24 September, 2008

lastest announcement from weiqi.

he's currently working on the tickets for SuperBand 2 Grand Finals.
so supporters who are interested to attend, do wait for his news or news from the fc.

and with regards to the album tt is supposed to be released today.
due to some printing issue, the album will be delayed to tml/friday.

"Anonymous 24 September, 2008 19:02

Yup. . . The album is slated for a 26 Sept island-wide release. Some printing issue hiccups resulted in such postponement. Some stores may receive the goods by tomorrow evening, to avoid further dissapointment, try after 7pm tomorrow, if need to.

Have tagged 933 to announce the revised release date.

This album contains the sweat and blood of the 3 guys that have this persistence and belief in their music. It's really good music worth waiting for. Am sure MLBians will feel the same way too, after listening to the songs.

Take Care all!


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