30 September, 2008

sam updated his personal blog again wors~~ =)


pegg @ 15:36

and because of you, we reached our 900th post already =)...

over the main blog...

"Sam Wong | 30 September, 2008 01:49

Like WeiQi said, thank u thank u for voting! We're really glad that our music is appreciated.. Goodnight!"

and on your left...
"30 Sep 08, 02:03
sam: Yes, quietly.. Appreciate all the effort you ladies put in over here, steady la! Goodnite. =)"

thanks ah sam! =)


Mui Ling @ 02:16

29 September, 2008

alrighto. as you can see, our ah sam has his own photo blog now. more of posting the pictures he took. Here's the link, http://samwangruixiang.blogspot.com/
This blog will be linked to publicity blog too =).

Since that is more of his personal stuff, we won't be pasting his entries here as updates. We'll just update informing that, Sam has updated his personal blog or something eh?

So to get the ball rolling, SAM HAS UPDATED HIS BLOG =).


MLB Publicity Blog @ 14:43

28 September, 2008

Good news! Milubing's "成熟" ENTERED today's long hu bang ALREADY LO~~~
Congrats guys!

Let's continue to vote hard!

you can now vote for songs using duplicate numbers BUT DO TAKE NOTE THAT YOU CANNOT VOTE FOR THE SAME SONG TWICE ON THAT SPECIFIC WEEK.

Yeah, so the voting methods are as follows...

Voting options...
1) Coupons can be found on the 'radio section' of I-weekly. Cut out the coupon, fill in the song title "成熟" and the artiste's name "迷路兵", and then fill in your particulars then mailed it to

Yes933 《醉心龙虎榜》负责人收
Farrer Road PO Box 933
Singapore 912899

2) Key in POTP933[space]成熟(song title can be keyed in using hanyu pinyin or chinese) then send to 72346. Each sms costs 30 cents.

if we don't have enough coupons, we can always sms.

just another additional piece of news, the coupons sent will contribute 70% and sms will contribute 30% to the final results.

votings will end on every thurs.
which means, if you wish for the song to appear on the chart this coming sunday, you have to make sure you cast ur votes before thurs.

Jia you!
Milubing jia you!!

Points accumulated: 3 points =)


Mui Ling @ 12:11

27 September, 2008

hmm. alright.
latest update regarding the tics, will be posted by the girls on the main blog. thus, look out for it ba. (=

"MLBians-in-charge 27 September, 2008 11:38

btw, just to add on about the GF tics, we'll post the details up here on the main blog via the comments column, so keep tuned in to the latest posts these few days. will put up details once we've decided how to give out the tics in a fair way.. "


pegg @ 17:16

milubing 27 September, 2008 02:43

nic : woo hoo! num 18 long hu bang!!! wah u guys amazing la..out 3 days n cheng shu's 18? thankies!!!!

weiqi(on behalf of mlb): THANKS to all the snipping,pasting,writing,and postage cost..today MLBians have made chengshu no.18 You guys & gals make miracles happen. We love u all uber lovable MLBIANS!!! :D See u next sunday then...a crazy zombifying week for me..sobs..monday blues..let's sing the blues then.. get rid of the drag ya? ;) *SHOUT* JIAYO EVERYONE!!!

sam: Apart from enjoying music, i enjoy taking pictures too. Here's where i put them up for viewing, so as not to flood MLB's blog. http://samwangruixiang.blogspot.com/

Hey peeps.. it's finally here..

choose your favourite caption for this pic:

A) Lesson 1: Practice signing your signature
B) 来啊! 来啊!
D) *you own caption!*

Actually we bought our own album to give out to those who helped with the production, and also for our close friends. Have you got yours yet? Pass to us then we sign for you ya? no problemo..it's our honour :p
When we finally signed all..phew..hand tired..warm up for qian chang hui.

BTW! the GF tix are already passed on to our dear MLBian in-charges, in total, we managed to get 30 tix for mlbians. Not sure how they are going to give it out, but do visit http://www.lostsoldiersmlb.blogspot.com/ for further details!

Wa... still got people not asleep yet leh.. isit pei me burn midnite oil? so good ah u all.. ok la...reward u guys with more behind the scenes pics k? here u go!

heh heh.. :p

weiqi 27 September, 2008 03:34

wa.. u all still awake nei... tsk tsk.. ok now i go back to my hmwk! thanks for the support peeps... i gotta find another time to look thru all the comments.. :( now gotta bia for a monday submission! Yikes! hope u all like the pics ya? Actually gotta thank Jasmin and Veron for helping to snap those photos while we were doing the MVs.. heh heh..nitey... i'll come back later b4 i slp ;)

weiqi 27 September, 2008 03:47

eh.. i better not show la..later sam not happy ma haha..

weiqi 27 September, 2008 03:54

btw..reading nic's post "ugly", it seems like he is taking up a separate persona from himself, and writing a passage of prose to describe how that person might think if he were him. confusing eh? but just don't get it wrong like he's talking bout himself..nope.. heh heh.. goodnite la.. i can't take it le.. maybe i sleep for 6 hrs and wake again..thank God it's sat..no school today.. zzzzZZZZZ...

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MLB Publicity Blog @ 04:08

milubing | 27 September, 2008 01:59


How am I to live with myself

- if what I am is "ugly".
Not on the surface, but in the soul, deep within.
Would I be like Dorian Gray?
Ever so beautiful on the outside,
yet my ugly and dark,
soot covered self portrait lays hidden in that room,
deep down that murky isle,
which only I can enter?
Yes I am ugly.

My phoenix...
Please set that room ablaze!
Set the potrait on fire!
Then no longer it would haunt me!
Piercing my heart with a spoke each time I did right.
I'm like its' vodoo doll, it being my master.
Save me. It's at it again.
Locks me up in that room
while it walks out of it's frame.
Doing all the wrongs in my name
- applauds then jeers me.
Eating the very conscience i have kept precious - excruciating.

Burn it when it's kept in, dormant.
Burn Burn Burn!
Free me of it's leash!

Only then, I would be perfect in your eyes.
Spotless and clean.
But yet my wings would still be charred from the battles i fought.

I'm still ugly.

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MLB Publicity Blog @ 04:07

25 September, 2008

just an update of their events.
do take note and support if possible (=

EVENTS(chronological order):

Oct 1 Hari Raya Puasa TBC 1800-2300 SP @ Fort Canning CANCELLED


迷路兵 “三角行” Performance & Autograph Session

Date: 11 Oct 08 (Sat)

Time: 3 pm

Venue: Junction 8, Top Of The 8, Level 3

Date: 17 Oct 08 (Fri)

Time: 7 pm

Venue: Bukit Panjang Plaza, Garden Plaza, Level 2

Oct 22 新动网.com - sharing session at NYJC on building confidence to take the 1st leap to make the 1st move to get to know new friends. (I won't be around due to school, Nic not confirmed due to camp)

Nov 4 TBC
Nov 9 TBC
Nov 23 TBC


MLB Publicity Blog @ 21:37

24 September, 2008

lastest announcement from weiqi.

he's currently working on the tickets for SuperBand 2 Grand Finals.
so supporters who are interested to attend, do wait for his news or news from the fc.

and with regards to the album tt is supposed to be released today.
due to some printing issue, the album will be delayed to tml/friday.

"Anonymous 24 September, 2008 19:02

Yup. . . The album is slated for a 26 Sept island-wide release. Some printing issue hiccups resulted in such postponement. Some stores may receive the goods by tomorrow evening, to avoid further dissapointment, try after 7pm tomorrow, if need to.

Have tagged 933 to announce the revised release date.

This album contains the sweat and blood of the 3 guys that have this persistence and belief in their music. It's really good music worth waiting for. Am sure MLBians will feel the same way too, after listening to the songs.

Take Care all!


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pegg @ 19:24

Birth Date 25th Sept
milubing 24 September, 2008 06:12

p.s. hope u all like the new banners in the blog(also LOTSA thanks to Xiu Jie).. ppl @ lostsoldiers side can feel free to use any pics here to update that side ;)

Promo 'QianChangHui' :
Oct 11,12
Oct 17
Venue & time not confirmed

Gigs and misc:
Oct 1 Hari Raya Puasa TBC 1800-2300 SP @ Fort Canning CANCELLED
Oct 22

for voting instructions pls check out the blog for mlbians by the mlbians: http://www.lostsoldiersmlb.blogspot.com/


here's a behind the scenes photo taken during MV shoot:

weiqi :

Because there are
SOOOOO many other people involved,
SOOOOO much effort put in,
SOOOOO many concerned family friends mlbians colleagues,
SOOOOO much LOVE AND CARE put into nurturing this band of 3 guys,
that WE SHOULD NOT TAKE ALL OF THEM FOR GRANTED by making decisions without considering AAAALLLLLL these people...
who are we now, to make decisions based on what we feel, what we selfishly want, or don't want.
My personal direction for this band now, is that every move we make, we do it for the sake and with great consideration for ALL THESE people who cared,
every Friend, Family member, Mlbian, Colleague that we've encountered, and break out of our self-centred bubble.
We will grow together with these people, and our music will grow with them.
Cliché but, "there is no 'i' in 'team'..."
u've heard it, all of u..
u are part of this team.


A new beginning... a 2nd chance to make a scene in the music scene. Enjoy tagging here... hope the excitement lasts till the 3rd album (if we may).

It's our hardwork.. and many unseen hands' product too, eg managements, and production side ppl... Plus unseen hands and voices like ALL OF YOU.

Hope you guys are Happy with it.

We Are...


: )


pegg @ 14:55

23 September, 2008

Weiqi from MiLu Bing: We are not as naïve as before *Exclusive!

The SuperBand Season 1 champ will release their sophomore album Triangle tomorrow. We speak to band leader Chan Weiqi and learn that the three young men have lost their innocence in the two years since the last album.

Sept 23, 2008

Kwok Kar Peng

Chan Weiqi may claim that MiLu Bing aren’t as naïve and have realized that reality is harsh but talking to him over the phone, he still sounds every bit like the bashful and happy boy-next-door that we met and interviewed over the years since the start of SuperBand Season 1 till the release of their self-titled debut album two years ago.

He said, “In the past, we were super positive all the way and would enter into anything head on no matter what. We were naïve and regarded everything as perfect but we became disappointed because we realized that a lot of things are painful. Now, we are like a whole new person because we acknowledge that there are setbacks and failures along the way, and we have to pick ourselves up.

“Music production is never smooth sailing; there will always be hiccups and different expectations from people. It’s hard for me to explain and I can’t really go too much into details… I don’t want to offend anybody. What I can say is, we are the first band for Warner Music Singapore and MediaCorp, so we are very different from solo singers. We write our own music and our compositions are like our children, so like parents, we become protective and don’t like other people to ‘anyhow’ style our ‘children’ when we are in the music studio. So both sides – the band and the music company, are always learning how to work with each other. The process is not easy; it takes a lot of communication and understanding.”

Luckily for the boys, their music company gave them a lot of liberty for Triangle, leaving the song selection and music arrangement to them. When they passed their own seven compositions to the company, all of them were accepted for the album and the company even chose three of them to plug as hits.

Because of the earlier-mentioned ‘hiccups’, the release of their album has been pushed back three months. It’s nobody’s fault, Weiqi explained, just unavoidable hurdles.

The changes in them – like realizing they can’t coop themselves up doing music but have to ‘come out’ and do some TV programmes - and their growing up is reflected in the song Cheng Shou (Mature), the lyrics of which was written by a friend Butter, whom they met during SuperBand. Butter, formerly from the band Amber, is now in San Yue which will compete in the SuperBand Grand Final next Sunday.

Accomplished local songwriter Xiaohan also penned three songs for MiLu Bing, one of which is San Jiao Xing; though sharing the same title as the album, Weiqi is quick to add that the meaning for the former is different from the latter.

The album title San Jiao Xing, like the triangle, means the three of them are the most stable when they are together, but Xiaohan’s usage of the phrase is different.

“I sense that she’s trying to warn us; the lyrics are quite ambiguous and open to different interpretations; it’s like a love triangle, but we are not gay! I won’t say anymore here, you have to go listen to the lyrics and understand it yourself,” Weiqi insisted despite much badgering from me.

The three young men became recluses for half a year to prepare for the album and turned down other projects. For a university boy (in Nanyang Technological University’s School of Arts, Design and Media, specializing in animation) who’s not taking allowances from his parents anymore, the delay of the album meant that Weiqi didn’t have any income for a period of time. Still, he brushed it aside nonchalantly. Equally helpless is he in his relationship with his girlfriend of five years.

“If you are the girlfriend of any of us in MiLu Bing, it may not be a good thing ‘coz your boyfriend may be almost non-existent! Sometimes we would be so busy that it’s not fair to the girl but it can’t be helped; I’m either in school or jamming. My girlfriend complains a bit but I don’t think it’s her fault; she’s right to complain but she hasn’t raised the topic of a break-up yet,” he laughed guiltily.

One thing that rubs Weiqi the wrong way is how some people think they are rolling in wads of money after winning the competition and releasing their album. He stressed, “We are not rich; it’s very difficult being a local artiste especially when what we earn has to be split into three portions. Winning SuperBand opens up a lot of opportunities but it limits our social circle which includes of only our family, girlfriend and the other jokers in the band!”

The three ‘jokers’, if you don’t already know, is made up of musician Sam Wong, 22; student Chan Weiqi, 23; and NS guy Nic Lee, 24. They will release their second album Triangle on Sept 24, 2008, and will plug three songs from the album Cheng Shou, Shi Jie Ma Fan Jie Guo Yi Xia and Breathe, the only English song in the album.

They are also the special guest for SuperBand Grand Final on Sunday Oct 5, 2008 and will perform songs from their new album.

Triangle - Track Listing

1. Cheng Shou 成熟
Lyricist: Butter
Music Composer: MiLu Bing

2. Shi Jie Ma Fan Jie Guo Yi Xia 世界麻烦借过一下
Lyricist: Xiao Han
Music Composer: MiLu Bing

3. Hei 黑
Lyricist: Butter
Music Composer: MiLu Bing

4. San Jiao Xing 三角行
Lyricist: Xiao Han
Music Composer: MiLu Bing

5. She Bu De 舍不得 (From the drama The Golden Path)
Lyricist: Zhang Lesheng
Composer: Zhang Jialiang

6. Han 汗
Lyricist: Xiao Han
Music Composer: MiLu Bing

7. Lu 路 (From the drama The Golden Path)
Lyricist: Zhang Lesheng
Composer: Zhang Jialiang

8. Wu Xing De Chi Pang 无形的翅膀
Lyricist: Dasmond Koh
Music Composer: Samuel Wong

9. Breathe
Lyricist: Nic Lee
Music Composer: Nic Lee

(source: http://www.mediacorptv.sg/en/buzzdetail/EDC080923-0000009)

thanks anonymous and jane for informing

ps: i removed the pic due to copyright issue


Mui Ling @ 23:42

Anonymous @ 23 September, 2008 04:57

My quote for till the end of this year
- Let me Be Me.

I'm always sad. It makes me human. Loneliness makes one feel real. Give you space to think.

i'm always happy, ironically above the darkness.




pegg @ 08:42

Anonymous @ 23 September, 2008 04:13

reading some comments i laugh..haha.. jokes.. then some damn sad like the who-who cant come all qian chang hui.. then long comments about ex-cons.. touched my heart.

PPl cant make u stay down though they may put u on the ground. Persistence. belief. Knowing u are able to get up.. what the mind conceive u can achieve (dun tell me flying la..realistic pls pls haha)..

thank you all for being here for us..

we dun earn much..

all the money and efforts u all have put in onli goes into fufilling our passion.

and we're greatful for that. very. :)

given a chance to live on the edge... we'll walk the edge.. onto higher ground. (catch us if we fall) thanks ar..haha



pegg @ 04:22

22 September, 2008

888TH POST!!!

weiqi @ 22 September, 2008 14:01

Duckling,quizzy_me,Uncle Phil, and all others who might not be able to come, will miss u guys at the qian chang hui but it's cool, there'll always be other events ya? ;)

quizzy_me, the new album is called triangle.. san jiao xing,but the xing is 'walking' de 'xing'

saying 'Hi!' back to the Panthers haha..
today's the 22..hmm..the 24th is coming.. :)


pegg @ 20:16

21 September, 2008

Win Superband grand final tickets and Mayday autographed premium


Superband Grand Final is on 5 Oct, Sunday 7.30pm Live.

Guest performing artistes:

Mayday 五月天
Mi Lu Bing 迷路兵
Qinobe 使诺鼻
Li Zhong Sen 李宗盛

1. Winners will be notified via email on 29 Sept.
2.Winners are to collect prize at Caldecott Broadcast Centre’s reception on 3 Oct before 6pm.
3.Premiums accompanying the prizes will be at Channel U’s discretion. No exchange is allowed.
4.Prizes uncollected will be forfeited.
6. There will be no repeat winners.


MLB Publicity Blog @ 23:04

Good news! Milubing's "cheng shu" was intro-ed at today's long hu bang's FRESH.

As usual, the details are as follows...

1) You can vote for "cheng shu" by sending 1x coupon and 1x SMSing per song.

2) Don't indicate in the coupon the phone number you use to vote using sms.

3) Cannot use same hand writing to cast vote by coupons even if they are of different names.

4) It's actually restricted to one person one song one vote but the sms part we might be able to cheat a little though...

Yeah, so the voting methods are as follows...

Voting options...
1) Coupons can be found on the 'radio section' of I-weekly. Cut out the coupon, fill in the song title "成熟" and the artiste's name "迷路兵", and then fill in your particulars then mailed it to

Yes933 《醉心龙虎榜》负责人收
Farrer Road PO Box 933
Singapore 912899

2) Key in POTP933[space]成熟(song title can be keyed in using hanyu pinyin or chinese) then send to 72346. Each sms costs 30 cents.

if we don't have enough coupons, we can always sms.

just another additional piece of news, the coupons sent will contribute 70% and sms will contribute 30% to the final results.

votings will end on every thurs.
which means, if you wish for the song to appear on the chart this coming sunday, you have to make sure you cast ur votes before thurs.


MLB Publicity Blog @ 12:56

weiqi | 21 September, 2008 02:42

hey there mlbians..dun worry, we understand that some of u might have work/school (and exams!) during our promos.. as long as u appreciate our music, we're more than happy to produce even more for this family! so dun worry,support from the heart can be felt beyond presence! take care mlbians!


Mui Ling @ 03:15

20 September, 2008

weiqi: Sorry, chup here a bit due to some updates on the events coming up...hope u all can make it ;)

Promo 'QianChangHui' :
Oct 11,12
Oct 17
Venue & time not confirmed

Gigs and misc:
Oct 1 Hari Raya Puasa TBC 1800-2300 SP @ Fort Canning
Oct 22 新动网.com - sharing session at NYJC on building confidence to take the 1st leap to make the 1st move to get to know new friends. (I won't be around due to school, Nic not confirmed due to camp)
Nov 4 TBC
Nov 9 TBC
Nov 23 TBC

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MLB Publicity Blog @ 18:46

18 September, 2008

Big Yellow Ribbons Please
milubing 19 September, 2008 03:59


A leopard could never change its spots they say. But we were all born equal.. of the same specie...

well all of us have spots. Some of us which spots got dirtied along the way.

Thank you to those who came.. who found out about the event.. didnt blog about it as i felt those who already know me aint need to hear my song.. my msg... my cry for the society to see that these dirtied spots... my dirtied spots... could be cleaned - have been cleaned.

I know you lovelies have already accepted who i am.. which is the result of who i was... companied by the journey of the young man i already am and going to become.


Thank you all for giving me a second chance.. a chance not to change.. but to show my change.

Tie your big yellow ribbons ppl...

open your eyes to see good within all man...

not fearing the consequences of their failure but giving them strength to prevent and overcome the failures to come.

It's not how many of these ex cons (including myself) we forgive.

But how many we've condemned and help them back into the darkness they wrongly chose and confided in.

Hear my cry...

Their cry...

To be free...



Lotsa love... with tears...



pegg @ 20:13

sam :
milubing 19 September, 2008 03:19

Good morning people.

Been sometime ya? I'm just a little quiet, here. 3am now?! Steady la.. I don't usually sleep at this hour, i'm an earlier than this sleeper. Was busy with some stuff just now, that's why.. Hmm..

How's the new song? We hope you'll like it. Of course the other songs to come too.. Its finally coming out ya. Our 2nd album!! 7 original songs from the 3 of us. Not the best songs, but music written with our heart.. Can you feel it?

Thank you so much for waiting.

And waiting.


pegg @ 20:13

updates of events lo. by nic. (=

"updates on events!
milubing 17 September, 2008 04:26

Oct 1 Hari Raya Puasa TBC 1800-2300 SP @ Fort Canning
Nov 4 TBC
Nov 9 TBC
Nov 23 TBC

heya.. thanks to all for the great encouragement.. support and anticipation..

hope we'll make a statement with tis album..

bring change to the norm..

thanks for growing with us.

continue to do so.


weiqi: will update u guys on the publicity dates when released to us!

weiqi: Album confirmed releasing on 24 September 08 (Wednesday)!


pegg @ 20:13

nic tagged =)...

"18 September, 2008 03:37

heya.. thanks to all for the great encouragement.. support and anticipation..

hope we'll make a statement with tis album..

bring change to the norm..

thanks for growing with us.

continue to do so.



weiqi tagged too
"weiqi | 18 September, 2008 11:31

Nic's in camp today...JIAYO NIC!
Rah funny ya..say we zhang da le.. everyone zhang da le.. heh heh..
Uncle Phil, it sounds painful(your wrist) pls take good care of it ;)
haha..mm specs are broken.. did u fall down when u broke it? (die po le yan jing)
Q_me dun pon la...syl also..dun pon la.. but i've been ponning one lecture too heh heh..cos i SU it..heh heh..shhh,,,
mightymouse sound a bit bian tai leh..wanna see love bite nia?
flora dun di xiao hor..disturb me rite? wat can lei on ur bed tsk tsk..i'm missing my bed now..
angie, it's double boiled not egg yolks la.. different different.. and i dun like mooncake eggyolks.. eeewww... always eat plain one heh heh..
thanks for the links Jane

actually Derrick shares the same sentiments as us..regarding the camera.what u see in the video is kinda like a bit unnatural. We enjoyed chatting together when the cam was not facing us..once someone told us to like 'eh shake hands leh so i can film' or something along the same lines, derrick will say,"like very ke yi la..we just talk normally ba.." cos it was more 'qing qie' when off screen..and we talked like normal friends catching up(topics were wide ranged from army life to album making process). he also shared with us that he understands how it feel a little 'gung kor' when u start filming mv, and gave us good advise like how to just let go and perform as if no one is looking. He's very real, and actually kinda lame in person(same frequency as us!!!) so it's really cool... just hope we have more of such time together..only without the camera. ;p"

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MLB Publicity Blog @ 13:34

16 September, 2008

and weiqi tagged as well.

"weiqi 16 September, 2008 22:37

hey mlbians, thanks for the voting ya? LHB coupons are hard to come by and hard to save up..so thanks!
Thanks for the jiayos! will work hard!
Don worry for nic ya? it's a scratch la..due to the guitar strap.. but it's worth it for the MV!!! i really peifu mr nic when it comes to MV.. he SUPER DUPER HIGH lor.. sigh.. sam n i gotta learn from him..

周公讲鬼 album long hair gal? hmm...not sure leh..will check it out..his album going to be sold out soon! sorry Jenny, just saw your post, nope it wasn't on the webcam.so u wan us to sign the other 3 postcards?

everyone take care k???

"weiqi 16 September, 2008 22:48

eh..Jenny ah.. as for magazine cover.. i'm not so sure. Don't know if that will happen. but if it does i'll update here ba ;)
thanks for all mlbians concern and to those who have been writingin requests.. super sweet of u all..but sometimes there are political reasons which are unseen when it comes to such strong public promotion.
Part of being chen shu is learning to see these issues that lie beneath the surface. ;)
Slowly we will all learn together as a mlb family :)"


pegg @ 21:38

weiqi blogged. (=
milubing 16 September, 2008 21:51

From left to right...
Mr 周崇庆!!! Samboy, Ah Qi, Nicko, Ivy, 伟彬!

and no.. i'm not wearing the same tee as sam... sigh.. ya lar ya lar...
Thanks to those who dropped by at the radio gate! Glad that u peeps came..
More interviews to come soon! ;)

933 people are all super nice!!!! Always feel at home when we're in that studio!!! ;)

check this out!



Derrick is a really nice guy, down to earth, jovial, funny and friendly.. it was my first time talking to him and i could really clique with him straight away. As with us, he is another artiste who is willing to make sacrifices for the sake of his music..and going full time into music is his biggest one. Respect him for that, and am glad that his album is doing really well and he is supported very strongly here back home! Looking forward to meet him again, maybe some other time just to hang out or something..

we do have behind the scenes photos, but they can only be posted later after the launch of the album..so qing qi dai! haha..

once again don't forget our home based blog for the mlbians by the mlbians themselves!

Btw, our album launch would be either 22/24th.. apparently wat i heard recently from warner's pauline. So once again, i'll update whenever i get any news..


pegg @ 21:38

thanks penguin for sharing.
you can download the interview previously at this link below (=




pegg @ 21:38

最后更新:星期二 2008年9月16日 09:00 hrs

迷路兵与Funkie Monkies Productions签约

第一届非常SUPERBAND的冠军得主迷路兵的三位成员:王瑞详,李顺利 和陈伟奇,与Funkie Monkies Productions签约成为其公司的独家词曲创作人。

迷路兵即将在9月底推出全新专辑。这张专辑将会收录华语和英语歌曲,而这次除了创作专辑里的七首歌之外,迷路兵也在整张专辑的音乐概念和编曲上贡献了许多在音乐上的灵感与想法。创作方面则邀请了入围今年台湾金曲奖最佳作词人的本地知名写词人 -- 小寒,为迷路兵量身定做歌词。《世界麻烦借过一下》这首由小寒亲自下笔的歌曲让这三位男生非常开心,也对此歌曲,放进更多的心思,为得就是追求音乐上的完。

Funkie Monkies Productions的版权部早在2004年由新加坡着名音乐人黄韵仁和小寒创办。他们从此变开始积极地找寻年轻一代的创作人。除了黄韵仁及小寒这两位主将之外,旗下的创作人包括 - 林琪玉, 伍家辉,管启源, 黄星魁, 陈慧真, 王志文,等人。这几位的作品都陆续出现在亚洲巨星如蔡依林,孙燕姿,蔡健雅,张惠妹,林忆莲,蔡淳佳,张栋梁,杨宗纬,李圣杰等人的专辑。

Funkie Monkies Productions一直坚持发掘有才华的歌手,创作人和音乐人的信念。也就因为这样,黄韵仁和小寒通过迷路兵的经纪人Jasmin Chong认识到这几位在创作富有潜力及有上进心的男生。

P/S: 迷路兵目前则是由MdiaCorp负责经纪,唱片公司则是华纳音乐,而创作词曲版权则归属Funki Monkis Productions。

(source: Yes933.sg
Thanks cat for informing)


Mui Ling @ 15:01

*click the image for larger view

Source: here
MY PAPER, 16/09/08

Thanks peishan for informing =)


MLB Publicity Blog @ 12:00

weiqi | 15 September, 2008 21:40

hey there, glad u gals got to hear the song.. dunno leh, i was told that it would play at 6pm.. paiseh ya? i wrote 'haha' cos everytime we talk to chong qing it will be damn funny..it's him la, he's a really good comedian! and a really nice person too! ;)
Hope u all get to hear it through out the week! Tmr's interview is from 7pm-7.20pm Also the timing could be slightly different like today.. depends on the circumstances ba. Take care!

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Mui Ling @ 00:52

15 September, 2008

Ready to get Chen Shu?
milubing | 15 September, 2008 12:19

Hey mlbians,

Monday(today) 7pm
Du2 Jia1 Shou3 Buo1
on 933FM

Do tune in to hear our latest Zhu Da ge... will be playing throughout this week though, so if u miss it, just listen out throughout the week.
Also, most likely doing an interview on 933 with mr chong qing(haha) this tuesday(tmr) at around 7pm onwards...I will try to update whenever possible!
Take care peeps..

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MLB Publicity Blog @ 13:31

10 September, 2008

thanks flora for sharing the video of breathe (=

here's the link.

Breathe by MiLuBing


pegg @ 17:04

and weiqi's tags

"weiqi 09 September, 2008 20:32

oops... :p

p.s. forgot to answer mighty mouse's question... yep, nic's 'breathe' is one of the new songs in the album! ;)
I really like that song and hope it you all like it too.. as for chen shu, i'm afraid tat there's no acoustic version..but i think there's a youtube vid of that one, and we might do the acoustic style again some time ;)
Take care u all!"


pegg @ 17:02

09 September, 2008


weiqi blogged and tagged~

saw u on Saturday...
milubing 09 September, 2008 17:06


*click pic to enlarge*
thanks to all who came(i saw some of u who are not in the picture, didn't forget u all k?)

Hope u all had a great time and that u enjoyed the songs that we prepared for u guys and gals.. :)
Also glad that u all got the tix.. for SB GF we have told our manager to reserve for mlbians le ;)

Nic tuning his guitar in the holding room with all the bags lying around..these bags are those that we carried onto the bus if u remembered ;) and there were like 3 more stands and a mixer...etc.. quite a number of things, which is why i needed to make a store list. next time u all can also help to carry k?haha just kidding hor.. :p

Our manager said 'pose leh..' then we were like stoning.. i also 'sa2 xiao4'.. dunnno la.. haha..this photo a bit bo liao but jus put ba.

some trivia for u all.. mr Wakin was in the room next to ours. I opened the door(our door) and he was being interviewed(camera rolling etc.) and went back into the room and announced, 'hey, zhou hua jian outside leh...' then Nic exclaimed, 'wa..love his songs since my childhood days man..YUAN FEN FEI..AI XIANG SHUI..NA PA..!!" then suddenly sam and i join in and we sang triple harmony and then my manager gave us a face and said ' how bout u open the door and sing can?'
then after the show, my manager 'scolded' us...'eh, u 3 make me look like a fool leh, i asked Mr Wakin whether my artiste cld take a picture with him, then when i turn around u 3 were no where to be found... (-_-!!!)' ...'heh heh, paiseh Jasmin, we went to pack the instruments' i replied... and sam's face showed a great disappointment(i think he really wanted to take the photo with him..well nic and me also..) yup end of story. Paiseh, today i just felt singlish.. well it's part of our culture..so i can still accept it la.. but the kiasuism on the mrt.. yucks..disgusts me.. *Cough* ok ok.. i side track le.. hope u all like this little abstract from the life of a milo...episode#1
till nxt time..
Take care...cheers...


weiqi 09 September, 2008 17:14

happy belated birthday to JODIE AND MIKO!!!

yup yup, nic and i are kinda 'seh' already..tired with our work but still gotta push on. btw that friday nite i slept for only 1 and a half hours organising our instruments and doing up an instruments list cos we got a new RIG!!! did u see our rig?haha.. kinda miss the coffin though.. it was really nice and warm lying inside. well.. tat's all for now folks.. work work..
take care!

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MLB Publicity Blog @ 18:48

more pics of the guys in Yellow Ribbon Concert are here. (=
thanks capri for sharing~

and our group photos that were taken before the concert.
thanks capri and flora~ (=

and it's still the same old words.
if you have any pics that you wish to share, do send it to us at lostsoldiersmlb@gmail.com


pegg @ 09:04

08 September, 2008

and thanks jenny for sharing the pictures (=

and of course, those who have any pics tt u wish to share, can send it to us at lostsoldiersmlb@gmail.com (= and not forgetting the group photos tt we've took earlier on.

ps: HAPPY BIRTHDAY miko and jodie (=


pegg @ 19:52

forgotten to announce that MLB's 2nd album will be releasing on 22nd Sept 2008!!
Do support when the date's here ya?? (=

and just some updates from the guys after Sat's event.

"weiqi 07 September, 2008 21:29

hey mlbians.. thanks for coming down yesterday! Will upload the photos soon k? ;) take care peeps..."

"after breathe-ing...

li o' nic here says thanks a million for coming...

the debut of our new shaitz..

aft this wk i can relac le.. camps' killing.. havent had sui sui 5 hrs of slp for mani a day.. (since last wed??!!)..

to everyone out there...


Underneh underneh!!!!!

btw huh..

we may all seem hard on the outside...

all muscles... or hardened fats grown over the yrs of kfc and mcdonald's...

but deep down inside we're all softies.

dun tie a yellow ribbon on the oak tree.. use big big making tape tape up ur gates and red cloth tie the basketball court the pole. small ribbon cant see la. esp us in an aging society (birth rate declining)...

watever not... watever is...

the bigger your ribbon (your heart)..

the bigger the msg sent out and seen.


not RED paiseh... its YELLOW!!

its the late hr that's hindering my side and thoughts..

need see bigger ribbons i guess.

argh!! ***SIGHT*

Wei Qi's already dead. No need see ribbon.. see his hmework better. wan see also maybe cant see.. drained...

JIA YOU BRO! Gambate!!!!


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pegg @ 19:48

07 September, 2008

6 September 2008







 - 罗志祥
 - 林俊杰
 - 杨宗纬
 - 王力宏
 - 林宥嘉


 - 萧亚轩
 - 梁静茹
 - 刘力扬
 - 杨丞琳
 - 张惠妹


 - 五月天
 - S.H.E
 - 5566
 - 棒棒堂
 - 飞轮海


 - 萧敬腾
 - 唐禹哲
 - 杨宗纬
 - 刘力扬
 - 林宥嘉


时间:7.30 PM

everyone~~~ MiLuBing is not within the top 5 yet. so let's try our best to push them up ba!! (=
rmb to support them at the Singapore Hits Award 2008 website

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MLB Publicity Blog @ 10:13

02 September, 2008

Thanks min and xxxx for informing

SHA 2008 - Most Popular Group


理 。若发现可疑做票现象,主办当局将进行严格审理,非合格票将一律作废。


Everybody is allowed five votes using the same IP address. Remember t vote hard for the milos! :D


Mui Ling @ 02:15

see u this sat!
milubing | 01 September, 2008 21:06

QUOTE "yuanping | 28 August, 2008 19:49

hi all,
with regards to the Yellow Ribbon concert on 6th Sept, the concert organisers have informed us that they'll be allocating seats for supporters of MLB. thus, we need to know the exact number of people going, so that all of us can sit together and support MLB.

those who've NOT requested tickets from us [meaning obtained tickets on your own], if you guys will like to sit with us at the concert, please let us know ASAP with your name and the number of seats. [read on for contact number]

those who've requested tickets from us and received reply, your tickets are confirmed. however, do let us know if any of your tickets are going to be unused, or we'll just count the number of people as the number of tickets.

for all above, please send us a msg at 82507407 ASAP, by 12pm tomorrow.

*the number doesnt belong to any of us, but we can be contacted there

pretty urgent, cos we've got to let the person in charge know by tomorrow. so please do us a favour and msg us ASAP if there's anything you need to inform. thanks!"

Sat is coming!
Hi mlbians..sorry for the lack of updates..it's quite a joke, cos i purposely brought my digi cam along for the last 2 practices, but either forgot bout it or had to rush off thus no pics so far.


We'll be performing 2 of our new songs @ expo for this meaningful event, and we've been finalising our new setup(the rig is still evolving as we speak! went to source for more cables/equipment yesterday @ funan,PS etc.) and hoping that everything will be smooth this sat...

Nic's been super busy with camp as usual, and his unit is currently aiding a big project..ending this fri.
I've been super burnt out by projects and HMWK!!! every year it just gets worse..and now gotta launch album during semester!!! gonna be crazier than the last one..
Sam's standing by for Nic and me to call him up for practice, he says to let him know when we're free to jam... looks like it's gonna be a super tight week with sam n i having to attend a wedding preparation on this sat morning itself!!! crazy crazy week..

nonetheless, take care peeps... chill


Mui Ling @ 02:13