04 December, 2009

*in hiding*
milubing | 04 December, 2009 03:43


Hi all, my apologies for MIAing a while.. well,besides the flu(thanks for the best wishes), some crazy changes at school, my crib was kinda messed up again, so i needed some time to get things back in place.. did not check my email for bout 3 days too :p also been packing my stuff for dreaded reservice! not that i don miss my camp and all the crazy stuff we do.. but.. i don feel physically ready. :(
kinda sad cos i'm not physicallyt prepared for the training.. but well, should be ok de ba..
p.s. we did an interview with iweekly, should have some kind of report with pics, and tmr we're doing one with teenage, also pics :)
when's the next time u'll see us? how bout tmr? mmm... u name a place, we name the time :D

weiqi | 04 December, 2009 03:46

you've got super neat handwriting!took me a while to realize that it's not typed out. i remind u of ur classmate?hmmm.. I finished the candy le haha, thanks! Glad to know another fellow keyboardist! :D

hey hey, thanks for the gummy bears haha.. after NTU gonna try out this music thingy and see how far it goes :) I used to teach beatboxing during my JC days... that's when i met my talented junior Charles (now in sg idol). I must say however, that to be more precise, i am actually doing vocal percussion rather than beatboxing, cos usually when u mention beatboxing it involves much more sound effects and flowery beats. Mine's more for acappella, cos i used to be in 3 diff accapella groups before MLB was formed. There are a lot of tutorials out there if u wanna learn, for example http://www.youtube.com/user/StitchBeatbox#p/u where Charles gives free lessons :) Hope this helps u!

LiWhey, QianHui and YuJing:
Thanks so much for the yummy cookies... I ate all le haha. besides the alphabets of my name there was a big hear at the end! it was kinda super sweet though, wat was the real ingredients? haha.. thanks ya? it helped prevent me from getting gastric that nite on the way back on the bus. Must have cost u gals loads of time..thanks ya? p.s. my bottle cracked when i took it out in the bus, dunno how it cracked but well, had to finish all by the next day cos scared go soft..

Hey hey, the blog is a place where we share and communicate, and help each other. What i say here is nothing compared to the jiayos we get all the time from mlbians! So no worries la :) Thanks for the jiayos!

oki, will try to smile more.. and the shy thing.. yup, it's my weakness i guess. innate la.. family background, so a bit more reserved. But will try..have always been trying :D <--still trying haha.. all the best with the choice u make in the end! :)

Hey hey, u should try to get to know more mlbians, they are a friendly bunch! super heart-warming de.. sometimes when we dunno a person we can get the wrong impression one la.. just need to give each other some time :D As for the blue hair... not easy to maintain leh.. this colour drops real fast! so kinda ex.. tat's why i'm thankful for shunji matsuo, helping us with the hair colours :)
I'm sure some day u could try the colour ba haha.. :D p.s. i don think i tagged at ur blog leh :P

oei.. ur card hor... very nice :D haha... scared u didn't i? :p thanks for the super blink blink key chain :) thank u for supporting us right from the start.. and many of the rest too... u really blinked the card ya? did u really stick the studs one by one? thanks ya? ;)

the photo is really nice! must be the photographer damn good ya? haha... glad to see u too, been a while le, and must be busy at work ya? i dunno but from your letter can tell that ur not really happy... hope that thing's are going fine at work, pls take care of urself too ok? :) u jiayo too!

I'd like to thank Uncle Phil too for helping everyone collaborate to get us into the longhubang :) mlbians ROCK!!!

weiqi | 04 December, 2009 03:51

oh ruiting, yup now tat's me haha :p

weiqi | 04 December, 2009 03:59

naa... i'm ok le :) bothered bout all the packing and planning though :p wa jialat.. so late le! 4am!!! i gotta kun le, tmr interview!!! take care Jess, yup my exams ended le :D

p.s. choose something that u would enjoy doing, have passion for, but rmbr to balance passion with $... nite!

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