30 October, 2008

weiqi 30 October, 2008 11:52

hey all, finally i returned to the flat last nite..damn isit thurs already??jialat. and guess wat, after today's tutorial group presentation(which is like only worth 5%), we were asked to present to everyone in the next LECTURE!?! i'm like darn..i still got other work and was hoping to get done with this one and move on..now it will continue to haunt me till next thurS!!! damn, and i'm 1 of the 2 speakers! so i can't zone out there or give my errs and ummss.. xian.. THanks for the encouragement and advice! yesterday i bought raisins instead..heh..$4 worth of raisins in a bucket style packaging. P.s. we might have more road shows to come in the following weeks(bad for me but good for MLB as a whole ba) and once confirned I'll post details k? btw the gigs for next week are cancelled le..right now the only things on the schedule that's confirmed is an iweekly outdoor interview..and the 45 years of TV ani show(which by that time i am human again).that's it so far..will try to post more photos by then ya? :D take care u all!!!and thank u all for making this a nice place to come back for shelter from this cruel world...haha


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