27 November, 2009

weiqi | 26 November, 2009 10:33

even though it seemed like a bad thing that happened(the laptop drop), it was the mlbians who shined brightly during the adverse situation, offering all kinds of help and support... u guys rock, and that's why we always work hard to bring u better music each time. Jiayo people! and thanks for the jiayos. I'm going for my war at 5pm later haha.. :)

weiqi 伟奇 | 26 November, 2009 15:12

打战啊!还剩下两个钟头给我烦脑一下… 我有透露到今天的考试是两百个MCQ吗?haha!希望不会太难吧,况且已经收到了你们的“加油”,应该是ok的 :)

weiqi | 26 November, 2009 19:12

woohoo! it's done :)
I double checked, and no point staring at questions that u REALLY don know how to answer.. set it to random, and then I strolled out out of the exam hall at 6.40pm.. a tit bit early.. and now i'm back in ADM, at my laptop.. and u know wat? i left my student card on the desk just now.. :p
Called my friend WeiHao to help me get it back le haha... damn.. why sia.. why so blur... sigh...
last time not like that one.. now adays hor... sigh..

weiqi | 26 November, 2009 19:30

haha binz.. i laugh at u so u can laugh at me too :p
I not pro leh, i think u never read this sentence: "no point staring at questions that u REALLY don know how to answer"


weiqi | 27 November, 2009 02:28

super loads of helpful ppl here :)
Night guys...


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