28 December, 2009

nic 25 December, 2009 01:47

merry christmas to all...

It's the season of family of love of life..

Do Cherish this few days.. it give me a reason to put all work aside.. TO BREATH IN LIFE!!

Enjoy the festivities with love ones!!!


weiqi 25 December, 2009 16:18

Greetings to all from NTU ADM haha...
most memorable christmas spent? yup, this year..in school doing fyp sobs.. :p
anyways, boliao abit.. my friend shared with me so here goes..

Facebook fun trick: press: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, enter, right, up and down.. then magic circles will appear. You'll get rid of them by refreshing.

and thanks uncle phil for informing.
吃下宇宙 is on no. 7 this wk..


and sam updated his personal blog with few entries. =)
2oo91226 Ah Siang
oo91226 Meow

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