02 October, 2007

milubing | 02 October, 2007 04:32

Good morning.

Why am i not asleep? Oh.. I donno lei.. Was lying on my bed moments ago, lazy and sleepy, eyes heavy. Suddenly, the blog came to mind. Next, i stood up and switched on my com. So WEIRD, cos i didn't even think of anything to say. Ok, i'll just spill out whatever comes..

On the Sunday just over, i went up to JB with my siblings.. A short get-away from work life, makan and window shopping was refreshing. Only part i didn't enjoy was the slow-like-tortoise traffic to and fro, on the cross-way. Over there, met a few friendly people who asked if i was Ah Sam, and of cos they received a positive reply and a bright smile (i hoped it was) from me! =)

Today, or rather yesterday, i feel fat and not-so-healthy. Cos i had lots of food and soft drinks. Eeeeeeeeee. Instant noodles, fried rice, deep fried chick with potatos, fried this, fried that. Last meal was at R.K house, just one double egg prata which i actually had no intention to eat, but it was delicious! Aiyo.

Haha, now i seriously need some sleep before i get up soon for the new day.


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