26 September, 2007

milubing | 26 September, 2007 15:15

(OOLOO place; deserted, scary? No la)

(only road to the beach, pic taken on the move)

Was last night a lively, busting with noise and excitment night for ya? Did ya carry lanterns and lit candles? Few years ago, my playmates and i would meet on this night to do that at the park and end up playing with just fire on the grass or marble stools. =)

Yesterday, i had a 'happening' night too.. CYCLING! (crowds' reply : boring..) This time was to the northeast end of our homeland - Punggol Beach, where we have a near view across the sea at our neighbour. Was relaxing over there, tiring back home..

Going off now, happy dinner time!

*Pictures are not spectular, just views to share

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