27 September, 2007

Weiqi tagged here just now...

weiqi @ 00.19am

Hi peeps,cancelled my IPPT test for tmr,cos i think i'll be too tired.Got lotsa work to finish but had to take a little break and catch ratatouille(anyway it's a must watch for an animator-to-be)on..it's last day of screening..although i think it'll still be showing for a couple more days @ the less central areas.Has anyone ever looked @ your hmwk n wonder how are u ever gonna finish it?The worst thing is tat i wanna do my work,but i have difficulty doing cos i dun really know how to go about doing it.Using Maya now and it sure beats photoshop anytime..it'll make u MILU..k la, can't chat no longer.Gotta go back to my work.Meeting Sam n Nic this sat for jamming n compos..high time we picked up our pace.No time to waste.Take care Mlbians,SMILE,cos tmr's a new day! :p


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