23 September, 2007

MILUBING ROCK OUR SOCKS~~~~!(but many of us are wearing slippers/sandals today la...ok I can see your toes laughing now =x...)

Recap time! But as usual, correct me if I missed out anything.

Yeah. Today Milubing "rocked" AMK Hub with three songs. Lei, So Sad and Get Alive.

First thing first; DJ Peifen and Daniel Ong, who were the hosts, were prolly amazed by our screamings. So they asked shall they add a "dinosaur" behind their name? Peifen asked, who shall be the dinosaur? is Daniel going to be one? Daniel acclaimed that he can do beatbox, but we said we don't want cos Weiqi already can do beatbox. Daniel then said something like aiya Weiqi kill market la (right?)

Interview time. Peifen wanted to touch Nic's biceps. Sam offered to let her touch his. -_-! Did Daniel said Sam's biceps is "bouncy"? LOL! Peifen joked that her fingers was injured after touching Nic's biceps.

When asked how did Nic got such big biceps, he claimed it's the pump (use to pump the bicycle's tyre)... -_-!

The 改版 was mentioned too. Weiqi mentioned the third MV was something that will touched them. Other than that, when asked if Weiqi helped other artistes to design their album cover too, he said recently he did Sin Huey's album cover too. Daniel asked, why must it be Sin Huey? Weiqi said something like, 因为是同公司的所以就要“合作愉快”(猜呀,打呀)...

What's next for Milubing? Nic said, since Weiqi is studying in NTU, it will be a degree for him. For nic, since he's in NSF, it will be his pink IC. As for Sam, it's a secret. But they are writing songs for their second album, which they hoped can be released very soon...

Yeah I think thats all.

As usual, photos wanted. If you have nice ones and you would like to share, feel free to send to lostsoldiersmlb@gmail.com or send to my own email/msn if you have. Thanks =).

Once again, cheers to Milubing for rocking AMK Hub =D!


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