09 October, 2008


milubing 09 October, 2008 03:13


Green, pink and white - The Stuff.

Grey- The "grey" Analogy.


Rules are man-made, man-said, man-implemented.

Why abide to them?



(implemented by external authorities, man or nature. Gravity says "Lego blocks will fall by my law of gravity!")


(implemented by ourselves "It looks ugly/it is not; i stole a block from my friend to build this, am I $%^&*?")

-A sense of living life by a value system

(Paradigms built like Lego blocks continueously since young "Aha! New block! Aha! New colourful blocks i found! Aha! Let me stack them this way.. nice! No... ugly!.. This way sure fall.. no it won't it will stand! I made the right choice!)

-Implanted habits that have become fixed mindsets

(Lego blocks must be stacked upwards not dioganally or sideways "Up and up! Taller it grows! Sideways? Nah.. Other directions not nice.. upwards make it tall!! hmm... Tried something weird like this back then anyways.. it fell.. try odd directions and structure again?.. sure fall, don't take risk.. Don't waste time.. build it upwards.. sure stand.")

My rule - "The Exception Rule"

(I'm making my Lego building go up and up and up and up, it can only go up. It looks generic, like any other Lego buildings people built around me. Yet I want it different. Can it be? OK!! An exception I will make! I want it built downwards, sideways or sprial while going up at the same time! Anyway it can be rebuilt if i made mistakes! Slowly take this piece out.. dismantle my building a bit, tough... may fail.. but it be worth it yes? If I persist all the way? yea.. But I'ld be mocked at, people will say I'm different, they'll avoid me, say it's ugly though I'ld think it's an artwork I believe in and love.. Or it may turn really out ugly.. redoing's a chore.. hmm...)

Every rule can be overuled and an exception can be made if thought through carefully, NOT breaking personal belief systems and principles (which in them ironically partly consist of other/another set of rules).

Risks and prices to pay of being different are high. The Lego building may collapse while removing that small block which many years of hardwork put in gone down with the Laws of Gravity. People may jeer thinking it's ugly. You may have the most beautiful and unique Lego building in your eyes. Or the direct opposite, you may experience total failure.

Start questioning yourselves.

What do you want.

Rules are man-made. Make your own exception rule today. Be Yourself and express.


:) Broke the colour code rule of this blog.. yes ah ... love it. Shall continue with a post regarding the topic "why we chose rules" after ya guys digest, burn, stir in water and drink this. yea...


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