30 October, 2008

milubing | 30 October, 2008 21:46

THIS SAT, 1NOV, Around 7pm@VIVO CITY, roadshow by HOTA (Human Organ Transplant Act) will be there to perform for you.

This new post in case some of you missed the last one.

Though this seems really last minute, we'll do our best the moment on stage.

nic weiqi sam

See ya soon!

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MLB Publicity Blog @ 22:18

SHA '08
milubing 26 October, 2008 11:03

sam : Together, 3 of us plus you all (i hope) enjoyed last night. We definitely enjoyed the company of mlbians! Our 2nd time at SHA le.. I was telling myself, we'll just go there, relax and do good show. But when i was seated on the little white stool on stage facing fellow performers and so much more seasoned ones like Eason whom we super respect, i was nervous. Haha. I don't know how to describe totally my feelings, i was BLUR-ed. This man is a wonderful performer. Alone on the big stage, 3 songs he did, in 3 different characters, he brought out perfect vocals fitting to the song in all of them. INSPIRING! Heh.. You know i've always enjoyed canto pop, would have been a bonus if he did one too. And i still know i still know, we've got more more rooms for improvement. So let us work hard together man!!
For now since its a public holiday tomorrow, i'm giving myself a break. Going to JB for a walk later!! See ya there!

weiqi : Ok, i upload one photo first heh heh...i shook mr Eason's hand and said...:" You're damn good man!". yup.. that's what i said, in english yesh.. hahaha.. power la he... MLBIANS WAN SHUI WAN WAN SHUI! u put us at #7!!! u all steady la... Just read the article from xin dong wang..whoa.. the 3 of us are really honoured to have him commend our band. Another rare precious moment of an instance whereby a much much BIGGER brother(in the industry), encourages us... makes us wanna cry... but hold back the tears, and push on with such encouragement. THANK YOU MAN... u rock... hope Eason knows that we are really encouraged by his words.

nic : Alamak.. i zhao sia.. but anyways.. the stress was darn high yesterday.. all the biggies there.. and we did dangerous arrangements of the songs.. but heng ar.. quite ok la hor... wow.. thanks to all that came.. thanks to all that didnt but watched tebee.. thanks to all that didnt come, didnt watch tebee but wanted to do either or both... got heart can le ma!! Was hard to breathe.. when came off stage i was like woooooooooooooooohoooooooooooo hardugey say say say say!!! erhem! nah.. it was fun.. amazing.. stress.. and i was immediately converted to an Eason Fan yesterday when i saw his performance... It was soulful.. done with the heart.. amazing.. was ARGH!!!! power la he... look at his facial expression can high le.. then after that on stage shoke his hand during closing.. exchanged words.. his encouragement yesterday pushes us to another level.. i mean.. of all ppl that were there.. he mentioned 3 average looking soon-to-become-men.. average performers.. average musicians.. with their simplistic acoustic songs - milubing... to comment.. to remember.. all i can say is i'm touched.. and thank him many-many.

(THANKS MAN!) Eason: http://www.xin.sg/article.php?article=24983&st=dtl


Xiaohan and Jasmin! 2 VIP to credit for 'san jiao xing'.. we owe em big time... :p

more to come! (behind the scenes..mayday..etc...)


MLB Publicity Blog @ 12:35

weiqi 30 October, 2008 11:52

hey all, finally i returned to the flat last nite..damn isit thurs already??jialat. and guess wat, after today's tutorial group presentation(which is like only worth 5%), we were asked to present to everyone in the next LECTURE!?! i'm like darn..i still got other work and was hoping to get done with this one and move on..now it will continue to haunt me till next thurS!!! damn, and i'm 1 of the 2 speakers! so i can't zone out there or give my errs and ummss.. xian.. THanks for the encouragement and advice! yesterday i bought raisins instead..heh..$4 worth of raisins in a bucket style packaging. P.s. we might have more road shows to come in the following weeks(bad for me but good for MLB as a whole ba) and once confirned I'll post details k? btw the gigs for next week are cancelled le..right now the only things on the schedule that's confirmed is an iweekly outdoor interview..and the 45 years of TV ani show(which by that time i am human again).that's it so far..will try to post more photos by then ya? :D take care u all!!!and thank u all for making this a nice place to come back for shelter from this cruel world...haha


pegg @ 12:16

sam updated his blog on his Johor Trip. (=


pegg @ 11:15

sorry for the lag of posting the interview that ourvoicebox.sg did with the guys on 17th Oct after the autograph session.

will only be providing the link to the article.



pegg @ 10:00

thanks anonymous for sharing.

here are the links to 2 articles.

Straits Times Life: Three-sided Work of Art

Ablum Review of "San Jiao Xing" from NTU Nanyang Chronicle Newsletter

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pegg @ 09:44

29 October, 2008

weiqi 29 October, 2008 06:35

thanks for the jiayos u all... it's a weird feeling, holding a machine baked sandwich in you hand at 5.30 in the morning, looking at the daunting morning sky, and u hear the air con system turning on, churning, as if to tell you that your time is up. That's why i munch on lots of gummy sweets when i work, so that i dun get crazy...gummy sweets = edible stress balls... :D take care peeps!
p.s. i heard that iweekly interviewed Mr Eason and he mentioned us again! gotta look out for that article!


pegg @ 10:31

28 October, 2008

thanks milohot for sharing.

today's Straits Time Life Pg C10, there's an article on the guys.
Three-sided work of art/MLB..


pegg @ 14:03

nic 28 October, 2008 04:09

jia you bro.. but at least this week kinda cleared.. all the heavy intensive stuff on our band side settled.. everyone cheer for mr chan! yay!


pegg @ 14:02

weiqi | 27 October, 2008 23:40

hey peeps, really love to tag but i'm a dead man..I owe 3 diff project groups my part of the work!!! damn. i'm a dead man... take care u all!


MLB Publicity Blog @ 00:09

27 October, 2008

迷路兵 - 纸飞机,无底洞,成熟

*Credits to the uploader and thanks jane for informing =)

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MLB Publicity Blog @ 23:59

新加坡金曲奖2008 陈奕迅众望所归
26 October 2008











SOURCE: http://www.xin.sg/article.php?article=24983&st=dtl


MLB Publicity Blog @ 23:54

weiqi | 26 October, 2008 03:08

thanks to all who came just now(tix not easy to get)...did u see? i was pointing to u all at the end of the song...cos the arrangements and practices were for mlbians... hope the acoustic songs will give u sweet dreams. guess wat, i got lotsa photos!!!(THANKS TO VERON!) only problem is i mite not upload them any time soon... too busy with work :( take care all... nitez


MLB Publicity Blog @ 23:50

Good news! Milubing's "成熟" , FIFTH WEEK IN long hu bang~~~
Congrats guys!

Let's continue to vote hard!

you can now vote for songs using duplicate numbers BUT DO TAKE NOTE THAT YOU CANNOT VOTE FOR THE SAME SONG TWICE ON THAT SPECIFIC WEEK.

Yeah, so the voting methods are as follows...

Voting options...
1) Coupons can be found on the 'radio section' of I-weekly. Cut out the coupon, fill in the song title "成熟" and the artiste's name "迷路兵", and then fill in your particulars then mailed it to

Yes933 《醉心龙虎榜》负责人收
Farrer Road PO Box 933
Singapore 912899

2) Key in POTP933[space]成熟(song title can be keyed in using hanyu pinyin or chinese) then send to 72346. Each sms costs 30 cents.

if we don't have enough coupons, we can always sms.

just another additional piece of news, the coupons sent will contribute 70% and sms will contribute 30% to the final results.

votings will end on every thurs.
which means, if you wish for the song to appear on the chart this coming sunday, you have to make sure you cast ur votes before thurs.

Jia you!
Milubing jia you!!

Points accumulated: 44 points =)


MLB Publicity Blog @ 23:48

25 October, 2008

Sam updated his personal blog =)...


Mui Ling @ 11:23

crazy nights....
milubing | 25 October, 2008 03:59

weiqi: super sleepy... but gotta do my werk.. here's what i really hate to see when i'm working at such hours...

Here's a pic of our rig tmr... hmmm. familiar?? see ya all later.. sigh..tmr u'll see a zombie keyboardist...

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MLB Publicity Blog @ 04:50

24 October, 2008

just a quick updates regarding upcoming events in nov that are supposed to be TBC.

4th nov and 9th nov are cancelled.
23rd nov, most prob the guys are still attending the 45th anniversary of TV Anniversary Show.

and the interview with Straits Times Razor TV is out in razortv.sg, as mentioned by Weiqi earlier on. Do watch and well, you get to see some behind the scenes for the MV, Cheng Shu.

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pegg @ 11:46

and thanks mk for sharing the link for downloading and listening to the interview ytd.

simply click on the download (if you wish to download) or listen (if you wish to listen) (=


there is no promo ads and songs of the guys even though the songs were played during last night's interview.


pegg @ 11:37

instead of studying. weiqi tagged last night when the other two guys are having their interview on yes933.

"weiqi 23 October, 2008 21:26

sigh... so xian.. wish i was at the studio now.. :(
in class heh heh "

"weiqi 23 October, 2008 23:21

haha.. they damn funny la the interview... "


pegg @ 11:36

23 October, 2008

Updates on dates and shoot

milubing 22 October, 2008 10:16


Thanks to all who came down today, made us feel bad.. but realli appreciated.. but yet time is better spent on studying! aiyo.. all the time u guys spent on us makes us feel heavy.. then my dad was picking me up and i had to leave.. haiyo.. felt bad bad bad.. hanks for the letters.. and drinks... but hope u guys enjoyed the interview (if you were listening).. and thanks again.. and many apologies that there were no ways to entertain u guys.. eg singing at the qian chang hui's.. haiz.. u all must take care.. do well in life.. studies.. social lives etc.. milubing just an example of how 3 ordinary guys are willing to remain ordinary yet living up to their aspirations and dreams... be ordinary.. yet extraordinary in your own ways.. u can de!! many smiles... signing off.

1) PLS take note! Tonight, 7-7.30pm, MLB on razorTV episode aired.
GO to www.razor.tv
or if u miss the timing, go to the section 'video on demand' to watch. [we received this information only today during lunch break, thus the sudden announcement]

2) Not forgetting tonight's interview @ 933, 9-9.90pm, I won't be there due to night class(ends at 2230) but my 2 bros will be on air, so try to catch em ya? ;)

3) Also, check out http://ourvoicebox.sg/posts/mlb_autograph_session for ourvoicebox's coverage of the recent autograph session :)
Hi all, here's an update on some of the up and coming events...

4) This Sat, SHA, tix we tried to get for mlbians, but failed to due to nature of tix($, pls understand ya?). The show will be aired on TV though so dun worry ya? To those who are going, congrats! :D

sam: On The Beat

Here's one of the location we filmed at yesterday. Monkeys as guest stars..
It was a hot day! But fortunately it didn't rain till evening.
We will be featured in a segment on the Dec 16 episode if there isn't any changes.
Thank you to the production team and crew!
Have a nice day people!


and the guys' tags

"Sam Wong 23 October, 2008 11:48

Ok, will try to update again when the date is near!
Yes Angie, i know she's a different person. =)
I like monkeys. I really wish i have the ability to climb like them. Then nobody can catch me. "

"weiqi 23 October, 2008 11:54

mk smart..biking is correct..
pegg.. we went to 3 diff. places.
so is lonelygal now limedrops?
singyin, i'll ask them if they wan someone to blow recorder for 933 jingle ya?
haha actually tonite sadly i can't go. my class ends at 2230 :(
liangteh, we officially disown bandung peng cos the leader - liangteh..take back ur 10 cents..dun wan le..
hey shi hui, smart la u, i only familiar with east side and driving to boon lay and town. dun ask me go ang mo kio, i'll be lost..then must call Sam up le..
welcome to the family(not fan club)!JOLYN..
hello ruiting and pek choo, no worries, we try to update regularly :)
SL, i'm not sure leh..
Jane and syl thanks for the jiayos..
-WHEY' samrt leh.. pierce is correct!
Qianhui also correct, it's Sam's old friends ;)
HALO Capri, ruru and Jer...
This round we did ask for SHA tix again but can't take cos got cost involved.. do check out the updates above!!! "

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pegg @ 12:26

thanks ourvoicebox.sg for posting up the pics.
here's the link.



pegg @ 11:04

九宫盒 - 摇滚小绅士 迷路兵初绽成熟风范


“让我们欢迎迷路兵!!”主持人话音刚刚落地,尖叫声不绝于耳,镁光灯闪个不停,第一届非常superband得主迷路兵,日前在Bukit Panjang Plaza举行了他们第二张专辑《三角行》的签唱会。虽然已经是第二场签唱了,可是新旧歌迷依然齐聚一堂,用新加坡歌迷最热情的方式支持迷路兵。

绅士登场 帅气依然

迷路兵第二张专辑里主打歌叫做《成熟》,而三人的造型也明显成熟了许多,不再是当初穿着Jersey Jacket带着帽子的三个大男孩了,一身Topman的绅士打扮加上一些摇滚元素,这次的迷路兵显然带给歌迷不少“摇滚王子”的感觉。


伟奇专爱小朋友 迷路兵摇滚到西洋


迷路兵歌迷 大小通吃






credits to ourvoicebox.sg
exact article link: http://ourvoicebox.sg/posts/mlb_autograph_session


pegg @ 09:58

weiqi 22 October, 2008 11:25

Chocolady welcome to the mlb family, from now on u are a mlbian k? so dun feel like a stranger here ;)
Chen shu @ no.10 @ LHB!? mlbians rock!
Biru, bua3 do4 = fall down la haha..
Jane, me whispering to nic???don't remember wat i asked him le, and the change for the 933 interview only informed yesterday of change of date k? so now i update le ;)
Rah...didn't know it was so ma fun.. thanks ya?
Shuang Ying,yup, we're attending SHA. thanks for visiting here! :)
Quizzy, zoning out is like stoning la haha..
Welcome Germaine00!
lonely gal, hope one day u will change your nickname to 'not so lonelygal'!
Liangteh, no regrets la.. $100 only leh..sigh
SL, dunno if i've got a chance to beatbox in a song again..but it's interesting how u mention it now, sorta pre amp the coming SHA performance *hint hint*
Jenny, after chen shou the next song to vote is SJMFJGYX cos it si the 2nd zhuda. :)
haha..soon it'll be on 933 ;)
Yuan Ping, hope u didn't get hurt! the on the beat episode will be aired in December.
The shoot yesterday was kinda fun and tiring at the same time. didn't bua do, and weather was good. Was a new experience for us all ;)

nic 22 October, 2008 15:18

OI!! haha.. hope u guys enjoy Sat.. will be waiting for Sat's SHA.. that one gan chiong.. hope it goes well.. doing lotsa personal preparations for that day.. u guys take care

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Mui Ling @ 01:35

21 October, 2008

I just found out that, the TV telecast for SHA2008 (that milubing will be attending) will be on 26th October, 8.30pm to 11pm on Channel U.=)


Mui Ling @ 15:59

weiqi | 21 October, 2008 02:20

hey all..been really weird for the past few days.. like zoning out..can't really get much work done, and seemingly busy with the band not only in terms of preparing for SHA but also with sms and emails etc. Thanks to all MLBians who made the event meaningful!

SHI HUI!!! sorry ya? HAPPY BELATED B DAY!!! a bit slow.. next time i drive u to the event ba haha..jiayo and hope had a great bday celebration!
Singyin, u wanna be 933 DJ??? wa that's great! when ur feeling hot just turn ur radio station to 933 when DJ singyin is on duty.
Yuan ping, thanks for 'ren-ing' all the nonsense that u have faced so far to help out ya? Though i dunno in detail wat they mite be..but thanks a mil!!
Liangteh, getting on my nerves le u..$100?!?! dun respect ur shi shiong band le..tsktsk.. we disown bandung peng/freeze then u know..
u and miss kangqi in love le ya? ha ha.. but mus rmbr to treasure your friends too hor.. everyone go out together sometime perhaps?haha i sound a little kapo..dun blame me hor, it's Biru who spread one HAHAHAHA biru gonna kill me... who ask BIru la.. what monkeys love bananas(MLB) that's why our album is yellow..grr..but really la,Biru, thanks for taking the unpaid leave to come down.. so sweet ya? ;)
QianHui, u saw my mistake!!! arghhh.. my famous solo part..suo.. sigh..i also hope that we'll get more gigs :)
LK, rmbr wat i said bout failures ya? don take them too hard,neither should u not take them seriously. but take em positively so that u can grow! ;) btw, my condolences for the cancellation of the NYJC talk, i heard it's due one of the speakers not being able to turn up at the end.
Surina, all the best for ur 'N' levels results and thanks for coming down!!!
Noovaini, thanks for suuporting and jiayo for your N level exams! :o
QUIZZY...FYP!?! OFFICE POLITICS??!? looks like u really got a lot to handle! as for sleep tips, i usually accumulate sleep debt(try not to) then pay back on weekends by sleeping slightly more..yup that's how i can stay up sometimes.
Angeline, thanks for the jiayo card! jiayo at work at hope there'll be more events tat u can come to :)
Pegg and MK thanks for the mug..and making me unwrap like a million times..grr..
Rah,how long did u take to do the puzzle? a lil small leh, must have been hard. thanks ya? and regarding the issue bout wat ppl say? maybe u can learn from us, we just dun care!!! haha..we just concentrate on our music la.. dun get affected.
Crissa and Zaleha! thanks for the tumblers, they will come in handy for the late nites! I do hope that MLB will continue to give u sisters more memories and music with time to come!

Wanna end here by saying, we appreciate ur gifts but we know that most of u are students.. so ultimately, ur presence and support is the best gift we can receive from u all.. so dun spend $ on us k? just supporting will suffice :D take u all! btw we won't be attending the SHA pre meet and greet session, and we will be on 933 this fri. TMR, which is tuesday, we will be doing an outdoor shoot for on the beat haha.. hope we dun bua do.. oki.. see ya!!!! nite...

weiqi | 21 October, 2008 02:33

btw... b4 i forget.. caixia, u wanted to tell me something but i just couldn't get wat u were saying that day. U passed me a book, think i'm supposed to write something but i dunno wat leh? is it fang bian to say here? hmm. next time i suggest putting the instructions in the book :p still, hope i can be of some help :)


MLB Publicity Blog @ 14:13

MLB on Yes933 LIVE
Date: 23/10, Thursday
Time: 2130

as stated on Yes933 website.


MLB Publicity Blog @ 01:09

20 October, 2008

Alright. Thanks ah binz for sharing, the photos that she took in Bishan J8 autograph session. I can't seemed to "transfer" to lostsoldiersmlb folder nor upload here as thumbnails. So I guess I shall just direct you there...



MLB Publicity Blog @ 23:36

And and and, sam updated his personal blog again =D...


MLB Publicity Blog @ 22:47

UPDATE : NYJC talk is cancelled till further notice!! Hmm..


MLB Publicity Blog @ 22:39

Sam Wong | 20 October, 2008 22:10

You all steady la, i feel the warmth over here.
Thank you Chocolady for your feedback, we are glad that you enjoy our music.
And Miko, i don't have a favourite number.. Maybe 20?


MLB Publicity Blog @ 22:19

source: http://www.sembawangmusic.com/

Meanwhile, it was number 6 in CD rama chart too =)...

milubing jia you...


MLB Publicity Blog @ 22:03

thanks tiffy for informing...

MLB's interview start from 4.04mins onwards =)


MLB Publicity Blog @ 21:59

Good news! Milubing's "成熟" , FOURTH WEEK IN long hu bang~~~
Congrats guys!

Let's continue to vote hard!

you can now vote for songs using duplicate numbers BUT DO TAKE NOTE THAT YOU CANNOT VOTE FOR THE SAME SONG TWICE ON THAT SPECIFIC WEEK.

Yeah, so the voting methods are as follows...

Voting options...
1) Coupons can be found on the 'radio section' of I-weekly. Cut out the coupon, fill in the song title "成熟" and the artiste's name "迷路兵", and then fill in your particulars then mailed it to

Yes933 《醉心龙虎榜》负责人收
Farrer Road PO Box 933
Singapore 912899

2) Key in POTP933[space]成熟(song title can be keyed in using hanyu pinyin or chinese) then send to 72346. Each sms costs 30 cents.

if we don't have enough coupons, we can always sms.

just another additional piece of news, the coupons sent will contribute 70% and sms will contribute 30% to the final results.

votings will end on every thurs.
which means, if you wish for the song to appear on the chart this coming sunday, you have to make sure you cast ur votes before thurs.

Jia you!
Milubing jia you!!

Points accumulated: 30 points =)


Mui Ling @ 00:43

19 October, 2008

sam :
milubing | 18 October, 2008 17:30

Take a deep breath.. Thank you.. For all the birthday wishes, and your presence yesterday. Even those who couldn't make it, thank you also, we'll see ya another time. Another deep breath..
Yesterday's sound may not have been the best it could, but we really enjoyed performing. =) I've learn that it isn't easy, especially for bands to have a perfect sound. Not an excuse, but we'll always do our best on stage and hope for the best.
Have a good weekend. As for me, i want a slow one..

Cute right! By syl =)

I've finished reading all the letters! Some super lame contents, funny lor! =) I learnt that some of you.. Specially took off from work to come yesterday. Couldn't make it initially but managed to come in the end. Had assignments to finish but still came. Gotta study for O levels but took precious time out. Very steady. We know you care, please please also take good care of yourself ya?!
-Off to dinner!

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Mui Ling @ 02:20

Thanks Capri jie for sharing lots of pictures =)...
I shall just post up the link and direct you there =)...



Mui Ling @ 02:05

18 October, 2008

Hahaha here's the videos taken during today's autograph session.
Credits to the uploader, thanks Jane for informing =D...




MLB Publicity Blog @ 01:56

Posting this entry at this time seemed a bit outdated in terms of context but, I'll still post ya? Sorry for the inconvenience caused =)...

Ready For Later
milubing | 17 October, 2008 01:34

are u ready for tmr?? or rather later...

sam : Thank you thank you! Gong Xi Fa Cai. The 3 of us are still together now, our usual late practice due to time constraint. Yea, we're busy people. =) Jia you! We'll play hard later, and we'll be happy. Though tired, i'll have a nice day. May you all be happy too!!

nic : Thankie thankie! Gong hei lei! Wo men san ge hai zhai yi qi, heng wan le... alamak.. tired of translating le la.. anyways! Tml be a long long day from earli morn till nite.. tml gonna be panda eye le.. hope u guys would enjoy the show tml ya if come?.. hee.. :)

weiqi: yup, hope u all enjoy.. i zombie le.. last nite never sleep at all..but i pon my afternoon class to slp 5 hours.. now just finish practice.. tmr see u all!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahaha...why so serioussssss.....


MLB Publicity Blog @ 01:54

hahahaha...album review in today's (17th october) copy of My paper. Click the picture for bigger view.
Thanks peishan for informing =D...


MLB Publicity Blog @ 01:48

   报道:赖诗琳 (照片由华纳音乐提供)


  首张专辑里,有三首是他们的创作:《泪》、《适应》和“Get Alive”。新专辑《三人行》里,九首当中有七首是他们写的曲,其中两首还是Nic和Sam的创作,三人因此都说对新专辑较有归属感。


  三人当中,Sam的生活看似最有条理的。在南大艺术、设计与媒体学院(School of Art, Design and Media)念三年级的伟奇因功课开夜车,Nic喜欢乘夜深人静思考问题,因此唯有Sam有早睡的习惯。

  “迷路兵”三人五、六岁就认识,却不是一拍即合,一开始不时会有磨擦。他们都说,要不是有贵人把他们三人撮合在一起玩音乐,大概就没有今天的“迷路兵 ”。Nic还将三人比喻成铁板,越擦越亮,直到今天能互相配合,衬托彼此。

(source: http://youth.zaobao.com/friday/pages/832xd2.html)
thanks tiffy and lonely gal and anon for informing =D


MLB Publicity Blog @ 01:34

迷路兵 小心看招!MLB - LIVE OR DIE?

It’s 迷路兵 MLB’s turn to come under Bagua TV’s microscope! Live or Die?

Everybody likes 迷路兵 MLB since the first time they took part in SuperBand. I don’t really know them well in person but I always feel these boys are very sincere and passionate about their music. They have been able to garner quite a alot of fans and supporters beyond my expectation.

Album 2 is here and you have a slicker MLB (OK, more handsome trio). Not very ‘man’ yet but somehow in between…

01: 成熟

If you like MLB’s 1st album song , a 醉心龙虎榜 song, you will like this opening track. Not an easy song but Nic is pretty good in his interpretation here. There’s a ‘familiarity’ factor here and I can see why it was chosen as an opening track as it would ring better with fans who like what they got from MLB’s first best selling track.

02: 世界麻烦借过一下

MLB or Nic’s signature style is obvious here. Again, this MLB is no Tu-Zi or your typical play-safe boyband. It is not one of those cutesy songs to fall in love with after one round. Give it more time and it will grow.

03:  黑

冷门, 阿门.

04: 三角行

Sam sings gently and his style contrasts well with Nic’s husky ‘tear-you-up’ voice. This is the title track and a very lazy jazzy number. 933DJ 丁志勇 after playing this song said over the air that this song is better reserved for many late nights. Yes, this is not going to hit the chart as fast as some other tracks on the album. MLB is taking risk. Then again, do we want another run-of-the-mill MLB? Clearly, MLB wants to explore a sound they can proudly call it MLB.

05:  舍不得

This is a more radio-friendly track for the hit drama 黄金路. It is very 伍佰 but you know it is not because of Nic’s younger signature voice here. Surprising, it sits well in this whole album because TV drama songs are usually ‘safer’…but I guess MLB never makes any song sound like a typical boring safe track…good job.

06:  汗

It’s one of the rare occasions with Nic and Sam singing together. Lyricist 小寒 captures very well the brand that made MLB and it shows up very well when they are singing it…

07:  路

I bet this song will win next March’s Best Drama Theme Song at the 红星大奖 Star Awards. One of the very few drama songs that left a strong impression and MLB is perfect fit for this track anytime.

08: 无形的翅膀

It’s one of Sam’s best songs. Simple, straightforward and very Sam (like Sam, the song very pure and doesn’t pretend to be something it is not). Charming.


Usually Chinese singers sound really bad singing English tracks but Nic is quite comfortable in this one. Not my fav but OK.

Overall, I feel a signature style is emerging though not quite ‘audio-visible’ yet. It isn’t trying to win you over immediately with hormone-raging pop tracks. This is a talented band with 诚意作品 and I hope more DJs and readers can give it a chance as MLB music grows in you after repeated playing. 黄金路 drama already ended a while ago yet when you hear MLB singing this song today, you still ‘discover’ new dimension.

And please support buying original album. Downloading illegal MP3 will only result in more singers and bands ‘disappearing’ fast…are you with MLB?

(source: http://community.mediacorp.com.sg/TV/CS/blogs/baguatv/archive/2008/10/16/mlb-live-or-die.aspx)
thanks anonymous for informing =D


MLB Publicity Blog @ 01:10

Better late than never, here's wishing Sam a very happy birthday, may all your wishes come true and all joy and laughter will always be there with you!


MLB Publicity Blog @ 01:05

16 October, 2008

Milubing in good shape
'Matured' SuperBand 1 winners back with new album
By Chang May Choon
October 16, 2008

LOCAL pop-rock trio Milubing is back with a new album, Triangle, and eager to show that it has matured in the past two years since winning the SuperBand 1 title.

Click to see larger image
BUDDIES THREE: (Clockwise from front) Nic Lee, Sam Wong and Chan Weiqi. PICTURE: WARNER MUSIC

Singer-guitarist Nic Lee is looking forward to being discharged from the army in a month's time, while drummer Sam Wong has decided to start teaching drums.

Meanwhile, keyboardist Chan Weiqi is trying to juggle music and an intensive animation course at Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

The New Paper asks them five random questions.


    Nic, 23: 'To take up an audio engineering course instead of going to a polytechnic. There's no promise of a career, but I already decided that's what I wanted in life. The course costs $10,000 and it's my dad's hard-earned money. He told me to go for it if that was what I wanted.'

    Weiqi, 23: 'To switch from majoring in graphic design to animation during my first year in NTU. It was something new to me, but I wanted a bigger challenge, to try something different.'

    Sam, 21: 'I'm lucky and blessed in the sense that I've not had any major decisions to make. After finishing school, I went to army and then joined SuperBand. My next decision was to be a drum teacher. I struggled with it over a few months, as I was not sure if I was good enough to teach. But I decided I would teach and improve myself at the same time.'


    Sam: 'A circle, because I think of myself as a ball that rolls everywhere. I don't like restrictions.'

    Weiqi: 'I'd be formless, like water, because I can adapt to all kinds of situations. (Turning to Nic) Don't say I'm a square, okay.'

    Nic: 'Anything with more than 10 sides, maybe something like the Esplanade. I'd be something random and erratic, with a sense of energy and excitement.'


    Weiqi: 'What I like about Nic is that he's very frank, like an open book. But some of the things he says annoys me. Like he was asked to describe me in two words and he said 'Si Ban' (Mandarin for stiff and inflexible). I was so hurt.

    'What I admire about Sam is that he's always so organised and he'll deliver everything he promises. But the bad thing is he always keeps all the unhappy things to himself.'

    Nic: 'The good thing about Sam is that he'll take care of you, but he's got to learn that not everything is perfect.

    'As for Weiqi, he's a bit uptight. Like how he SMSed me in the middle of the night to say that he was upset when I said he's Si Ban. Good thing is, he's an organised and balanced person. He's also loyal - he'll die for you if he knows you'll die for him.'

    Sam: 'What I don't admire about Weiqi is that he tends to be pessimistic and he'll think the worst of things even if it's not so bad. But I admire the way he persists at doing something and how he sees the big picture.

    'As for Nic, he's steady in whatever he does and he's very honest. What I don't like about him is that he can be so messy, whereas I'm a stickler for cleanliness.'


    Weiqi: 'It'd be a waste because our albums are not just our own work, we had the support of so many people behind us.'

    Nic: 'This band has something very special, and our chemistry cannot be easily found elsewhere. It's something that's hard to come by.'

    Sam: 'I'd miss bringing joy to a lot of people, those who support us. One person alone can't do it, we need the three of us.'


    Unanimously: 'We all have (girlfriends)...'

    Weiqi: 'Actually, I see them (pointing to Nic and Sam) more than my girlfriend. We've been together for five years. Sometimes she'll grumble but I have no choice...'

    Nic: 'I can't talk about my girlfriend, she's media-shy. But I'm the sort who keeps my friends in close contact. I don't have many friends, but it's the quality and not quantity that counts.'

    Sam: 'Actually, our girlfriends are also good friends with one another.'

  • (source: http://newpaper.asia1.com.sg/show/story/0,4136,180234,00.html?)


    Mui Ling @ 14:17

    need a break?
    milubing | 15 October, 2008 15:06

    a kit kat might not suffice.. some flash games to ease the pain perhaps..
    check this blog out

    It's actually my cousin's blog.. yeah.. local game designer! u might have played some of his games before!
    If his games have brought some 'joy' to ur life, pls help by voting his straw hat samurai game on goldenjoystick.com
    The instructions are on his blog...thanks for sharing the love to this local talent heh heh... let's hope he helps us with a MLB flash game ya? holiday project heh heh.. any ideas for this flash game? tell us wat kind of game would u mlbians want, and we might just do a flash game and link it here on our blog! :D
    Any ideas? concepts? just shout out!! :D
    Even after a new entry has been blogged, do come back to this post to put in your comments regarding a MLB game... thanks!

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    Mui Ling @ 00:30

    weiqi | 15 October, 2008 10:37

    Jenies, all the best for the results..
    Penguin..violent leh..
    Miko, i not sure leh, but i don't think they will be so 'gey gao'.. or else just protest man! haha..
    Anyways, we will get to meet at other events, so just bring along some other time if u can't make it this friday :)
    uh,Aizutto can be my witness, u saw rite? all the markers cannot make it.. the person standing beside me still asked if it was a problem with my hand.. wow.. i better buy my own marker during lunch later damn it..
    Actually, i've not started the essay, still digging into all the readings for the past weeks in order to have my content for the essay. Kids, dun follow me ya? i never read all my readings from week 1-9 so now i die le.. bo bian leh, too busy with my major stuff and the promos for triangle.Now gotta bia.. sigh.. school to me is like gambling.. everyday i must strategise which class to skip, which homework to do first,which test to prepare for, etc. in order to still be able to do some interviews and promo events in the week.. then still gotta lias with ah nic..cos he also gotta take leave/off from camp. If it is so hard to get the 3 guys together due to schedule, u'd hardly see us having some free time together.. this is something really sad, cos leisure is undermined, or left out. Leisure is important, as it helps to smooth out tension from this extremely stressful working life of MLB..i'm looking forward to December, when i come out of my zombified state, and can spend some time with MLB just 'doing nothing'.


    Mui Ling @ 00:29

    This morning (15th October) Zao bao and New paper has milubing's interview =D...

    Zao bao!

    I'll put up the New paper article later once I received?


    Mui Ling @ 00:24






    带着感恩的心,迷路兵把现场歌迷的专辑一一签完,并承诺在来临星期五,10月17日,7pm,Bukit Panjang Plaza的签唱会上,将带给他们的支持者更多好听的歌曲!


    (source: here!)


    Mui Ling @ 00:17

    14 October, 2008

    Tomorrow's CD rack @ yes933, they will be intro-ing milubing's san jiao xing...

    haha it will be at 8.40pm tomorrow; replay is 9.20pm on Saturday...hahaha


    Mui Ling @ 00:46

    13 October, 2008

    anyway, weiqi tagged a lot in the main blog...too many liao...thanks ah...haha



    Mui Ling @ 23:27

    waaaaaaaaaaaa thanks jane for informing...
    click the picture for clearer view =D

    source: https://www.popular.com.sg/jsp/product/list_product_by_top10Charts.jsp?vca001=17860


    Mui Ling @ 23:17

    Time flies hor? It seemed like yesterday when I updated the sembawang music centre results. And its the 3rd week already~ Anyway, congrats to the rapid rise guys =D!

    (source: http://www.sembawangmusic.com/)

    This is an interview with the guys in wanbao =)

    (source: Lian he wan bao, 13rd oct 2008)

    Thanks anonymous for informing!

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    Mui Ling @ 22:52

    weiqi | 13 October, 2008 14:23

    Capri, thanks for the pics!Will link it here.
    Syl u got it right!
    MightyMouse,will take ur advice de..
    flora, u write for me leh..damn xian this essay thingy..no muz psycho myself..damn fun man..
    Hey uncle Phil, i know your purpose for the trip cos u mentioned earlier, just tot that u'll also get to see other places of interest :) anyways, HAPPY BDAY!!!
    Binz...cannot like that...it's called black mail..
    WHEY' like that cannot la, will get zero marks for 'but's and 'and then's
    MK, we have shou ji the books since the first episode. Next time need to get your signature :p thx for the photos too...
    But aizutto, the card looks more calm and serene leh haha..
    oei Miko..it's compulsory module la, u think i bo liao go take meh.. :p got chance go talk to LK ba..since ur junior should be easier..ya la,u also got viscomm blood can? :D
    Quizzy arh.. hot can?? (-_-!!!)
    Peishan..see la..give me cold sweat leh.. tsk tsk..
    Thank you Jean for the jiayo!
    jiahui dun talk nonsense here ya? now u got bandung peng u talk to us like that la..$100 some more..tsk tsk..
    singyin, thx for ur understanding..but no thanks for the crab, lobster and fish.. (@_@)
    Pinkie, can watch video on youtube at the end ma..another event then attend ba since need to study..

    btw i forgot to mention that i received a postcard with 6 steps(which i only managed to master first3) but the person signed off and i couldn't read ur name, do u mind telling me who u r? thx


    Mui Ling @ 15:27

    haha last one. Sam updated his own blog again =D


    Mui Ling @ 11:02

    weiqi | 13 October, 2008 00:35

    I'm dying! Gotta write an essay about wat makes a s'pore citizen a s'porean...2000 words.. sociology leh..nothing to do with CG/3D :(
    Gonna die.. but b4 i die,and reappear on fri, I've got super lots to say to u all!!! so here goes!
    (in no specific order, i open letters randomly ya? cos they are all inside the plastic bag & i suspect got a letter or 2 missin!like givon's! mine's missing i dunno why? but i rmbred u pass a yellow backdrop one to me! sigh... sometimes half way through transport hussle and bussle then things go missing!so sad..)
    Jenies, wo hua4 hua4 ye mei she me de..but drawing takes a lot of time and patience to master, so can improve one! Your drawing is ok la, don't worry!
    Crissa, thanks for your words of encouragement, really gald that you and your sis have been supporting us for so long and for ever sharing some delicacies with us!(i think i ate some too)
    LK,@ 1st i thought your card was printed leh...don't be dis-heartened by the results,my 'A'lvl results were CDC rmbr? Back then i should have either retained OR applied for poly/artschools. Never think that this is bad, cos everyone has had to @ 1 point of time in their lives, try something 'again' or change their current path of choice when faced with failure. It mite be painful but in the long run,it'll benefit u! So jia yo!(p.s. i've got a hunch that u've got viscomm blood, maybe can speak to MIKO to find out more; MLBIANS should support each other besides the band)
    Hey Binz, I always GG now that u mention haha..glad that your maths benefitted somehow,that's really great! Continue to press on till the third album where i'll sing 3 songs solo(u believe ah? hahhahaha..) :p
    Syl, sometimes I too emo too(infected by Nic!)actually i also feel that so far i haven't been doing my job as a leader. Will work harder to lead this band; made a few wrong turns for the guys but i always had them & mlbians in my heart when making any decisions. I'll jiayo!
    Hey Yuanping, thanks for understanding. I can sense your irritation, and I know it's cos u care for us. Well this is a bo bian thing,but we'll see what the future brings k? Be optimistic ya?
    Lorita, yup, busy with school as usual! :D
    Oei Liangteh, if you win $50K must pass $10K to us out of respect hor..heh hheh.. u never know leh, like us 3, never thought of winning or being a star, then suddenly win?! well... i'm going to sabo u now. JIAHUI SAY SHE'S GONNA WIN SB3!everyone pls vote for her!
    Shi Hui, xi wang ni shuo de hua zhong2 you3 yi tian hui shi2 xian4.. :)
    Singyin, u ZUI GAO JING JIE leh, i didn't get the joke lor..ok la i try to rmbr to wear the cap but only for sound check at most, cos after doing hair can't wear le ma.. haha..and not as if i wanna wear cap then can wear u know? :p
    btw i think u and liangteh very gao xiao when u suan someone that day, but not nice la ya? heh heh..
    Aizutto, thanks for the card! Just curious though,how does it remind u of me?
    Pegg, actually things might change/improve. The situation might no longer be that dim. So just don't think too much. I asked for the triangle b4 meh? darn, losing my memory le :(
    Pek choo, caffeine doesn't work on me leh, but it's ok, i can keep awake de, just have problems waking up these days cos too tired.. see u next fri then..
    Peishan, is it u that i forgot your name? somehow i can't really rmbr, very blur, it's u rite? die, jialat, this is MLB's worst nitemare, forgetting names. :( paiseh, if it's not u, then can the person tag here? i know ur qing qing's friend. Anyway,u were saying he2 ying1 tian1 shi3??pls dun say that leh, it's the stupid nic anyhow form this name for me on 933...grrr...and to u all who say can't hear my voice..grr.. i sang every other song except nic and sam's solo compos and the 2 mdc songs k? for a very obvious one, listen to hei, wu suo wei, the suo i sing k? hahaha.. and the whole hei chorus if u hear carefully it's my voice with nic(i'm harmonising) and the ending of the song the HO hoho i also sing leh...LOL
    BoonLin, you're really innovative..i almost ate the pills though heh heh..kiddin.
    MK! wa, 2nd book ah? it's really great, seriously, but maybe it'd be better if u had done a joint project with some of the others or it'll be a bit tiring to make the whole book by yourself,and it would have been more fun ma.. heh.. the msg is touching, and i appreciate what you're doing..and guess what, i think ur purpose is achieved in some sense, when all 3 read their books.. so thank you!
    Lastly, to Givon and others who wrote me a letter, pls let me know if i left u out, cos i replied every letter that i had at the end of the day. would be sad to know that i have more than 1 missing letter!!! :(

    uncle Phil, dun feel bad at all k? just concentrate on the trip, and have fun. MLB does not forget MLBians easily(sometimes forget names la,not face, bo bian, still human i have to confess :p)
    Pinkiee dun sneak out la, after ur exams there'll still be events k? who else could have eaten the lollipop, can anyone guess? (too easy) the real question is, how did he eat it(1.lick slowly 2. lick quickly 3. bite)
    Ruiting..tsk tsk..go study! haha..jiayo together!
    And to the rest who have been encouraging us here, thank you so much...SEE YOU ON FRIDAY!!! :D
    take care.. i go bia now..


    Mui Ling @ 11:01

    milubing | 11 October, 2008 22:16

    mlb's stuff from MLBians :

    nic : Just woke up.. been slping non stop!!...It was amazing... to be able to sign something we really call our own. It really felt great.. Hearing you guys sing.. Hearing the cheers that will resonate in my head for the next decade. It wasn't many people, but the people that were there really screamed their lungs out. The many familiar faces that we didn't see that day were missed.. shan't name them.. but i know deep in my heart they wanted to be there but couldn't make it. We know their hearts were there :) One more qian chang hui to go. We gonna have fun, and hope you guys would have fun with us again, singing, screaming, cheering this humble lil band that you guys have pulled through with for 2 yrs odd and running. Continue to run with us... our muscles are tired, but the spirit ain't weary just yet. We gonna go a long distance before we finally reach our finish line. Hope that there'll never be a finish line till we see "the wooden walls".
    weiqi : Great day today. though full of unforeseen hiccups, but super happy and an emotional event for the 3 bros.. and u all (MLBIANS) played a huge role in making this event a success.. really glad u all made the effort to come..this round is a bit short(2songs) but the next one will be much longer(we will request k? heh heh) in fact this round we tried le but becos the event was meant to 'da' the first 2 songs. Even though the turn out was not uber fantastic, but the warmness was there, the family reunion feeling was back ;) and i dunno if u all realised, we were more at ease today (except for the XY$%& hardware failure which caused poor JunLi to try to find for more topics to talk about)..no choice, not enough $$. When we got more $ then we'll buy a more stable sound card ;) Once again, thanks for queuing up, buying the album, singing at the top of your lungs with us.. and most importantly, for showing the love!!! to those mlbians who couldn't make it, don't worry k? we understand that the timing can be quite hard for some studying and some working on sats.. so no worries.. let's see each other for this coming FRI!!! TAKE CARE PEEPS.. and thanks for the cards and gifts!!!

    sam: Even though said many times already, i still wanna say THANK YOU, to each and everyone of you who support the 3 of us. At times i'll ask myself, what have we done to deserve such care and concern from you people. Its amazing. I'm really touched..
    As i opened up the gifts, i see the effort and thoughtfulness in them. You actuallly get us stuff that are really useful for us. Thank you. And i am truly encouraged by the cards and letters i've received. No worries, i've moved on. I'm not the best person i can be now (in all aspects), i will learn along the way.

    XIAO HAN: http://blog.omy.sg/xiaohan/2008/10/11/%E4%BD%A0%E5%80%91%E4%BB%A5%E7%82%BA110%E5%BE%88%E5%A4%A7%E5%95%8A%EF%BC%9F/


    Mui Ling @ 11:00

    Good news! Milubing's "成熟" , THIRD WEEK IN long hu bang~~~
    NUMBER 12!!
    Congrats guys!

    Let's continue to vote hard!

    you can now vote for songs using duplicate numbers BUT DO TAKE NOTE THAT YOU CANNOT VOTE FOR THE SAME SONG TWICE ON THAT SPECIFIC WEEK.

    Yeah, so the voting methods are as follows...

    Voting options...
    1) Coupons can be found on the 'radio section' of I-weekly. Cut out the coupon, fill in the song title "成熟" and the artiste's name "迷路兵", and then fill in your particulars then mailed it to

    Yes933 《醉心龙虎榜》负责人收
    Farrer Road PO Box 933
    Singapore 912899

    2) Key in POTP933[space]成熟(song title can be keyed in using hanyu pinyin or chinese) then send to 72346. Each sms costs 30 cents.

    if we don't have enough coupons, we can always sms.

    just another additional piece of news, the coupons sent will contribute 70% and sms will contribute 30% to the final results.

    votings will end on every thurs.
    which means, if you wish for the song to appear on the chart this coming sunday, you have to make sure you cast ur votes before thurs.

    Jia you!
    Milubing jia you!!

    Points accumulated: 19 points =)


    Mui Ling @ 10:53

    Ok, sorry for the delay.

    Thanks Jenny for sharing these videos =D.



    Mui Ling @ 10:45

    11 October, 2008

    article reporting on 11th Oct 2008 autograph session at Bishan Junction 8

    迷路兵不再迷茫 新专辑获歌迷支持
    11 October 2008







    迷路兵的第二场《三角行》签唱会将在10月17日(星期五)晚上7时,在Bukit Panjang Plaza的二楼Garden Plaza举行。

    credits to xin.sg
    main source link: http://www.xin.sg/article.php?article=24422


    pegg @ 19:53

    10 October, 2008

    thanks anonymous for sharing. (=
    an article of the guys in 我报.

    20081010 迷路兵不玩三角行

    credits to 我报


    pegg @ 21:44


    milubing 10 October, 2008 14:47

    Hi mlbians.. been some time since we did a recap of the upcoming events and give ya some fresh updates... first things first, with regards to the radio interview that nite, we were unaware of the interview itself, cos we were only informed when we were having dinner before going up to the studio... we were @ SPH doing interviews for
    - Lianhe Zaobao
    - Lianhe Wanbao
    - My Paper
    - Straits Times
    - The New Paper
    - Friday Weekly
    and we tried to find out the publish date but were not given the details in the end. As for the upcoming events, here's a run-down of wat's written on our schedules:

    11 - Autograph session @ Bishan J8, 3pm where is this exactly?

    17 - Autograph session @ Bukit Panjang Plaza, 7pm where is this exactly?

    19 - Iweekly event TBC
    22 - NYP talk
    25 - Hit Awards (yesh we should be going :D )

    Nov kinda far away, so i'll post next time. jus a little update, we'll be appearing on one of the episodes of 都是大发现 k? will update u all when we get the further details, but i think we're filming that episode this month end :D
    Also, later on, we will be interviewed by (TBC all)
    - Xin.SG
    - TEENS
    - Omy.SG
    - i-weekly
    - Seventeen
    Take care peeps..
    p.s. I've taken out the comments for this post cos i'd like the prev post on legos to be the active one.. really cool concept there..i'm building my weird lego piece now,mmm,it looks like half a student and half a keyboardist.. SEEYA THIS SAT!!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!


    pegg @ 21:42

    Anonymous 09 October, 2008 23:30

    Yes yes, food for thought that's all. This ain't philosophy.. itz just my train and path of thoughts.

    If beauty is height for you.. go high with Lego! If beauty means thick chunky low buildings, build you Lego on a wide base then.

    It's all about what we want in the end, the desired results. To conform, or reform. Choices.

    Well.. i conform at times too. Many a times to be truthful.

    The MOST important is that we use our head and heart.



    Anonymous 09 October, 2008 23:32

    colour code rule - grey fonts.



    pegg @ 08:14

    09 October, 2008

    thanks anonymous for sharing the link.

    an article from ourvoicebox.sg

    非常Superband大决赛 硝烟过后的眼泪

    there's a short article of the guys at the very bottom of the page.


    pegg @ 14:40

    pics for the Superband 2 Grand Finals pics are up for sharing. (=

    thanks capri for sharing.

    do credits to capri and publicity blog if you were to post it somewhere else ya? thanks~


    pegg @ 12:04