30 December, 2009

weiqi 29 December, 2009 17:46

hey all, thanks for voting for us regarding the long hu bang. mlbians rock! sorry for my absence, been doing my fyp/ jamming/ reviving wat's left of my social life haha.. take care u all and have a great holiday season :)

nic 28 December, 2009 14:14

saying a big HELLO...

and THANKS for voting :)

IT's almost over.. the festive season.. been a tough half a yr.. almost time for the rest period afetr all the rushing up and down!

Last year album productions started feb... will there be a next one coming up? Well honestly.. I don't know.. All we know we have got the greatest supporters here with us.. though few.. but enough to keep our fire burning :)

I feel the Chinese commercial market isn't open to "Indie" sounding tracks yet..but we'll see how it goes..

Never stop fighting for the tough dream of making music as a living..

Happy new yr to all :)

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