28 April, 2008

something from the ba gua TV blog again - here

Season 1's winner 'Milubing' was brilliant in transforming diefferent themes into their own style.

Yes, Milubing. I like the Milubing's boys. After their first best-selling album and that wonderful 'The Golden Path' drama theme song that is getting alot of radio airplay each hour as we speak, they are now working on their 2nd album with at least 5 new songs written by themselves slated for a June or July release.

I am going to invite them to perform at the June 1st concert at IMM Garden Plaza and hopefully we will all be treated to a preview of their new album songs!



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oops sorry I forgot to post this;


i used to call wei qi for like "hey bro, got new stuff to let u hear n see ur opinion" , but nowadays is "checkin on ur mental health bro" haha.. must jia you la.. last wk oredi then its music all the way for 2 mths winkz*"


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27 April, 2008

800TH ENTRY~!!!

weiqi | 26 April, 2008 17:02

sorry peeps, will reply properly soon.. slept in school again last nite.. 3 hrs.. :p

last submission next week... gotta do this.


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25 April, 2008

needs sleep...badly...
milubing | 25 April, 2008 13:35

Hey everyone, rmbr last year? when i said i camped(sounds fun but it's deceiving) @ school? forgot to take photos but this time round, i took a few b4 my eyes went dim..

the moving 'bed'... comes with a jacket for warmth, and laptop sleeve for head rest...
looks pathetic but gave me 3 out of the 5 hours i had..

all tucked in and ready for some rapid eye motion.. dreams? no dreams my friend..just black expanse.. why do we need to slp? isit a waste of time? nope.. i think it's there to remind us of death - but not in a morbid way, more of eternal rest(in peace).. b4 we hear the trumpet call to wake up for judgement..

darn...would have been much better if the lights could go off..the ceiling looks so..yawn...zzz

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weiqi | 25 April, 2008 01:50

officially slept 5 hours in the last 48hours.. finally can slp. will do a post tmr. nitey


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21 April, 2008

(when asked whether weiqi's request in extension of deadline for his projects is successful, here's what he replied...)

weiqi | 21 April, 2008 23:29

heh heh..my dear profs.. 2 of em extended hahahahahaha..... *cough* ok, better use the time wisely.. :p
Take care peeps... :D


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20 April, 2008

weiqi | 20 April, 2008 03:12

hey mlbians..going to die again...i jus emailed my teacher requesting(more like begging) him to extend the submission deadlines for our final assignments for the semester..if he doesn't then this sem i super CUI... sigh.. anyways,someone asked recently bout the 'big' concert on june 1st rite?haha..that blog inaccurate..cos i not in s'pore leh..i got church camp..need to refresh my soul man..so dead inside sometimes..physically alive but rotting inside..so i need a break..long awaited. sam mite be going to the same camp,i not sure,he never mention. Nic will probably still perform @ the concert! YAY! steady la bro...haha..he help to hold the fort this time..should be interesting rite? muz help take care of Nic when I not around hor haha..kiddin..OK...forcing myself to slp now.. ;) tmr will worry for itself..hope for good news from my tutor.. :p kids dun learn from wq ge ge hor.. heh heh...


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18 April, 2008

weiqi @ 18 April, 2008 18:43

whoa... when i came here, i was like..is this the right blog? glad to see my bro posting man. ;)
A little update..woke up at 2.30pm today! wow.. amazing rite?haha..cos previous nite i only slept 2 hrs.. haha jialat la my time management..mugged too much for one paper and died for the other.. 2 papers in a day yesterday..but no choice. Will read up on these posts after the submissions ya? meanwhile, hope all the mlbians get inspired! Take care peeps..


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alamak.. long post again. this time highlighted main stuff - variable dedication(s) for reading haha
milubing 18 April, 2008 02:10



Your actions do indeed define your ultimate meaning of life. It is how you engage in them that ultimately gives your life meaning. How can "living" define the meaning of life? There is a significant difference between living and surviving. One of the most important aspects in availing yourself of the meaning of life is understanding that difference.

Animals engage in survival. They plod through life breathing, eating, sleeping, defecating and avoiding danger. Occasionally they also engage in play. Be sure your human life encompasses far more.

If you are moving through life as an automaton, simply engaging in activities you neither enjoy nor feel... If your main preoccupation in executing your life is avoiding danger in its many forms be it physical threat, embarrassment, humiliation, emotional or financial loss of standing.... if each day passes with monotonous similarity and represents yet another mountain you must climb but would prefer not to..... Than you are surviving and not living.

Stopping to smell the roses is much more than an old adage, it is a prescription for understanding how to live. It is about perceiving, comprehending and feeling what you do and not simply mechanically doing it.

To live life, you must feel passionately about the things you do. Life is much too short not to do what you really enjoy. Nor is life a spectator sport. It is a full contact event requiring your action and participation. You are part of "Team Humanity" and you need to give it your all. Do what you love to do (as long as it does not hurt others) with passion and gusto and you will no doubt do it well.

Learn to balance your life and share your passion and gusto with others, in particular, those you care about most. Sharing your life interests with others will enrich them as well if you believe and feel passionately about what you do. The act of sharing with others will help you balance your own existence as well. It will insure that you don't simply engage in narrow, selfish pursuits to the exclusion of other aspects of your life and the important people in it. The act of sharing means you have to reach out, engage and understand the interests of others in order to involve them in yours as well.


Your life must be one long learning experience if you wish to get the most out of it. Learn from your mistakes as well as your successes -- but always be sure you draw lessons from your experiences -- you can only grow if you truly learn from what you already know.

Learning is not simply about acquiring knowledge. It's also about spending your time in useful pursuit discovering the incredible universe of wisdom that is out there for you to avail yourself of.

You will never learn everything there is to know about any single subject, but seek out new knowledge as if it were possible. Keep on learning wherever you find yourself and in whatever way you can.

There are many ways to acquire wisdom -- from the confines of a structured classroom to sitting next to someone on the train and asking them about themselves. Whether you prefer reading books, watching a documentary on TV or learning by example -- just do it. If you are uncomfortable learning new things in new subject areas (you shouldn't be, really), then concentrate on learning as much about what you do enjoy.

Just don't ever make the mistake of thinking you know everything about anything. That is a recipe for stagnation, narrow-mindedness arrogance and hubris. Nobody knows everything. Those that think they do often understand less of what they think they know.

Learning something new is always the catalyst for a revelation that may change your life or the lives of others. If you are stuck in a rut and you find you are surviving rather than living, educating yourself in something new is always a good strategy to open a new path for yourself.

Remember too that knowledge is a valuable commodity to be collected and shared with equal fervor. Wisdom must be shared in order to reveal its true value. When you aren't learning, take the opportunity to offer the wisdom you have accumulated to others.


It should be no surprise to anyone that love is at the center of the meaning of life. Why? Because in its purest form it implies a feeling of unselfish goodness towards other human beings. That is true in whatever form love takes whether it is between two lovers, a father and son, grandparents and grandkids or a religious person and his flock.

The simple reality is that to find meaning in your own life you must be able to give of yourself to others. No man is an island. We do not go through life alone. Our birth is the result of being carried and cared for by another. Throughout our life we are molded by teachers, relatives and friends, and we often die in the care of others. A person who can truly sacrifice for another in the name of love has encountered the raw energy of the life force itself.

If you stop to think of it, life is a constant cycle of giving and receiving in emotional, spiritual and material terms. Love is one of the few elements that both provides and returns something of real and overriding benefit. That is true with the other actions we have described as necessary in finding meaning in your life as well.


Laughter is an important element of life. It cannot be overlooked or underestimated. It is what inoculate us against the worst of life and the medicine that ultimately heals us.

To laugh is to understand the humor in a given situation and more importantly, to learn from it. It is the counterbalance to pessimism and hopelessness and the ability to see the silver lining in a dark cloud.

As human beings oftentimes we must separate ourselves from the intimate personal grief, embarrassment, etc... a bad situation causes before we can objectively appreciate and learn from it. Oftentimes, to learn from a bad experience we must first be able to make light of it. Finding humor in a bad situation creates the alternative perspective we need to separate ourselves from it. This provides us the opportunity to inoculate ourselves from further suffering, the insight to learn from bad experiences and the opportunity to ultimately to heal.

When we lose a loved one for instance, continued, persistent grieving about our personal loss will neither bring the person back nor mend our broken heart. On the other hand, remembering all the good, humorous memories keeps a lost loved one alive in our hearts forever and ultimately allows us to heal as well. The same is true for any bad experience. If you can ultimately laugh about a personal embarrassment rather than continuing to wallow in self-pity, you will learn important lessons from even your most unpleasant life experiences.

Laughter is about optimism. You have the ability to effect people and events around you through your own attitude. How you react to people events affects how they react to you. We are not promoting giddy stupidity or the dark humor of cynicism, but rather the positive outlook on life that being able to find humor in situations brings to you and those around you.

and i tink this tag belongs to nic as well.. hahas =X

"Anonymous 18 April, 2008 02:34

sorry abit deep this few days.

been trying to live up to the best i can be.

need to revive my "soul".. if not i'ld be lost to the world ard me.

welcome to my world.


be true to yourself and ppl ard.. dun let those who didnt give up on ya once upon a time be disappointed. love ya dad n mum! "

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Anonymous | 18 April, 2008 00:18


the term "free" is suggestive...but "busy" is a fact. i'm busy yet free..make time to becum free la..

knowledge is boundless.. application is at times hard..the third link must go! its some website which plays music to help u memorize or concentrate things like that..got free demos :)

all this "earli" slping hrs has been going on since ns.. bo pian..no time make time..so norm mon fri 4-5hrs slp..sat sun recharge..coz cant all put to sunday digest and practice.. must daily.. rest can put aside pay off slp debt all in one shot (not advisable though)

u guys rest earli!

whenever see anything which i think interesting or apllication to general daily life i'll be sharing!

Anonymous | 18 April, 2008 00:20

one last thing..its not cum online for fun..dun even on my msn *winkz*

do research n study..


and hope to improve in my areas of interests..

knowledge online is boundless..


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17 April, 2008

post become short, but links instead *winkz*
milubing | 17 April, 2008 18:32


some nice read ups. if ya can spare the time :)



this below is a MUST check out... got free trials... and i've yet to see if it works.. tell me if it does. :)

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Anonymous | 17 April, 2008 01:35

nic here..

sorry if i may sound abit harsh.. dun mean offense in anyway.. but maybe explain abit and hope to give some new insights.

using "musical gadgets" with soul i guess is the ans... (depends on what genres too la..not techno keke)eg with current tech, we can use triggers.. and sequencing just to add icings to the cake (eg sound effects, ambient noises etc) yet while using them "gadgets", u too must play with soul.

i got no right to call myself an artist yet. not really there. but if i'm to discribe what i wanna be..wanna be an artist not artiste.
aint wanna be just selling "face".

ok ok...hmm..
a live band backing up a soloist - isnt it the same as a minus one except that its played live got visual aspects within the performance?? well, ppl prefer to see and hear than just hear.. fact.

examples to sustain the motion.

there are many musicians like martin taylor... who goes on stage alone.. expresses his soul using ONE guitar alone.. beautiful..others like eric clapton prefer to sing of his dead son with pain and anguish seeping through his brows with a band backing him.
conclusion.. its subjective.. its the medium we chose to use to help elevate and magnify the expressions of our thoughts emotions and soul. even a solo guitarist uses effects and gadgets.. name you some (just that u dont see! its somewhere somewhere at the soundman there la..haha) ..or better.. show ya the signal flow together.

guitar - wire - mixer - equalisers - compressors - limitors - delay - reverb - amplifiers - house speakers

these are the minimum "gadgets" behind that one man.

there are many a things midst the eye yes.

the above post may be mostly crap.. if it helps its information, if it doesnt... crap..its how we filter out gd stuff to apply in our daily lives. just like 98.7 add. "only hear the good stuff"


the old nic is back. crazy as ever.

still on my guit... practicing vibrato..haha...all my life i had been doing it the wrong way.. a way that works yet in the long run will hinder improvement..oh well... re program my brain n fingers ba..

gd night! and happy birthday caixia again!


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15 April, 2008

Anonymous | 15 April, 2008 01:02


thnks for reading guys! realli appreciate the time for tagging and reading!

ADELINE ... i salute u.. ya got me.

its simple..some spend their time on things they deem worth..its matter of choice..this i deem worth to someday get ''there''... its weird..when you're tired u feel as if working hard gives u a much greater sense of achievement... what earned is hard earned..

dunno how long this nlog will be up.. but new motto.. to revive the nic that had time to think and share his thoughts..hoping it'll make a diff in readers lives :)


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14 April, 2008

this week I-weekly pg 76 got POTP 25th anniversary celebration news with mlb too. but the results seemed to be wrong? short article though.

thanks pegg for informing ;D...

anyone can provide a scanned copy? do send to us alright? thanks~


MLB Publicity Blog @ 14:43

they tagged =)....

nic here..
haha...happy that itz benificial for u guys..i'll try to keep up a habit...sit by the com n practice so can blog in between breaks.. coz i guess seclusion may not be everything aye..3 hrs straight of guit purely finger work..that my pinkie a lil retarded le..weak weak!...ha! tml got camp...thats 3 hrs time gotta wake up! nitey! so lil time so much to do...haiz

14 April, 2008 03:48

weiqi said...

heh heh.. so sorry mlbians, been away for quite a long while..dying in my exams..well,gotta boast here bout my BRO! he is the MOST passionate cum hard-working musician that i know as a friend. No one else really comes close..except dearest shifu and mr clifford(power bassist)..3 ppl who inspire me to improve my music knowledge..
This Nic ah, called me jus now to ask me to read mr steve vai's words of wisdom..sigh..gotta bia studies la bro,after the papers then i read for the projects ya? ;) btw,MK,still owe u a tag here,will get back to u ya,dun worry. But wanna say a big THANK U for watching da changjin that day and passing me the chicken essence although i always feel weird cos a student,who is not earning $ buyin me that,is not really nice la..happen more than 2wice le but through different MLBians..so pls dun ya.If ur parents know bout it they'll (0_0) and dunno how to jiao dai...but still, thanks ya? SUPER nice of ya. Take care peeps..till the nxt time i'm back...take care and enjoy nic's super long post hahahaha... ;)

14 April, 2008 03:52

weiqi said...

eh bro..tot u say u go slp le? i cannot dong liao.. going to kun. Jia yo @ camp man ;) nitey peeps...

14 April, 2008 03:53

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a post not for the impatient, faint hearted and complacent.
milubing | 13 April, 2008 19:47


had been listening to and studying...

Muse (3 piece band, 1 sessionist pianist, all of them do play a part in their sound! all 3 contribute in sequencing! not drummer just play drums guitarist only guitars! the guitarist is the actual pianist by the way! talented.)

Luna Sea (crazy arrangements...WAH)

L'arc en ciel (basist shiok, pretty boy amazing singer, great sounding)

U2 (as great as ever)

Queen (oh my tien this' old shaitz! try bohemian rhapsody haha)

FIR (ooOo they're gettin ''heavier'', guess they tested market cheenar can accept heavy guitars liaoz)

for those that are interested to go beneath surfaces and pretty faces...

Musical Meditation

by Steve Vai

(Part 2 of 7, originally published March 1989).

When you concentrate on a given situation wholeheartedly, you'll get the best results. The key is single-pointedness of mind. This holds true for any pursuit; a bricklayer who concentrates on the work at hand covers every detail and gets the job done quicker and better. When you read a book with your mind fully focused, your comprehension and retention are vastly improved.

Here's a musical example: I was transcribing music for Frank Zappa, doing everything from guitar and drum solos to orchestral scores and lead sheets. The work was quite intensive, and I found myself spending 10 or 12 hours a day listening to just one minute of music. I was concentrating so intently that I felt dazed whenever I stopped for a moment, but I achieved unprecedented results. I discovered new forms of written notation, greatly developed my ears, and transcribed some of the most rhythmically complex musical situations ever recorded — all by sheer single-pointedness of mind.

Mind control of this sort is a meditation. People meditate all the time without realizing it; watching TV is a meditation, in a sense. When many people hear the word "meditation", they relate it to spiritual realms. "Stilling the mind" is probably the highest form of meditation. That is, keeping one's mind from erroneous thoughts and focusing on the divine (or whatever path you're on). We get the best results when we meditate on a subject, but alas, meditation is not easy. The mind loves to wander, and these intrusions keep you from the precious results you seek.

Now what on the face of God's beautiful blue earth does all of this have to do with learning to play the guitar?

When you meditate on something, you're forced to look at it from many different angles, including some you've probably never thought of. You're forced to reach down into the depths of your identity and individuality. Consequently, your results will be uniquely yours. That's what we seek as musicians: to light that tiny flare (or bonfire) of originality and individuality.

The following exercise will help you develop your musical meditation skills. Take one isolated musical idea, such as a single chord or riff. For our example, let's take vibrato. Vibrato is a very expressive technique, and can say a thousand different things when properly used (or misused). Sit with your guitar and a clock, and vibrate a note for one hour. Sounds simple, but here's the catch...

Never deviate from holding that note.

Pick it as many times as you like. Try many different vibrato approaches (fast, slow, soulful, mellifluous, etc).

Most important, don't let your mind wander. When you find yourself thinking of anything other than vibrato (and you will, probably in the first few seconds), pull your mind back to the note. Your mind will wander off into thoughts such as "Am I doing this right?", then "Boy, what a waste of time this is!" Eventually, you'll find yourself thinking about your friends, your financial situation, what you did yesterday, what you're going to do tomorrow, and of course, "Let's eat!" This is the hard part. Just keep pulling your mind back to vibrating that note. It's a discipline worth working on.

Eventually, you'll exhaust all conventional vibrato approaches, all the ways you saw someone else do it. Then (if you have the discipline to continue), your mind will enter private realms and you will reach deeper into your own uniqueness for different ideas.

You may have to start practicing this technique little by little, doing it for just five or ten minutes. Try timing yourself. Ultimately, you'll find that when it comes time to "just play", you'll use these vibratos with great ease, and you will discover something different in your playing.

You can practice this exercise with any riff, solo, or chord change. Just keep your mind on it and constantly analyze your performance. It can become very soulful. You might, for example, take just two notes — any two — and play them for an hour without straying from them. Try any approach; stretch them, use different picking styles, play hard or soft, make the notes long or short, or vibrate them.

One of the great things you'll gain from this type of practicing is authority. When you play something, you'll feel confident about pulling it off with flying colors.

But most important, you'll gain discipline. Great results require discipline, and meditation is a discipline. But if you are really into this, it won't seem like a discipline, but a pleasure. But there's one thing for sure: Nothing you read in a column can teach you anything. You just have to do it!

he Physical
by Steve Vai

(Part 4 of 7, originally published May 1989).

Your face reveals much about your personality. When people talk, they use their faces, as well as their voices. Sometimes the true meaning of what they are trying to communicate (or not communicate) is visible in their face and body language.

Body language is an important part of expressing yourself. Just try getting through a conversation while keeping a stone-cold, straight-faced appearance — no laughing, hand gestures, or body movement, just lips. You'll see that it's much harder to express yourself.

The way your body moves reflects your true personality. When someone plays an instrument, facial and body language play important expressive roles. Some people hardly move at all when they play. This doesn't necessarily mean they're not expressing themselves, not that what they're playing doesn't mean anything — some people simply emanate expression from their very being. This, too, can be cultivated with the proper attitude.

Sometimes when you play, you hit a note or chord, and your facial and body expressions contort to match the audio expression. When this happens, it gives you a certain sense of freedom and accomplishment, and it's very entertaining for an audience.

Here's an exercise to help you use your body expressively. First, tape record a musical situation — a jam session, let's say, or a series of chord changes with an overdubbed solo. Listen back and choose a particular section — a chord change, or a riff — that you like. Listen to it several times, and picture the music as an actual "little person" (looking like you, presumably, or a familiar figure like Gumby). If the little person were the riff, what would his body and face look like? How would he contort himself to give viewers the impression of audible sound? (This could be quite amusing....)

Now go back and listen to the tape again. Listen to the passage you selected over and over, but as you picture the body language of the little person, emulate it with your face and body. You'll feel the notes more, and this will translate into your playing.

Here's another exercise: While you're jamming, choose a lick and cycle it over and over. While you do this, think of the point you're trying to get across; then think of how what you're hearing makes you feel. Let the sound express itself in a certain body movement. The movement might consist of throwing your head back, or blinking an eye, or a little pelvic thrust, or rolling on the floor in a convulsive frenzy while humping your guitar in an erotic extravaganza with your eyes rolling back in your head while your nostrils flare and large red veins bulge from your neck — but please be careful. (I think I know that riff, by the way).

Another exercise is one that I stumbled on when I was about 12 years old. Take a familiar piece of music, such as a favorite solo section. As you listen to it, let your face contort and express the music. The first piece I remember doing this with was "Midnight", a great Jimi Hendrix song that appears on 'War Heroes'. Try this technique with your own playing — let your face express what's coming out of your speakers. This is great fun, and very entertaining. The more animated you allow yourself to be, the more the music seems to come alive.

True, it takes a certain lack of inhibition to use this technique live, but hey, what do you care, right? I don't suggest you use these body language techniques ALL the time. But in the never-ending struggle to be original, you must search the depths of your soul, and these techniques may help.

Mind Pictures
by Steve Vai

(Part 6 of 7, originally published July 1989).

Sometimes we play things that just come out, and we don't know why. I believe it's divine inspiration. It's possible to simply take these things at face value, but instead, let's try to pin some "pictures" on these flirtations with divinity.

Pick up your instrument and play one chord. Try to invent one that you've never played before. (It's simpler than it seems — just out your fingers in places you've never put them before, or detune a string or two.) Now strum the chord any way you like, and record it. As you listen back to your recording, let the chord "speak" to you. Allow the sound of the chord to evoke a scene in your mind — perhaps something familiar, maybe an experience in your life. Let your imagination run off for a while. You may start out with a mere impression, and end up with a whole story. Finally, write down whatever it was that you visualized. (When we were 16 or 17, my friend Joe Despagni and I used to do this extensively. We'd sit with a guitar, and one of us would strum a chord. We'd describe to each other the pictures it would conjure up in our minds — far-out and liquid).

This is an exercise of the imagination, and it should be taken to extremes. Don't stop with just one chord. Listen to something that you've written in the past, or a popular song that you like. As you do, let your imagination go off on tangents. As you search for that special theme or melody, you may draw from mental pictures of an actual past event, a future one, or some totally off-the-wall scenario. After a while, you'll see how this procedure affects your playing.

The following exercises may lead you to discoveries that you could not have attained any other way:

• Think of a person who is very close to you, or maybe even yourself. Construct a song in a standard form (AABA, or whatever), and have each section reflect a personality trait of that person. You'll probably have to start out by defining how you view these different aspects of your subject's personality. (This exercise may sound offbeat, but hey, what am I here for?)

• Try exaggerating your playing. If you think that a passage calls for a chord to be struck hard, smash it to pieces. If you need something fast and aggressive, be as furious as possible — more furious than you ever thought yourself capable of being. (But keep it clean and accurate, unless the part demands something else.) If a passage calls for subtlety, you yourself must be in a very subtle frame of mind. This approach is useful with dynamics — especially band dynamics — because dynamics are most effective when they are exaggerated.

• Think of the familiar expression markings you encounter when reading a piece of music (adagio, legato, and so on). You can actually apply any adjective to a piece of music. Take a random word from the dictionary, and apply it to a riff, song, chord change, or soloing approach (and don't forget to use the exaggeration technique).

Whatever you do, GET CARRIED AWAY! (But don't hurt yourself, or anyone else for that matter).

Then nic tagged;

"Anonymous | 13 April, 2008 21:16

nic here..

yea... havent been slacking... there's always so much to learn..hence so much to do...but so lil time...

we arent pro musicians... we just do what we do well as a 3 piece band..

so many ppl to look up to..

one day we'll be 3 piece sounding like 7 :)

all it takes is hard work hard work hard work and a right frame of mind to learn...same applies to anything! including studies!"

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08 April, 2008


Here are some more pictures taken during the gig at danceworks 2008 last Saturday.
Thanks PEK CHOO for providing the pictures...


MLB Publicity Blog @ 20:25

Myspace Comments
just a quick note to wish all MLBians who are borned in APRIL a


may all ur wishes come true wors~~ (=
and have a great day on that day.. *grins*


MLB Publicity Blog @ 13:45

07 April, 2008

Big Yawn..
milubing | 07 April, 2008 03:22

hey peeps, thanks for coming down and supporting, it really helped a lot. we thought we'd be kinda doing a 'lonely' show..always good to see mlbians around, like your family attend your graduation day like that..haha.. but really, thanks so much..especially when u gals knew that u might not able to enter in the 1st place. U gals rock! take care...


Was reading through the tags and i felt a sense of contentment.. Felt like we had received a bonus, from all of you. Like WQ mentioned, we didn't expected to see u girls at the show. Once again, LI HAI de. Uncle Phil, please don't feel sorry at all. Appreciate the moral support from everywhere else too. Thank u! I appeared with my army specs yesterday. Funny? Not new image, was using that to hide my tired eyes which are bout to close now.. Goodnight wonderwoman and dragonflies though i don't know who are u people. Happy dreams everyone.


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MLB Publicity Blog @ 08:31

Photos for danceworks 2008 gig are here.
Thanks to qianhui for providing ;D...


MLB Publicity Blog @ 01:11

06 April, 2008

Congrats to milubing for having another round of wonderful performance earlier;

here's the recap - in audio form.

milubing singing Wonder wall...


(wait a while for imeem to load)

sorry didn't managed to record Get Alive...

Anyway - sam wore specs today =P...

those who took pics and don't mind sharing with us - do send to us alright? you know where to send to? =D


MLB Publicity Blog @ 03:39

weiqi | 06 April, 2008 00:42

hey peeps, thanks for coming down and supporting, it really helped a lot. we though we'd be kinda doing a 'lonely' show..always good to see mlbians around, like your family attend your graduation day like that..haha.. but really, thanks so much..especially when u gals knew that u might not able to enter in the 1st place. U gals rock! take care...


MLB Publicity Blog @ 02:34

03 April, 2008

Alright; as promised here are some of the pictures provided by binz (thank you~). =D


MLB Publicity Blog @ 23:46

Caution: super outdated, but better late than never =P

Remember the gig in RP last year?
"which one?", you may asked.
The Charity gig "Chorus of Dreams" with SAVH~~~~

Ok never mind;
I just realized pictures of the guys were uploaded in their website - quite small though.

Here we go~

Source: http://www.savh.org.sg/news/chorusofdreams01.html

P.S.: more pictures of POTP event (provided by binz) will be uploaded SOON...stay tune!


MLB Publicity Blog @ 03:04