26 November, 2009

weiqi 26 November, 2009 01:22

EVERYONE RELAX!!! We just fixed it this afternoon! Found a shop at simlim charging $200 for the fix! Settled le.. nic posting photo soon :D BUT I HAVEN"T FINISHED STUDYING!!! just came back from jamming.. SHAG!!!

nic 26 November, 2009 01:42

fixed! my screen the plastic frame kinda abit cant put back.. but its done~~~ apple care warranty for 2 more yrs voided.. but heckz.. we need it for SUNDAY!

Doesnt look the same... (not original mac screen)
Doesnt feel the same.. plastic frame cant put back totally..
But its has a new soul now :)


Anonymous 26 November, 2009 03:00

warranty dont cover "human error" haha.. YAY!!!! OVER! WEI QI GD LUCK FOR MUGGING!!!

yes.. will hydrate.. one ordeal down :)

nic 26 November, 2009 03:01

that was me. apologies.

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