13 September, 2007

Strictly speaking this isn't 100% related to Milubing but in a way it's still useful. Cos some time back, we were having confusions on the voting rules of Yes933 POTP right? Thanks to Vanessa, she already clarified our doubts (at least mine)...

glad to answer the MLBians' doubts. :)

ok. strictly speaking, its actually one person one vote one song one method, which means you cannot vote for multiple songs per method.
however, if you stray a little from the rules, its possible for one to use both sms and coupons to vote in a week for different songs without getting caught. but you're still restricted to one sms one song and one coupon one song.

eg. in a wk, i can use one sms to vote for 泪, and one coupon to vote for 适应 as they wont be able to tell that you're the same person. [sms doesnt require personal particulars. all they have us your phone no. and if you're gonna vote using both methods, please do not put the hp no on the coupon as the hp no that you're gonna use to sms in, just in case they keep records, which i believe they do.]

if u want to vote more for both songs, u can grab a friends phone and sms in, as they wont have a record of that no smsing in to vote for a song in that week. as for coupons, um.. just grab a friend's address and fill in with their address and their particulars. oh and dont paste 2 coupons on one envolope to play safe, as i'm not too sure if that one's counted as not following the rules.

if you have further queries, please feel free to tag/email.
and if you would like to have further clarifications, you might want to email cruz teng. his email add is available on his blog:
however i'm not too sure if he will reply. :)

hopefully this will answer your questions and you all will find it useful. :)

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