21 December, 2009

nic 18 December, 2009 04:25

yesh! wei qi last day tml! (i mean today)..

Sam's gone to church camp..

I've been doing music non stop for a week plus... macham marathon.. doing orchestral string.. guits.. bass.. percussions.. studying and learning as I go along.. some originals some not.. Mainly for Echo Music..

Coz star program is ending in ard 3 mths.. the students will need songs to record.. so it's kinda my responsibility as it's kinda my ground :(

Then writing songs for one of the teachers too to do up some demos :)

Recording a full demo for my cousin too at current.. (once this one up will post it.. amazing voice for a 15 yr old)

Oh my.. it's like taking on the producer role for a few projects all at once.. STRESS.

And no budget haha..

Love the adreneline.. the challenge.. and satisfaction..

No complaining.. all is fun accomplishment though weary!

nic 19 December, 2009 09:56

Yea.. end of the year.. another year is gonna pass by soon...

weiqi 20 December, 2009 23:48

lots of events coming soon! :)
see u all really soon!

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