14 October, 2007

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"weiqi said...

To those who came down today(and some also yesterday),thanks for the moral support ya? :)
Think many of u tot i was stoning yesterday?haha actually today shld be worse, cos i only slept 4 hours last nite.Pls pardon me when i have the stone look la, it's not that i act fierce leh,it's an animation student's face HAHA.In fact, i'm quite dead,tmr's hmwk i never do.Sigh,gotta say sorry to my prof le.BUt i'll cheer up cos of all the jiayos!!!Hope u all liked the show-despite some sound issues on stage.

WeiJin - Won't say ur cam skills jialat.
Samuela - The jokes worked!
QianHui - Jiayo @ work :)
Berries - i left ur prev letter @ home!so can't get the address now. :( but thanks for the plush once again.
Pandaeye - U crazy gal!? I saw the letter and i was..*mouth open*..but I really appreciate it!Thx!Also think the slipper is cute.
Givon - Wish we were @ MDC but had to jam taht's why we didn't go back that afternoon.No worries,will have plenty of other chances ya?
btw,berries,givon and pandaeye, u 3 are friends rite?i only recognise berries...am confused btwn pandaeye n givon.
Biru - I hope ur right about the SHA'07 :p

goodnite le... i go study... bb :D"


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