19 November, 2008

Sail? Wakeboard? No.. Surfing's Better

milubing 18 November, 2008 09:34


I haven't touched my laptop in 4 days.. Quite unusual.. Nowadays we'll use the computer almost everyday. Tio bo?

Good morning to everybody on the bloG!!

What do you use your computer for?

- School work = not me
- Work work = sometimes
- Play games = a litttle
MSN = seldom
- Read blogs = often
- Watch youtube = always
- Learn new stuff = I'm trying to make this my no.1

So many things we can learn from the internet pages.. Seems like anything at all. Not the unhealthy stuff hor. I think we all know la..

Drink lots of water, have a healthy day!

Nic just got his freedom back. When Friday comes, Mr Chan will be released.. =)

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