28 July, 2008

weiqi | 27 July, 2008 01:14

Hey peeps! thanks for the jiayos! my exam paper on thurs was good! ;) i'm quite sure i'll get the S out of the S/U option! Thank God the 2nd question was something that i studied!
wa...quizzy..work and study @ the same time..jiayo ya? ;)
haha Flora.. u ah.. anyway my paper i s over le heh heh..
Hey Jenny,sure hope we get to meet your son!Thanks for the support!
yuanping..actually i tao yan all this add/drop la.. stars registration la..damn ma fun.. sigh.
oei..qing qing.. disturb me ah? tsk tsk..
haha..非常鼠-perband damn gao xiao.. ya la, going to 'shen hai zi le' already 9 mths le..
Uncle Phil..Bali sounds really exciting!but ur working there rite?not sure..but i'm sure the beach and sea looks good!
oh no miko..u watched my lame video??how could they let u see it?btw who's ur ogl?
syl..who looks like me? *confused*

take care u all!


Mui Ling @ 00:08

22 July, 2008

weiqi | 21 July, 2008 17:51

quizzy u working 2 jobs during hols?btw dun need to say sorry la,not ur fault leh, i meant that i myself didn't even know of that album...no one from our respective companies told us..
hey binz, i went to this coffee place, forgot the name le, 'toast' something?@ B1 i think heh heh..bad memory..but they had 30% off for students and most of their customers were students.quite a good place to study ba..macs was crowded i think..
mk,u jiayo too..
yuanping thanks 4 ur encouragement, u jiayo nxt sem ba haha..
Indeed it's been a long time peeps...see u all soon ba.. ;)


Mui Ling @ 00:07

21 July, 2008

update everything at one go...appologies for the lack of updates cos, I'M SO BUSY~~~ =X.

here we go =).

weiqi said...

peishan teach me ba.. my maths is *cough*
Hey miko,it's cos i took special semester that's why i've got a paper to take.. ;) so OGLs mite not have papers unless they took special sem.
thanks to rah,jane,syl,binz,mighty mouse, for the jiayos and uncle phil for ur faith in me! haha..
and thanks for waiting for the album patiently peeps!
let's hope there are no more delays.. sigh..
btw, i think uncle phil, u mite have mistook someones's for ours haha..
i went to the airport T3 today to study leh..sunday leh..sigh..yup, so can't watch concert la,though i wld like too..sam told me he wanted to watch that concert!haha, but no $$ ba.. Nic? dun need to say la,he's super busy man..i call him also hard to get him. [True Story]: sometimes when i call nic, i hear this when the line gets thru:" BRRRR!!! HhhEy BRo.. BRRRhhhh. Iii...I..KRKRRRRR.. IN N.D.P. rehearsa KRR... hearsal...CALL U BACK KRRR...SHHHHHH!!!KKRRR!!" followed by beep tone...dunno got aeroplane or shouting or wat..super loud..but yup,busy man..tsk tsk..hope he's ok. Sometimes when ur busy(trust me i know) u can behave like a zombie,and jus keep moving, but dangerously..cos tired. Like there was once, i was super rushing from point A to B, looking thru sms,replying and walking down the stairs at an MRT station, and suddenly "CRACK" goes my ankle, and u see a figure of a person wearing a cap, suddenly limping to the side of the stairs and sitting there for 5 mins.. sigh.. from then on i nvr look at my phone when walking down stairs..or my ankle will bcome Ba zhang.. :(
nitey peeps, i'm gonna give sleeping early a try, wake up super early and continue studying.. take care mlbians! Thank you for your heart warming support as always. Some how miss ya guys n gals, like never see u all for ages. But the time will come ba.. really soon *nod* yup, soon ;)

p.s. sorry for the bad english, too tired today to bother :p

21 July, 2008 01:14
weiqi said...

haha flora..accounts not gd ah? well.. at least i'm good at the ledger book keeping part ba heh heh..kiddin..nite!

21 July, 2008 01:16


oh how can i totally forgotten this. a new compilation called "nan de hao ge" got milubing's shi ying ok? sry weiqi~ hahaha.
and dasmond's blog is updated with pictures from sheng shiong show last episode. they will be back in november =).

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Mui Ling @ 01:55

20 July, 2008

weiqi | 19 July, 2008 15:20

congrats uncle phil ;)

Jus an update. I've been mugging for an exam(nxt thru)..quite jialat..many chapters behind my tutor and no more classes le. I attended every single lesson and tried my best with the questions,but quite jialat..can take up to 4 hours to settle some single chapters.. No choice, had to take this accounting module..required by skool..so weird la sometimes...like i'm an animator, why muz i learn accounts!? i mean i took o level accounting but this is more chim leh.. got so many ratios and formulas.. vomit blood.. i've always been bad at maths.. :( so gotta do arts/music/humanities thingy..
no jus try my best.. already S/U but still scared mite not even attain a C!!! :( dead meat. Last nite i was at pulau ubin with sam cos our dear friend is going to germany for 3+ years for studies..so had to attend cos it was a farewell party.wish i was more free now then can 'pei' him properly b4 he zao.. now still gotta worry for exam.. but will do ma best. Album side still waiting for some mixing issues that Nic is currently handling. he's busy with NDP rehearsals too, and u can catch sam today during SS.. ok..i promise to tag more often..been busy and down with ma hmwk paiseh.. take care peeps.. *cough* did i type too much? whoops..


Mui Ling @ 02:41

08 July, 2008

milubing | 08 July, 2008 12:09

Hey people.

For the past week, we've been really caught up with album work and some other happenings. That's probably the reason why there's no reply from us over here. As of now, we won't be at the 933 show. Those of you attending it, have fun!! We'll do our best for the coming album!

Watch out!

Take care!


Mui Ling @ 12:44

05 July, 2008

Thanks Flora jie for posting this up - an excerpt from yesterday's Straits time LIFE. Milubing was featured =).

MiLuBing comprise lead singer and guitarist Nic Lee, 24, keboardist Chan Wei Qi, 23, and drummer Samuel Wong, 22.

Vital Statistics:
> Won Superband 1 in 2006
> The band's self-titled debut album has sold over 6,000 copies here since its release last July
> Three self-penned songs became hit singles. One of the track, Teras, was ranked among the top 10 on YES 93.3FM charts for eight weeks
> Awarded Best Newcomer at Singapore Hit Awards 2007

For MiLuBing, whose name in chinese means "lost soldiers" and is also a pun on the popular iced Milo, winning the Superband competition and releasing an album have given them the funds to invest in their music.
"We use the income from our album to buy new laptops and audio-editing software, to explore more musically," Lee says, although he declines to say how much they have earned.

The rock-pop trio, who met 18 years ago in church, are now busy writing songs for their second album, which they hope to launch by next month.

They will concentrate on the local market for the next two years until Chan, currently studying at the Nanyang Technological University, graduates. Lee will finish national service in November, while Wong spends his time composing songs.

Announcement from yp =);
the voting for omy sgblogawards ends 6 jul..here's the link: http://sgblogawards.omy.sg/finalists/?blogCat=local

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Mui Ling @ 03:18

03 July, 2008

weiqi | 02 July, 2008 02:36

hey uncle phil, it's really up to u ya? ;) jus zi you fa hui...
quizzy, jiayo for ya final year proj!!!
Yuanping, i need to SU this subject..no time to study during this period :( I've already S/Ued it le,no worries.
Binz, no worries, i managed to get an alternative timeslot..but there goes my choices.. :(
agree with rah..there are good bands out there, including underground ones...

btw, do look out for this fri's straits times life.. we should appear somewhere in there.. ;) *hint hint*


Mui Ling @ 01:52

01 July, 2008

weiqi | 01 July, 2008 01:03

Hey mlbians,just answering some questions..

[Take care Lorita..I'm sure someone will get an autographed copy and send it over ya? dun woory.
Hey miko, enjoy ur camp, I went back to CCHS le,quite long le.
Hey simin, school stuff's not really good. gonna S/U my special sem subject and i missed the registration period! jialat..too busy until missed it.now dunno how.
binz,actually i was sneezing away that nite during practice.
Uncle Phil, actually regarding pics, as long as u dun take any photos off the mediacorp site should be ok de. This blog has lots of photos that can be used ya? ;) ]

Take care everyone! no bidding ya...


Mui Ling @ 01:21