16 October, 2008

weiqi | 15 October, 2008 10:37

Jenies, all the best for the results..
Penguin..violent leh..
Miko, i not sure leh, but i don't think they will be so 'gey gao'.. or else just protest man! haha..
Anyways, we will get to meet at other events, so just bring along some other time if u can't make it this friday :)
uh,Aizutto can be my witness, u saw rite? all the markers cannot make it.. the person standing beside me still asked if it was a problem with my hand.. wow.. i better buy my own marker during lunch later damn it..
Actually, i've not started the essay, still digging into all the readings for the past weeks in order to have my content for the essay. Kids, dun follow me ya? i never read all my readings from week 1-9 so now i die le.. bo bian leh, too busy with my major stuff and the promos for triangle.Now gotta bia.. sigh.. school to me is like gambling.. everyday i must strategise which class to skip, which homework to do first,which test to prepare for, etc. in order to still be able to do some interviews and promo events in the week.. then still gotta lias with ah nic..cos he also gotta take leave/off from camp. If it is so hard to get the 3 guys together due to schedule, u'd hardly see us having some free time together.. this is something really sad, cos leisure is undermined, or left out. Leisure is important, as it helps to smooth out tension from this extremely stressful working life of MLB..i'm looking forward to December, when i come out of my zombified state, and can spend some time with MLB just 'doing nothing'.


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