21 January, 2010

nic 20 January, 2010 14:11


Check out the tummy! haha

nic 20 January, 2010 14:13


Drumkit from hell...

nic 21 January, 2010 00:41

Drum on Keyboard maybe.. haha.. my legs cant coordinate!


But his drumkit is kinda crazy....... soo many "Oo Ar Boh"

nic 21 January, 2010 00:46

Check this out!!


Maybe in my heart I'm turning a drummer... keke.. kidding la...

Guitars and arrangement are already keeping me busy.. no time to try master one more instrument...

Jack of all trades.. ace of none.. I rather strive towards acing something? Coz I feel me guits soo much room for improvement :)

Nitie to all!


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