01 December, 2009

nic | 30 November, 2009 18:00

Dear anonymous..

Being thankful being and grateful for what ppl have done is BASIC COURTESY. If because of thank you's ppl start getting jealous.. its a very sad thing. Have some sense self worth.. filming down videos and getting thank you's is not what there is all in life.

It's just thank yous.


Thank you Anonymous.

nic | 30 November, 2009 19:47

Just being honest..

So don't mind me being direct and abit sacarstic at times.. but i'm the same friendly smiley.. just at times.. abit too intuned to my emotions.. So do forgive me yea.

gd day to all :)

Thanks for the vids.. those that didnt go now can relive it :) Kudos to all uploaders!



Mui Ling @ 02:49