04 October, 2008

milubing | 03 October, 2008 10:46

Thank you all for your participation in our small contest. An email has been sent out to all winners. Congratulations! Please follow the instructions in the email and get back to us ASAP, to make our job easier. Thank you!

1) What is MLB's audition number for Superband?
Ans: 1311
[refer back to past blog entries]

2) What is the title of the song that Nic participated in talent quest with?
Ans: One Day
[surprisingly, everyone got this correct. hmm...]

3) When did Sam ORD from National Service?
Ans: 16th Dec 2006

4) What school is Weiqi in in NTU and what is his major?
Ans: School of Art, Design and Media ; Digital Animation
[the answer stated is the official answer as stated on the NTU website, but we were lenient to give 1/2 mark to incomplete answers (meaning, answered only the sch or the major), and answers are accepted as long as you mention Animation.]

5) What is the release date of MLB's first album?
Ans: 9th July 2007

6) List 2 singers that MLB has covered songs of.
Ans: eg. Jay Chou, SHE, Snow Patrol, Faye Wong etc....
[any two singers of songs MLB has covered during SB or after SB is considered correct. we got quite a number of answers stating guang liang, but we did not accept it as an answer as 身边 during SB was sang by 无印良品, and 勇气 during the finals was originally by Fish Leong.]

7) At what age did weiqi start to learn the piano?
Ans: 3

8) What is Sam's favourite electronic game?
Ans: Brick game
[answer as from a certain interview during the first album promo period. we had interesting answers like electric guitar and Wii... though we don't exactly know if they are sam's other favourites. what say you, sam?]

9) When did Nic enlist for National Service?
Ans: 11th Jan 2007

10) What is the name of MLB's second album?
Ans: Triangle 三角行
[thankfully nobody got this wrong]

We hope everyone gets to know more about the MLB boys through this contest! Thanks for the participation, and we hope to be back with more fun stuff in the future.

Once again, Congratulations to all winners, we'll see you guys at the Finals on Sunday! For those who did not manage to get the tickets, you can still stay tuned to Channel U on Sunday night from 7.30pm onwards to catch the live broadcast of Superband'08 Grand Finals. Cheers!

p.s.: for those who did not receive an email from us, you're placed on the waiting list. we'll inform you asap if anyone backs out.

sam : Great effort EVERYONE! I like question n0.3, though some may not know the answer. As for the electronic game, yea, brick game was my favourite back then. Now, don't really play games. Electronic bicycle if there is, not that one in the gym la. =)

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