16 October, 2007

Maybe I should do it this way...

Next up:

1) S-POP concert
When? - 16 Oct, Tuesday
Where? - Mediacorp TV theatre.
Remarks: Many of us don't have the tickets. But thanks kpo for informing - we will be able to catch it on tv on 26 Nov...

2) Happy 21st birthday to Sam!
When? - 17 Oct, Wednesday
Remarks: Don't get me wrong, this only serves as a reminder that Sam's birthday is coming =D~

3) Autograph session for debut album's repack
When? - 20 Oct, Saturday, 3pm
Where? - Suntec City level 3, My Playground
Remarks: Thanks qq and bibi for informing. This will be the ONLY autograph session planned for the repack album, so hopefully all will come...if you can =D...

4) Singapore Hits Awards 2007
When? - 27 Oct, Saturday, 7.30pm
Where? - Singapore Indoor Stadium
Remarks: Some of us already bought the $58 tickets at A34 row 2 and 3 area? You might want to purchase seats around that area too. And the xin guang da dao will be indoors, so you HAVE TO buy the tickets if you want to see the guys. Please log on to Sistic for ticketing details

4) Hey Gorgeous featuring Milubing
When? - 29 Oct, Monday, 8pm or 12am
Where? - Channel U
Remarks: MUST WATCH =P


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