25 November, 2009

weiqi 24 November, 2009 11:26

[BREAKING NEWS]: This just in.. Nic's laptop fell to the ground yesterday during an accident @ the interview. To his horror when he turned it on this morning, he found a super big crack(s) on the screen and now the monitor only displays the upper half of the screen! Shaitz... Pictures of the laptop coming soon, must post man...cos the 'little white pony' that has served us so well for the past 2 years is now really in a very bad shape. Our heart aches as we see our dear comrade cry in pain...the pony has been taking the weight of our music..and screaming each time we're on stage(now u know why i always look at it while performing, making sure it doesn't trip and fall). sobs..poor white pony.. the 2 years have been hard on u...pls try to tahan for this weekend's gig cos repair is out of the question costing $1.3+k... sobs...

weiqi 24 November, 2009 12:12

whoops, repair should be $880 b4 gst & service charge..

weiqi 24 November, 2009 22:06

it's 5pm :)


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