweekly [Issue 629]

milubing 16 November, 2009 21:36

nic 16 November, 2009 23:22

I dont mind get a free bird!

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pegg @ 00:04

weiqi 15 November, 2009 01:33

haha... that one was fun to work on. 2 days gao dim project haha.. yup, the developer's diary is sort of a give back to MLBians kind of thingy. Cos i realized that i have all this images in my hard disk that was actually done for u all, so why don post here? haha.. nitey! p.s. hope the flying to and for doesn't give ya jet lag.. rest well ya? ;)

nic 15 November, 2009 17:54

advertising start.. sales start! hope it rolls!

hope this time we'll all make a mark together :)

weiqi 16 November, 2009 02:17



"the best friends u ever made are those u made when u were still young"

childhood friends, friends from primary/secondary school..

hope i'm not being too random here :)

weiqi 16 November, 2009 02:20

haha mass dance.. in tj when i was a freshie, during mass dance, my 'crew' would go to bedok macs for breakfast :p

then later i was assistant OGL and had to teach the dance... gao xiao...
JC days were crazy fun for me... played too much.. which is why i end up having to suffer later haha... reap what u sow.. (hint hint to the students here* that's why gotta do ur best in everything u do, don't wast your life away peeps!)

weiqi 16 November, 2009 02:28

lians and bengs? i came from CCHS(main) leh... near TKS too haha.. i guess u gotta really jiayo,cos sec school kids are much more complicated..i mean the naughty ones la haha.. even if lian or beng,gotta see thru the façades and see the true person inside, and help that individual. every child is precious, it's usually the environment that causes them to behave in a certain manner. sad la, not everyone is blessed with a good family. so there are actually a lot of people hurting out there.
Which brings me to the song "厭食症" actually when MLB wrote it, it was meant as a song to explain a girl's struggle with this issue, and how she eventually conquered it. But it might seem like MLB being too preachy, so it was altered to something more mild. But the truth is that we see stuff like that in our society, and we want to talk about it sometimes, to use music to give ppl hope/energy to conquer obstacles. Maybe one day when MLB grows up our mandarin will be good enough to write lyrics as well to explore more themes.

Being random here again, did anyone watch 'this is it' the michael jackson movie? gotta watch it, shows the greatest performer of our time and his last concert. I love how he has a strong commitment to his music and the message he wants to bring to the world. Big waste that he is gone, but may he rest in peace. Pls watch it if u can :)

nic 16 November, 2009 04:19

wow.. i missed out an entire chunk of meaningful stuff while i'm away with ma guit... till i brioke a string.. then i realise that i had to stop!

seeing the blog like that makes me happpeeeee!!!!

weiqi 16 November, 2009 12:07

ha..talking about home econs or food nutrition(dunno wat they call it today), me and my buddy used to smuggle soy sauce into class so that we actually eat what we make or else :p no taste sia.. haha

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pegg @ 00:01

16 November, 2009

Announcements... IC change

milubing 15 November, 2009 00:55

mlb : Hi MLBians, this announcement comes a little late due to album production.. but here goes!

Our dear ICs, Yuan Ping, Biru and Mei Kian have been helping all of us here, both MLB and MLBians for such a long time le.. and as we all grow up together, we have certain responsibilities we have to uphold and new challenges to face. Thus, Mei Kian and Biru have informed me that they will be stepping down from their post, to concentrate on their work and studies, at the same time allowing others to have the chance to take up the role of helping MLB and guiding the MLB family.
It has been our pleasure to have ICs like the 3 of them, and I thank all MLBians on their behalf who have helped them and cooperated with them. They have been really helpful, from helping to organize events(family reunions etc) to tee-shirt collection coordination etc. So pls applaud them!

So right now, we have Yuan Ping left to hold the fort(jiayo gal!), and thus we are looking for 1 or 2 more helpers to come abroad, to be a big sister or big brother to the rest, and to help MLB with the upcoming events and activities. If you're interested to take up this role, pls write in to milubing@gmail.com with a short paragraph on why you wanna take up the role and how you are suitable for the post. The band will forward the emails to an in-charge who will then revert back to us with the details and the announcement will be made here on the blog.

: Ok, I was thinking to myself that day, that actually I should start a "developer's diary" kinda thingy here on the blog, because there is more work done prior to this 3rd album. For eg. I have some concepts and drawings/sketches that I did for the album, which was all done for MLBians, and so why shouldn't you peeps get to see em? Yup, so I've decided, that I should start a short series based on the 2months when I was still heading the concept art for this album. I think even though the concepts weren't used in the end, it is not really the results that matter sometimes, but the process. Singaporeans are really result oriented (thus the lack of care for late bloomers), and tend to undermine the importance of the process. So anyways, guess I'll be doing up some posts here, so stay tuned oki? :) Take care you all! MLBians rock!

p.s. don forget to vote!


pegg @ 23:54

14 November, 2009

ok here's a summary update for the upcoming events...

1) first Autograph session
21st november 2009
The Heeren
Fountain Stage at Level 1

2) second autograph session
29th november 2009
Bishan Junction 8
Top of the 8 at level 3

3) Press conference
17th november 2009
The Heeren
Fountain Stage at Level 1


Mui Ling @ 04:14

HAHA sam updated his blog...
titled Cold Cold Night

milubing updated their blog too...
i couldn't copy paste the entry so i'll just paste the link...

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Mui Ling @ 04:11

13 November, 2009

nic | 12 November, 2009 02:45

Sorry if the packaging is not what you guys expected.. think must laminate!? Kidding la..

The print this time paper quality nice nice though! :)

Sorry to those who haven't got it.. soon k k? will be island wide very pretty soon!

Yes Yin Shi Nan Nu!! My fave this time round ain't the rock songs but the slow ones.. coz each song has a story behind as said.. and the slow ones are kinda heart wrenching.. sniff sniff..

Love the lyrics.. when MV is out we all cry together k k.. director say he cut the rough cuts wanna cry haha..

nic | 12 November, 2009 02:52

You gotta watch this.. if you dont get grossed out you gonna have quite a lugh :)


nic | 12 November, 2009 02:55

one more to share :

nic | 12 November, 2009 02:57


Sam Wong | 12 November, 2009 11:28

Yea PEACE. Thank you for the encouragements people! And i know that the picture on the left is pretty unusual, like i had won a million dollars.

nic | 12 November, 2009 15:26

i dunno to laugh or cry..


cry while laughing?

nic | 12 November, 2009 16:27

Thai ads always creative and break boundaries.. cute cute!

Thanks for the support!

Fight hard enough.. we'll get somewhere.. been close to 3 yrs. Ain't gonna stop anytime soon..

O levels over lo!! Enjoy!

nic | 12 November, 2009 23:15

Though many grievances.. but can see one thing in common.. the music is appreciated.. no matter which tracks you guys favourited.. Thank you all!

One nice and meaningful quote from Ugly Betty..

"Sometimes you cant get more, so you just have to take what you get.."

What ever the future gives to us from this point on will not be in our hands.. we did our music with a whole heart.. let's all pray that this album does well and bring us to higher ground.. to be able to perform for more ppl.. for a longer time :)

Alot of ppl's money (investors and personal) and effort are on this... so we'll hope to see this one well received.

Its easy to write every song the same.. but an album like this.. each song so different and unique.. just hope ppl would see the sweat behind it all ba..

Gambette to the promo team! It's show time!

nic | 12 November, 2009 23:51

It's happy to see ppl happy :)

nic | 13 November, 2009 01:05

Great critic.. great comment :)

Everything always could be better.. Will improve with time.

Nothing much we can say about the packaging of the "product" on the exterior.. maybe one day we may get the chance to.. but for now we just gotta do our music and hope for the best.. not bending to generic pop as we have always avoided..

Thanks for the food for thought!

nic | 13 November, 2009 01:07

2 thumbs up for honesty, good criticism and good thoughts at heart!

Nities to all!

nic | 13 November, 2009 03:33

Hush hush :)

U know where the melody came from can le.. let ppl notice themselves.. *winkz*

Oh my.. suddenly this one week of "bi guan xiu nian" becomes a blogging period and catch up with friends.. making up for the lost 4 mths of my life in production... wuahaha!!!!!

Gotta go back to my guits :)

nitie :)

weiqi | 13 November, 2009 14:37

we always just do our best... what we can help (humanly possible), we help. the rest is up to the other players in the team. this project involves many people, so when there's an issue, it could be anyone's fault, but it is hard to really pin point and decipher because it is complicated. let's just be positive, and work towards a brighter future ya? :) peace

p.s. thank you all for the comments, we value them dearly. mlbians and supporters are our voices. love u all.

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Mui Ling @ 16:04

11 November, 2009

nic 11 November, 2009 04:16

As we get older we get wiser :)

Happy bday Qingqing and yujing.. just in case you guys missed out my earlier greeting :)

gd nite!

Tml's a day of birth too..

nic 11 November, 2009 14:47


sam 11 November, 2009 14:49


nic 11 November, 2009 19:00

You guys happy can liaoz :)

Hope will enjoy.. the tracks are all really very different.. each is special.

My fave is yin shi nan nu!

MV not out till duno when though..

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pegg @ 23:56

weiqi 11 November, 2009 19:08

wa! suddenly so many comments ah!
Thanks for all the super sweet feedback as well as constructive ones! MLB is open to criticism, there's always room for improvement de. Not intending to stop at 3 babies... :)
I need to address some questions and statements made in the previous post, but first I'd like to quote Jess!
"umm, even if they're only involved in the music area, but it is still their music that makes up the full album. without their music , designs wouldnt matter. so yep, we still support the album no matter if they design the album cover or not."
I think this statement rocks, and it made my day!!! Thanks Jess!

To Shuhui, regarding the logo at the corner the answer is a 'yes' and a 'no', because yes I came up with it together with my friend Gareth, but then the final look of the logo is not my decision. And anonymous is correct to say that I'm not involved in the artwork. I 'was' working on it till a certain point only.

I hope everyone here can continue to support the album whether or not I was involved in the artwork, because the music is the MAIN thing! oki? :D

Meanwhile, hope u all find the babies u r looking for and hope that they bring u joy and happiness! (wow,i sound like a fortune cookie...)

I got a BIG assignment to hand up tmr, so gotta MIA le, jiayo peeps!

weiqi 11 November, 2009 19:10

JOL, there are 2 MVs shot, but quite unfortunately, they are not in the album. But well, I'm sure we will all get to see them soon de! I not sure how, maybe KTV? :p will find out and post here when we know. :)

nic 11 November, 2009 22:23

guys.. take note.. date changed!!!!!

Dont come wrong day see only auntie uncles shopping!

Those that haven't got their babies... soon! patience!


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pegg @ 23:53


milubing 11 November, 2009 18:39

Helloo to all!! Got your babies? Hehe..

Updates.. We will be in a press conference at the above timing and location. It's a semi closed door event and those that come won't be able to stand right in front of us like the norm, as reporters will be taking those seats and areas (but Jasmin says you can always be on the above levels or somewhere near!!) Wow.. loop holes aye..

Do drop by if you guys wanna hear us talk about the album and stuffs.. (Not playing music this time round but soon!)




pegg @ 23:52

10 November, 2009

Sam updated his blog
titled Dinner In JB


Mui Ling @ 23:11

milubing | 10 November, 2009 12:57

Sam Wong | 10 November, 2009 13:09

Happy birthday to QingQing and Yujing, wish ya happiness and good health..
Have a great day people. =)

Sam Wong | 10 November, 2009 13:59

We stole them from the hospital.. Sorry man, lets wait till tomorrow ya?

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Mui Ling @ 21:27

nic | 10 November, 2009 05:13

Happy Birthday YUJING & QING QING! I shall jump on the band wagon to greet hehe... may youth be with you all always!!!

Janelle.. you ain't ranting :) I guess parents are just worried such stuff affect your studies.. which may.. they care la.. just show them that they can trust you!! I remember back then too.. parents were very very strict.. takes time for them to "let loose"...

Thank you all for all the updates.. videos, links and photos.. Did us a great favour!

And yes this time I was requestedto sing this slow balladish theme song la... I think you guys not used to me in slow ballads.. being labelled as Rock liaoz for almost 3 yrs haha...

Have a gd nite yawl!

2 days to birth pangs!!


Mui Ling @ 21:27

1301th post!
thanks binz for sharing...

pics of SHA on xin.sg!

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Mui Ling @ 21:25

09 November, 2009

thanks :) for sharing.

live performance at SHA 09
tv telecast at SHA 09

and for sharing the pics.


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pegg @ 09:59

nic 08 November, 2009 01:24

Just Got back...

watched ALL THE VIDS!

Must thank those who uploaded.. coz they sacrifice enjoying the live element to film for those who cant watch!!

haha.. I heard the TV version got cut by 2 songs? Oh my my.. no choice aye.. air time limited..

Thankooooo all again!!

(btw apologies I untag some FB photos hee... i look so tired in those photos! keke)

Wanna perform more!!! haha...

Nities guys.. read ALL the POSTS TOO!!!!!

nic 08 November, 2009 02:00

No probs... decided I gotta have more of a social circle..

Though music is my passion.. but I cant neglect other aspects of life too!!

Will live for music.. and try balance out too! :)

Took a breather today.. went out with some friends this evening just for a lil drink and a chill at Harry's Bar at Pasir Panjang.. Nice night air... nice company.. miss these :)

Gd nite to all! Loggin out''

Sam Wong 08 November, 2009 21:19

Dear all. I was just informed today that our album will be up for sales in the stores on Wednesday only. So.. Hmm.. I'm looking forward to that. May we all have a great week ahead. Cheers!

Sam Wong 08 November, 2009 21:25

Haha. Think it will be born tomorrow, but they need time for delivery out of the hospital to various stores.

nic 09 November, 2009 03:25

oh my...

sobs.. nvm.. late delivery better than having a premature baby ba :(

nic 09 November, 2009 04:47

think its almost time to revamp the blog!

Make it a lil Boomz.. but cant make it Shingz..

keke.. random.. gd nite all!

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pegg @ 09:54

07 November, 2009

1298th post...long time no appear~

weiqi | 07 November, 2009 22:12

wa...i saw the youtube videos! the screaming and roaring! haha.. dunno who roaring hor Yujing?

haha jess,wat's wrong with Jessica? ok la haha..

小猪是谁? 娱乐百分百的吗? :p

Whey, Qian Hui, Syl, Pegg, Jane, Pek Choo, binz, NIColette, uncle phil, capri, mightymouse, shihui... all who came/did not come, but all of ya enjoyed the show rite? :) that's the most important thing, that you all enjoyed yourself.. cos it means that u received our present to u all!


Mui Ling @ 23:17

weiqi 07 November, 2009 04:35

haha.. i think by the time i post the pics u peeps all fell aslp le :p
goodnite, I HEARD UR CHEERS! thanks so much.. love u peeps.. see ya all soon!

and Sam updated his personal blog.

7th Nov.

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pegg @ 09:26

Happening Night, Happening People

milubing 07 November, 2009 03:51


Hi Mlbians and everyone else. Long good day we just had..
Its our 3rd time at the show. Each year was different, feelings were different, people were different. Something was the same, your support. We may be a small group, but the cheers could be heard. Some might have not been heard, but felt in our hearts.. Thank you!
Tonight had many quality performances, 3 of us enjoyed them though we were nervous for our own. We made it through, hope you all liked it. More to come!

For now, lets look forward to a meal on Monday!


Thanks to all mlbians who came down, here's some photos to reward u peeps!
p.s.thanks for all the cards(pekchoo), sweet top ups(yujing), and biscuits(liwhey)!


Take photo together!

933 DJs! and our artiste management! us doing an interview!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Oh no, everyone zao so fast! but wait..
Guess who? Haha..

What a waste, didn't get to take photos with the fellow musicians and artistes... but hey, last year got wat hee hee..play cheat a bit.. We're thankful for ashin's encouragement.. gotta respect them, sorta like our senior, they have been playing together for 10 years le! woo hoo..

tat's all folks... *faints*


The Long winded me will try to keep this short. gotta wake up in 4 hrs to go down Echo for workie.. zzzz..

Oh my.. the other performers were.... STUNNING!!!

What a Long Day.. Long Long Day... After Much Preparation.. worries.. excitement and alas relief.. this long day is over.. Thank All who came down.. we know the tix aren't cheap.. we appreciate you guys coming down to sing for us, sing with us. Those that couldn't make it.. it's really ok!! We'll see each other soon!! And to those that came.. but didnt get in (you know who you are).. wah.. still waited till the end.. touching la :)

The cards.. (Got 2 today.. one is personal.. another with a long list of "credit mention" haha.. pegg.. your term keke.. came with a LURVELY bday PIX JIGSAW) _ Thank You. It always make our day reading stuff and "seeing" the heart behind the small gifts.

The Home Made Lurvely BROWNIE!! Yay!

The Top UP for my jar with a Pack of SMILEY FACE LABELLED SWEETIES?!!!!!

Oh my.. You guys are really pampering us. Do us or at least ME a favour... Pamper yourselves more :)

Lastly, Hope you guys enjoyed the show, enjoyed what we brought onto the stage, kinda jumped my head off.. seemed like a crazy hyper active i**** but well... couldn't help sharing the "highness" with all that came down to see us HIGH. Must share share ma keke..

Hope the band didn't let anyone down today.. and will bring all good music so0n :)

Monday is nearing!

Oh my.. couldn't help being honest and pouring my heart out in a NOY-SO-LONG essay i wanted to keep short.

Nities guys... dead beat liaoz..


pegg @ 09:24

weiqi 07 November, 2009 02:38

[Breaking News]: New post coming up.. MLB just reached home not long, Nic just started bathing, Sam should be bathing too.. WQ bathe le, but going to upload some photos even though we didn't really get to take much photos today cos everybody ran off so fast!

nic 07 November, 2009 02:44

Time to "pong pong"...haha

sam 07 November, 2009 03:48

BOOMZ.. i like.

nic 07 November, 2009 03:54

SHINGZ alsoo.. haha

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pegg @ 09:22

hey all, rmb the puzzle gift that was supposed to be a birthday gift for Nic and Sam?
they received it le..
and here's the end product =)

product to be delivered out.



ps: click on the link for bigger version.

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pegg @ 01:50

05 November, 2009

weiqi 05 November, 2009 00:25

forgot to mention, even those who didn't come, we also love u all. U know us la, we know many of u busy, either studying or working, so JIAYO to u all! and all the NOVEMBER BABIES!! WOO HOO happy b day to u.. happy b day to u... :p
Talk to u all soon... Friday nia? heh heh..
p.s. i email the production team for lyrics approval le ;)

weiqi 05 November, 2009 00:33

oh ya, I really wanna thank all of u for encouraging me to sing.. I will continue to do my best :)
Besides singing, in this album I also did something different too haha.. not u all dunno what it is, just that i haven't done it in a real album b4. (-_-!!!) goodnight people! morning class tmr!!!

nic 05 November, 2009 01:16

choc finito le... nice nice.. yum.

the sweets.. omg.. i gotta put a restraining order on myself.. they are SWEEET.. nice to bite sia.. tml no more le! haha..

Think I'll die of diabetes!

Thanks guys! at least i die a nice and sweet death!!

kiddin la..

weiqi 05 November, 2009 01:22

u shld see nic eating the sweets la.. like eat rice... he some more say "eh bro,must bite it man, shiok, inside is crunchy one" (-_-!!!)

the french fries marshmellow i bu she de eat leh qianhui... looks like for bai mei de.. so pretty haha..

as for lyrics so paiseh peeps, we really gotta check with our in-charges first b4 we post ya? some miscom on the blog here paiseh.. hope u all understand.. we wanna do stuff but must go thru proper channel :p

oki i really gonna slp le!!! nitey!

weiqi (a bit lor sor today) 05 November, 2009 11:32

aiyo.. pls brush teeth can? the sweet hor.. eeeeevvviiillll... haha.. but super nice. I think nic must have finished the whole jar le. Btw bro, don throw away the jar, can refill for $6.90, save the earth ya.. i think i will take at least 1 month to finish haha... eat slowly, also shuang. To those studying, working or doing not-interesting-thingy(s)... JIAYO! Try this, think of a situation whereby you're excited and happy, then take in a big breath and try to study with that attitude. Adam khoo technique.. haha.. now u wan a weiqi technique? i believe in 'small victories'. If u look at a whole subject, it is like trying to conquer a COUNTRY. If u break it down into chapters and topics, u are up against STATES, which are bite size :D So take a rough piece of paper, write down point form all these states, and conquer them one by one. U will get there de, and b4 u know it, u finish the whole COUNTRY le. Small victories won't work without the secret ingredient which is.... REWARDS! reward yourself after each STATE conquered. And I mean reward by telling yourself eg. Yujing, you did a great job! OR th-JESS, one chapter less le, reaching soon!... And then, u take a piece of choc or a sweet or your favourite thingy, and pop it into ur mouth. There u go, feel happier and less stress, cos u are taking the challenge in bite sizes! :D This is a technique i use often. Also rmbr to take ur breaks. When u play, play hard. When u study/work, study/work hard.

Jiayo all of ya, I'm also doing my school work here (FYP leh, and memorising lyrics in my breaks. So peeps, JIAYO! we Jiayo together ya?
Let's make the not so interesting things in life a bit more interesting becos of US :D don let the subject take u down, take it down instead. CHEERS!

nic 05 November, 2009 12:25

pls SHOUT!

ant sleep leh... been used to5 6 hrs slp cant sleep more than 8.. cia lat..

weiqi 05 November, 2009 12:33

walau bro... u didn't slp??? sigh..
the colour of the lyrics is the colour of our hair haha joke..

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pegg @ 21:41

933 FM playing 吃下宇宙!!!

milubing 05 November, 2009 00:10

933fm here! http://www.4shared.com/file/146290997/24ab598c/mlb_o411o9.html
Thanks to whoever uploaded it, u kind soul ;)




曲: 迷路兵 詞:馬智勇

不用開口 默契天生就有 最貼心的朋友
沒有虛構 一切我們左右 為理想而出走

未來是堅持的理由 管明天什麽氣候
一樣大步的走 我們會不朽

把夢放左手 右手抓緊愛和自由
把夢放左手 有不快樂就大聲吼

什麼胃口 想要吃下宇宙 為年輕而戰鬥
撬動地球 就用我們雙手 一切都會擁有

未來在多遠的港口 世界等我們環遊
信念像是海鷗 陪我們遠走

把夢放左手 右手抓緊愛和自由
把夢放左手 有不快樂就大聲吼

把夢放左手 右手抓緊愛和自由
把夢放左手 有不快樂就大聲吼
用我聲音震撼整個星球 不成功不放手


: Hey MLBians, I know that our zhu da,吃下宇宙 has been playing on 933FM, and hope u peeps like it. Thanks to those who came down, but once again, I'd like to say that we're super grateful for coming down, and that effort itself is enough, so don need to buy us stuff(although i must thank qian hui and yu jing for the gifts). Having MLBians behind us all the way is more than enough and is all we ever need ;) So pls don spend $ on us, u all students leh, some more buy SHA tix! Thanks so much k? love u all... super sweet family... and understanding when we told u guys bout the photo taking thing, we really appreciate it! btw i know some of ya wanna learn the song, and want to see the lyrics. I not sure if we're allowed to post the lyrics here, so I will ask the production team first b4 posting, but pls trust me, that I'm working on it. Right after this post I'm gonna email them le ;) Take care!!!

Firstly... Time is the most precious gift anyone can offer.. priceless
Thank you to those who came down just to see us for that few minutes.. To those who stayed by the radio to catch us on air..
No gift can ever replace time, coz time can never be bought..

To SoFui, Ellen, Syl, Qian Hui and YuJing (not in order of importance but reception of the gifts of recent)... Thank you so much.. Everything is kept at heart.. I even kept all the cards since SB days.. always cherished (though i will eat the lovely chocs and sweets keke)..

Don't buy us stuff... money is hard to come by.. save for rainy days. And we definitely know how hard it is to be tight on budget and all, coz we have gone through that.. and once in a while are going through that phase..
the continuos support for us - its far more than enough..
We appreciate lots.. but dont spend much k k? :) We know you guys care. That's sufficient for us.
Apologies I've been MIA from the blogs and all.. been busy in the studios doing the production stuff.. today just checked the final product (audio) for any errors before coming for the 933 thang.
All is good :) I think it's gonna be a blast.. hoping to bring about a change in the Mando music scene.. a new sound.. OUR MLB sound. Cheerios!

The lyrics.. gotta await approval.. Then all Friday can shout your lungs out!

Wa so happening.. KO when i got home last night, think i slept pretty well, maybe cos of the sweet birthday song english and mandarin version from 6 shy girls. Thank you thank you, i'm gonna repeat again that ni3 men2 po4 fei4 le4. A new bicycle T, lovely cards, some sweets and chocolates to eat and share with Nic. And Syl, Its a very interesting 23 items. =)

930am now, i'm going for a short morning run at MacRitchie(i have to, see the belly?) before i starting working on ma stuff and prepare tomorrow's performance. Have a great day! 能吃就吃!


pegg @ 21:32

04 November, 2009

sam updated his personal blog with few entries.. =)

4th Nov.

2nd Nov.

31st Oct.
Weekend Blues


pegg @ 23:33

nic 03 November, 2009 20:37


More to come!

Yes.. Wei Qi Sung loud and clear!!

a Zhu da ALL 3 singing! haha...

weiqi 03 November, 2009 23:39

yup i going for the autograph session too :D
btw, tmr we on 933 around 9pm-9.30pmi think :p
See u on radio... i mean hear u... i mean hear us...
take care peeps...

Sam Wong 04 November, 2009 01:09

Oh 5 birthdays.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY gals!
933, i heard the song today. S B exciting.

nic 04 November, 2009 02:23



Cant wait for the end product.. hope it be good!

nic 04 November, 2009 03:57

Put name put name keke.. let your oice be heard and freedom of speech!

VEry relaxed liaoz.. (considering such times keke)

Aiya... gan chiong ma..

6 mths of our hardwork, sleeplessness and sweat to come out as a tangible can hold and can hear product.. sure ganchiong..



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pegg @ 23:31

OUR NEW ALBUM SONG playing on 933!!

milubing 03 November, 2009 11:49


HEY IT"S GONNA PLAY AROUND NOON TODAY ON 933FM!! we just found out so quickly post here..

Arghhhhh.... hope u get to hear it!
We're at the end of production le! Now it's delivery time!!!


pegg @ 23:28

02 November, 2009

nic 29 October, 2009 03:43

just got.. tml another day of fighting!!!!!! haha..

nope.. no starbucks... i still prefer my chinatown kopi! keke...

wasnt meee...

nic 29 October, 2009 03:43



nic 29 October, 2009 23:12

wei qi should be!!! he is a starbucks study person!

weiqi 30 October, 2009 23:49

haha.. i'm not a starbucks person compared to my starbucks friends that i know haha... a bit ex la.. but i never regret buying an expresso frap to use their powerpoints for my laptop when i need a place to do my work or when i need to have a group discussion. kopi at coffeeshop is great, but no powerpoint for my lappie haha.. and partly cos my lappie battery life sux, only 1/2 hour then die le after full charge..

ok too much info le. hmm.. JP starbucks? yup i study at boonlay, so was there haha.. i know la, i got an unapproachable face, but mlbians will tell u what kind of ppl MLB are.. so no worries, if wanna say hi, just say hi. we're all human hehheh.. today, while nic and i were walking past a void deck around west coast, a group of teens shouted "milubing" only after we walked past for quite a while.. in situations like this we find it weird la, so we dunno how to respond leh, wish ppl just say hi in front of us or to us instead, or else guai guai de.. then sad that some of them think we 'dao' .. :p actually on our side it's very awkward cos someone call out ur name behind your back..like scary movie.. haha.. so pls, no awkwardness, just talk to us, we're cool with it de haha.. take care mlbians and new friends who are here.. hope u enjoy the little present next week!

Everyone say "JIAYO NIC!" he poor thing la, @ the studio almost every other nite and he stay very far from the studio.. but it's becos sam and i are not audio trained, while nic has more experience in sound and mixing, so he's the man when it comes to the postproduction. Thanks bro, for always holding the fort when it comes to the music, and being so self-sacrificial. Sam and I are really blessed to have NICODEMUS as our audio guy!!!

Nite peeps, today in a talkative mood.. also dunno why but well.. take care peeps! (and thanks for the encouragement! we will do our best!)

weiqi 31 October, 2009 02:58

wa yujing.. u climb down escalator!?!? hhaha.. sounds dangerous.. yup it's true, my lappie,lousy laptop bought at super discount at computer fair, bought it $1k cheaper than a dell that was of the same specs.. too much detail again hor heh heh..

Sam 31 October, 2009 14:31

It's arriving.. YEA.. Smile!
GOOD weekend!

MLB 01 November, 2009 01:30


the band is going down tml morn to hear our final product to do final amendments...

At last...

almost 4 mth in studio... 6 mths of prep...

MLB will soon bring to all fresh new crazy music arrangements!!!

Yeah baby yeah!!! haha....


Exciting............ the last ear check :)

One chapter of our lives down.. a new one begins!

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